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State of Real Estate Market in Bangladesh in 2018 | Infographic

State of Property Market in Bangladesh in 2018

The property market, as known as ‘real estate’ is the most profitable and secure business in Bangladesh, if you know how to place your hand in the game in the right way. To understand this fruitful and rewarding market and its basic aspects, you need to observe and compare the key factors of this business on a yearly basis. Today we are going to help you have a quick and detailed look at the online real estate market in 2018, by providing all the basic aspects and key factors in a single article. So, stay tuned!

Top Locations for Property Sale in Dhaka

top locations for property sale in dhaka by

The top selling properties in 2018 were mostly from the most desired location in the mega city Dhaka, Bashundhara. Around 26% of properties for sale were from here and it is not too surprising. It is because of the quality lifestyle and balanced utilities offered by Bashundhara. Next comes Mirpur. With 18% of the most selling properties and consistent lifestyle improvement, Mirpur has made its place in the property market without much effort. In third place, we have seen the luxurious and one of the most hyped places in Dhaka city offering 15% of the total properties for sale in Dhaka, and it is none other than Gulshan. With 11% of the most selling properties in Dhaka, Rampura has made its way into our top list. This was possible because of offering reasonable price ranges and the availability of almost every lifestyle item in this area. Next comes Uttara, which is the busiest and most promising place as a living area, offering 9% of the properties for sale in Dhaka.

Top Locations for Property Rent in Dhaka

top locations for property rent in dhaka by

The top locations for property rental listings in Dhaka are surprisingly limited to the luxurious and the most hyped areas. Most of the properties for rent are from Gulshan area, which covers almost 81% of our total rental property listings. Next in line are Banani and Baridhara, which cover around 8% and 5% of rental property listings accordingly.

Available Property for Rent by Price Range

Available Property for Rent by Price Range by

  • Below 10k: This price range is desired by most people with lower income and smaller families. Around 14% of properties for rent are within this range. You can find mostly small 1 bedroom flats for rent below 10k.
  • 10k-20k: The second biggest list of rental properties are from this price range. As Bangladesh is a country with a majority of middle-class population, this is one of the most desirable price range for renting a property. Around 22% of rental properties are within this range. 2 to 3 bedroom flats with reasonably smaller space can be rented within 10k to 20k.
  • 20-30k: This range is also considered to be an average family apartment rent. Around 11% properties for rent are within this price range. Moderate to standard sized flats and apartments can be found in this list.
  • 30-40k: Spaces within this price range are mostly rented for small offices or bigger families. Around 8% rental properties fall within this price range and most of these properties are from popular residential areas.
  • Above 40k: The majority of rental properties can cost you more than 40k BDT. Around 44% of properties for rent are within this price range. Commercial spaces, large furnished flats and apartments, plots and lands etc ads are available for rent above 40k BDT.

Available Property for Sale by Price Range

Available Property for Sale by Price Range by

To understand properties for sale better, we will discuss the price ranges according to the rate for per square feet space. If you are looking for properties which are worth less than 3k BDT per square feet, you might be disappointed. There are only around 2% properties for sale available within this price range. If you go for spaces from 3k to 4k BDT per square feet price tags, you will find around 5% selling properties in the marketplace. From 4k to 5k BDT, there are about 9% of total properties for sale on the web. But the good news is that, from 5k to 6k BDT per square feet range, there are around 28% of properties for sale available in the market. Also, within the range from 6k to 7k BDT per square feet, there are about 17% of properties available for sale. From the next 1k margin the quantity drops again. Only 4% of total properties for sale are available within 7k to 8k BDT and within 8k to 9k BDT per square feet price ranges. Spaces with price tags from 9k to 10k BDT per square feet are merely 5% of the entire selling property market. But again, from 10k to 11k BDT per square feet pricing, you will find around 26% properties for sale available in the online marketplace. If you are worried about the drastic per square feet pricing, then you should know that real estate market is not just about flats and apartments, there are plots and lands, commercial spaces, houses, garages and many more varieties of properties.

Property Buying Trend

Property Buying Trend by

If you are a seller, you must have the knowledge of the customers’ property buying habits and the right times in a year to post ads of your property for sale to sell them faster. Well in 2018, a lot of customers have bought different varieties of properties in the first quarter. More than an average of 8k purchases took place in the beginning of 2018. By the second quarter, the number of purchases dropped down to somewhere around 6.9k on average. Then the stakes gradually rise in the third quarter and around 7.8k property purchases took place on average. The most number of purchases were made by the last quarter of the year. Around 8.8k properties were purchased in October and on average the number of purchases hit 8.2k in the last months of 2018.

Top Locations by Price Range

Top Locations by Price Range by


  • Below 5,000 BDT per sqft: There are plenty of locations in Dhaka where you can find properties for sale within this price range. But the top 3 locations to find spaces that are priced below 5k BDT per sqft are Mirpur, Mohammadpur and Uttara.
  • 5,000 to 10,000 BDT per sqft: This price range is common for rental properties in most residential areas. The top 3 locations to buy an apartment within 5k to 10k BDT per sqft are Bashundhara, Mirpur and Rampura.
  • 10,000 to 15,000 BDT per sqft: Within this price range you can find amazing and smart spaces with modern furnishing and security. Dhanmondi, Gulshan and Banani are the top 3 locations to find standard flats and apartments within 10k to 15k BDT per sqft price.
  • Above 15,000 BDT per sqft: The best spaces with modern amenities and the security of living within a developed residential area, all of these can be found within a handsome budget of more than 15k BDT per sqft. The best areas to find such properties are Gulshan, Baridhara and Dhanmondi.

Top Locations by Flat Size

Top Locations by Flat Size

As a buyer, you have to consider the amount of space in an apartment to comfort your needs and taste. If you are looking for small spaces that are maximum 1000 sqft and also want the security of a developed residential area, then your best options are Mirpur, Rampura and Mohammadpur. For upto 2000 sqft space, the best 3 locations you can consider are Mirpur, Bashundhara and Uttara. Finally if you opt for larger spaces upto 3000 sqft, your best 3 options are Gulshan, Baridhara and Uttara.

New vs Used Flats

New vs Used Flats in

Also, if you think that online marketplaces only have used flats on offer, then you are wrong. Around 96% ads on properties for sale offer new and under-construction flats. And the rest 4% of the ads are about used or old flats for sale.

Top Searched Locations

Top Locations by Flat Size by

As a real estate businessperson, you need to keep a close eye on customer behaviour, demands and also their favourites. Online marketplace is a huge platform for real estate business, so it is important to observe the searching habits of valued customers to obtain maximum results from a large scale business like real estate.

On Bikroy, interested customers search for properties from their desires locations to compare between prices and make an informed decision before making a purchase. In case of properties for sale, the area that is searched the most on Bikroy is Bashundhara. The second best choice of customers are Gulshan. Then comes Uttara, Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur accordingly.


The real estate market in Bangladesh has been uprising and promising in the entire year of 2018. Even if there were some minor ups and downs in online property purchase trend, the numbers are still closer to each other. There were far more new flat offers on market than the used ones. People’s choice in property has improved a lot, which indicate a healthy growth of economy this year in this country.

So in the year 2019, how is the online real estate market going to be like? The benefits of *investing on properties* are endless and rewarding! Browse to browse thousands of real estate listings, posted daily by our valued members and professional real estate agents. Compare between different price ranges and make an informed purchase.


