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Buy Best Pet Accessories for Cats in Bangladesh

cat accessories

Cats can be pretty demanding pets, with many requirements to be truly happy. For a first-time pet owner in particular, these can be somewhat overwhelming. Fortunately, many fine Bangladeshi retailers stock all the accessories you will need to get started with your new cats or kittens. This article will serve as a basic guide to which pet accessories you will want and need, for all types of feline companions. All of these products can be found at reasonable prices at, which is also an excellent source for pets for sale. Also know How to Keep Pet Cats Healthy in Bangladesh?

1. Food

The most important part of keeping a cat is, of course, ensuring a steady supply of food. While it can be tempting to just feed your cat leftover or unwanted food, this can cause digestive problems in the long run. It is much better to buy food, especially for your animal. When it comes to food, you will have two choices: dry or canned. Both have unique benefits and detriments.

A. Dry Food

Dry cat food is what most people feed their cats with: it is fairly inexpensive, and most cats will enjoy its flavor. It’s also low maintenance, as you can just put it out in the morning and your cat will eat it periodically throughout the day. However, most cats do not enjoy dry food nearly as much as the canned alternatively. It also lacks certain critical vitamins and minerals, which can be usually be supplemented through infrequent feeding of canned food.

B. Canned Food

Your other option for feeding your cat is canned food (or food pouches, both are essentially identical). Cats love canned food, and will eagerly devour it whenever you present it to them. Because it is more meaty and organic, those who wish to train their cats to hunt pests often use the canned food as reinforcement. Unfortunately, canned food costs significantly more than dry food. You also have to be responsible in when you feed it to your cat, as cats are gluttonous animals that will eat as much canned food as you put in front of them. Thus, it is best to manually feed your cat several times a day if you plan on using canned food.

2. Flea Removal

Another important accessory is the flea collar: often included with cats for sale, flea and tick collars kill these troublesome pests. They do this through chemicals which do not affect cats or kittens negatively. Flea collars are available in all shapes and sizes for cats and kittens of any ages. They typically come in packages with several collars and are very easy apply and remove. Just remember to change the flea collar periodically, especially if your cat begins to outgrow it. Leaving flea collars on for too long is a common cause for injuries or even lasting deformities in cats. Check out Cat Care Tips for Buyers and Sellers in Bangladesh.

3. Litter Solutions

Litter is inarguably the most unpleasant part of owning a cat. Fortunately, there are litter solutions for cats and kittens for sale at all prices, from designer litter boxes manufactured to blend in with other furniture to affordable solutions. One easy way to save money on litter boxes is to use an actual cardboard box or other disposable containers of some form and fill it with purchased cat litter; after a day or so, you can throw out the whole thing. Some people also teach their cats to defecate outside–this can be difficult, and will require some serious training skills, but can be very rewarding!

4. Toys

Finally, we get to something fun! There are very many toys for cats for sale on and other online retailers, but they can be grouped in a couple of categories. Pretty much every cat owner will want to purchase a scratcher for their cat to hone their claws on-otherwise they’ll tear up your furniture! These usually take the form of large posts or other such pieces of feline architecture, which can be placed inside or outside your home for the cats to climb on. Posts will require cleaning, but only infrequently.

Other toys are as varied as you can imagine. Tunnels, plush mice, and plastic balls are just some of the cat toys you might encounter. In general, it’s fine to go for the cheaper toys: cats, much like dogs, tend to damage their playthings quite frequently. Expect to buy or make frequent replacements. One special mention goes to catnip–this herb can be placed in small quantities in any cat toy for hours of enjoyment. Cats will paw at it, lick it, and eventually consume it, only to become mildly intoxicated. Under the effects of catnip, cats will act drowsy and quite silly, an experience which they greatly enjoy. Note, however, that some cats are immune to the effects of catnip, and will not react to it.

5. Deterrents

Finally, it may become necessary to warn your cats away from certain areas of your house or outside. Whether for their own protection or simply to stop them from urinating on or scratching up your furniture, these items can be critical for your sanity. While you can spend large amounts of money on electronic repellents on electronic repellant systems, finding them as effective as advertised, there are also less expensive solutions. These usually take the form of sprays meant to be applied to furniture or areas you wish to dissuade your cat from touching. Before purchasing one, always double check to make sure that the ingredients will not hurt your feline friend… or leave stains on your things!

One other option is tape-some retailers sell specialized scratch prevention tape to be applied to valued furniture. This will prevent your cat from climbing on them, while not being overly conspicuous to house guests. The only concern is that you will need quite a lot of these to cat-proof even a small house.

Buy the best accessories for your cat from

Buying and Selling Pet Animals in Bangladesh


Animals are a very important part of many people’s lives. As humans, we love caring for pets, playing with them and making them part of our family. But we also raise livestock like poultry and other farm animals for food.

In Bangladesh, there are many opportunities for buying and selling animals for pets or for livestock. You can own a small farm and raise livestock for meat or you can raise them to sell to other people.

If you want to get a pet, whether you’re interested in cats or dogs, fish or rabbits, birds or lizards, here are some tips on looking at pets for sale so that you can find the right fit for you.

Here are some tips on buying and selling animals in Bangladesh. You can also check out How to Buy Pets Online in Bangladesh?


One of the best places to buy animals, whether livestock or pets, in Bangladesh is to purchase them on Here you will find an incredible choice of animals for sale.
In the Pets category you will find birds, dogs, rabbits, cats, fish and reptiles. In the Farm Animals category you will find cows, goats, chickens, turkeys and more.

There is also a category called Other Pets and Animals where you will find animals like rats, mice and guinea pigs for sale in Bangladesh.

