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50,000 Taka Discount on Ford Cars on Purchase from Bikroy!

Ford cars on Bikroy, the largest marketplace in Bangladesh has brought another amazing offer with the world famous car brand of the US – Ford, for its customers! Customers will get an exclusive discount of 50,000 taka upon purchasing a Ford car from Bikroy. Bikroy and Ford have signed a MoU regarding this offer on 4th October at Toufiq Aziz khan Seminar Hall at The Daily Star Centre located at Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.

Mr. Isa Abrar Ahmed, Head of Vehicles of Bikroy; Mr. Mizan Khan, Key Account Manager of Vehicles; Mr. Yousuf Aman, Operations Director of AG Automobiles and Ms. Tuli Tarique, Brand Manager of AG Automobiles were present in the occasion among others.

There are more than 6,000 car advertisements on Bikroy vehicles. Although Bikroy is primarily known for its collection of used and reconditioned cars, it is also growing fast in terms of new cars. There are around 25% brand new car advertisements on Bikroy. Currently, customers can purchase two models of Ford- “EcoSport” and “Ranger” from Bikroy.  Many more new brands of Ford cars will be available on Bikroy very soon. To find your favorite brand of Ford car on Bikroy, please visit

The Ford EcoSport car is of the Titanium Plus version and the model year is 2017. The body type is- SV / 4×4 and its fuel type is Petrol with automatic transmission. Its engine capacity is 1,500 CC.

On the other hand, the year of Ford Ranger car is 2013. Its engine capacity of manual transmission and diesel fuel type is 2,200 CC.

Mr. Isa Abrar Ahmed, Head of Vehicles of Bikroy said, “World famous car brand, Ford from the US has already become a trusted name for vehicles in Bangladesh. Considering its massive demand among customers, we have tagged along with Ford and brought this exclusive offer for the customers of Bikroy. Bikroy has the largest collection of cars in the country and more than 3.5 lac users consider Bikroy for their next car purchase. We hope this offer will truly benefit our customers.”

Mr. Yousuf Aman, Operation Director of AG Automobiles said, “As one of the most trusted vehicle brands in the world, we always try to bring newer benefits for our customers. In continuation with that effort, we are giving our customers the benefit of choosing their desired vehicle from their homes through this association with Bikroy. We are happy to get Bikroy by our side on this journey.”

Post ads using the right ways, sell fast!


In order to post an advertisement on, we have some rules that will help you to attract the most customer or customer’s attention in the shortest possible time.

We do not accept additional text in the first image of any advertisement. Except the first picture, you can upload text with the second/third/fourth or fifth image.

how to post an ad

                                  Avoid using more text in the first image!

However, it is allowed to use up to 20% text in the first image. This rule applies only for the following information:

  • Product Codes
  • Logo / Company Name
  • Packaging Text
  • Hoardings / Billboard Text in Image
  • Product Name

In above-listed edge cases, we will allow members to have some text as long as they don’t dominate the image, in such scenarios please make sure the text is not more than 20% of the image proportion.

how to post an ad

                  Avoid using more than 20% text if necessary!


  • Always use a smaller font size and fewer words to lower the proportion of text to image
  • This rule only apply for the first image, so you are free to post images with text in second/third/fourth or fifth Image of the ad
  • Avoid using more than two symbols, emoji or emoticon (@, ৳, $, ) in the ad title

To know more, contact your Bikroy representative or call 09609555444 or email at Post ad on the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh and sell fast anything you want!

Sell your motorbike on and win an LG Smartphone!

Bikroy-lg-motorbike-seller-campaign the largest marketplace in Bangladesh has introduced an exciting 2-week long campaign for its users posting ads to sell their motorbikes. Bikroy is offering its users a chance to win an LG smartphone for the motorbike selling ads they post on Bikroy. The offer is valid from 5th March to 18th March 2018.

In this two-week-long campaign, users who will post ads to sell their motorcycles on Bikroy will have a chance at winning an LG smartphone. A winner will be selected randomly every week for two weeks from the users who has posted a motorbike selling ad on Bikroy. Currently, there are over 7,000 motorbike sale ads on Bikroy and in an average, each ad poster receives about 5 to 10 calls from interested buyers every day.

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing & Ad Sales at said, “It is our pleasure to partner with LG for our “Sell your motorbike and win an LG smartphone” competition. Bikroy always wants to reward all their valued users and partners”.