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The Technical Aspects of Buying Plots/Lands in Bangladesh

Technical Aspects Land

Real estate or the buying & selling of land or plots is one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses not only in Bangladesh but all over the world. However, the technical aspects of buying plots/lands in Bangladesh can easily put off even the most experienced of business owners.

We have compiled some of the most technical terms associated with buying land in Bangladesh into this easy to understand, quick-read article. Knowing these technical terms and aspects about lands in Bangladesh will allow you to secure your future for your family by helping you to keep legal ownership of your property.

Technical Terms that You Must Know!

Account Book: Real estate information of landowners based on a group of villages which are collected during land record survey is known as Account Book. It contains collector’s name, tenant’s name, land pointer number, amount, type, and the amount of tax. Many types of Account Books are available such as the most well-known CS, SA, and RS account books.

CS Account Book: Government officials of 1910-20s measured each land and found out the volume, location and usage types for the respective lands. Based on that they prepared the design of a group of villages with detailed information on landowners for the then account book. This account book is known as CS Account Book.

SA Account Book: After the issuance of zamindari migration and tenancy act by the government in 1950, the then government survey officials corrected the CS Account Book. This new account book is known as the SA Account Book. Some places recognize this as S Account Book as well. It was first initiated in the Bengali year of 1362. Therefore, it is also known my many as the 62’s Account Book.

RS Account Book: Another survey was launched to fix errors known as RS Account Book. It was noted that survey officials did not prepare SA Account Book by visiting the lands locally and errors were plenty. Though this is not done yet throughout the country, many districts already published its own RS Account Book. The amount of errors were reduced by a lot as Government officials measured the land themselves and in many places in Bangladesh, it is known as the BS Account Book.

BS Account Book: Survey run in 1990, which is also known as Dhaka Metropolitan Survey.

Any written statement that is admissible to the court is known as a document. However, according to the provisions of the Registration act, the land buyer and seller can register the transfer of the property by issuing an agreement paper which is also called the document.

Khanapuri”: When preparing the mouza design after a survey, during account book preparation, every column of this book is called khanapuri. The survey staff complete this whole process of the entire book.

Naamzari”: In the process of succession or purchase, or in any other process, if someone becomes a new owner of a land, the process of enrolling the owner is named as “Naamzari”.

Schedule: The details that identify the land is called the schedule. In the schedule, the mouza’s name, account book number, pointer number, land area, amount of the land etc. are all included.

Stain: A stain is meant for part of a land. When it is measured, it is marked with an ordinal identification number. During the preparation of survey map, each land part is marked with respective identification number, known as a stain. Not all contain similar amount of land area. Generally, in the Mouza, land of every landowner is marked separately in the autonomous region by margin kit or aisle to identify each part of the land based on the basis of land grade. This is also known as ‘Kitta’.

Screw Strain: When preparing or modifying the design of the land survey initially, the serial number of each of the nodes, which is excluded by mistake etc. will be the combination of two land fragments is known as screw strain.

Parcha”: The draft prepared by the land survey, which is delivered to landowner before the final verification, is called a ‘Field Parcha’. After the verdict has been proved by the Revenue-officer, the copies of verdict are open for appeal, and after that the conclusive verdict copy gets published known as ‘Parcha’.

Chita”: A complete detailed information of a small land’s amount, type is known as ‘Chita’. Advocate commissioner advises all parties of a distribution case before converting the primary decree to a final decree. A preliminary map based on the detail measurement of the land is created known as ‘Chita’.

Dokholnama”: This is the certificate for transferring the ownership. When a buyer acquires a property through auction, government issues him a certificate to complete the ownership transfer process. This certificate is known as “Dokholnama”. Government staff issue this ownership by using audio instruments, hoisting a red flag or setting up a bamboo stick over the place. In case of issuing a decree and selling any property in the auction, sometimes court issues the certificate to the buyer of the land. This is also known as “Dokholnama”. The person who gets this certificate either from the government or the court is assumed to be the owner of a certain property.

Rent: For land use, the land revenue collected by the government from the peasants on an annual period is called land rent.

Baynama”: According to 1908’s Dewani act (order no 21, ruling no 94), if an immovable property’s auction selling is confirmed, the court provides a certificate to the buyer that contains detailed information regarding the land. This is known as “Baynama”. It includes information like buyer’s name. If an auction selling is finalized, a “Baynama” for a buyer must be issued then. “Baynama” must include the date of the final auction.

Jomabondi”: Zamindar or Talukdars included the peasants’ name, detail information of land and rent on a specific manner that is known as “Jomabondi”. Now, Tohseel office includes similar records known as Jomabondi.

Submission: If land rent is given to government or landowner, a receipt of proof of land in the fixed form (Form no- 1077) is provided. This is known as submission disclaimer. Though this disclaimer is not a document of ownership, it contains significant proofs regarding the ownership.

DCR: After obtaining other government dues excluding land tax, the receipt issued in the prescribed form (Form No, 222) is known as DCR.

Kabuliyat”: The proposal to grant settlement of lands to the peasants by the government is accepted by them. The government issues them a grant on this and this is known as Kabuliyat or Acceptance.

Faraez”: Distribution ruling and process of dead person’s properties is known as “Faraez”

Warish”: Warish means Heir. This is the inheritance under the religious decree. According to religious ruling, if anyone dies before providing the will, his wife, children or close relative may become the owner of his property. These persons are known as Warish.

Hukumnama”: After having the land settlement from the Zamindars, peasants must prove the right of possessions. Amalnama or Hukumnama is the proof for that. In short, land settlement related order paper from Zamindars for peasants is considered as Amalnama.

Mouja”: During Cadastall survey, thana based a number of villages, unions, mahallas are divided into various units. These units are marked by serial numbers. Each unit is known as a Mouja. One or more villages can constitute a mouja.

Ameen”: Staff assigned to design the account book preparation and land survey are known as Ameen.

Sikosti”: Due to the river breakdown, if a particular land is lost inside the river, then it is known as “Sikosti”. If this land gets its existence again within 30 years, then this land will be attributed to the person who was the owner before or his heirs will get the land ownership.

Poyonti”: From the river base, if silts constitute a new land, it is known as Poyonti.

Annulment of Transaction: This means splitting the joint stockpiles and creating separate new account books. Peasants sometimes open new account book with a part of the land from another account book while s/he is transferring or distributing the land. Opening this new account book is known as the annulment of a transaction. In short, creating a new account book with an amount of land from the main account book is considered as Annulment of transaction.


Investing on Lands in Bangladesh is The Best for Your Future. In order to secure the future of you and your family and future heirs, all the technical aspects of buying or selling lands & plots in Bangladesh are a must-know!

To save your land & property and your families, you can share this information with your friends and families. Learn more about the laws of Bangladesh to be well-informed and secured from frauds.

Be vigilant and stay safe!

If you are looking to buy property, land or plots, you can visit the Portal for hundreds of listings by real people all over Bangladesh.

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Bikroy Buy Now Service

Whenever you feel the need to sell your product or buy something for yourself without much physical labor, the first thing that pops in your mind is to search online! One of the many advantages of the internet is that it has made everything easy and reachable for us and helped us to save a great amount of time and energy. is one of the first and foremost names that come in our minds whenever we think about visiting an online marketplace. Since the very beginning of Bikroy, people have accepted it as one of the best and most reliable marketplaces for used products. But that’s not all!