Pets is the largest category of animals for sale on the Web site. We definitely love our pets here in Bangladesh! But with so many different ones to choose from, how do you decide which one is right for you?

1. Decide on a species.

Deciding on a species of pet to buy doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might first seem. Think about the kinds of animals you liked when you were a child. What animals make you laugh or smile? What animals would you like to pet, play with or have sleeping on your bed?

Whatever species come to mind as you answer these questions is probably the kind of pet that would be best for you. After all, you want a pet that you are going to enjoy for years to come.

2. Begin browsing the site.

You can look for your desired pet by choosing a category, or you can do a search. Then you can start reading through some of the advertisements with those animals available for sale.

Look through the advertisement to find out more about the pet. For instance, has the animal been trained? How old is it? Is the animal male or female and is it neutered or is it for breeding?

You should also think about your price range. How much can you afford to pay for a pet? And is the price listed negotiable or is it a firm price?

3. View the animals you’re interested in.

Once you have found some listings you like, get in touch with the seller to find out more about the animals and if you can see them before buying.

When you view the pets you are considering buying it gives you the opportunity to see if they are friendly, healthy and active. You should try to interact with the animal if possible as some pets like certain people better than others. To get some help have a look on The Weird and Wonderful Animals of Bangladesh.

4. Prepare for your new pet.

When you have made a decision about what animal you want to buy, make sure that you prepare for the pet before you bring it home. It should have a clean, comfortable place to sleep, appropriate food, and toys to keep it entertained.


If you are looking for opportunities to sell animals in Bangladesh, you should also considering using the Web site This site gives opportunities to sell all kinds of different animals, including pets and farm animals.

Here are some tips on how to sell your pets and farm animals on

1. Take good photos of the animals.

People who are searching for pets and farm animals to buy will want to see exactly what they look like. Try taking photos from several different angles so that potential buyers can see as much of the animal as possible.

If you’re taking photos of pets, takes some photos inside the house and outside. Showing the animal in a comfortable home environment will help to show buyers that the pet is well cared for and happy.

2. Describe the animal in detail.

It’s always better to say too much than too little when describing an animal for sale. A buyer will want to know as much as possible about the animal before coming to see it or making the purchase.

In the description of the animal you are selling, you need to say what kind of animal it is, what breed, and what color. You should also specify the age and gender and any other relevant details, such as whether or not the animal has been trained.

3. Make yourself available for information.

In your advertisement, you should also state that you are available to talk to about the animals that you have for sale. If possible, leave a phone number and an E-mail address so that buyers have multiple ways of getting in touch.

You may also want to say that potential buyers can come by your place to see the animals before making a decision about buying. People who are buying pets or farm animals often prefer to interact with the animals themselves before making a final decision.

As you can see, whether you are buying or selling animals in Bangladesh, there is a lot to think about. Choosing to add an animal to your household or your farm, or choosing to sell animals to other people, is a big undertaking. It requires a lot of thought and preparation.

If you are looking for more information about pets and farm animals in Bangladesh, be sure to read some of the other articles that we have available on our Web site.

Microwave Oven Cooking Safety


Microwaves are one of the most convenient appliances that you can own. After a stressful day at work, a busy morning, or dozens of errands to run, all you need to do is to reheat leftovers or to warm yourself a frozen meal. It really is that simple. But, that does not mean that problems can’t happen. While microwaves are very easy and great to use, they can also be what causes some major damage to you, your kitchen, and family. Below are some great tips for using microwave ovens in a safe and disaster-free manner.

Never Put Metal in Your Microwave Oven

The most dangerous thing that you can do is to put metal in your microwave. This includes things like tin foil, forks, spoons, and dishes that have gold or silver decorations. Putting metal in your microwave can case the microwave oven to burn and cause a fire. So if you do not want your kitchen or home appliances to become destroyed, keep metal out of the microwave.

No Overheating Food

The beauty of the microwave is that it heats food quickly. This means that food does not need to be left in the microwave for long periods of time. When looking at microwaves for sale, you’ll notice that most of the instructions for the appliance feature guidelines about how long to cook certain food items. Those directions usually point to quick cook times. If you do put your food in too long, you can cause a fire, the food will burn, and the microwave oven will become damaged.

Do Not Heat Sealed Food Items

Most freezer food comes with instructions that indicate to remove the plastic before heating. When using your microwave oven to heat the food, follow this instruction. If you do heat food that is covered or sealed tightly in a plastic container, chances are that the container will explode and you can suffer from an injury or your microwave can become damaged and very dirty. So, next time you microwaved a sealed product, remove the seal and then use the microwave oven.

Do Not Use a Broken Microwave

Another key tip is to never, ever use a broken or damaged microwave. When you are looking at microwaves for sale, make sure that you choose one that is in top condition and has no issues. Using a microwave that is broken or damaged can lead to a fire, radiation, and injury to you and your kitchen. When choosing a microwave oven, make sure that the door fully closes, that the plate inside spins properly, and that all of the buttons work. Like all home appliances, microwaves also should be repaired if there is a problem.

Paper Towels Should Never Be in the Microwaves

Paper towels are meant to be used as a tool to clean up messes. Putting them in your microwave, even to heat them up, can lead to a disaster. When you put a paper towel in your microwave oven, the object can easily catch on fire and burn, leaving you in danger and your kitchen missing a microwave and anything else that burns down with it. So the next time you consider putting a paper towel in your microwave, do not do it.