Md. Abdur Rouf, CEO of LG said, “We are delighted to partner with Bikroy, the largest mobile phone market in Bangladesh. LG has recently started selling their mobile phones through Bikroy Deals. Now, we want to provide the LG smartphone experiences to all of Bikroy users.”

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Toyota Launches New Corolla Altis in Bangladesh

New Corolla Altis in Bangladesh

Toyota is one of the largest and most widely popular names in the global automobile industry. It’s dominance in the local market of Bangladesh is just as clear as anywhere else in the world. On the last quarter of 2017, it launched the 11th generation Toyota Corolla in Bangladesh which will be known as the Altis in the global market.

The authorized distributors of Toyota in Bangladesh, Navana Limited, held the launch event with a Meet the Press event held at The Daily Star Centre on 19th November 2017. The event was attended by the following members:

What’s new!

The Toyota Corolla is a name associated with trust and reliability most. With the 11th generation Corolla Altis, the combination of wonderful new features and the pre-existing quality of Toyota presents an attractive package. It is highly anticipated to perform extremely well in Bangladesh’s car market. The model is larger and more dynamic in the class of sedans. The most attractive addition is its focus on the local environment reflected by its design. Toyota calls it the rough road package which has given more ground clearance and added greater strength to its underbody. These adjustments are crucial in providing exceptional performance in Bangladesh.

During the launch, the presentation highlighted Toyota’s focus on ensuring this new model is adjusted to the rough and tough local roads, fuel quality, and climate of Bangladesh. The Corolla Altis ticks all the boxes to ensure that it becomes the most sold car in Bangladesh with its durability despite the challenging conditions for cars in Bangladesh. Also have a look on the Top Five Most Selling Cars in Bangladesh.

Get it now!

toyota altis in Bangladesh

The safety features of the Corolla Altis quipped with 7 SRS airbags and entertainment featured by the 10 inch GPS enabled touchscreen gives it quite the edge. It comes with a new 1.6 liter Dual VVT-i 4-cylinder motor with 123 horsepower which roughly translates to more than 1850 CC. It is a premium class sedan which can potentially draw customers towards it rather than reconditioned market cars. It is currently available in six exterior colors and lots of options for a fairly modest price.

List of Features

The Altis with unprecedented safety features and clutter-free, modern features is truly intriguing to customers looking to buy a new car in Bangladesh. Let’s look at a list of all the wonderful features on offer by the brand new Toyota Corolla ALTIS, equipped with a powerful engine and redefined comfort for luxurious aspects in the Sedan class.

Power & Performance:

  • Sophisticated Engine Technologies and more
  • Robust 1ZR-FE Engine
  • Engine Type: 4-Cylinder, In-line
  • EFI (with SFI) Fuel System
  • 16-valve, DOHC Valve Mechanism
  • Dual VVT-i and more

Advanced Safety Measures:

  • Unequalled Safety Measures
  • Unrivalled 7 SRS Airbags
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Pretension & Force Limiter 3 Point ELR Front Seat Belt
  • Back Sonar
  • Rough Road Package and more


  • Extraordinary Leg Room
  • Automatic Air Conditioner
  • Optitron Meter
  • Rear Seat 60:40 Split
  • Luxurious Cabin
  • Tilt & Telescopic Steering Column and more


  • Hi-tech & Quality Craftsmanship
  • Oven Fresh from Toyota Production Plant: Brand-New
  • Toyota Motor Corporation’s Manufacturing Warranty
  • Certified Euro-3 Exhaust Emission Control
  • Committed Customer Service
  • Complimentary after Sales Service and more

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A New and Improved Property Portal is Now Here!

new and improved Property portal


Property investment is one of the hottest investments across the globe. Whether it’s a developing nation, such as Bangladesh, or a developed nation, such as the United States, real estate is one of the most sought after investments. Many dream of buying a new property which they can call home. They go through many hassles to buy a home for their family. There are others who look to purchase a new apartment or a new flat as a source of income through rentals. There are numerous benefits of investing in real estate but there are also significant risks involved.

Regardless of the many different goals we have, there are some crucial aspects that we must consider before investing in a new property. Bangladesh is at a time of development, where its industries are flourishing with businesses, jobs, and opportunities. The real estate sector of Bangladesh over the past decade has been one of the rapidly growing sectors. Homeowners have partnered with developers to develop their homes to high rise buildings as the demand for a place to live in the busy capital of Dhaka continues to soar.

