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How to Ensure Safety around Gas Cylinders

Safe Use of Gas Cylinders

A gas cylinder can now easily be found in most Bangladeshi homes.

Many of us cannot imagine life without it because of our daily life uses of it. Those of us living at places where no new gas lines are provided, must use gas cylinders. And many also have it at home as a backup for when the gas service is unavailable.

Given its widespread use and the heavy risks of accidents such as the terrible incident that took the lives of many just a few weeks ago, we have decided to write a complete safety guide for the daily use of gas cylinders.

The incidents of gas cylinders exploding is not rare, it is more common than we think!

What are Gas Cylinders & Its Uses?

We know it commonly as gas cylinders, but it is formally known as a LPG cylinder. LPG stands for Liquid Petroleum Gas which is used for our cooking in homes, restaurants, etc. We also know CNG cylinders which are widely used in our vehicles as CNG stations are a common sight. CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas, the one used to operate vehicles.

While the government of Bangladesh has progressed a lot and made many improvements in terms of safety standards, a huge learning curve is needed for public awareness. An accident can happen at any time, this is why it’s important that we make an effort to learn all the safety tips to prevent the amount of damage to us and to those around us.

Importance of Gas Cylinder Safety

The safety of the people should be the biggest concern for gas cylinder manufacturers, whether they are private or public. Because even the slightest of mistakes can lead to a disaster.

Many people across all the different industries such as in manufacturing, maintenance, medical, hospitality, science and education use gases in the compressed form in gas cylinders. They are compressed at a very pressure and technological advancements will be able to increase them even further. So, the need for proper & improved safety protocols, is more necessary than ever!

Today, gas cylinders are commonly used in every industry and locations due to its obvious benefits like affordable price, mobility, environment friendliness, less pollution than other alternatives and so on. It has become one of the most easy to use alternatives to fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

But the numbers of catastrophes associated to them is also more common these days. It is not surprising that most of these accidents happen more because of negligent and careless handling than anything else.

Must for Gas Cylinder Users

Gas cylinders also need to be used with protective measures taken as the flaw in proper use can lead to blasts, fire hazards, property damage and most vital, physical injuries or death to people. So, it is important to know basic safety protocol like safe storage indoors & outdoors, amongst all other things.

Buy Approved Cylinders from Certified Companies

It is important to always buy from authorized sellers. Also, you must make sure that the cylinder is made by certified manufacturing companies. So please ensure the following when buying a gas cylinder:

  • Ensure that the company seal is present
  • Ensure that the safety cap is securely fixed on cylinder
  • Do not hesitate to ask seller or the delivery man to show proper usage instructions
  • Should be placed on ground level on a plain surface
  • Never drag, roll or drop the cylinder as it is strictly unadvised

Try to only buy from approved sellers. Buying cheaper cylinder units from unapproved, uncertified, or otherwise unauthorized sellers, is calling danger upon yourself and your surrounding people.

Before & After Use Safety Tips

If you are a gas cylinder user or otherwise around a place where it is being used, then you should follow these tips or inform others of these safety tips.

  • Always be on alert for any smells or noticeable signs of gas leak
  • Avoid the use of candles, or match sticks when looking for leakages
  • Always place or store the gas cylinder in an upright position on a plain surface
  • Always keep it in proper ventilated area and not in closed cabinets
  • Keep cylinder away from other sources of fire, electricity and heat
  • Always turn off after usage
  • Store empty cylinders in cool spot and make sure safety cap is on
  • Always light your match stick or fire source before turning cylinder gas on
  • Make sure that rubber tube or other cylinder connections are changed as needed

What to Do in Case of a Gas Leak

If you are ever in the situation when there is a gas leak then follow these important tips:

  • Do not panic
  • Be calm, cool & collected
  • Do not turn any electrical appliances on if you doubt there is a leak
  • Turn off all appliances and put out flames, lights, incense sticks, candles, etc.
  • Turn cylinder connection off & put on safety cap
  • Open all windows and doors to get more air ventilation,  but turn off all fans
  • Get in touch with emergency service providers

Simple Gas Cylinder Safety Steps for Our Daily Life

It is true that there are too many things associated with gas cylinders in our daily life already. So it is not possible to stop using them or being around a place that uses them. Our kitchen or homes have our loved ones and we spend most of our time in it.

So it is extremely important that we keep simple things in mind during our daily lives. The following are some of those simple safety tips for our daily life:

  • Make sure that you regularly do proper servicing for you gas cylinders and appliances used with them. There may not be a problem and an accident may just happen. Lots of times simple and quick maintenance can avoid massive disasters.
  • Always check for genuine products when you buy a gas cylinder, electrical or gas appliances.
  • Never do anything that you are not sure of such as how to connect or disconnect cylinders, etc.
  • Avoid using curtains on windows near your cooker or in kitchen, you can use other methods of privacy which are not easy to catch on fire.
  • Do not keep other things like kerosene next to the gas cylinder as they are flammable.
  • Do not permanently remove the safety cap as it can be used in case of any leaks.
  • Always turn off after use and double check to see that it is fully turned off.
  • DO NOT PANIC, ever! Make calm, cool & collected decisions.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers and safety experts within reach.
  • Buy safety tools like gas detectors, fire extinguishers, etc. for your homes, especially in the kitchen in case of emergencies.

The point of these safety tips is to ensure that you prevent an accident and if any, then minimize the damage to yourself and others around you.

Prevention is always better than cure!

A gas cylinder in our homes has made our lives easier and has become an important part of everyday life. While the government and companies do their part in ensuring the safety of these products, we too should take care in learning proper use of it to reduce incidents, or accidents which can happen anytime.

Precautions and Safety Tips for Commercial Use

Safety Tips for Commercial Use

Liquified or Liquid Petroleum Gas is cost effective and even more popular commercially. However, it is important to note that despite all safety features they are still combustible and a source of fuel. Workers and business owner must ensure complete precautions and safety procedures to avoid casualties and other issues.

So, commercial or industrial use like in hotels, restaurants, and etc. should be even stricter.

Precautions for Commercial Use

  • In case of any accident, no matter how small, use an alarm to inform everyone
  • In case of leak, evacuate and carry cylinder away to open space
  • In case of a fire use fire extinguisher & call fire service
  • In case of uncontrollable situations immediately inform emergency services without doubt

Don’ts for Commercial Use

  • Gas cylinders must be kept in an upright position
  • Must check for leaks always
  • Entry must be restricted for everyone in cylinder areas
  • Smoking should not be allowed near storage or area


Due to the massively widespread use of gas cylinders in Bangladesh, any accident can be deadly. Dhaka is densely populated and commercial or residential areas are always full of lots of people at any given time. In such scenarios, without the proper safety measures in place, any incident can be a disaster.