Heat is Your Enemy

While it may seem that it is safe to take out hot items from your microwave with your bare hands, you may want to reconsider. Oftentimes, microwave ovens can heat your food just as well as your other kitchen appliances. So, the next time you reach for your food, it could be at temperatures that burn your skin. In addition, some foods collect moisture which escapes the packaging as steam. It is easy for the steam to burn you and leave you with irritation and swelling. To avoid this, keep the microwaved food at a distance when taking it out of the oven and use the proper protective mittens.

Do Not Let Kids Near Your Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are like all of your other kitchen appliances; kids should not be allowed near them, especially if they are very young. Microwaves especially can emit harmful radiation that can be damaging to children. In addition to this, kids can use microwave ovens improperly leading to injuries and damage to your kitchen. So keep your kids safe and keep them away from your microwave oven.

Plastic can Melt in Your Microwave Oven and Glass can Explode

Before putting anything in your microwave oven you should always make sure that is microwave safe. When you browse microwaves on sale, you can check if it allows for certain class and plastics to be put inside. If you do put glass or plastic that is not microwave safe in your microwave oven, then chances are that the glass will explode and the plastic will melt. Not only will you be left with a terrible mess on your hands, but you can also damage the microwave and harm yourself. To keep yourself protected, check if the glass or plastic is microwave safe.

Do Not Stand Too Close to Your Microwave

Finally, when using your microwave, keep yourself at a distance. Many studies have shown that microwaves emit dangerous radiation that can be harmful to humans. So, the next time your microwave unit is on, stay a few feet away or in the other room until the food is completely heated. If an emergency does occur, rush to the microwave and quickly unplug it. This will keep you safe and prevent further trouble.


Using the correct microwave safety standards when operating your microwave is the best thing that you can do. You can prevent injury to yourself, your family, and you can ensure that no damage occurs to your home or other kitchen appliances. So next time you use your microwave, keep the above tips in mind. You’ll be glad you did.

Antique Buyers Guide to Furniture


The history of antique furniture dates back to 1600s, and while the resale value on those historic pieces is high, so too are the costs of buying those people. While sitting at home and watching television shows, you’ll likely see people talking about how they spent just a few dollars on a chair that is now worth a large sum of money. Antique dealers today scour bazaars, markets and other locations to find pieces that they can sell to others. Before you compete with those dealers, you need to learn more about buying antiques.

Early Styles

Jacobean and William and Mary refer to the oldest types of furniture found around the world. Experts identify Jacobean pieces as furniture created by or inspired by English designers. These pieces date to before 1690 and often feature dark wood stains and elaborate decorations. William and Mary furniture has a slightly more decorative look, with caned seats and some lacquer work. Queen Anne is another early furniture style. These pieces usually have elegantly turned legs, rich decorations and drawer pulls that look like bat wings.

The 18th Century

The 18th century brought a number of new designs to the furniture world. Colonial pieces date back to the early 18th century and feature conservative designs with some William and Mary elements. Chippendale is one of the more popular designs of this century. These pieces originally started in the United States before spreading to countries around the world. With curved legs, broken pediments and claw feet, it’s a popular choice with home decorators. Towards the end of the century, designers introduced the Hepplewhite style, which features multiple wood colors and types and tapered legs.

More Modern Styles

At the turn of the 19th century, designers began incorporating more modern designs into their furniture, which led to the introduction of Shaker, Victorian and Arts and Crafts pieces. Shaker pieces, named for the Shakers who made those designs, have simple designs with little decorations, while Victorian pieces had highly decorated and elaborate legs and designs. The Arts and Crafts movement, also known as Mission style, used plain designs with straight lines and clean decorations. The Art Nouveau era, which started at the same time as the Arts and Crafts movement, used curved lines and intricate designs.

Sweden and Beyond

A new movement in antiques started in Sweden and Denmark in the 1930s. Often called contemporary pieces, these pieces had a more stylized design that mixed sleek decorations with clean lines. Though the movement officially ended in 1950, it bled into the mid-century modern era, which ran through the 1950s into the 1970s. Herman Miller and Eames are just two of the more famous designers from this era. Characterized by pale and light woods, some of the pieces featured atomic designs that drew inspiration from the space race.

What to Look for in Furniture for Sale

Once you know how to identify the pieces that you see for sale, you need to know what to look for before bringing a piece home. With older pieces, you should always open any drawers and look at the construction of those drawers. Older pieces feature dovetail corners, where the manufacturer carefully pushed together two pieces. You’ll often come across newer pieces that have the same designs and decorations as antiques but with machine edges. With dressers and other pieces that have drawers, open each one and look inside. If you notice holes in the back of the drawer, this often indicates that someone added new hardware in the past. You’ll also want to look at the feet of each piece to ensure that the feet are original. Many older pieces suffered damage from movement and frequent use, which led to past owners replacing or removing the feet.

Does it Have a Maker’s Mark?

After you gain some more experience looking at old furniture, you’ll know how to identify the different marker marks that you see. A piece with a clear mark is worth more than an unmarked piece. For example, Eames made a lounge chair in the 1960s that featured sleek chrome accents, wood paneling and leather upholstery. The popularity of that design led to several companies, most notably Plycraft, creating designs that looked almost exactly the same. An authentic Eames lounge chair is worth at least three times more than the imitation chairs.

Identifying Condition

Before listing any antiques for sale, you need to identify the condition of your furniture. Something as minor as a chip in a Queen Anne dresser will drop its value, and something more serious, including repaired feet or broken decorations can bring the value down even further. If you have any concerns or questions, or you aren’t sure if the piece had repairs, don’t be afraid to ask an expert for help. An antiques expert can take one look at a chair or table and tell you its condition.