So how does a potential investor get access to crucial information which ultimately influences the purchase of a new apartment, a new flat, or any new property?

Bikroy has launched a new property portal to help you make better property investments all over Bangladesh.

Dhaka is the absolute heart of Bangladesh, its rising population has fueled its rising housing demands. The shift from a single homeownership to the new apartment culture has become the smartest survival trend. Global investments have accelerated the growth of this busy city with educational institutions, corporate offices and more. But for residents, the task becomes extremely difficult when deciding on the best location to invest in a new property.

Our new feature is a complete property solution which has been developed with extensive market research, knowledge of the marketplace trends, and the factors that are most influential in making real estate decisions. The following are a few things to consider when looking for a new property:

Daily Commute & Access to Necessities

Ease of the daily commute to and from work, school, markets, etc. How much time, effort, and cost does it take to travel around the particular neighborhood? Is there sufficient access to local transportation? Necessary access to shops, pharmacies, and other daily life activities are major influential factors to consider before making a new apartment purchase.

Social Life & Entertainment

The availability of social gathering spots, play areas, and more for human interaction. Whether it’s your daily cup of coffee, going for a walk, or taking kids to play, are there any public locations for social interaction? Entertainment is a huge factor when considering an area for investment as it serves as the attraction for the particular area and its real estate.

Standard of Living & Security

The visual appeal of an area is a huge factor in its favor, but the standard of living must be taken into consideration. A good area will attract like-minded individuals or families whereas others will stray from the healthy standard of living and this goes hand-in-hand with the security for a new flat, which maybe your potential home.

While many other factors are to be considered when you consider buying a new property in Bangladesh, it should be done with extreme care tied to real estate location, access, and security. steps up with a new feature to be one of the leading online property portals for potential buyers in Bangladesh. You can search for your next home or investment by browsing on your mobile devices. Our portal will help you in finding a great property in a great neighborhood for you to call home or a secure real estate investment. is one of the most frequently visited portals with millions of visitors, with 2.5 million monthly page views, 150,000 interested buyers and a staggering 11,000 live ads in property. Bikroy brings its immense online marketing expertise, knowledge, and platform capability, to offer visitors access to properties all over Bangladesh.

Visit Bikroy’s new property portal and find a large selection of new and upcoming apartment projects in Bangladesh:

Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Bangladesh

jobs in Bangladesh for 2018

As we welcome the New Year, we realize just how much the job scenario has changed over the course of the last year. The job market of 2018, both globally and consequently for jobs in Bangladesh will surely reflect how much we continue to rely on technology across all industries and sectors. The definition of career and success is shifting as we adapt to technological innovations and people associate themselves with various new roles at the workplace. While streams of new jobs are created by the rising adoption of technology, not all jobs are techy.

Given our pursuit of success and career goals may vary from person to person, we have gathered a list of the top 10 most in-demand jobs in Bangladesh for 2018. The following top 10 lists are compiled based on promising careers, job openings and in-demand skills which are best suited for jobs in Bangladesh, but it is not ranked in any particular order:

1. Customer Support Jobs

customer service jobs for students

Regardless of the industry, you’re working in or which part of the world you are in, the customer is the king. Due to the boom in technology, every industry, every field and every sector is experiencing rapid growth. Sales are increasing across all platforms and as a result, customer success is all the more important. It’s become very easy to reach new customers globally, but ensuring customer satisfaction is still a challenge. Customer support jobs are not limited to customer care centers; these jobs have become more versatile in the form of chat support, email support, voice & video call support, etc. Here is a great article demonstrating top 5 soft skills you need for customer service jobs.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

2. Call Center Jobs

The call center industry for a long time has been dominated by the Indian subcontinent, mainly India. Outsourcing of this crucial customer service method is a 100% reliant on fluent communication skills in English. Recently, call center jobs in Bangladesh have been on the rise due as many companies look to outsource but are keen on avoiding India. As customers nowadays have access to more self-service options, call center jobs are required to handle more advanced services. Although the hours of office maybe odd due to 24/7 service or for the difference in time zone, call center jobs in Bangladesh are surely becoming more and more popular.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: Medium

3. Data Entry Jobs

Job opportunities for Students

Data entry jobs are a constant demand in the job market and even more so now in Bangladesh than ever before. With more and more companies, both private and government, adapting to technology and digitalization the need for data entry specialists are growing constantly. There is a common misconception that data entry jobs in Bangladesh have little or no potential. But the reality is quite the opposite as data entry jobs range from simply typing from paper to working with highly technical data, rearrange information for various presentations, etc.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: Medium