Hopefully, this simple guideline for the safe use of gas cylinders has been able to teach you some new things or reinforce some simple steps in our daily lives.

Everyone in your environment, your neighbors, family and friends are all within your close proximity and you should be sharing your knowledge to improve the standard of safety Do’s Don’ts of everyone.

Buy from authorized sellers using the marketplace for all your home safety equipment, gas cylinders, and more for a satisfying experience.

Stay alert, stay safe and be the “friendly neighborhood hero”, just like SpiderMan! and Yellow Brick Road Celebrated International Women’s Day

আন্তর্জাতিক নারী দিবস উদযাপন, the largest marketplace in Bangladesh and Yellow Brick Road, the organization working for adolescents and youth empowerment have celebrated the International Women’s Day together. This year, based on the theme of this year’s Women’s Day- #BalanceforBetter, a discussion meeting named ‘Sexual Harassment and Gender Equality’ was held at the head office of Bikroy. has been working with the United Nations’ #HeforShe program to empower women.

During this session, Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales of; Rehenuma Islam, Head of HR and Culture of and Farin Daulah, Co-Founder and Managing Director Yellow Brick Road, were present at the session.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Bikroy has published a video on their social media, where some of the female members and entrepreneurs of shared their experience on how they got support from Bikroy for their respective businesses.

Rehenuma Islam, Head of HR and Culture of Bikroy said, “As part of the United Nation’s #HeforShe program, we have a forum named “Moner Janala” for the female employees. At Bikroy, we strive to create a safe working environment for women. We arrange the time to time training facilities for the female employees to get an opportunity in various leadership positions. We also provide maximum support to our female employees who return to their job after maternity leave, so that they can get back to the previous work environment.

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales of Bikroy said, “Bangladeshi women working in different sectors are now winning the world. There is no looking back from here. At Bikroy, we practice gender equality and ensure equal rights for both men and women. always thrives to create an inclusive environment for feminine work.

Farin Daulah, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Yellow Brick Road said, “Even a few years back, women could not talk about their rights. The good news is, though slowly, this situation has changed a lot. Women have become aware of the problems and progressed towards their rights. We believe that if women become conscious of their rights, that will definitely bring change in society.

New in Dhaka? Find Suitable Home for Rent or Buy in Dhaka

Find out the Best Places to Live in Dhaka

Have you recently moved to the megacity of Bangladesh? Are you a new comer to Dhaka City?
Welcome to one of the most densely populated & busiest cities in the world!

This the most essential article for you to read… a new comer’s guide for living in Dhaka City!

Moving to a new city from another city, your village, or even another part of the city is not a simple process. In fact, it is one of the most hectic processes in people’s lives. Whether you are looking for property to rent or buy, when you start your hunt to find property in Dhaka you will lose your mind!

You will have trouble to find a flat to rent or to buy in Dhaka, the most suitable location will seem to be out of reach almost always. But don’t be discouraged, this complete new comer’s guide to finding a suitable location to live in Dhaka will be your ultimate guide.

A Simple & Effective Newcomers’ Guide to Get You Started

Set a Budget for Yourself

The first thing to do after deciding that you are moving to a new city like Dhaka is to determine an overall budget for a flat to buy and also for a flat to rent. Regardless of whichever (buying or renting) is your first choice, determine a budget for both. This gives you ground for comparison and better decision making.

When setting a budget, consider making a safe choice and the absolute choice. Meaning, you should set a comfortable budget the money that you are willing to spend to buy property in Dhaka or the monthly expenses when you find a flat to rent. But also make an absolute budget which may be more than your initial budget as a safety.

When determining the budget, don’t just consider the price of a property or the monthly rent to be paid. You must also consider all associated costs with a purchased or rental property in Dhaka. It is important to consider the following things:

  • Cost of moving from your current residence such as manual labor, vehicle for moving, etc.
  • Packing supplies for your furniture, appliances & electronics, etc.
  • Down payments, instalment payments or monthly rent
  • Insurance, taxes & agent or signing fees
  • Utilities like electricity, water, gas, etc.

So, you can imagine a lot of things need to be considered before such a big decision. Carefully, assess your earnings and your savings to figure out what your budget should be. Read this article to find out some of the things no one will tell you when buying a home in Bangladesh

Research the Property Market of Dhaka

You should always research the property market before making a purchase or renting a property. The sooner you start your research, the better your chances of making a good decision for you and your family. Try to get all the details about the property market of Dhaka for houses, flats, etc.

Today, a lot of mediums exist for you to research without too much effort. The easiest and one of the most increasingly effective medium is through the internet. Just use a reliable and improved online property portal such as to find out all the details about particular locations, flat sizes, prices, etc. You can filter to personalize your search. It will allow you to consider crucial aspects such as cost of living, neighborhood safety, etc.

Without a standard measuring stick for getting the most suitable location to find property in Dhaka, it is one of the toughest decisions. But checkout this amazing infographic on Real Estate Market in Bangladesh in 2018 which has helpful data such as the top locations with properties for sale & rent, by price range & flat sizes, etc. all based on the actual buy, sell & rent ads throughout 2018. This will allow you to make the best decision on where to find property in Dhaka in 2019.

So you don’t have to guess which area in Dhaka will be best to find flat to buy for your budget or even to find flat to rent for your required size. As long as you do your research and use the full resources available through a reliable property portal, you will get a suitable location to live in Dhaka city. But before you make your decision, consider all the important decision making factors mentioned here.

Should You Buy or Rent

After you have done your research, you will have a dilemma of whether buying or selling will be the better decision. Don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to be confused!

While many will say that when moving to a new city, you should always rent first, there is not a correct answer. It all depends on your needs and requirements and how well you use your resources to make the right decision. If you are confused about buying or renting a property, check out this article Stop Searching for a House to Rent! Now Buy Your Own Home to help in your decision making.

Choosing a Suitable Location for Your New Property

After all the initial planning, research and preparations, it is decision time when you are choosing the most suitable location for your property. The safest way to do that is to be at a place where it is easy to reach to most other parts of Dhaka. So as long as you can move around from your home to your work, government offices, schools, shopping malls, etc. then the ideal location will not be so hard to choose.

Obviously, there is more than one right answer for this. But check out the ideal locations to buy and rent in Dhaka based on real property statistics of 2018:

Suitable Locations to Buy in Dhaka

top locations for property sale in dhaka by

The top five locations to buy in Dhaka are Bashundhara with 26% properties for sale, Mirpur with 18%, Gulshan with 15%, Rampura & Uttara with 11% & 9% respectively. The cost of properties in these locations are between 3 thousand taka per square feet to more than 10 thousand taka per square feet.