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What is “Buy Now” and How it Works

Buy Now is a service that ensures maximum security and a much easier transaction of products between a buyer and a seller in Bikroy. Whenever you browse through hundreds of product listings in Bikroy, you can see some of the ads have a small green ‘Buy Now’ button on them and some don’t. The ones with that green button are available for this service.

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If you go for the easier option, which is ‘Buy Now’, you don’t have to worry about going somewhere and talking to strangers face to face. Just provide your name, phone number and mailing address and hit the ‘Place Order’ button. You will shortly receive a text message to verify your number using One Time Passwords or OTPs. Then, our dedicated workers will confirm your purchase, collect the product from the seller and then deliver it to the address you provided. We only charge a small percentage of delivery charge on products, depending on their weight and price. You will be notified about the delivery charge and the full payable amount beforehand. Once you hit ‘Buy Now’ and follow the procedures thoroughly, the only thing you have to do is wait for your product to reach you safe and sound on time and pay the bill on delivery.

Now, let’s have a look at the many advantages of ‘Buy Now’ service from both seller and buyer ends.

Seller Focused Benefits

When you are selling something, your main target is to get the maximum profit from your product and sell it without much hustle. ‘Buy now’ service can ensure that to a seller in the following ways:

Having your personal virtual shop in Bikroy

As a seller who is willing to sell a variety of products online or to make a business out of it, you might often feel the need of having a website of some sort of online shop to put all your products on display. Having a virtual shop can help you in a great deal by sharing a single link with your customers and offering them your varied range of products with necessary description, asking price and detailed pictures. But most of us don’t know how to create a proper marketplace on the web and have to rely on Facebook pages only.

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Your Product, Your Price

With the ‘Buy Now’ service on, you can add your desired price range on a product and customers can just click the green button and buy your product with a price that you offer. There is no chance of bargaining and arguments with customers. But of course, you cannot and should not put up an unrealistic price tag on your product ad. It is simply against proper business ethics.

Minimized Cost in Branding and Transactions

Building your own online marketplace anywhere on the web can cause you a big amount of expenses and a variety of budget planning issues. There is the issue of finding and choosing the right domain for your site and bidding big bucks for the perfect spot. Then, you have to hire developers and designers to build your site and function them properly. And after all that you have to face the big cost of branding, which can cost you a lot. Even with social media pages, you have to update and promote your business plans constantly to hold on to a reliable customer base.

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No need to hire a delivery service

Adding the ‘Buy Now’ service to your ads can ensure all the help you need to deliver your products to different types of customers all around Bangladesh. Most people with online shops and businesses have to look for suitable delivery persons and courier services when it comes to shipping their products. Sometimes we have to cut down on our customer base to deal with the delivery issues. But Bikroy’s ‘Buy Now’ gives you complete freedom to expand your customer base and deliver your products anywhere in Bangladesh with ease. Our dedicated workers will collect the products from your inventory and deliver them in their according shipping addresses. All you need to do is place your ad properly and activate the ‘Buy Now’ option for it.

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Whenever you think about creating a business page on social media sites like Facebook, you have to promote your page or invite a lot of people individually to view and like your page. It takes a great amount of time and toils to establish your business on social media platforms like that.

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Buyer Focused Benefits

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Trustworthy and Quality Sellers

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Buy Now Products

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‘Buy Now’ from Bikroy Deals to Get Amazing Offers!

e-commerce site in Bangladesh bikroy deals

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Bikroy Announced the winners of #ILoveBangladesh Story Contest

ILoveBangladesh Story Contest, the largest marketplace of Bangladesh, announced the winners of #ILoveBangladesh story writing competition on the occasion of the Victory Day. The prize-giving ceremony was organized at the head office of on December 19, 2018. Freedom fighter and musician Martyr Altaf Mahmood’s daughter Shawon Mahmud was present as the special guest among others. Above 200 write-ups were collected among those three stories were selected as winning stories. Mr. Didarul Islam was announced as the 1st prize winner; Md. Sayeed-Bin-Aziz and Mr. Monzurul Hoque were announced as the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up respectively. The winners received the prizes from the special guest. Moreover, the respected guest was awarded a crest by management team.1

Recently, Bikroy launched the #ILoveBangladesh story writing competition to share the daunting stories of the freedom fighters and real patriots who can be an inspiration for the young generation of Bangladesh. The participants submitted a video or written form of their stories by visiting Bikroy blog.

A panel consisting of honorable freedom fighters and the management team of Bikroy selected the best three stories. The first prize of the contest was 10,000 Taka, second prize was 5,000 Taka and third prize was 2,000 Taka. In addition, the winners received certificates and the three winning stories will be posted on the Bikroy blog very soon.

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales of said, “Bikroy is always keen to bring something new. Bikroy dedicates this Victory Day by #ILoveBangladesh story writing competition where we invited the participants to share true stories of the real patriots and the freedom fighters who sacrificed so much for this country. We are overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and active participation from the participants in such a short time. We have received so many good stories from where the 3 winners have been selected. On behalf of Bikroy family, I want to thank all the participants who invested their precious time and participated in the contest.”

Important Skills to Develop a Career as Programmer in Bangladesh

Develop a Career as Programmer in Bangladesh

Are you looking to develop yourself for a career as a programmer?
Feeling nervous about looking for programmer jobs in Bangladesh after completing your studies?

When starting to write code or programming, it can all feel very overwhelming. But it is only natural! You will have several thoughts which clutter your mind such as where your focus should be on front end or back end? You will struggle to decide upon a particular programming language. Or you will stutter in taking the first steps to begin!

You will find motivation & inspiration in the form of the several job opportunities that are available to proficient programmers for a successful career in Bangladesh or even worldwide. There are many benefits such as working at your own time, high salaries, meaningful work and the freedom to work from anywhere you choose. As a good programmer, you can call shots on your passions, projects, etc.

Regardless, getting started is and will always be intimidating for programming. Employers look to find well-rounded programmers with a variety of skills. Don’t be discouraged!

Some natural abilities already exist in candidates while others may very well be polished or acquired!

Well Rounded Programmer Skills

Technical Skills:




Microsoft C#


.NET Programming






Soft Skills:

Communication skills

Problem solving




How & Where to Begin Your Career as a Programmer?

Starting a career as programmer for good jobs in Bangladesh is not achievable with just one skill. There are several skills that need to be mastered for becoming a good computer programmer such as the ones listed on the above table.

Now, let’s focus on the 10 most essential skills for students pursuing a career in programming:

  • Basic Math Skills

As students, you must have basic skills in mathematics. Without interest or skillfulness in math such as algebra & arithmetic, you will struggle in programming. So it is absolutely unavoidable. You must prepare yourself well with the basic understanding of mathematics.

  • Passion for Solving Problems

In a career as programmer, you will be tasked with writing codes to solve a problem. So you must have passion for solving problems. If you don’t enjoy thinking about ways to solve problems, then you will struggle writing codes to do so.

  • Excellent Communication

It is a common misunderstanding that as a programmer, you will be sat in front of your device writing codes. While there are many people who may choose to do this & perform their best in such fashion, it is not the only way! Regardless, they must also be very good with their communicational skills. Without proper communication, you will struggle to communicate with colleagues, superiors & others in any jobs in Bangladesh. If you are not an expert in speaking, then you can also work on written communication via emails, etc.