4. Sales & Marketing Jobs

Sales and marketing jobs in Bangladesh are always in demand as they are the least likely to be affected regardless of the economic conditions. Whether the economy is going through a recession or a boom, sales and marketing jobs are always available. The demand is high and companies always require more sales and marketing staff compared to other departments as volume almost always guarantees turnover in sales and marketing.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

5. Online Marketing Jobs

online marketing job in Bikroy

Online marketing jobs in Bangladesh for 2018 is surely going to be one of the most sought-after careers. The demand for skilled online marketers is rising globally. Due to the rapid advancements of Bangladesh through internet and mobile has created greater scope in the digital scope. Whether its consumer products or services, retail or wholesale, online marketing expertise is in demand and the supply is simply not available in the level of expertise that recruiters expect.

Salary Range: Medium to High

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

6. Part Time Jobs

part time job in Bikroy

Part-time jobs in Bangladesh such as receptionist, waiter, cashier, transportation, delivery, and others are growing rapidly. Few factors such as on-demand availability and flexibility are the biggest advantages of part-time jobs in Bangladesh. Students or regular job holders, almost anyone and everyone are able to grab every available opportunity for a dependable source of extra income. The availability of part-time jobs in Bangladesh and the flexibility it offers can influence many to consider this as a full-time option. Why you should do a Part-Time job? Have a look here to know the Advantages of Working Part-Time Jobs in Bangladesh.

Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: Medium

7. IT & Telecom Jobs

Technology has arrived and it is here to stay. The rapid innovations due to advanced technology year-over-year is likely to be a trend throughout the future. The dominance of IT is undeniable across every sector and this has opened an incredible amount of opportunities for IT and telecom jobs in Bangladesh. The current situation for jobs in Bangladesh is that basically every job is in some way or fashion can use IT support staff. IT skills are a growing asset for every company and recruiters are always looking to enforce their workforce with the latest skillset.
Salary Range: Medium to High

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

8. Engineering Jobs

The incredibly huge progress in technology, science, and computing creates an even more stable career outlook for engineering jobs worldwide. Engineering jobs in Bangladesh are also expected to remain in high demand at least for the next decade. It is also one of the sectors which experience some of the lowest unemployment rates. However, it is likely that most engineering jobs in Bangladesh fail to offer the expected salary for a deserving candidate.
Salary Range: High

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

9. Medical Jobs

It is quite unlikely for medical jobs in Bangladesh to ever be out of demand or even experience a slight dip. With growing numbers of medical institutions and technologically superior diagnostics, the demand for newer medical professionals who can adapt to innovations in the medical industry is only increasing with every passing day. Regardless of the standards set forth by changing requirements, the need for candidates with core medical knowledge is necessary to prepare the future workforce of innovative medical jobs in Bangladesh.
Salary Range: High

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: High

10. Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs may seem similar to part-time jobs however, they differ quite a lot. Freelance jobs in Bangladesh are most often project based. Performance and deadlines are the key factors for freelancing jobs and workers must rely on securing some regular clients. Freelance jobs are available for every industry and every sector but it is not most suitable when considering to establish a career. Only an exceptional few are able to establish a career as a freelancer.
Salary Range: Low to Medium

Job Availability: High

Career Outlook: Low

During recent years, Bangladesh has profited from a strong economy that has created several job opportunities across all the different sectors. As we looked over some of the most in-demand jobs in Bangladesh for 2018, we encourage you to get more idea of what companies are looking for. While looking for jobs in Bangladesh, consider your skillset, the salary range, career outlook, and companies that provide performance-based incentives. All jobs require some sort of technical skill and in the future of the job market, the competition is tough. Identify your skills and strengths and work to master new skills by taking time out to research & learn them.

Best of luck and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments!