Suitable Locations to Rent in Dhaka

top locations for property rent in dhaka by

When renting in Dhaka, ranking in number one is Gulshan with 81% of all flats for rent in Dhaka city. Banani is ranking a very distant number two with only 8% properties for rent. Finally, number three position is for Bashundhara with 5% of all properties available for rent in Dhaka.

The cost of renting in Dhaka is expectedly very high. Forty four percent (44%) of the properties for rent cost more than 40 thousand taka per month while only twenty two percent (22%) are between 10 to 20 thousand taka per month.

Government Role in Improving Housing Sector of Bangladesh

One of the most amazing stats right now for Bangladesh is that the registration cost of a plot or a flat is currently 14 to 16 percent. Considering the high cost of properties, this is a very high cost. Due to this many buyers lose interest in buying properties and the government also suffers the consequences with the lost revenue from registration.

The housing industry businesses have for long been asking the government for a cut in registration costs to improve the buying of consumers. The Joint Working Committee, consisting of the National Board of Revenue (NBR), Public Works Ministry and traders have taken initiative to approach government ministers and offices to reduce registration expenses.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) is between 1 to 3 percent for the housing sector at present. The proposed initiative is asking for a 1.5 percent VAT and the older properties registration fees to be 3 percent lower than normal registration costs. With such cuts, the housing sector will get a huge boost for both consumer buying power and for businesses to sell housing as well as for government to collect registration and taxes.

The recommendations of the Joint Committee will be submitted to the concerned ministry for implementing the budget for the next fiscal year. If these recommendations are implemented, the housing sector will turn around. People would immediately be interested to buy flats as the reduction in cost of flat construction, reducing VAT and others, would also cause the flat prices to decrease. Such steps from the government will ensure that the housing sector gets a much needed boost.


As mentioned earlier, the first thing to do is to set a budget for yourself, then you need to research the market to decide whether you want to buy or rent, and then you want to choose the most suitable location when you find flat to buy or find flat to rent. With careful considerations, you will be happy when you find property in Dhaka which is in a suitable location in your ideal size & price range.

Finding the most suitable location or the right property in Dhaka requires a lot of careful research as well as luck. So don’t lose hope, as you will find a great place to make your home in this wonderful megacity sooner or later. The right property is there, you just need the right tools to find it such as’s Property Portal.

The property market of Dhaka is very urbanized and localized so you have to spend your time to thoroughly research individual areas, streets, etc. to find the most suitable location for yourself. But when you do find the right one, make sure to not waste time as there are always others looking for a property as well.

Depending on your budget, look at property websites, agencies, etc. to find the right property for yourself. If you are not sure, then look at customer reviews, ratings, etc. is an amazing platform to buy, sell & rent properties not only in Dhaka city but all over Bangladesh. With thousands of listings, you will find your ideal property.

Wish you all the best and good luck to you for finding a property in Dhaka that you are dreaming to call your new home!

Looking for a Job? Prepare Yourself Well for the Interview

Prepare Yourself Well for the Interview

Do you know how to introduce yourself? How do you make your first impression a lasting one?

We can all agree that, whether it is for a formal or informal meeting, professional or casual meeting, romantic or comedic meeting, the first impression is a lasting one in most cases.

This is not to say that first impressions never change, but it is simply to state the major role of first impression on any of our relationships in life. The first meeting between an individual, or even if it is as a group, always has a lasting effect.

When you are in the hunt to find a job in Bangladesh, the interview process will highlight the crucial importance of first impressions. The recruitment process is sensitive and the interview preparation checklist is one which is hard to define, but this article will present some crucial interview tips.

The ultimate goal of an interview process, whether or not you get the job, is to show that you are a professional and you are confident of your skills. It is seen throughout the recruitment process that many candidates lose out on a job for other reasons like being late, inappropriate interview dress up, bad manners, etc.

Every little thing makes a huge difference during the interview process, which is why it is important to be prepared. Also, don’t ever restrict yourself to the present situation. Always express your future plans in terms of profession, career, development and ultimately where you see yourself in the coming years, with goals and ambitions.

Simple Step by Step Interview Preparation Guide to Find a Job in BD

Interview Preparation Guide

What to Say When You Arrive at the Interview

One of the first things you must prepare for is how to introduce yourself quickly to the first person you meet, whether it is a receptionist or anyone else. Ask for the receptionist, or state your purpose of visit to the greeter politely with your name.

For example:

“Hi. My name is Abdur Rahman, and I am here for an interview scheduled for 11:00 AM for the role of Software Development Manager.”


“Hi. My name is Abdur Rahman and I am here to interview for the role of Software Development Manager with Mr. Harun Siddiki.”

Show your best behavior, with respect & courtesy with whom you speak. If you know who you are supposed to meet, then mention their name, if you know the time then mention it. It is important that you make your arrival known to the best of your knowledge and then wait for them to organize the meeting as per the company procedure.

What to Say When You Meet the HR or the Interview Panel

It is important to work on keeping yourself relaxed as the recruitment process to find a job in Bangladesh may be hectic and time consuming. Regardless of your wait time to see the HR or the interviewer, keep feeling and looking refreshed.

When the HR comes to greet, then you should stand up from seating and shake hands with mutual interest. Make eye contact, state your name with a smile and express pleasure for the meeting. If you enter a room full of an interview panel, then take permission to go in, introduce yourself with a smile and greet everyone with one greeting.

For example:  

“I’m Tina Ahmed, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


“Hello everyone, I am Tina Ahmed. Thanks for seeing me today.”

It is crucial that you avoid making simple mistakes such as being absent minded, or losing focus away from the interview. Keep your phone off or silent and be positive. Stop by the restroom before your interview to refresh yourself.

Keep Introduction Short & Concise

As it is an interview, remember that you will get many opportunities to introduce yourself on various levels, so keep the first introduction short & sweet. The first question will be something open like “Tell me about yourself”. The response to this should highlight your skills for the post you are interviewing for while also showcasing your personality.

Try your best to incorporate your skills or educational qualifications with the job role and how you will be able to meet them. Highlight your skills, experience, and personality without sharing too much or taking up too much time while intriguing them with facts about yourself. Check out our another article on Important Skills That Students Can Develop for the Career in Business.

For example:

“As a fresh graduate I am looking to implement my strong understanding of software engineering methods in the job field to develop my career while contributing to the company’s projects…”

Focus on Your Qualifications/Experiences

If you are a fresher then you must focus heavily on your qualifications. If not, then you must focus more on your past experiences as a freelancer, job holder, or whatever your background may be. It is important that you offer a certain balance between qualification, experience & personality to keep the interviewers interested in you as a candidate. This includes some non-professional personal information such as your hobbies, interests, etc.