  • Good Writing

As mentioned earlier for communication, you will need good written skills as well. But in addition, you need to have good written skills for writing code & documentation. Not only do you need it for your programming, you also need to express your understanding across to others including non-technical colleagues, clients, or superiors.

  • Computer Skills

Now this may seem elementary, but if you are the type of student who is yet to make up their mind on their career choice for jobs in Bangladesh and you are considering programming then you must gain confidence around the use of computers as a beginner. Only then will you be able to pursue a career as a programmer.

  • Use All Available Resources

It is an extremely underrated skill but deserves more credit than it gets. One of the most beneficial resources available today is the vast world of Google. It is an art to know how to search for information on Google and getting to all the different types of information which is authentic & useful.

  • An Inquisitive Mind

As a programmer, you will need tobe inquisitive! You must always pursue the understanding of how things are working and how they can work better or more efficiently. If you have an idea, then you must be inquisitive enough to investigate & implement it by writing your codes.

  • Learn Concepts & Apply Them to Solve Problems

On the whole, you will need to learn concepts and be able to implement them to solve particular problems. So, you must use your passions, trainings, education, experiences, etc. to not only learn things but also to apply them for problem solving.

So What Else is needed for a Successful Career as Programmer in Bangladesh?

Quite a lot, actually!

But we as we are not focusing on the technical aspects of becoming a programmer, success in every career depends on the perfect balance between your technical knowledge and soft skills. A programmer can only be successful by writing a working code using their critical thinking skills but must also be strong enough to face repeated failures. Because, every programmer no matter how experienced, every programmer struggles to write working codes.

Many experts say that the technical knowledge surrounding programming is critical but none of them undermine the importance of soft skills. In the simplest of definitions, if you are an individual who is capable of solving problems, learning fast and dealing with people, then your chances of success will be at the greatest in your career future.

Here are 5 methods for a thriving career in programming with expert advice & opinions:

1. Problem Solving

As we have previously discussed, the main objective of programming is solving problems. As mentioned on, “without problems there wouldn’t be a need for software. All software is designed to solve some user problem and within that general solution is a wide array of smaller problems that make it up.”

The sole purpose of programming is to solve issues by creating solutions by writing codes & creating programs. You must also be ready to counter any issues that may appear and solve them as soon as possible. The tiniest of an error may cause a program to go horribly wrong. A useful programming certificate is the Grantham’s Online Introduction to Programming certificate program for boosting problem solving skills for a successful career.

2. A Sharp Memory

As a programmer, you will always be dealing with complex programming sequences of codes and instructions. Your mind will be constantly facing difficulties and needing rest to recover. This may make you forget the simplest of things and may hurt you as you move forward. One of the most seemingly powerful skill is actually the most harmful – multitasking.

Expert doctor and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Joseph Mercola states that multitasking causes our minds to make more mistakes and misplace information. Her expert advice to individuals is to get in the habit of focusing on one task by finishing it before starting another.

You can try several other methods to get a sharper memory and make your mind more efficient. For example, you can help sharpen your memory by eating healthy foods to boost brain function, plenty of exercise, enough sleep, pursuing hobbies & playing brain games or activities.

3. Efficient Laziness

One of the most well-known mantras of success which is followed by successful individuals such as Bill Gates is very simple: For the most difficult of tasks, ask a lazy person for a solution. This is because they will find the most efficient way of doing it. So, laziness is not the state of not doing anything. Rather, it is the state of doing things with the least amount of effort. In this way, this becomes a positive skill.

The purpose of programming is to find the best or the simplest way to do a task. The difference is this must be done through the most efficient tactics and routes using programs, such as JavaScript, HTML, C and C++, etc.

4. Self-Motivation

One of the most important things in programming is deadlines. So for jobs in Bangladesh you will face very tight deadlines with your clients, company & colleagues. It is important to keep yourself motivated at all times, even if you are working alone. So, you must take responsibility to be motivated and meet deadlines with proper communication for progress in the professional environment.

5. Perseverance

Regardless of how experienced or well learned, it is rate to have a 100% perfect coding record for programmers. Every programmer struggles to get their codes to work the first time and even every other time. So, don’t be disheartened with failures and always continue to work hard with several attempts.

So you must learn to handle your failures to move ahead. Treat all failures as a challenge that must be overcome like puzzles. With each failure that you overcome, you will feel accomplished and move forward with more confidence.

What Employers Look For?

The most overlooked aspect of programming is not the actual task of writing code but the following:

  • Programmers must be able to work efficiently with employers, clients, consumers and coworkers who may or may not understand technical things
  • Strong empathy and communication skills for beginners will makes you an asset for any company
  • Effective in managing expectations, interpreting vague desires of clients & superiors
  • Honestly express what is possible and what isn’t to clients & colleagues
  • Be open to advice, direction even if it is non-technical
  • Understand, be sensitive to and share emotions of others in your work

These are things that will make you proactive, encourage consistent development and increase your focus and commitment for learning a programming language to become a prized asset for any renowned company in Bangladesh or for any individual project you are thinking to take on.


You can apply the skills we have discussed to develop your skills for a successful career in Programming. Before you jump into the complex world of programming, you should master both the technical and soft skills to move ahead with confidence. You should pursue Introduction to Programming certificate programs in addition to your normal studies to prepare yourself for the exciting and challenging technical career in Bangladesh. While you can get a certificate in a few months, you will need several hours to develop your skills by implementing what you learn.

Search for thousands of job postings in for training programs, internships, jobs and more in areas of your interest such as a career as programmer, designer, etc.

Apply these tips to your routine today and share with us how it is helping you to master the skills for your future career in Programming!

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Ways to Reduce Fuel Cost in Bangladesh

reduce fuel cost in Bangladesh

Are you worrying about how to save your hard earned money on fuel?
Well, look no further… this article is for you!

Learn about the awesome ways you can reduce your fuels costs in Bangladesh.

Fuels costs are one of those things which can only go up. Regardless of the strength of an economy, in all parts of the world the rising price of gasoline is an issue which is extremely difficult to deal with. While citizens across the globe want reduced fuel costs whether for vehicles, it is not something which can be easily offered by any government.

But we have compiled some of the best and most awesome ways of how drivers can reduce fuel costs especially through reduced consumption of fuel while using their vehicles such as cars or motorcycles.

So while many of us dread filling up our fuel tanks, these tips are designed to make the most of every last drop of your fuel. As a result you will reduce fuel costs which you cannot avoid!

So, here are the most reliable ways to reduce fuel costs in Bangladesh:

Time Spent on the Road

As we have mentioned earlier, the best way to save on fuel costs is through less fuel consumption. One of the first & foremost things you can do to consume less fuel is be on the road as little as possible. Now, these may sound funny, but consider serious solutions such as carpooling & ridesharing services. If you have a colleague living in your area, instead of both of you driving to work every day with your individuals vehicles (whether it’s a motorcycle or a car) consider sharing. This way, you will both be saving on fuel costs which is individually impossible to do.

You can limit taking your vehicle out for short trips such as to the markets and other outings which are at a reasonable distance. Instead of driving to your neighborhood restaurant for a meal, consider a walk or have your friends pick you up. These are just some of the many ways to reduce the time spent on the roads with our vehicles which is very easy to follow and very easy to save your hard-earned money by reduced fuel costs.