Where to Buy

One of the first questions that new sellers ask is about where they can buy antique furniture. The truth is that you can find sofas, chairs, dressers, tables and other pieces from dozens of sources. If you have an outdoor flea market or bazaar, spend the day browsing through the stalls. Make sure that you get there early to beat your competitors. You might also find pieces for sale at resale shops, through your friends and family and even from furniture and antique stores in your area.

Where to Sell

Selling antiques online in Bangladesh is difficult. You won’t find as many sites that are open to users from your area, and your slow Internet connection might make it difficult to upload photos and create listings. Instead of charging high shipping rates and dealing with other computer problems, consider opening your own shop or selling at a bazaar. With some time and hard work, you can build up your customer base and see your profits increase as you gain some more experience.

Popular Motorbike Models in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has some of the finest and trendiest motorbike brands that can be found anywhere else in the world. All of these models are made with all the components that enable them to survive the local environment. They are durable, fuel-efficient and above all, affordable. The motorbike parts can also be bought locally thus reducing the maintenance costs. The bikes can be bought at very competitive market prices. Here are the top models to start with in your review of motorbikes for sale. Check out our new article Top 5 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh in This Year.

Hero Honda

Honda Motorcycle Logo Bikroy

Hero Honda is true when it comes to delivering high quality and affordable bikes. The latest addition to its family is the Hero Honda Glamour FI. It was preceded by the Hero Honda Glamour that took over the motorbikes industry as soon as it was launched. It is unique for its Aerodynamic pockets and the headlamp being in a swirling motion. The Hero Honda family is showing tremendous popularity in Bangladesh due to its superb power to withstand a lot of hard conditions. It has a self-start mechanism and comes with alloy wheels plus disc brakes. It is one of the fewest bikes that combine stylishness with great performance.

The engine type is the 4stroke-1cylinder one and 125cc CCM. It has a kick and electronics starting system and the total weight range is the 125-129kg. The wheels have a base of 1295mm which is a great feature that maximizes on the stability of the machine while on the move. The fuel tank capacity is 13.6Ltr while the fuel cost per mileage is 60+KM per Ltr. It uses the electric ignition system for improved performance. This machine has a length of 1995mm, width of 735mm and height of 1095mm. Generally, using this model will ensure that you have a smooth and speedy ride. Check out our Honda CB Hornet 160R Review.

Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS Motorbike

bajaj Pulsar in Bikroy

Bajaj Automobiles Company has been on the forefront in producing motorcycles that meet the market demands. The regular updates that they make to their products have made them a strong force for other bike producers in the market. The Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS was officially launched in the year 2010 and immediately became a favorite especially among the middle income earners. The other types of Bajaj Pulsars that are in the market are the Bajaj Pulsar 220, Bajaj Pulsar 150 and finally Bajaj Pulsar 180. Each of these models is distinct in design, fuel efficiency, features, and pricing. At the end of the day, your taste and preferences are the ones to determine what you take home.

As for the Pulsar 135 LS, it has everything that makes a beautiful and memorable ride. Its features make it usable for both light and heavy duties. Its driving force is the 4stroke-single cylinder engine that is sure to beat the rest in the race of speed and efficiency. The bike also operates on a kick and electronics system with a total weight of curb 122 Kg. The fuel tank capacity is 8Ltr and the average fuel consumption is 60+ KM/Ltr. The ignition system on the bike is the CDI electric ignition system that has a reputation for faster and effective response. The model’s length is 1995mm, height 1215mm and width 765mm. It is available in black and red color combinations.

New Yamaha R15

Yamaha R15 in Bikroy

You will find this model totally irresistible and appealing. It has the features that describe a classic and professional made motorcycle. It is very eye-catching, but that’s just a reflection of what is inside. It is important to note that this motorbike’s parts are locally available and their cost is relatively cheap. There are many dealers who stock genuine parts which ensure that you do not have to be inconvenienced when looking for them.

This is a 150cc CCM model with a 4stroke-single cylinder that won’t disappoint you when on the road. As is the case with the above, it also uses a kick and electronics starting system technology. Its fuel tank is 12Ltr in capacity which ensures that you stock enough fuel to last you a good period of time. The fuel consumption rate is 40+ KM per Ltr for every mile covered. With its electric ignition system, it ensures that you are always at the ready to take off mood. The color variations of the bike are green, black, blue, red and a blend of other colors. Also, this motorbike has a length-1.995, width-670,height-1070 (MM). The brand is just one of Yamaha’s models that are designed with a view to simplify and make easy your transport needs.

When you buying a motorbike should not worry you at all. Your priority right now should be how soon you start enjoying your new ride. Use the above information to do a comparative analysis of what you need and what can actually work for you. All the models are affordable and they come with the most recent and updated features. Maintenance of the bike should not be an issue as the motorbike parts are also easy to access. The expenses involved are also reasonable and manageable.

Best budget laptops for small businesses


Laptops have survived the computer tablet invasion because laptops provide serious people with the tools they need to be successful in business. That doesn’t mean people don’t want the things tablets offer, like lightweight portability, decent battery life and convenience. I mean, who wants to drag a briefcase around when you can put a tablet in a jacket pocket? Unfortunately, the truth is that business apps need a full size computer with a decent keyboard. Processing data cannot be done with anything less, so here are the best budget laptops for small businesses.

According to laptop reviews, certain qualities attract most buyers, such as portability, Internet security, processor power, large banks of RAM, toughness and long battery life. Even on a budget, the most desirable features of today’s laptops are available.