Your goal is to impress them with not just your qualifications and experiences but also yourself, your character, your personality and the potentials of you as an employer. An opportunity to sell yourself where they should be eager to hire you.

Do not overdo in compliments for the organization or the individual interview panel members!

Be Prepared for Follow-up Questions

It is very important that you remember the information you provide during the interview and be ready for follow-up questions. If you say that you were born in another country, be prepared to face a follow-up question regarding that country. Or for example, if you mentioned your last employer then be prepared on how you will respond to questions about your last employer.

More importantly, when you share your involvement with projects, skills, and achievements be prepared to face follow-up questions about it. You must be able to expand on whichever skill or project they are interested in knowing more about.

When given the opportunity, or take the opportunity to ask a few questions of your own. This will show your interest or enthusiasm about the job. Make sure these questions are about job responsibilities, company goals, and not about office hours, salary, etc.

Best Manners Always Matter

Regardless of the job role, company, or the qualification of the interviewer, since it is you applying for a position, remember that manners matter. No matter how much you are pressured or tested, maintain your cool and best manners at all times. Do not compensate on self-respect but be professional and well mannered.

Review your body language, speaking tone, dress up, etc. as these are all mannerisms that will matter. Be polite & professional to make a lasting impression. End with a smile & thank them for a great opportunity!

For Example:

“It was a pleasure to be interviewed by you all. Have a great day and I hope to hear from you. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.”

Interview Preparation Checklist: Tips to Improve Self Introduction

  1. Always start with a smile during greetings and natural conversations
  2. Mention your name & where you are from (as a conversation starter)
  3. Be seated towards the interviewer
  4. Be comfortable speaking about & provide necessary family details, if asked
  5. Describe educational qualifications in an intriguing manner
  6. Be confident about achievements, past jobs & express in a positive manner
  7. Take opportunity to explain skills used to complete past projects
  8. Express the support of company and admiration for others in your career
  9. Mention life goals and dreams that gives confidence & motivation in life
  10. Show gratitude for the interview opportunity & end with a smile

Interview Tips for Freshers: Things to Avoid During Interview

  • Being Late:

Avoid being late during interviews! Most interviewers respect time and do not appreciate latecomers under any circumstances.


  • Negative Statements:

Avoid expressing any negative comments about your past employers or interviewers at all times!


  • Arrogance:

Avoid being arrogant during interview, this will more than likely cost you the job! Keep your passion for anything in control so that you do not sound arrogant.


  • Mobile Phone:

Avoid looking at your phone at all times! Turn off your phone or make it silent during the interview and never check it during the interview.


  • Interview Dress up:

Avoid inappropriate interview dress up! It is crucial that interview dress up is always formal and professional and it should be reflected by appropriate clothing.


  • Avoid Interruptions:

Avoid interrupting the interviewer during questions! Have the patience to let them finish questions so that you never interrupt them. Do not talk above them or interrupt them as it is a sign of disrespect.


When you try to find a job, the interview preparation for a fresher or for an experienced candidate is not too different. So these interview tips are appropriate for both! Find the latest and most amount of job posts on the most used job portal in Bangladesh,

The recruitment process contains many steps with different stages of the interview. This is why it is important to invest your time and energy for interview preparation. It may sometimes seem very easy but it is not to be neglected. Always be prepared even for the simplest of questions and how to answer it. As mentioned earlier, the first impression may not always be the last impression, but it is definitely a long lasting impression.

Bottom line is interview candidates should prepare themselves by practicing interview tips, avoiding negative activities, and be well behaved with their approach to recruiters, interviewers, HR, etc. Follow the simple guide to better understand how to introduce yourself during interviews and how to make a lasting impression during interviews.

Whatever you do, remember to keep calm, stay confident and rock the job interview!

Follow the thousands of job posts and listings on Bikroy Jobs to find a job interview today and put to use some of the interview tips & tricks shared here.

Choosing the Best Family Car in Bangladesh

Best cars for family

There are a lot of different types of cars available in BD. But what is the main reason people buy cars in Bangladesh? Yes… the question is a bit silly because the answer is so broad!

We often make a decision to buy brand new cars or the latest cars based on our desires and then justify our desire by logic. This is how human mind works, we make up our mind to do something and THEN, we try to make our decision logical by reasoning.

While some desire the latest luxury car, most people who are looking to buy their first car consider what’s best for their spouse, children, mother, father, etc. meaning their family.

It is very difficult to consider attractive appearance, good performance, and modern technology and a lot of pressure builds up making the right choice. It is difficult to choose the best car for your family.

A family car is not just any car… it’s a lot of things like a safe transport, a full family dining out, a relaxation place, a family time adventure. It is where we try to fit in all our loved ones and do all the things we love to do together!

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Family Car in Bangladesh

Size of the Car

One of the most essential and often the first thing to consider is the size when choosing the best car for your family. For those who are thinking of settling down soon, or are thinking about starting a new family as parents, a new car must be in the right size for your current or future family members.

 choosing the best car for your family

When it is a small family of a husband and wife, a motorcycle or a compact sedan is fine but with a baby you must make a more thoughtful decision. The following questions must be answered by its size:

  • Can a car seat be installed without too much trouble?
  • Is there enough room to get your baby in and out of the car?
  • Are there safety features like child lock?
  • Are the windows tinted for the baby to be sat comfortably?
  • Is there enough room your wife, mother, in-law, or any other adult to be seated with the car seat in?
  • What about the possibility of a second child in your family?
  • Can it fit strollers and other accessories for children?

The answer to these questions will likely allow you to get the ideal choice of a family car in Bangladesh. Since it is a financially steep decision, you must take care of not making a silly mistake!

Fuel Cost

The cost of fuel in cars is a crucial factor as this is a cost which will likely only increase as time passes. So, you must research the expected fuel economy of the cars you are considering. As the car will be your go to option for every little family outing, you will need to consider how much fuel it consumes.

In addition to other factors such as being stuck in traffic for long periods of time, using the air conditioning during the harsh summer heat, etc. while will directly affect the fuel consumption of your car. Read this useful article to find out on the many ways to reduce fuel costs while driving in Bangladesh.

Set a Budget Before You Buy

It is important to always plan a budget before you begin the task of buying a car in Bangladesh. This is because there will be tons of options in all different budget ranges. So it is very important as the choice of your car will be largely dependent on your budget.

You don’t want to budget to low and have a horrible experience finding the right car. Also, you don’t want to spend too much when you could be saving a lot of money at a lower budget.

Don’t Persist on a Single Model

Remember that choosing the right car for your family is long term investment. So do not let your emotions divert you from taking the right option. Don’t go after one particular model of car, this will blind you from seeing the many alternative options which may be better for your family.