Tesla Model 3: Electric Car for Everyone

Tesla Model 3: Electric Car for Everyone

Electric cars so far have been the darling of the tech world. The typical “desirable” electric car has been the high-end Tesla Model S luxury sedan which has a retail price that goes beyond the reach of the average joe. Tesla recently unveiled their brand new affordable electric vehicle – the Tesla Model 3 and in this article, we will highlight why the Model 3 will pave the way for widespread adoption of electric vehicles globally.

affordable tesla car

In the tech world, there is a process through which advanced technology reaches the average consumer in an affordable package. Typically, a company releases something that is very high-tech and made specifically for enthusiast users or serious industrial purposes. These products are usually very expensive and so they can only be bought by those holding serious capital. Over time the manufacturing of such technology becomes more simplified and so more cost effective. Breakthroughs in the manufacturing process slowly lead to a trickle-down effect whereas the technology begins to show up in mass market products for the general consumer. Check out more about Choosing the Best Family Car in Bangladesh.

affordable tesla cars in BD

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s “Master Plan” is exactly as highlighted above. The company first made a very expensive electric sports car and used the money and experience to make the luxury Model S sedan. After years of refining their techniques, they were able to design and manufacture a car that is far cheaper than its predecessors but still uses some of the hallmark technology and design that made Tesla the automotive giant that it is today.

tesla car no gas stations

The Model 3 will cost $35,000 for the basic trim. That may sound like a lot of money but the price tag is within reach of a very large majority of buyers internationally. You may ask how this has anything to do with the future of the car market in Bangladesh but do not worry, we have a solid argument. The arrival of the Model 3 is signaling a new era for the automotive industry. Companies like Volkswagen, Chevrolet, BMW and much more have already committed to bringing their own versions of electric vehicles to the market very soon. With more competition for Tesla, prices are bound to drop around the industry while the heavyweight’s battle to gain control of a more progressive user base that is looking for an environmentally friendly yet exciting new vehicle.

When prices reach a point where electric vehicles cost as much as if not less than competing fossil fuel powered alternatives, the market is likely to shift toward the more efficient and appealing choice. At this point, all major car manufacturers will be forced to have some form of electric vehicle on their roster for the sakes of being relevant in the new market. When the likes of Toyota or Honda enter this segment in full swing the Bangladeshi market will slowly be coaxed to adopt the new global trend. Also, have a look on the Top Five Most Selling Cars in Bangladesh.

product road map for tesla

While at the moment the Model 3 may seem to be a product for more developed markets, it is, in reality, the harbinger for a new generation in the automotive world. Widespread adoption of electric vehicles will not occur overnight. However, with the passage of the next decade, it seems more likely that our future will be an electric one.

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Top 5 Soft Skills for Customer Service Jobs


What are soft skills? Soft or interpersonal skills are the non-tangible personal characteristics of a person that demonstrates how that individual interacts with others. These are different from “hard skills” which are more easily identifiable and are often obtained through formal training. Soft skills are important for employees in any sort of job however they are absolutely crucial in the customer service industry where interacting with people is the primary objective. Mastering these skills will not only open up many new job opportunities but will also pave the way for success in the future. Here are a few soft skills that we believe are vital to the success of employees in customer service jobs:

Soft Skills for Jobs - listening

1. Listening

To be able to address a problem, one must first be able to understand the problem. This is where learning to be a good listener will come in handy. You must be able to take in all that the customer is saying and also comprehend what the customer is saying. If you are on the phone, for example, you should try to let the person finish what they are saying and not interrupt as that can block the flow of thought. Often times in these customer service jobs the customers simply want their problems or opinions to be heard and reassuring that their thoughts are being taken into consideration will usually lead to better customer satisfaction.

2. Communication

Good communication skills are mandatory in virtually every job. At times people approach with problems that they cannot clearly describe themselves so it is important to be able to talk to the individual in order to figure out what the issue is. Communicating involves active interaction. This means that when someone is talking to you, you do not just blankly stare into their souls. You first listen to what is being said and then follow up with questions or statements to ensure both parties know what is going on. Being able to communicate well also involves being able to speak clearly and to the point. Time is money and in these jobs you have to keep the conversations short but engaging.

3. Body Language

Body language is one of the most underrated and overlooked soft skills there is. It is something that is also a bit difficult to learn and can be difficult for many to change due to long term habits. Your body language says a lot about you and when you talk to someone, it subconsciously sends them messages about how you feel. In the service industry you do not want to send negative signals to your customers so it is important to avoid certain things like crossing your arms across your chest or slouching at your desk. Maintaining good posture, keeping your arms free and having a smile across your face goes a long way into making your customer’s day better.