Fuel Purchase Habit

You should consider the most efficient grade of fuel for your vehicle. While many cars or motorcycles require a particular grade of petrol, most vehicles perform without any issues on lower grade gasoline. So you can check with a mechanic to see if you need a more expensive type of fuel or will your car operate efficiently on a cheaper grade of fuel. Also, you need to always check on the prices of fuel on different gas stations. The few pennies or taka difference is a lot considering your monthly or yearly fuel costs. While gas prices do fluctuate, many gas pumps always charge more. So reconsider your fuel purchasing habits to save on costs.

Speed Limit

Another crucial issue is the connection between your driving habits and how it affects the mileage of your vehicle, the fuel costs, the condition of your vehicle, etc. we often fail to recognize how a silly habit may actually have an adverse effect on our vehicle or on fuel costs. One of the primary habits is driving too fast, while the roads in Bangladesh are not built with speed limits at every corner, you should drive at a moderate speed. Excessive acceleration, hard brakes, etc. consume a lot of fuel. So, driving at moderate speeds is not only safe, secure but also cost saving to your fuel costs.

Travel Light

Another driving habit, is storing too many things on your car. Consider what you store in your car as you make your trips. Often times, we keep many things in our cars, such as bags, with things that we do not need in our cars. Carrying unnecessary luggage will affect the fuel consumption of your vehicle. So travel light at all times.

Air Conditioning

The use of the AC must also be monitored. While during the harsh and hot summers, it is unavoidable, you must consider reduced AC usage. The AC uses a lot of fuel! During nights and evenings, put the windows down and enjoy the light breeze outside. During the winter, consider not using your AC unless it is extra hot.

Turn Off the Engine

While on the road you should be aware of not speeding, as mentioned earlier, you should also use the brake as little as possible. Always leave a safe distance with other cars to avoid hard brakes. This will also not require you re-accelerate. Also, while you are stuck in traffic in most roads in Dhaka, or at a traffic stop, turn the engine off if you have to stand for more than a minute. Running your vehicle on idle uses more fuel than we assume. So whether you are a driver or a passenger, instruct the driver to turn off the engine during longer stops.

Route Selection

One of the things you should be doing as soon as possible is re-evaluating your route to work, home and other places you travel every day. Not only will this save you time but also significantly reduce fuel costs for your trips which you take almost every day. Consider highways routes, broken roads, shortcuts, traffic, etc. to pick a route which is most efficient in time and distance. Use alternate routes at different times of day to save on time, traffic, signals, etc. You may also consider using the help of GPS tracking services such as Google maps for assistance for the shortest routes, fastest routes, etc. Share your plans with others for helping them as well.

Maintenance of Your Vehicle

Do not underestimate the efficiency of a well maintained vehicle, both motorcycles and cars. Many of us do not properly maintain our rides and abuse its good services. So make sure you take routine trips to a workshop for oil change, filter change, etc. to have your vehicle performing at the best level. One of the most common issues is the lack of sufficient amount of air in the tires. So check tire pressure and tire condition. If the engine is well maintained then it will use less fuel and give better power during your rides. So, align your tires, replaces filters, oils, spark plugs, etc. for the best performance from your car.

The Rising Popularity of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars in Bangladesh

As we have already realized by now, the best way to reduce fuel costs is to reduce fuel consumption. So it is always advised that you purchase and drive a vehicle that is known for good gas mileage. Many consider driving a manual car instead of an automated transmission due to the fuel efficiency of a manual car. Also, there are lots of affordable vehicles with healthy miles per liter of fuel consumption to consider rather than the look of it.

One trend which is quickly rising in popularity of electric or hybrid cars in Bangladesh. A fuel efficient model for an affordable price is easier to find today then you may have previously anticipated. So, most car owners in Bangladesh are now considering staying away from large cars and going for fuel efficient, smaller, hybrid models.

The increases in sales of used or new hybrid cars are especially due to the better fuel economy and the overall lower priced vehicles. Bangladesh government has also relaxed tax on hybrid cars. According to National Board of Revenue the Service Duty on hybrid cars of up to 1,600cc has been reduced by 5% for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The tax for hybrid cars above that is now reduced by 15% at just 45 percent. For those above 2,000cc is reduced to 60% from 150%.

Many car import agencies have reported that hybrid and electric cars are going to be the future and the current market is holding true to this trend. The imports are likely to increase to meet the demands of new car owners who are actively considering fuel efficient vehicles in Bangladesh.

One of the major drawbacks is however the cost, availability and maintenance of replacement batteries for hybrid and electric cars. The batteries for hybrid cars are expensive and high maintenance. The localization of battery manufacture is likely to overcome this drawback for a more pollution free roads and traffic conditions in Bangladesh.

So consider browsing through online marketplaces such as for new & used hybrid cars, manual transmission cars, and other vehicles such as motorcycles to get a more fuel efficient solution for yourself today!


There are tons of ways to reduce fuel costs by lowering the consumption of fuel by your vehicle. So be smart and consume less to reduce fuel costs. As a quick advice, I suggest that you purchase a fuel efficient vehicle and practice safe driving habits while maintaining your car or motorcycles to get the best from every last drop of fuel. Pay attention to the road conditions, car conditions, and come up with an intelligent way to deal with your habits on the road to reduce fuel costs by up to 25%.

While there are many other ways to reduce fuel costs, share your best or favorite way in the comments section. Waste of fuel is one the contributors to pollution in the roads of Bangladesh so do this as a model citizen while saving your hard earned money as well.

For any person or business, small or large, fuel is one of the largest expenses. You cannot control fuel prices but you can control how you use it. So try the tips mentioned to reduce fuel costs while driving around in Bangladesh.

Visit today for hundreds and hundreds of listings for new and used cars and motorcycles for sale across Bangladesh.

How to Start and Look After a Pigeon Farm for Business in Bangladesh

Pigeon Firm in Bangladesh

Pigeon farming is a very interesting, profitable business and pigeons are very popular as domestic birds in Bangladesh. Almost all types of people who have facilities and interest love to raise and pet pigeons in their home. These birds have been raised and nurtured in our country for a very long time and are also considered as a symbol of peace. Unlike many other domestic animals and birds, pigeon farming requires less labor and a low investment. If you have a good amount of free time and love for birds, you can easily raise and take care of them on your rooftop of even in your balconies.

The meat of baby pigeons (squab) is very tasty, highly nutritious and revitalizing for our health. Squabs also have a huge demand and price in the marketplaces. Also, pigeons with good bloodline and quality have high demand in the marketplaces for various other purposes, such as- racing, breeding etc. That is why, pigeon farming can be a great source of some extra income and recreation for people in Bangladesh.

Modern methods of raising pigeons are much more profitable than the traditional way. So, to properly start and succeed in the pigeon farming business, you have to use the modern rearing techniques and take good care of your birds. Today we are going to talk about the advantages and different aspects of pigeon farming and also the basic steps for starting this profitable business at home.