When you are biased to one particular model, you won’t be able to notice alternative options considering better ratings, reviews, and reliability. So, try your best to compare many options with your wants and needs in mind. This way, you will get the perfect opportunity to take a decision which is most suitable to the requirements of your family.

Think in the Future

car choise for full family

As a family car, you must always think about everyday usage and that too for a long term. Your family will always change as time goes, it will grow, your needs and requirements will also change. So always try your best to look at the bigger picture, think in the future when choosing the best family car.

You cannot possibly plan for everything in advance but if you are making such a big financial decision, it must make long term sense. You don’t want to buy a car and by the next year, it no longer fits your requirements.

Safety is a Priority

Your family car will have your most love cargo onboard at all times. So Safety and security of their wellness should be your number one priority. Car safety features change every day and have evolved in the past decades. So consider things like hands free mobile usage, GPS, charging and power, reliability of warranty and maintenance while on the road.

Many newer car models have high-tech features such as rearview cameras, blind spot cameras, motion sensors, and antilock brakes. But if you are considering to buy a used car then consider some of these factors before purchase any used carWith the right amount of research and planning, you can easily find the best family car which is both practical and perfect for you & your family.

Most Popular – Toyota Corolla

In Bangladesh, there many cars which have gained popularity as family cars such as the Toyota Corolla for its reliability, the Toyota Noah for its spacious build, the range of sedans from the likes of Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Allion, Nissan Pulsar, Toyota Axio, Toyota Probox, Nissan Bluebird & many more.

Among the various options of the latest cars available in BD, Toyota is the most popular manufacturer and the Toyota Corolla is the most popular and most sold model of car in Bangladesh backed by its outstanding features. Read more about the best selling cars in Bangladesh.

The list of reasons for the popularity of the Toyota Corolla is truly endless. But in a quick review, it’s a compact sedan which is roomy, comfortable and fuel-efficient. The look & appearance of the car is also standard. The performance of the Corolla is excellent on the somewhat unreliable roads of Dhaka city or even country wide. The interior of the car is stylish complimenting its exterior outlook. It is a safe car within a very decent price.

While the Noah and Hiace are mostly used as commercial cars, many large families opt for these models to fit in all their family members. They are low maintenance car with good mileage which is perfect for families. Although there are much nicer cars available in Bangladesh, the above mentioned features along with its affordable pricing, the top priority for most people in Bangladesh is the Toyota Corolla.


After taking into consideration all the above mentioned factors and issues, you can evaluate your options based on your budget. But when choosing the right car for your family, do not compensate for the safety of a car. No matter what your choice, as long as it is the best decision for your family.

If you are looking to buy cars in Bangladesh then you will find the latest different types of cars available in BD through Not only the latest cars or brand new cars, has hundreds and thousands of listings from verified sellers on its marketplace in addition to property for buying & renting, job posts & more.

While you will be able to determine your exact necessity, you can choose between the latest sedan cars or larger options as discussed in this article.

Bikroy is home to not only the latest cars, but also used cars and brand new cars from all over Bangladesh!

Best of Luck in finding the right car for your family!

Bikroy Handovers Prizes to the Valentine Deals Contest Winners

bikroy valentine deals competition 2019, the largest marketplace of Bangladesh, has announced the winners of Valentine Deals contest. Yesterday 12th February, Wednesday; the prize handover ceremony was held at the head office of Bikroy. Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa was the ‘’Hospitality Partner’’ & US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. is the ‘’Travel Partner’’ of this contest.

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales of; Naz Hussain, Head of Marketplace of; A.K.M Asadur Rahman, Digital Marketing and Sales Manager of Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa; Md. Kamrul Islam, General Manager, Marketing support and PR of US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. and other senior officials were present during the prize giving ceremony.

  • Mr. Rezaul Karim Rony; the 1st prize winner won Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka couple tickets by US-Bangla Airlines & 2-nights 3-days stay at Royal Tulip Hotel, Cox’s Bazar;
  • Mr. Tofazzal Hossen; the 2nd prize winner won Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka couple tickets by US-Bangla Airlines & 1-night 2-days stay at Royal Tulip Hotel, Cox’s Bazar; and
  • Mr. Shahriar Ahmed; the 3rd prize winner won 1-night 2-days stay at Royal Tulip Hotel, Cox’s Bazar with their respective partners.

bikroy valentine deals competition winners 2019

Bikroy Deals, the e-commerce section of serves a vast range of electronics, kitchen and home appliances, personal grooming items, travel accessories and many more with 100% guarantee of safety. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Bikroy Deals offered a diverse collection of T-shirt, Mug, Clothing items, Watches & many more lovely collection of products apart from the other products. Customers participated in the competition by purchasing their favorite products via the “Buy Now” feature.

The first prize winner Mr. Rezaul Karim Rony said, “I am very delighted to win the first prize although I didn’t expect to win. It is such a nice gesture by Bikroy to handover this kind of amazing gift during Valentine’s Day.’’

About this amazing Valentine Deals offer, Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing & Ad Sales of said, “Deals, is the latest service addition under’s umbrella. It is our e-commerce section where we give an end to end service to our esteemed customers.  I would like to congratulate the winners and thanks to all our users of Deals, we got a great response from our users and we got about six thousand orders in just 7 days. I am certain that the winners will have a fantastic Valentine gift for their partners. We will surely bring more attractive offers to our customers in the coming days.’’

One of the partners of this contest, Mr. A.K.M Asadur Rahman, Manager of Digital Marketing and Sales of Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa said, “Royal Tulip always organizes exclusive campaigns for their customers on special days every year. We want to be beside our customers during their special occasions. We will keep up our efforts to create more precious memories for our customers in the coming years. Thanks to Bikroy for organizing such a contest.”

Another partner of the contest, Md. Kamrul Islam, GM of Marketing Support & PR of US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. said, “We want to congratulate the winners on behalf of US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. People want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special manner. Although for a limited number of people, we are glad that we are being able to take part in their happy moments. This will inspire us to hold more arrangements in the coming days. We encourage Bikroy to arrange more contests like this in the coming days.” 

Put a Smile on the Face of Your Loved Ones with Awesome Gifts from Bikroy Deals

Valentine Deals by

Each New Year is a new beginning, with new resolutions, new perspectives but one thing that remains the same is our love, our relationships!

Love is found in our lives in many ways which are not limited to our romantic partners. But we often forget to express or show our love for all the different loved ones in our lives.

The special relationships we build in our lives over many years may not always get the special attention they deserve. While we give most of our time and effort to our romantic partner, the significant other or our spouse, we may not give the similar level of recognition or focus on the other relationships in our lives.