Lightweight Body
As the fascination with new technology wears off, the darn things feel heavy. Eventually, the weight of the laptop catches up with the technology. The ultra-slim laptop is today’s solution. The look is exciting, attractive, and best of all, light as a feather. The Asus Netbook 1215 is small, but offers a lot because it runs Windows 8. The screen and super lightweight body make this laptop a good choice if you want a budget model that can do it all. It has slots enough for an 8 gig RAM memory upgrade and 500 Gigs of HDD memory. With the Windows OS, the Netbook can run any business apps. It’s certainly an exciting, inexpensive computer, and that makes it the best low price laptop.

Other cheap laptops include the Asus N61J and the HP Compaq CQ series. They lead the pack with the an ultrathin body on a budget. With a weight of less than three kilograms, the N61J comes with multimedia components and the new 3.0 USB technology. The sixteen inch, high-resolution screen display is better than average and the NVIDIA graphics technology is good enough for game developers. This is a superior mobile computer that comes with only average battery life. It’s the price you pay for performance. The Compaq CQ series has comparable power but a little better battery life.

Internet Security
The biggest problem with mobile computers is the security risk. Public networks and workplace networks indeed, all mobile computers are vulnerable to viruses, malware and computer mischief. People with laptops will never find a secure network when they leave their apartment or home, and since that’s sometimes everyday, a laptop with excellent security will win buyers over.

This is not so much a hardware issue as a software issue, but whatever laptop for sale that you choose, be certain to install a third-party security suite bundled with the software. The names most associated with the products are Norton, Bitedefender, McAffee, Webroot and Kasperkey. The most important part of the suite is the anti-virus protection, but it’s nice to get a suite that cleans up your computer too, preferably automatically. Norton is the premium suite for average computers. It’s very user-friendly but a little more expensive than their competitors. The anti-virus/firewall software that comes with an OS like Microsoft Windows amounts to the bare minimum a user needs to survive on the Internet. Microsoft wants to ensure that every computer has at least the means to ward off cracker attacks, but nobody in their right mind feels very safe with such basic OS defenses.

Streaming Power
It’s hard to imagine using a lightweight laptop and not streaming a movie or running a game system that requires as much power and memory as consumers can afford, even with a low-budget laptop. Unless they don’t have a pulse outside the workplace, consumers want the pleasure of computer surfing, and if they like video products, they need power. With the number of video suppliers growing, it’s inevitable that they will beef up their inventory. The potential is there to really strain your laptop. Nobody will be happy with a slow, weak processor and small storage systems in a laptop for sale today. Two gigs of ram memory can still suffice, but how about upgrading to four or even eight? If you can afford it, buy a laptop with slots for more memory.

When it comes to high performance, the best machines run upwards of $3000, well above our low-budget laptops, but that doesn’t mean performance has to cost that much money. Start by looking at the Toshiba Satellite laptops with plenty of room for RAM upgrades and large HDD disc storage. The hard disc can provide hundreds of gigs of storage. You also get hours of battery backup with the Toshiba, so it could prove to be an adequate mobile computing unit.

Tough Reliability
Today’s laptop user expects a reliable level of performance from a unit, regardless of the budget. A system that crashes a lot, or a computer that breaks when it drops are really a bummer. A laptop company will go out of it’s way to make their computers as tough as nails, because laptops often take a beating.

If you believe statistics, About 60 percent of laptop computers sold today will be working five years down the road, and that means 40 percent are on the junk heap. Though there are numbers that suggest a discernible difference between manufacturers of computers and the toughness of their machines, the truth is, most computers take a licking and keep on ticking. But if you really want the toughest hardware out there, start with the best budget laptop from HP Compaq, the CQ42. You get HP Compaq’s reputation for toughness with a 14.6 HD display, with a 320 gig hard drive, 2-plus gig processor and Bluetooth, card reader and WiFi. It might be the perfect computer to replace your desktop.

Battery Power
When computer users have to unwind their long power cord in a fast food restaurant, or search for an electrical outlet in a coffee shop, their laptop is in trouble. Laptop owners become disenchanted in a hurry and rightly so. The battery lasted an hour, tops, and the user blames the laptop. A strong battery life and a reasonable replacement cost are two factors consumers appreciate in their laptop choice, but it’s rarely something they check out when buying. The best source of advertising in this instance is word-of-mouth because nobody believes battery technology has come along as fast as the accompanying computer technology, and they don’t believe manufacturers who promise the world just to get customers in the door.

For good battery life, turn to the Dell Inspiron N4030. This low-cost computer can’t match the battery life of today’s expensive computers, but at three hours from a six cell, Lithium Ion batter, it’s long enough to get things done. The Inspiron has a lot more to offer too, like a 14-inch HD display, Bluetooth, card reader and WiFi. It runs on a 3 gig processor with 320 gig hard disc drive and a minimum of two gigs of RAM memory. You could do a lot worse than the Inspiron.

With these low-budget examples, affordable business computing is at your fingertips. Today’s inexpensive computers are getting a boost from the growth of Google Chrome machines and hybrid tablet/laptop models. By combining your tablet with a keyboard accessory, you can make an instant laptop that sometimes offers as much computer as a full-size laptop. Often, the only difference is the operating system. In the end, you can get portability, power, speed, security and connectivity for much less than you might expect to pay.

Cool iPhone Accessories

The Apple iPhone is already one of the most advanced and technological-sound mobile phones on the market. However, what’s even better is that there are a variety of different accessories out there that will help you take your phone to the next level when it comes to enjoyment and functionality. If you are looking for some great new iPhone accessories to add to your device, here are some must-haves for your iPhone.