Advantages of Pigeon Farming

Pigeon farming can offer some great benefits in both financial and recreational ways. Some of the notable advantages of this business are as follows-

  • From around six months of their age, they start laying eggs and produce at least two baby pigeon per month on average.
  • Pigeons can be raised easily in the your yard or rooftop of the house.
  • It takes about 18 to 20 days to hatch the eggs.
  • The cost of pigeon feed is very low. In most cases, they collect food by themselves.
  • Pigeon and squab meat is very tasty, nutritious and has a great demand and value in the marketplaces.
  • You can get maximum profit out of them, by investing only some small capital and labor. Their price depends on their breed, quality, egg and squab production rate. Most people are likely to see profit in their business within 3-4 months. But sometimes it takes time to actually gain a significant amount of profit per month.
  • Chances of disease are comparatively low in pigeons.
  • Faeces of pigeons is a good fertilizer for crops, garden and household plants.
  • Pigeon feathers can be used to make different types of toys.
  • Pigeons help to keep our environment and crops safe by eating different types of insects.
  • The squabs have a great demand in the marketplaces as a nutritious diet for patients and old people.
  • Pigeon farming is also very fulfilling and entertaining altogether. You can have a wonderful time watching the pigeons roam around you and sitting on your shoulder or lap.

Pigeon farming can be a great source of income for the people of poorer countries, such as Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, Pakistan etc.

Life cycle

male and female pigeon

Pigeons are generally raised in pairs. A pair of male and female pigeons tend to spend their whole life together. Also, they can survive for up to 12 to 15 years. Male and female both collect straws together and build a small nest for raising their family. Female pigeons start laying eggs around the age of 5-6 months. Each time the couple lays two eggs and they can keep breeding with consistency for about 6 to 8 years.

Both male and female pigeons take turns to hatch their eggs. Usually it takes about 18 to 20 days to hatch the eggs. The stomach of the parent pigeons produces crop milk 2 days before the eggs hatch, which they feed to their babies for 4 days. Female pigeons feed their babies ground semi-solid food for ten days with their mouth. After that, the babies start taking supplementary food on their own. At the age of 26 days, they become fully adult.

Popular Pigeon Breeds

There are around three hundred pigeon breeds available around the globe. The two most common purpose pigeon breeds in Bangladesh are:

  • Breeds for Meat Production: White king, Silver king, Texona, Gola, Lokkha, etc. are the most popular meat productive pigeons.
  • Breeds for Beauty and Recreational Purpose: Moyurponkhi, Shirazi, Lahori, Fantail, Jacobin, Frillback, Modina, Trumpeter, Trubit, Mukhi, Giribaz, Templar, Lotan etc. are most popular recreational pigeons. Some of them are popular for their beauty and the others are kept for sports.

Generally, the core purpose of pigeon farming is their meat. The meat of baby pigeons or squabs is softer and tastier than the adult ones. But most of the people in our country admires the beauty of pigeons and buy them as pets.

Housing for Your Pigeons

Housing is a very important factor in pigeon farming or keeping. Keep the following factors in your mind before making houses for your pigeons:

  • Try to build the house in a higher place. Thus you can keep your pigeons safe from dogs, cats, mice and many other harmful ground predators.
  • Ensure proper access of light and air flow inside the house. Keep them in a specific direction to avoid rainwater and cold winter breeze from entering the potholes directly.
  • Ensure proper drainage system to keep rainwater away from the house. The pigeons can drink from it too.
  • The house can be built from thin wooden boards or tin, bamboo or even with cardboard packing boxes. Each pigeon requires about 30 cm long, 30 cm wide and 30 cm high space in the pothole.
  • You need to keep a wooden plank of at least 4 cm width in front of the potholes, so that they can land on that surface then enter their house easily. It is difficult for them to enter the small pothole gate directly from the flight.
  • Each room of the pigeon house needs to have the capacity of inhabiting two pigeons at a time.
  • The houses should be connected to each other and multi-storied.
  • Each room should have a door measuring 10×10 cm.
  • Always try to keep the houses clean and dry, clean them once or twice per month. Otherwise the eggs might be spoiled and the pigeons might fall sick easily.
  • When the pigeons lay their eggs, they tend to move out of the houses in the morning. Open the cover from the potholes each morning, otherwise the eggs might get crushed under their feet.
  • Keep their food and water pot near the pigeon houses.
  • Keep some straw near the houses, so that the pigeons can make their nest for comfort and laying eggs.
  • Keep some water and fresh sand near the houses, as they clean themselves using water and dust.

Housing Style vs Price

Another fact about pigeons in Bangladesh is that their price changes with season and environment on a regular basis. If you wish to rear your pigeons in the rural areas of Bangladesh, then you should know that their price is the highest during winter and rainy seasons in the villages. It is because most people keep their pigeon houses in the ground level and their pigeons walk on cold and wet grounds. Which leads them to spoil the eggs by stepping inside with a wet feet. Also the adult pigeons are easily snatched and infected during winters and rains.

On the other hand, the price of pigeons in the urban area is the highest during summer time. Because most city people tend to keep their pigeons in tiny cages to avoid losing them. The hot weather causes the birds to fall sick and die easily. So, how and where are to planning to raise your pigeon farm is a very important matter in this business. It is always safe to build their houses higher above the ground level, keep their houses clean and big enough, and also keeping them away from direct rainwater or cold breeze in the rough seasons.

Pigeon Feeds

Pigeons usually eat wheat, maize, paddy, rice, enamel, legume, gram and mustard seeds etc. Keep foods in front of their house or scatter them on your rooftop on a regular basis and they will collect and feed by themselves. For healthy growth, good health and proper reproduction, you have to serve them a mix of balanced feed. You can also give them balanced chicken feed, but their nutritional needs are much greater than the chickens. Pigeon feed should contain up to 15-16% protein.

Each pigeon can consume 35-50 grams of feed grains daily. For growing baby pigeons faster and for nutrition of the adult pigeons, you can feed them oyster shells, limestones, bone powder, salt, greet mixture, mineral mixture etc. with their regular feeds. Along with all of these, you can try feeding some green vegetables if they like it. A basic chart of balanced pigeon feed is given below.

Feed Ingredients Amount (kg)
Broken Wheat

Broken Maize


Broken Gram

Soybean Cake

Rice Bran


2.8 kg

2.2 kg

1.0 kg

1.0 kg

0.8 kg

1.8 kg

0.4 kg

Total 10 kg

Feeding Baby Pigeons

pegion baby feed

Baby pigeons (squab) don’t need any kind of special feed for upto 5-7 days. They can get all the nutrients they need from crop milk that their parents produce. Which is also known as pigeon milk. Male and female pigeon feed their babies processed ingredients from their stomach for upto 10 days. After that, the babies are strong and learn to fly. Since then, they can collect and eat basic feed mixes by themselves. Always remember to keep fresh feed and clean water near their house.


Keep a large pot full of fresh water near their house. Pigeons and their babies will drink and bathe in it. Clean the water pot in a daily basis. Try to provide a proper amount of clean water always.

Egg production

Generally, a male and a female pigeon live their lives in pairs. During their laying period they collect straws from nearby and build a small nest in their pothole. The female pigeons start laying eggs when they reach about 5 to 6 months of age. They can lay a pair of egg in every month since then. Both male and female pigeon hatch their eggs by taking turns. It takes about 18 to 20 days for pigeons to hatch their eggs. Sometimes you might feel the need of making artificial nests for them. Also sometimes, the pigeons show lesser interest in hatching their eggs. That is when you will need to foster the eggs to a different pigeon couple. Squab production is much more profitable than consuming the eggs, as the eggs are very small in size.