Let’s look at some of the relationships which I like to consider as some of the most wonderful gifts we have in our lives and how you can express your love for these special people in your life with some amazing gift items from Bikroy Deals.

Our Parents: Mother and Father

Gift for Parents from Bikroy deals

Our parents, whether they are presently in our lives or not, are the first people to welcome us to the world and hold the most special place in our hearts. A mother will always go to all her capability for the love and care of her children. A father will cruise through every hardship to see his children smile. So as children we often fail to understand their strong feelings towards us until we become parents ourselves.

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – life!
– Anonymous

When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.
– William Shakespeare.

Give your parents a thoughtful gift item to show how much you appreciate all the things they do for you!

For Mother

  • Spice Grinder
  • Electric Ruti Maker
  • Iron

For Father

  • Leather Wallet
  • Trimmer
  • Hot Shower

Our Siblings: Brothers and Sisters

Gift for brother and sister from bikroy deals

Our siblings, no matter how much of a love/hate relationship we share, is an extremely special bond! While we learn our manners and discipline from our parents or elders, we learn to share from our siblings. We know to care for someone just as much as ourselves from them. Through all the little fights and arguments we hold an immense of amount of love for them.

Give your siblings something exciting to show them that you care!

For Brothers

  • Portable wireless speaker
  • M3 Smart Band
  • Crossbody Bag

For Sisters

  • Bracelet
  • Straightener
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Our Children: Boys and Girls

Gift for children from bikroy deals

Our children, no matter how young or how many in number, teach us the true meaning of selfless love. They are the living, breathing example of being able to think about someone even before ourselves. Regardless of how old they get, in the eyes of parents the children are always in need of love, affection & protection – an instinct that only gets stronger with age!

Get your boy or girl the perfect gift to remind them how much you love them!

For Boys

  • Smartwatch
  • Backpack
  • Wireless Karaoke

For Girls

  • Anti Theft Backpack
  • Hair Dryer
  • Bluetooth Speaker

Our Friends

Gifts for friends from bikroy deals

How much do you value friendship? You may never have given it thought, but it is one of the most precious relationships with an unexplainable love attached to it. Regardless of age, gender, background, religion or any other ways we may have separated our identities in this world, it is an amazing bond which stands of the test of time. No matter how far or how long you are separated from a good friend, you will always pick up from where you left off as soon as you meet.

Celebrate the strong bond of friendship with cool gifts!

For Friends

  • Backpack
  • Wallet
  • Watch Gas Lighter
  • Coffee warmer
  • M3 Smart Band
  • Bracelet
  • Hair Dryer
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Straightener
  • Portable BBQ

Our Grandparents & Grandchildren

Gift for Grandparents & Grandchildren from bikroy deals

Grandparents & grandchildren share a strange relationship which is built on excitement, love & mischief! Grandparents always seem to relive their childhood with their grandchildren, they turn into kids to enjoy the company of the grandchildren. Similarly, grandchildren see grandparents with an immense amount of respect & admiration in their old age. A special bond which words cannot express!

Share the joys of life & laugh out loud with your grandparents/grandchildren, give them reasons to smile!

For Grandparents

  • Massage Pillow
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Magic Hose pipe 50 feet
  • Instant Hot Water Tap

For Grandchildren

  • Anti Theft Backpack
  • Wireless Karaoke
  • M3 Smart Band
  • Naviforce Watch

The Special One/ Life Partner/ Spouse

The Special One Life Partner Spouse from bikroy deals

Although we have covered the many different types of relationships which we build throughout our lives, we cannot and will not forget the one we most closely associate when we think of love – the special one!

No matter what name you call them by, your better half, the half that completes you, the special someone, your life partner, romantic partner or your spouse, we all know the true meaning of this love! The person who teaches you the meaning of sacrifice & compromise. Make every moment memorable with them!

Or, you may even have a secret admiration for a special one. Express your love to see the special sparkle in their eyes only for you! See how you can win over the heart of the special one you secretly love more than you can say. Some things are better left unsaid, express it with a beautiful gift!

Confess all your feelings in the season of love with some lovely gifts!

For Him

  • Punjabi
  • Couple Mug
  • Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers

For Her

  • Saree
  • Couple Mug
  • Couple Valentines T-Shirt


We have covered some of the closest relationships that we build throughout our lives, we have left many more such beautiful relationships such as our aunts or uncles, bosses, teachers, role models, etc. But it is up to you to value the special people in your lives. Give them something to remember you by, a token of love or appreciation, or simply a reminder of the beautiful relationship you share.

Don’t keep all your feelings locked up in your heart, share it and see your joyful moments spread in the season of love. Reconnect with friends even if it has been many years since you last spoke or met. Let all the worries of life drift away with a heartfelt message, a gift for them to remember you by!

Get some amazing gift items on which are made as the best deals for this special occasion.

Life is incomplete without the love of friends and family, celebrate the blessing of togetherness, the joys of love & excitement to bring your hearts closer together than ever before.

Bikroy Brings Exciting Valentine Deals on this Valentine’s Day

valentine campaign, the largest marketplace of Bangladesh, has launched exciting Valentine Deals on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day for its customers. Under this offer, customers can win amazing gifts by purchasing any products from the vast collection of Bikroy Deals. Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa is the “Hospitality Partner” and US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. is the “Travel Partner” of this campaign.

Bikroy Deals is the latest addition to the services. It is an e-commerce section that operates via “Buy Now” feature serving a vast range of electronics, kitchen and home appliances, personal grooming items, travel accessories and many more with 100% guarantee of safety. Customers can avail their desired products at their doorstep saving their valuable time. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, Bikroy Deals has a diverse collection of T-shirt, Mug, Clothing items, Watches & many more lovely collection of products. Moreover, Bikroy Deals offer other varieties of products from which customers can buy gifts for their beloved friends and family members. Buyers can sign in the competition by purchasing any products from Bikroy Deals.

3 lucky winners will be selected through a raffle draw and can win gifts for them and their partners. Winners of the campaign will avail the below prizes:

1st prize: Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka Couple tickets by US-Bangla Airlines + 2-nights 3-days stay at Royal Tulip Hotel, Cox’s Bazar

2nd prize: Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka Couple tickets by US-Bangla Airlines + 1-night 2-days stay at Royal Tulip Hotel, Cox’s Bazar

3rd prize: 1-night 2-days stay at Royal Tulip Hotel, Cox’s Bazar for 2 persons

Customers can buy any products from Bikroy Deals within 10th February and win amazing prizes. Customers have to go to Bikroy Deals and click “Buy Now” to place the order. Once the order has been placed, a unique order ID will be generated and recorded by the Bikroy officials and that Order ID will be used in the raffle draw process. The ordered product will be delivered to customer doorsteps within 3 working days for inside Dhaka locations and 5 working days for outside Dhaka locations. The prize handover ceremony will be held on 12th February 2019 at Bikroy premise.   