Mophie Juice Pack
The Apple iPhone is such a great device that many people can’t stay off it during the day. Unfortunately, this means that your battery is going to drain quickly and you’ll need to quickly find an outlet to get a charge in. That is, unless you have the Mophie Juice Pack attached to your phone. This device is small enough to where it won’t add too much extra bulk to your phone, but powerful enough to give you a full charge when your battery dies. This device connects to iPhone 5 devices, as it doesn’t have the same charging port for older Apple iPhones. However, there are also other battery packs available if you have an older device.

OtterBox Defender Series
If you are looking for a case to keep your device safe, but don’t want to get the Mophie Juice Pack, the OtterBox defender series is a great alternative option. This case is durable and heavy duty, which will save your iPhone from accidental drops or spills. Furthermore, the OtterBox also protects iPhone 4 devices, as well as the iPhone 5. The OtterBox is serious protection for those who really love their iPhone devices.

Nike+ FuelBand
There are a variety of health apps available from the iTunes store. However, it is the Nike+ FuelBand that will really help you keep track of how healthy you are. This device will log how many steps you take, how active you are, how often you are sitting down, how many calories you are taking in and also your sleeping patterns. It then loads all of that information onto your iPhone and gives you detailed information about your health. There are a ton of different health bands out there, but none work as well with the iPhone as the Nike+ FuelBand.

Bose QuietComfort 20i
Sometimes you just want to block out the rest of the world and listen to your audio in peace. When that time comes around, be sure that you have a pair of the Bose QuietComfort 20i. These headphones will cancel out noise around you, but they are also small enough to where they won’t be an obstruction as you are trying to peacefully relax. Bose is known for being an industry leader in noise cancelling headphones and it can be seen with the QuietComfort 20i.

Beats By Dre Pill
Sure, listening to the audio on your Apple iPhone on your own is fun, but what about when you want others to be able to hear along with you? There are a variety of options out there, but the Beats By Dre Pill is one of the top accessories that you should have. This device will pair to your iPhone 4 or iPhone 5, and it’s Bluetooth capabilities will also likely pair with future iPhone devices as well. The Pill provides great sound quality from a small and portable device that you can take with you anywhere.

Jawbone Era
If you are a business pro, or even someone who just enjoys making hands-free phone calls, then consider the Jawbone Era. This Bluetooth earpiece not only looks great, but it provides amazing sound quality on your phone calls as well. The earpiece fits snuggly in your ear so you won’t have to worry about it falling out, but you’ll also likely be pleased that its incredibly comfortable and doesn’t hurt your ear with an obtrusive speaker.

Manfrotto Hotshoe LED Light Panel
The Manfrotto Hotshoe LED Light Panel is perfect for those who want to take their iPhone pictures and videos to the next level. This device provides you with better lighting conditions when shooting images. This is especially effective for night shooting, as it adds better lighting than just the light that’s on the iPhone. If you want to take your iPhone images to the next level, this is a must-have.

Olloclip 3-In-One Lens
Another option for photography lovers is the Olloclip 3-In-One Lens system. This device attaches to your iPhone camera lens and allows you to take deeper and better-looking photographs. Whether you are someone who likes to upload selfies to social media or a professional photographer who needs detailed quality on all of your images, the Olloclip 3-in-one is going to take your images to the next level on your Apple iPhone.

MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths
For users who hate seeing fingerprints on your iPhone, then you’ll want to have the MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths within reach. These cloths are extremely inexpensive, but they’ll also keep your Apple device incredibly clear of fingerprints, dust and other elements that it’s exposed to.

Other Apple Devices
If you have an iPhone, you might be someone who already has other Apple devices. But if you don’t, you are missing out on some great connectivity options that sync everything together. For example, you can share photos and documents between your iPhone and your iPad. You can stream video from AppleTV to your iPhone as well. And if you have a Mac computer, there are a variety of different applications you can use on it and your iPhone. Other Apple products are some of the best accessories for the iPhone, so be sure to add to your line of devices.

If you are going to have an Apple iPhone, it only makes sense that you get the best use out of it. If you are looking for a little something extra form your device, consider any of the accessories listed here.

How to Keep Pet Cats Healthy in Bangladesh?

cats for sale

Cats can be amazing pets. They are relatively low-maintenance when it comes to grooming and require less attention than dogs. They clean their own fur and take care of bowel movements in litter boxes. However, cats do require routine upkeep like dental and healthcare checkups to stay healthy.

Despite efforts from owners, many cats are overweight, stressed out and under exercised. It’s important to follow basic health rules to increase your cat’s lifeline. Cats age five times faster than humans, you want to do everything you can to keep your cat healthy. This article will discuss ways to keep your pet cat healthy.

Spaying and neutering

Though some are against spaying and neutering their pets, the process is relatively simple and a solution to many issues. Spaying and neutering cats decreases the likelihood of cat’s urine marking, which decreases the likelihood of your pet fighting with other cats. Spaying and neutering cats eliminates heat cycles for female cats and makes them less likely to roam searching for a mate. Spaying and neutering is a simple solution to a plethora of issues. Also have a look on the Cat Care Tips for Buyers and Sellers.

Regular visits to the veterinarian

Getting a yearly checkup is just as crucial for cats as it is for people. Despite your best efforts to keep your cat as healthy as possible, your veterinarian will be able to notice subtle warning signs difficult to detect by an untrained eye. Veterinarians also make appropriate recommendations for your cat’s diet. These recommendations are important to follow, as they can be vital in increasing the length of your cat’s life.

Cat bed

Cats appreciate having a nice and comfortable place to lay their heads when they rest. It’s important that the bed is somewhere with little noise and interruptions. Cats do not like to be awoken from sleep. Cat beds are a nice alternative to having your cat sleep in your bed. You can invest in a good one or simply make one out of a comfy blanket.