4. Positivity

Keeping a positive attitude is good practice in any scenario. In customer service jobs in Bangladesh though, it could be the difference between a miserable experience and a good experience. Positivity and optimism go hand in hand. When combined, you will find that problems seem easier to solve and customers seem easier to handle. Positivity is something that can also be shared so if you find your co-workers or customers feeling down, some good energy from your part can help lift the spirit of the workplace.

5. Empathy

Empathy is a skill that must be felt and so is one that is tough for a lot of people to understand. To put it simply, you have to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and understand how the individual is feeling. This is harder to do than it sounds and that is why it is such an important skill. Employees who can empathize well are often better received by customers and so can excel at their jobs. Being able to empathize allows one to identify the magnitude of the situation. As for the customer, it is always appreciated when those offering services not only understand the problem but also understand how the customer feels.

When it comes to jobs, we pay too much attention to the palpable aspects. We focus on the education and experience most and leave out the smaller things which are actually important when it comes to offering service. Mastering the soft skills will give you an edge in the workplace and improve the service you can offer. Moreover, it can lead to better opportunities and greater success in the workplace.

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Pursue your dream to get hired

Pursue your dream to get hired

We all want a job. Even when we don’t we seek them out, we need a stable source of funding to survive in this world. Every day we have fresh new graduates who are highly skilled and learned in their fields yet we keep hearing stories of these highly qualified individuals having a hard time finding a proper place to work. Getting hired is not easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Often we overlook a lot of important factors which contribute to how valuable one can look to be as a potential employee so this guide is aimed at helping you become the best possible candidate for the job.

Master Public Speaking

If you can’t have a thoughtful, comprehensive interaction with an interviewer, your chances of getting hired will be seriously hurt. It is vital to be able to communicate effectively in virtually all work environments and if you cannot show that skill in an interview you will make yourself look silly. A good ability to speak also involves being able to listen i.e communicate. If you can talk confidently for hours but cannot stop to hear what the other person has to say, it’s time to become a listener. Good speaking skills will get you far but it won’t cover up inadequacies in technical skill so use your speaking abilities to compliment your work skills.

Look Sharp, Act Sharp

Facebook posts and motivational quotes will tell you that looks don’t matter but real people aren’t as blind as bats. In order to get the job you must look like you already have the job. When you walk into the interview you want to make a good first impression. Your appearance and the way you carry yourself say a lot about you without you having to utter a word so it is important to not lose sight of yourself. Most interviews require you to wear business casual attire but the way you make an impression goes far beyond that. If you wear a shirt make sure it is ironed, if you wear glasses ensure that they look spotless. Put extra emphasis on your posture and don’t slouch. These small details can’t effectively hint at your skills but a lack of care toward such details paints a negative picture of you.

Be Resilient

You are probably reading this article because you have not had success in obtaining a job and that really is completely normal. This is all just a process and your goal is to make sure you fight through all the hardships and come out on top. There will be moments when you will feel down. There may even be moments when you question your skills and self worth but that is all just a hurdle that almost everyone has jump over. You cannot let job rejections and unemployment slow you down because that would only lead to further delays and a loss of motivation. The key to landing that job is to be strong and to not give up.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Everyone wants a job at the best company in his field. A good starting salary, employee benefits and vacations all make their way onto the list of “things I want from my job”. While many people can manage to get all these it is the exception and not the norm. As a jobseeker you have to be realistic about what you expect because it is quite rare to get the benefits of a veteran in the field on your first job. The benefits will come but they will require your dedication and sincere effort towards the organization. Good work pays off so for the time being stay a bit grounded and focus on your potential at the workplace in the near future instead of immediate benefits.

Do Your Research

We keep talking about research in all our jobs related articles. We always recommend that you learn about the company and the position and make sure you know what you want out of the job but this tip is a bit different from that. Many people will find themselves unemployed for a longer than ideal period of time. What we suggest is that in this period, you keep yourself in the loop of the business. Keep yourself updated about what is going on in your field of work, learn about new breakthroughs or techniques and try to teach those to yourself so that you can enter the job with full knowledge of what is going on. You do not want to be in a position where you are asked about an ongoing issue in the business which you have no knowledge of so do your research and stay updated.

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Bikroy, the second most preferred* job portal in Bangladesh, has recently introduced a new and improved online platform in Bangladesh! This platform receives over 500,000 interested job applicants every month. Focusing on all levels of jobs, it specializes in recruiting support staffs, entry-level and professional candidates. Today, searching for applicants online is easier than ever with

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What’s new:
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  • Get all applicants in one smart employer dashboard
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