Diseases in pigeons are comparatively much lesser than any other poultry birds. But sometimes these minor diseases can cause great damage to their health and spread quickly among the rest of the flock. Pigeons can suffer from TB, Paratyphoid, Cholera, Pox, Newcastle, Influenza etc. Besides, they can also suffer from different types of lice and malnutrition causing diseases. In order to keep many fatal pigeon diseases away, you can try some prevention techniques from the very beginning. Such as:

  • Follow the advices of an experienced veterinarian thoroughly.
  • Keep the pigeon houses clean and germ free, try to clean them every day.
  • Separate the infected or sick birds from the healthy ones.
  • Make sure to vaccinate them timely.
  • Keep the worms away by giving them antiseptic solution wash. Whenever you bring a new bird in the group, bathe it properly and carefully avoid their eyes and mouth.
  • Give them balanced feed and liver tonic courses to prevent malnutrition causing diseases.
  • Use proper medicine to remove lice from their bodies.


I hope all your questions about pigeon farming has been answered here today. If you are thinking about giving a farm for business or you are just a peace-loving person and interested in keeping some beautiful pigeons for yourself, this article might come in handy. Also, now you know about the different types of pigeons based on their purpose, so it will be easy for you to choose.

Whatever your cause, buy your favourite breed of pigeons, their feed and any type of equipment required for them today by visiting Start slow, love your pigeons like your own children, follow all of these steps and precautions that we discussed today, keep patience and you will be successful in pigeon farming business in no time.

Bikroy launches #ILoveBangladesh Story Writing Competition

I love Bangladesh Campaign, the largest marketplace of Bangladesh, has launched #ILoveBangladesh – story writing competition on the occasion of this Victory Day. In this competition, participants can write a story or make a video about our independence war or loving our country, or someone who loves this nation greatly someone who has gone the extra mile for the progress and well-being of Bangladesh. The stories can be about his/her family member, friend, an acquaintance or even thyself.

The participants have to visit Bikroy Blog, give the relevant information and submit their story. Then they need to share the submitted stories on their Facebook timeline with  #ILoveBangladesh caption. The last date of story submission is December 16, 2018.

Among all the collected stories, three best stories will be selected as winners. A panel made of respected freedom fighters and Bikroy’s management team will be in charge of selecting the winning stories. The result will be announced on December 18, 2018. The first prize of the contest will be BDT. 10,000, second prize will be BDT. 5,000 and third prize will be BDT 2,000. Moreover, the winners will be given certificates from Bikroy and the selected stories will be published on the Bikroy blog and other selected mediums.

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales of said, “This year, we want to celebrate Victory Day with those people, who actually love this country from the core of their heart and are working towards the betterment of the country no matter which position they are in. These individuals are worth all the praise and I think it is an excellent opportunity to bring their stories in front of everyone. So start now, send their stories and let’s celebrate the 48th Victory Day of Bangladesh with them!”

Bikroy’s Payment Procedure

Bikroy Payment Procedure, the largest marketplace in Bangladesh, where you have the opportunity to buy and sell everything from used cars to mobile phones and computers or search for jobs or properties.

To avail the premium paid services of, Bikroy has 3 major payment procedure:

  • Online Payment
  • Direct bKash
  • Cash on Delivery or Collectors

Online Payment:

It provides you with a one-stop online solution ( from where you can choose payment options for all the paid advertising options we have:

  • Business membership
  • Premium Listing Voucher Code
  • Listing Fees
  • Buy Now

Once you select your suitable product or service, there are various price packs according to your business need, location, and duration of the packages. Let’s go through how you can make online payment for different packages using various payment options.

Business Membership:

For business membership payment, you need to go to and select Business membership. After that, you will find the below window and select the required information.

You need to select the membership type from the below packages:

  • Business Plus
  • Business Premium

Then select Location:

  • Dhaka
  • Chattogram
  • Other

Then select Membership Duration:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months

Then select Category:

  • Mobiles
  • Electronics
  • Home & Living
  • Vehicles
  • Property
  • Jobs (Overseas Jobs)
  • Others (Fashion, Health & Beauty, Business & Industry, Services, Education, Hobbies, Sports & Kids, Pets & Animals, Food & Agriculture)

Upon selecting the membership package, location, duration, and category, the total amount will be calculated automatically. The prices vary by location, duration, and category.


Then type your full name, email address and phone number, you have already used to post the ad. Name and Phone number fields are mandatory to fill up. After that, you need to click and accept the terms and conditions and proceed to pay by clicking Pay Now. You can select the pay channel and follow the instruction to complete the payment.
your detail

Payment Channels:

Once you click on “Pay Now”, you will find 4 options for payment as below:

  • Cards
  • Mobile
  • Net Banking

from which you can select your convenient one.


Under Mobile payment, we have:

  • bKash
  • Rocket
  • Sure Cash
  • My Cash

You can select the one you prefer, and follow the instructions.


Bank Card:

Under Bank Card payment, we have


– Mastercard

– American Express

– DBBL Nexus

You can select the payment channel you prefer, and then select pay now. After that, you provide the required information.

bank card

Net Banking:

Under Net Banking or Online Banking payment, we have Islami Bank payment. Then press “Pay Now” and provide the required information.

net banking


Other than the above-mentioned point, if you have an Account with Port wallet, you can log in and pay from your port wallet account as well.

portal login

Premium Listing Voucher Code:

For Premium Listing Voucher Code payment, you need to go to, and select Premium Listing Voucher Code. After that, you will find the below window and enter the amount in Tk. you want to purchase.


voucher code

Then type your full name, email address and phone number you have used to post the ad or order the item at Name and Phone number fields are mandatory to fill up. After that, you need to click and accept the terms and conditions and proceed to pay by clicking “Pay Now”. You can select the pay channel and follow the instruction to complete the payment.


Listing Fees:

For Listing fees payment, you need to go to, and select Listing fees. After that, you will find the below window and select the category from the drop-down under which you have posted your advertisement.

listing fees


Then type your full name, email address and phone number you have used to post the ad. Name and Phone number fields are mandatory to fill up. After that, you need to click and accept the terms and conditions and proceed to pay by clicking Pay Now. You can select the pay channel and follow the instruction to complete the payment.


your payment detail

Buy Now:

For Buy Now payment, you need to go to, and select Buy Now. After that, you will find the below window and type the amount you need to pay to Bikroy for the product in Tk.

buy now

Then type your full name, email address and phone number used to order the item. Name and Phone number fields are mandatory to fill up. After that, you need to click and accept the terms and conditions and proceed to pay by clicking Pay Now. You can select the pay channel and follow the instruction to complete the payment.

payment detail

bKash process:

Our merchant bKash number is (01847134049). Anyone can pay for membership, listing fee or for premium services through our merchant bKash number. Once informed of the payment, the ad is published or promoted.

Cash on Delivery and Collectors:

Apart from bKash and online payment method, it has a dedicated collection team, who visits our members’ place and collect membership fee by cash/cheque. Also for Buy Now, we collect cash on delivery.