Good nutrition

It’s important to consult your veterinarian when it comes to the best food for your cat. However, if you don’t have access to one you can try to buy wet and dry cat food and see how your cat reacts. It’s natural that most premium cat food brands are going to be better than the generic ones. It’s up to you how much you want to invest in your furry friend. Nutrition is one of the most essential tools you have to keep your cat healthy. It is the foundation for a long life and healthy living.

Eliminating stress

One of the major things affecting long-term cat health is daily contact with stress. Providing a quiet and safe place for cats to rely on like a perch is really beneficial to their health. One of the reasons cat lovers enjoy the animal so much is its independent nature. Cats love observing environments while tucked away in a safe corner. Toys are another way to make cats happy and help eliminate stress. Even though many indoor cats don’t need to hunt, they still have the urge to pounce. Playing with toys satisfies this need and gives cats additional exercise.

Keeping your cat indoors

Cats love to being outside and roaming around. Unfortunately there are many dangers outside that threaten cats. These dangers include other feral outdoor cats, dogs, cruel humans and distracted drivers. Many cat-lovers have accepted the fact that their cats won’t be able to roam outside on their own. Many owners have created outdoor enclosures for their pets, allowing them to be outside in a safe and limited space.

Monitoring unusual behavior

It’s important to notice if your cat’s behavior has changed. This is usually a sign of illness that needs to be addressed. Odd behavior includes things like excessive sleepiness, weight loss, bumps, sneezing and odd changes in bowel movements. While you don’t have to constantly monitor your feline, it’s important that if the behavior persists that you accurately catalogue it to share with your vet. You are the biggest defense your cat has, so make sure you pay attention so you can speak on their behalf.


Similar to spaying and neutering, though less invasive, keeping your cat vaccinated is an easy way to protect it from life-threatening illness/diseases. Vaccines should always be done by a professional and should never be any type of homemade remedy. Using homemade concoctions as vaccines for your cat could have extremely negative consequences including instant death. Make sure to use vaccine recommendations from your vet.

Attractive litter box

cat accessories

A clean litter box is one of the most basic necessities for proper cat care. Litter boxes are also your number one defense to keep your cat from using the bathroom all over your house. The size of your litter box does matter along with the type of litter you use. Scented litter doesn’t work for some cats and if the box isn’t regularly cleaned the cat might choose another option in your house. As with most cat items in your home, location is key when it comes to the litter box. Cats must feel safe when eliminating and prefer quieter areas. Don’t forget the rule of thumb. More cats mean more litter boxes. For this check here to Buy Best Pet Accessories for Cats in Bangladesh.

Cat-proofing your home

Like children, cat’s are very good at getting into places in your home where they shouldn’t be. Staying diligent about knowing plants and foods that are especially toxic to cats is the difference between life and death. Other items that may need to be cat-proofed include toilets, stovetops and electrical chords.

Scratching/climbing post

A scratching/climbing post is a great option for cats, especially if you’re worried about them getting enough exercise. A post allows the cat to stretch its muscles, sharpen claws and leave scent marks. These posts are great, especially if you want to give your furniture a break. Cats also love scratching/climbing posts because they allow them to leave shed old cuticles.

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Refrigerator Buyers Guide

refrigerator in bangladesh

Refrigerators have changed a lot over the last decade, and they have become one the most useful and stylish home appliances. They are now more power efficient, they can get cold faster, and stay cold longer than ever before. And this makes it possible for food to stay fresh longer even when there is a power cut.

However, there is a large selection of refrigerators for sale whether they are new or used refrigerators. It can be difficult to decide which one is best for your needs, so this guide will help you understand the different features and will enable you to make an informed decision.

1. The first thing you need to do is decide where you are going to put the fridge. This is because the space you have is going to determine which size refrigerator you can buy. So take a measuring tape and measure the height, width and depth of the area, and remember that you need room to open the fridge door. You will also need several centimeters of extra space on all sides so that air can circulate — this is to prevent the fridge from overheating. When you are in the shop looking, you can tell the salespeople the size you need, and they can narrow your search, which will make it easier for you. Also have a look on 5 Best Family Fridge for the Festivities of Bangladesh.

2. The second thing to consider is which way you want the door of the fridge to open to give the best access. This will depend on where the fridge is placed in your kitchen, but you need to know before you go shopping so that you get a fridge with doors that open the correct way. With some fridges, the way the door opens can be reserved. In which case, you can have the servicemen put the door the way you want before they deliver it.

3. Fridges come in various sizes, shapes and colors. The most common designs of refrigerators are:

Popular fridges in Bangladesh

  • One Door — A fridge with one door is usually the smallest type in the market. Although it is good at keeping a good temperature, it generally has a small freezer, and it is difficult to keep food frozen as it shares the same door as the rest of the refrigerator.
  • Two Door — A fridge with two doors means that the freezer has its own door, and so it can maintain its temperature and keep the food frozen. The freezer can be on the top or bottom of the fridge. If you do not plan on using a freezer every day, then it would be better to opt for a fridge with the freezer on the bottom as then you can easily reach the rest of the fridge without bending over. However, if you plan to use the freezer every day, then it would be more convenient to have it on the top.
  • Side-by-Side — This means the fridge has two doors that open from the center of the fridge. One side will be the freezer and the other side is the regular part of the fridge. It can be very convenient as the doors are half the size and so they don’t need as much space to open. Both compartments are easy to access.

4. A full fridge is a happy fridge. This is because when all the space is taken up, the temperature does not fluctuate as much, and so the fridge does not have to work as hard to maintain the temperature. This also lowers your electricity consumption.