About this amazing Valentine Deal offer, Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing & Ad Sales of said, ‘’Valentine’s Day has become quite a festival on recent times in Bangladesh. On this day, everyone wants to surprise their loved ones. We have launched this campaign keeping in mind for those customers. Moreover, exciting gifts are also waiting along with the purchased products. We hope, this year’s Valentine’s Day will be fully poured by our beloved customer’s love.’’

One of the partners of this campaign, Mr. A.K.M Asadur Rahman, Manager of Digital Marketing and Sales of Royal Tulip Sea Pearl Beach Resort & Spa said, “Royal Tulip always organizes exclusive campaigns for their customers. We believe that Bikroy’s campaign winners and their partners will be amazed at our unique arrangements.”

Another partner of the campaign, Md. Kamrul Islam, GM of Marketing Support & PR of US-Bangla Airlines Ltd. said, “Bikroy’s campaign to amaze their customers on Valentine’s day is truly amazing. We are proud to be a part of this campaign. We hope the winners will enjoy our flights.”

So hurry up and shop from Bikroy Deals! The more you shop, the more you will get the chance to win.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Bikroy holds the right to decide on the winners.
  • Gift items are not applicable for any return, exchange or transfer.
  • To maintain confidentiality and ensure fairness, Bikroy employees cannot participate in this competition.

Furniture Ideas for Small Homes

Furniture for small home

Dhaka was once a city of independent homes with wide open living rooms, bedrooms and large verandahs. It gets nostalgic to think that this version of the city existed just fifteen years ago, but not anymore. Families are smaller and both partners in domestic relationships have jobs. It often makes less commercial sense to build large apartments as most middle class families do not have the time to maintain huge spaces and Dhaka is a very dusty city.

And so, the sky began to disappear behind towering developer projects, with a honeycomb of tiny apartments nestled within. Small apartments pose less of a hassle to clean and, in the city, offer the convenience of being close to the city center where all the restaurants and shopping centers are located. Also, smaller apartments are usually common in the Gulshan-Baridhara-Banani region, the business central of Dhaka city. Given the traffic conditions in Dhaka, it’s helpful for young professionals to live close to their workplace.

To keep businesses running, furniture builders scrambled to adjust their wares to the specifications of these shrinking apartments. However, it’s still a difficult task to decorate these small spaces in a functional but also aesthetic manner. This is where our tips to decorate your cozy space come in:

Shelves and baskets for small home

  • Shelves and baskets are your friends. There are some excellent wicker and pastel colored baskets available in the market today. Not only are they sturdy, they can add a pop of color in the room. Instead of chunky cupboards and dinner cabinets, invest in some creative shelves and colorful boxes to store necessary knick knacks.
  • Keep things simple and minimal. Try to have a few pieces that have dual purpose.
  • Reduce the size of the dining table and invest in a low table in the living room to sit around for meals when friends come over.
  • Turn your apartment decoration into an online scavenger hunt! Bikroy offers a wide variety of second-hand and brand new furniture that could be perfect for your taste and easily bought from the comfort of your home with a few easy clicks. Who knows? You might find that perfect corner bookcase or showcase at a great second-hand price after just minutes of browsing! It’s certainly better than having to spend days scouring the city’s furniture shops to find exactly when you’re looking for.

dual-purpose sofas for small home

  • Another way small apartments are great is that they force you to be creative with using your space and only buying the absolute essentials when decorating. What you end up with is a home that is both economical and environment friendly.
  • In small bedrooms, storage containers will be essential in order to get the most out of your space. A nightstand with drawers and open shelves gives room for storage. Baskets and wall shelves also increase capacity for storage and can be used for display as well. The idea here is to maximize the limited space while maintaining your comfort. Therefore, focus on smaller furniture in the bedroom and keep the bed a proper size to maintain functionality.
  • Under-bed storage and wall mounted shelves are the best bet to save extra space and make a room appear bigger, but make sure your landlord is on board with your experiments. If not, then stick to furniture that has dual purpose, such as a side table that can also act as a shelf.

wall mirror for small home

  • Instead of a clunky dressing table, opt for a small dresser with a large full length mirror and hang your daily use jewelry on a board on the wall. Not only does it allow easy access when you’re in a rush, it also adds a bit of sparkle to your bedroom.
  • Trays and small boxes are perfect for storing things like perfumes, stationery, spices in the kitchen and other items. If you organize everything in their designated trays or box, there is less room for clutter. Remember, the goal is to maximize your limited space therefore it could be easy for things to get cluttered especially if one room is being used for multiple purposes. Trays and boxes help keep the space organized.
  • Every apartment, no matter how small, will probably have a verandah. If your apartment has one, then it’s a wonderful space to allow a little greenery to grow. A small corner in the verandah housing small succulents, cacti or bonsai plans will give the illusion of a larger apartment. If your verandah has a little overhanging shade, then you should definitely invest in a traditional pati and some cushions to sit and sip your evening tea and enjoy a good book while admiring the rain during monsoon season. If you don’t have a verandah, not to worry, another option could be setting up a small space with pati and cushions under your bedroom window that allows you to have the same experience.

With small apartments there’s often the misconception that people need them just for shelter and convenience. But besides being functional, small apartments can also play an aesthetic role in an individual’s life, if you decorate it with the right stuff.

So there you have it folks, remove excess items, shrink down non-essential furniture, use artificial dividers to separate rooms and create privacy, invest in some good double purpose furniture, make use of wicker and plastic boxes and trays, use your wall space to the fullest and you’ll have an apartment that is beautiful to look at while also fulfilling the functionality of a home. You probably don’t even have to take my advice on this, use your own creativity to achieve the home of your dreams. Dhaka is growing ever more connected to the global market and now there are several online and physical shops that sell beautiful furniture for small apartments. If your budget is a bit tight then sites like can offer you some great second-hand options in a low price range. Your home is where you need to relax and unwind at the end of the day, use your imagination to achieve that dream home and do not let the small space be an obstacle in your way. Happy decorating!

Why You Need the Best Beard Trimmer

Why You Need a Beard Trimmer

While many of us have different reasons for it, all men have some sort of a connection to a beard. For some of us it makes us a look a bit wiser, for some it highlights rugged good looks, for some it is to appear a bit older, for some it is sacred as a style or as a religious obligation.

But all men alike, we love our beards and it is all desired by the ladies!