Why You Need to Find A Home Close to Your Workplace in Dhaka

why need home close to your workplace

If you take the time to think about how long your workday is, you might feel a bit overwhelmed sometimes. Counting the hours from the minute you sit down at your desk is not the proper way to measure it. To be honest, your workday really starts from the second you leave your home and lasts until you crawl back home after a lot of hustle in the streets. Yes, you might only spend eight to nine hours in your office, but considering the fact that you are living in a busy mega city like Dhaka, how long does that stretch out to be?

According to a report by the World Bank, the average traffic speed in Dhaka has dropped from 21 kilometers per hour (kmph) to 7 kmph in the last 10 years. Also by 2035, this speed might drop to 4kmph, which is slower than the average walking speed! Every day, people of Dhaka city spend almost 3 to 4 hours in their commute between homes and workplaces. Which leads to 20 hours a week for those with 5 working days and 1 whole day in a week for those with 6 working days. Feels like working 7 days a week, which is pretty exhausting!

When it comes to finding a place to live, you need to keep a lot of things in your mind and yes, the location of your working place is a very important matter in this. Living in the mega city Dhaka in an overpopulated developing country like Bangladesh, people here suffer a lot from terrible road conditions and poor traffic system. So there are more advantages to living near your workplace than the few disadvantages along the way.

Lets have a look at the bright side of having a home near your workplace:

Live near to your office

1. Saving Money

Transportation cost in Dhaka is dramatically rising every year, though the quality of public transports is poor as ever. If we consider the auto rickshaws, taxi cabs and ride-sharing services, the more time you spend in the exhausting and never-ending traffic jams, the bill gets higher every minute.

By the end of a month, most of the job holders in Dhaka city run out of cash flow, because almost one third of their basic salary is spent on transportation cost. This is true for those with personal transportation as well, as fuel price is super high. Think about how much money you need to spend on fuel each month. So, if you choose to live near your workplace, you can surely save a lot of fuel or transport money.

2. Saving Time

As we have already mentioned, the time we spend on streets of Dhaka kills a great amount of time in a day, especially in the peak hours. As a result, our workday stretches out to up to 150% in time and thus we lose valuable time from our lives.

Living in a home that is close to your workplace can save a great deal of your time in a day and you can spend those hours in healthy habits and family bonding. As your workday shorten, you feel less exhausted and can get enough time for that much-needed rest that you always crave for.

3. Reduced Stress and Increased Productivity

Your commute affects your mental health to a great deal, especially if you live in a megacity like Dhaka. Transportation in this city are extremely stressful, exhausting and can ruin your day right from the start. This affects your productivity at work as well, as you are already exhausted from the long harsh journey to your office.

If you choose to live near your workplace, then you can free yourself from such stressful mornings and you are in a better mood when you get to work. Thus, you are more likely to think clearly and be productive and energetic throughout the day.

4. Improved Personal Health and Minimized Pollution

Besides the bonus stress reduction, getting more time for yourself means that you can get enough time to sleep, exercise, and make healthy choices for your life. You can walk to your workplace or ride a bicycle, which can help you stay fit and healthy and cover up the long hours you need to spend sitting on a desk. Your overall health can be improved because of just changing your address. This is a huge benefit that you can get beyond your career, it can benefit your entire lifestyle.

Also, by using lesser public transportation and vehicles, you can contribute a little towards the mother nature as well. The less time you spend riding those vehicles, the lesser pollution you create.

5. Becoming More Reliable as an Employee

When it is easier for you to get to work everyday, it gets easier for you to get there ‘on time’. You can be regular at work, without feeling exhausted or hot-headed from the drastic traffic along the way. There will be fewer late entries and missing outs, fewer absences, resulting in happier bosses.

This also means that you can get more chances to shine brightly among all the employees and get to work on important tasks and projects. You can spend more time at office in case of tight deadlines, without having to worry about getting home late. This might not be the favorite part of living close to the workplace for everyone out there, but this is the way of climbing towards the top and you can get promoted faster by being more available.

6. Improved Relationships in both Workplace and Home

When you don’t have to lose more than half of your day at work and on the streets, you get more time to work on your relationships and spend quality time with your family and friends. When you get to spend more time together, you have more chances to be there for your family and friends an their times of need. Also in case of romantic relationships, getting those extra few hours for your personal life can mean a great deal, when you are planning to raise a family with your loved one.

Also, your relationships in the workplace is also improved, as you tend to be available more. If you are single and focusing on building a solid career, you should spend your extra time bonding with colleagues and superiors. You can turn into everyone’s favorite at the office in no time.

7. Improved Work Life Balance

When you live very close to your workplace, you can easily take your lunch breaks at home and check on your family and kids. It also becomes more feasible to pick up your kids from school or to take them to extracurriculars. In this way, you can be productive at both offices and at home simultaneously and achieve that sheer balance in your life. You don’t need to make hard choices when your home is just minutes away from your workplace.

You can also talk to your boss and work from home sometimes, he won’t mind because you can still be available to join any special meeting or calls in a short notice. Thus you can enjoy the experience of working in your comfort zone and take better care of yourself as well.

8. Lesser Chance of Accidents

Accidents have become a daily affair in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, this problem is even more severe because most of the drivers lack proper driving skills and overtaking is their common habit. People who use public transportation, personal motorbikes or ride-sharing services are prone to accidents more than the ones who have transportation of their own. So, it is quite obvious that if you spend lesser time on the road, especially in the peak hours, the lesser is your chance of having accidents and fatal mishaps.

Now lets take a quick look at the facts that can trouble you if you choose to live near your workplace:

1) You get no excuses. You will always be expected to be at work, regardless of the weather,.minor sicknesses or even technical failures.

2) You become the chosen one, in almost everything! Living close to your workplace will likely increase the odds that you will be asked, or expected to do something after hours, even on weekends.

3) You’ll be tired of doing unwanted favours. Your colleagues or even boss might want you to ask you for little favours, as you have better idea around the area. You might also be asked to bring stuff into the office from home, which is super annoying!

4) Your world gets smaller.  A short commute means that you will be shrinking the size of your world. If the trip from home to work is too short, you might miss out on good travelling and shopping experiences or beautiful places to hang out after work.

5) You’ll get bored with the same routine. Even though it will take you only a few minutes to reach your office or home, it will become old and monotonous shortly. You don’t get enough chance to change routes and taking detours. Also, there is a good chance that you will want to trim that commute down from 15 minutes to 5. When we get used to having everything near our reach, we lose perspective quickly.

6) You might not like to mix up personal and professional life together. Living too close to work can affect your social life, as there is a huge chance of colleagues running into you quite often while you need some separate time with your loved ones.

7) A job is not forever! Nothing is permanent. But choosing a place to live near your workplace is a big commitment. It’s basically an acknowledgment that you are willing to continue this job for as long as possible. This could work for you or against you, depending on your employer.


Well, we hope that we could clear up a lot of confusions and questions regarding this matter today. You might already be thinking that it’s easy to talk about shortening your daily commute, but it’s harder to actually make it happen! We suggest that instead of figuring out how to find a good home closer to you workplacehave a look on How to Find an Apartment to Rent Near You in Bangladesh and how to find a good job nearby.

20 to 24 hours a week is a huge amount of time, and you lose that much time every week, causing you stress and trouble every working day for hours and, if time is money, commuting is the stress that definitely doesn’t pay! So hit that snooze button in the morning, go home for lunch, and find a place to live just near enough to your workplace, so that it doesn’t cost you everything else. Browse and find the perfect place near your workplace today!