5. Even if you are planning on buying a used refrigerator, you still need to follow the above steps. However, there is one important thing you need to know before you buy a used refrigerator: a fridge that is more than 10 years old will use more electricity and not be very efficient in keeping your food cold. This is because technology and has advanced a lot, and fridges manufactured now use one third less electricity and have better insulation techniques.

Checklist for buying a used refrigerator:

Checklist for buying a used refrigerator

  • Make sure it works properly. If you cannot test it at the store, then do it as soon as you get home, and before you begin using it. Turn it on and leave it on with the doors closed for about two hours to see if it gets cold enough. If it is just barely cool, it means it is not working properly, and you should take it back.
  • Make sure the door gasket closes tightly. Place a piece of paper between the door and fridge. If you can open the door easily, it may not be closing securely enough. Ask if the gaskets can be changed, and also have the door hinges checked as they may need adjusting.
  • Open the fridge and see if all the parts are there. Things such as shelves, drawers and racks should still be there and in good condition. Make sure the light and the temperature knob still works.

6. Keep your refrigerator clean. This is important so that all the food in the fridge stays healthy but also to help it remain in good condition and run properly. Some basic tips to clean your fridge are:

  • Don’t use harsh cleaners to clean your fridge. All-purpose liquid soap is enough. Using a little bit of sodium bicarbonate on tough spots will make them white again.
  • Take out drawers, shelves and racks and wash well.
  • If the gasket around the door has black mildew, you can dilute a little liquid bleach and wipe the gasket. Two hundred and fifty ml of water needs about 20 ml of bleach. Be careful not to get bleach on any other part of the fridge as it can make the plastic turn yellow.
  • After some time, you will begin to see food building up on the outside of the fridge, especially on the door handle. Therefore, it is important to clean the outside of your fridge regularly as well.
  • If you notice a bad smell, clean the fridge with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water. One liter of water needs 100 grams of sodium bicarbonate.

How to Find the Best Plots of Land in Bangladesh on a Budget

For those living in Bangladesh, it can be worth your while to invest in plots of land where you can build flats or houses to rent to the public. Buying land in this beautiful area can give you the opportunities that you’ve always dreamed of for yourself. By becoming confident in how to find the right piece of land, you will be able to find exactly what you need for future business prospects. For those who are looking for property in Bangladesh, there are many things to carefully consider before simply buying the first thing that you can find.

Benefits and Uses for Owning Land in Bangladesh

There are a lot of things that you can do if you make the decision to find a piece of commercial property for your future plans. One thing that a lot of people will do when they purchase this type of land is to rent out the property to those who will pay each month. This ensures that you are continually getting a sum of money every single month from your tenant. You will still be responsible for the property, though, so this is definitely something that you will want to keep in mind for yourself.

The Specific Type of Property

Whether you’re looking for rooms to rent, homes or simple apartments, Bangladesh has many different properties that are going to fit your individual needs. The specific type of property that you’re looking for is going to be detrimental to your future plans, so be sure to know what type of business you’re looking to own and run for the future. You are also going to want to take your own budget and the property’s location into consideration before buying it. There are several different things that you’ll want to remember before you buy any type of land or building.

What is the property going to be used for, and is the new land ideal for that type of business?
Is the location of the property ideal for the type of business you’ll run?
Is the property within your budget so that it is easily affordable?
Does this property have the potential of rental to the public, or is it going to need to be repaired and updated before this can happen?
Are people and other businesses renting in this particular area of Bangladesh, ensuring that you will have tenants in the future?

By making sure that the land has the accommodation that you need, you will be sure to have a business that is going to thrive. Whether you run the business on your own, rent it out or convert the building into flats that are for rent, it is important to find a piece of land that is going to fit all of these requirements.

Considering Your Budget

Your budget is going to be one of the most important things to consider when you’re looking for property in the Bangladesh area. This is because you will not want to get tied down to a piece of land that is simply too expensive for you to afford. Considering your monthly income and payments, you’ll want to then think about what you can afford when looking for different types of buildings. Keep in mind that even though you can rent the building after you purchase it, you may have several months where you pay for it outright without any rental payments coming in to help you out.

Before you take a look at any type of land in Bangladesh, you need to sit down and calculate the specific budget that you’re able to afford. Once you know what is affordable for you, you will be able to find a building or land that is ideal for what you are looking to do with it. Having a budget simply allows you to buy land that is not going to cause you to suffer financially. There is probably nothing more frustrating than being stuck with a property that is too expensive for you to easily afford.

Researching the Different Properties in Bangladesh

Once you have a budget established, know what the property is going to be used for and what you’re looking to do in the future, you will be able to quickly and easily find property in Bangladesh that fits these needs. The best thing for you to do is to speak with a local realtor or agent who sells homes, apartments and rooms for rent. You will then want to ask them what types of houses are available to you in the area that are also within your own established budget.

Likewise, you can check online listings and get a feel for what is available. Many people living in Bangladesh actually sell their own homes and properties as opposed to going through an agent, so you might even want to ask others in the area if they know of any buildings or homes for sale. By working with your budget, you should be able to find great land for the price that you want.

It is easy to see why a lot of people living in Bangladesh are choosing to rent their properties to the public. This allows you to continually get money coming in from your tenants, and it can be a wonderful business opportunity for those who would rather work for themselves. If this is something you’re interested in doing for yourself, be sure to calculate your own budget and then do some local research on which buildings are truly ideal for whatever it is that you need. This will enable you to find a beautiful building that can then be rented out to those who are either looking for flats or homes for rent for themselves and the loved ones who are living with them as well.