Why you need a beard trimmer

As a first timer, you might have just started growing your beard but you must already be planning on styling it. While the traditional tools of razors and scissors are enough, times have changed and we like to have more control rather than sit in front of a barber.

As soon as you get an easy to use a tool such as a beard trimmer, you are ready to try out different styles on yourself. Not only are you saving on the regular costs of the saloon, but you also are able to give yourself the personalized care your specific look needs!

But before you are a pro at using a beard trimmer, you are more than capable of keeping yourself well-groomed using a good quality beard trimmer.

Factors to consider before buying a beard trimmer

You can easily buy a beard trimmer for any local store but choosing the right one requires some thought. Don’t invest money on just any trimmer, get the best beard trimmer for your needs!

Choosing the best trimmer is not very easy and can be very tricky. There are too many products out there with too many features and finding the best one is difficult. Some of the main things you must consider are performance, durability and comfort.

Recognize the need for a beard trimmer

Before you go to a store or online marketplace and pick one up, you must recognize your needs. You know that you need a trimmer, but you must be able to get more specific to define your requirements to yourself. There are many different types of trimmers, shavers, clippers, etc. in the market. You need to learn the differences between the many kinds of trimmers and other haircare electronics and then make a choice.

For beginners, hair clippers are used mainly for clipping hair and maybe even for trimming long beards. Beard trimmers are much smaller in blade size for shorter & finer hair for your facial hair. There are specific mustache trimmers for even smaller & finer hair. Then there are nose hair & ear hair trimmers, as well as body hair trimmers for girls & boys. Then there are also electronic shavers which are used for dry shaving. All these different types of haircare electronics are widely available in popular online marketplaces such as

Now given that you have so many options, you must now recognize what you need. If you are just growing a beard then you can use a standard beard trimmer. You will be able to get a great stubble beard with your beard trimmer effortlessly. But if you have a longer beard then you will need a heavier tool like a beard or hair clipper.

If you are a hair clipper owner and you think you don’t need a beard trimmer then think again! A beard trimmer is specifically designed for giving you the perfectly groomed beard so there is no other alternatives. You must understand that all these different types of trimmers are designed to serve different particular purposes.

Let your beard length define your look

With a beard trimmer, you will be able to define your look to your exact requirements. If you want a slight stubble like a 5 o’clock shadow, then you can get that extremely low natural trim using a beard trimmer on a setting of 0.3 – 0.5 mm. So, choose a beard trimmer that is able to offer that short facial hair length. Normally, this length can be done without a guide comb, but you can use different guide combs for slightly longer lengths as well.

If you are going for a moderately long beard then you will need a beard trimmer with length adjustable guide combs. Most beard trimmers come with guide combs ranging between 2 mm to 5 mm in length and can go as high of up to 10 to 16 mm in length for medium to long beards.

Know about the blades in your trimmer

Most beard trimmers from good brands offer optimum quality blades which can last a lifetime. But for most others, there is the next convenient option of detachable blades while lets you change the blades for cleaning or replacement. Many beard trimmers also have the feature of replaceable blades for beard, mustache and hair. While some also have a separate clip on blade for nose and ear hair. You must know about the blades on your chosen beard trimmer.

There are trimmers that come with interchangeable guide combs and other accessories for getting various length trimming for your facial hair like beard and mustache. The guide combs are easy to take off for cleaning and they are able to cut through thick hair also. There are others where the guide is non-removable and are controlled by a lever or zoom wheel. The lever or wheel lets you change the length settings but they are sometimes difficult to clean and may jam easily when cutting thick hair.

It is also important to consider the durability of the blades and any higher technology used by the manufacturer like Self-Sharpening Blade technology. You must maintain your trimmer with lubrication such as oil, etc. But new high-quality brand beard trimmers use self-sharpening blade technology where the blades rub gently against each other to sharpen themselves. Also, better quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium coated blades are best for precision cutting and offer longer lifetime.

Cordless or corded: which is better

After comfort & convenience, one of the most vital decisions is whether to choose a cordless or corded beard trimmer.

The answer is quite simple… cordless is the way to go for the best trimmers!

But it does not mean that corded is a bad option. Cordless gives you more freedom for trimming your beard. It is easier to move around without a wire and safe around the bathroom or even any place like your bedroom or outdoors. It is a common misconception that battery powered cordless beard trimmers are less powerful than corded or wired ones. Best quality trimmers are not any less powerful whether they are corded or cordless.

Also, in most new models of cordless beard trimmers, there is the option of using it as a corded trimmer as well. So while you enjoy the freedom of its rechargeable battery, you can also use it by plugging in when needed.

Trimmer for Girls

Trimmers for Girls

While the product quality and performance is not any different to distinguish between trimmers for girls or boys, or men & women. There is a difference in the use of trimmers for girls or women. Regardless, the best trimmers for girls or boys both fall under these same requirements but are distinctive in their use. Specially designed trimmers for girls are made for thinner hair and are shaped with flexible curves to assist in their usage. As for the other features we have discussed, trimmers for girls are not any different to that of trimmers for boys.

What to Look For in a Good Beard Trimmer

There are many features in a beard trimmer but here are a few which are our favorites:

  • Cordless usage for flexibility
  • Good battery backup for maximum runtime during cordless usage
  • Plugged in usability: many cordless trimmers are also usable while plugged in
  • Waterproof for safe usage in the bathroom and easy cleaning
  • Removable or replaceable battery for maintenance
  • Various length settings for maximum styling options

These are features which will make your experience with a beard trimmer satisfied and are recommended features by us for premium trimmers for men & women. While there are many renowned companies in Bangladesh, shop from a reliable online vendor such as to get the best quality trimmers which are original brand name products rather than cheap, fake versions.


A beard is the symbol of masculinity for men, as it has been for centuries ago in history and it is also a trend in the modern days today. While many keep it as a symbol of masculinity, many flaunt a good thick beard for its look, many grow it as a religious activity, but regardless of the reason, it must always be kept well groomed, neat & clean.

A good quality trimmer is a must have for maintaining a beard for a stylish look. A beard trimmer is specifically designed for maintaining a beard. So grab the best beard trimmer available in the market today from

Don’t be fooled by fake brands and cheap quality products elsewhere!

With the best beard trimmer you will be able to get the exact length, style and look you want from your beard. So browse through the hundreds of best quality trimmers and other products such as beard trimmers, nose and ear trimmers, hair clippers, electric shavers, etc. from reliable online marketplaces. Buy brand new trimmers from Bikroy Deals at today to get your desired look.

Not just beard trimmers, search for thousands of other electronics, products, services, job postings, etc. and find the best from Bikroy Deals.

Let us know your thoughts about all the information we shared about beard trimmers and your favorite tips & styles for others in the comments section.