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‘Moner Janala’-A Special Initiative for The Female Employees by

Moner janala

Special Guest: Rubaba Dowla, the largest marketplace of Bangladesh has created a forum named ‘Moner Janala’ in association with ‘HeforShe’ campaign of UN Women to increase the number of female employees and to ensure women empowerment. As part of this forum’s regular activity, Bikroy organized a special event for the female employees on Wednesday, 14th November at The Platinum Grand Restaurant in Dhaka.

Through the ‘Moner Janala’ forum, female employees of Bikroy can share any of their thoughts or feelings. The objective is to reduce gender discrimination in the workplace. Naz Hussain, Rehenuma Islam and Eshita Sharmin, the three advisers of the forum are continuously working to realize this objective. Although the forum came into being keeping female employees in mind, male employees can also share their opinion here.

The Founder and Managing Director of Pulse Health Care Services and newly elected President of the Dhaka Chapter of TIE (TiE-The Indus Entrepreneurs Global), Rubaba Dowla was present as a guest at the event. Head of HR & Culture, Rehnuma Islam, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales, Eshita Sharmin and Head of Marketplace Shezami Khalil along with high officials of Bikroy were also present among others.

Rubaba Dowla said at ‘Moner Janala’, “A woman has to deal with the challenges of her professional, personal and family life all at the same time. These challenges often exhaust women. Many don’t have the outlet to let the frustration out. I want to thank for coming up with such a wonderful platform where everyone can share their issues openly.”

Rehenuma Islam, Head of HR & Culture of Bikroy said, At Bikroy, we aspire to grow as a company along with our talent. Moner Janala’ is a platform where our female employees can share their feelings related to work environment and talk about any challenges they face at the workplace. We invite established female guest speakers to our events who inspire our female employees by sharing their stories. I believe these stories will encourage our female employees to excel at work.”

Eshita Sharmin, Head of Marketing and Ad Sales of Bikroy said, ‘Moner Janala’ is a tradition of Bikroy, one of our regular initiatives. We’ve been arranging it in every three months for the last three years, in order enhance the leadership qualities among the young female executives. Despite compelling results of that more diversity in management level increases efficiency, women in leadership roles are low in most organizations. At Bikroy, we want to provide equal chances to both male and female employees to develop their management and leadership skills.”

Rubaba Dowla has more than nineteen years of experience in influencing all aspects of the Telecom and IT industry as a successful professional, entrepreneur, mentor and advisor. She is a highly experienced leader with a successful track record. As the Chief of Marketing and Chief Communications Officer, she had been instrumental in building Telenor subsidiary GrameenPhone as number one brand and market leader.

Guide to Motorcycle Safety Gear for Riders in Bangladesh

Motorcycle Safety Gear

Have you always dreamt of owning the most exclusive bike as a kid? It is not uncommon to have the dream of owning a very hightech bike, car, or even a house as a kid. Many of us go on to make these dreams come true but they change to a more practical real-life goal by the time we grow up.

But what is the one we dont think about as kids? Safety!

It may even be the case that even as adults we do not give safety its due importance.

As a rider or biker in Bangladesh, either new or old, we are always concerned with how we look and how our motorcycle is looking. We are very focused at pulling off the coolest outfits to complement our biking style while completely ignoring safe riding with proper motorcycle gear.

So what do you prefer?

Do you feel that fully geared clothing or safe riding is necessary? Do you may be feel that it is uncomfortable or unappealing to use motorcycle gear to address the issue of safety for bikers?

Today in this article, we will check out some of the coolest motorcycle gears consider safety for bikers on the road, especially in the streets of Bangladesh. While also factoring in style & comfort!

Safe Riding with Proper Motorcycle Gear

Safe Riding is a very important issue which we tend to overlook. It is true that the excitement of riding freely is incomparable but safe riding will assure that you are protected from potential harm. If you are someone who is not fond of safety gear because they are not comfortable, then you are not making an effort in finding the best gear for yourself. Look at cricketers, they play cricket with so much protection from pads, helmets, etc. and still perform. As a street cricketer these accessories would be difficult to be fond of but you cannot imagine playing without the right equipment as a professional.

Similarly, as a rider who is protected with proper motorcycle gear, you can focus on the road and in case of minimal distractions such as wind blast, pressure, dust and other weather conditions you will be protected. You will not suffer from fatigue, tiredness and weakness allowing you to ride safely for longer. In case of serious accidents, you will be protected avoiding the chances of major injuries. You cannot avoid an accident, but you can be fully prepared in case there is one and minimize injuries.

Motorcycle is a style icon for the younger generations and its limitless speed gives the ultimate freedom. But in countries like Bangladesh, road conditions are bad and safety for bikers is a major concern. More people are now interested in stunts, races and other potentially highrisk activities. Safety must always come first and using proper motorcycle gear will make sure that your ride is smooth, safe & enjoyable!

The Complete List of Motorcycle Safety Gear & Apparel for BD Riders

Before we look at what safety gears and apparels you need for safe riding in the streets of Bangladesh, lets look at what it is and what it provides. Motorcycle gear is any and all specially designed safety accessories and clothing to protect the most sensitive parts of our body while riding a motorcycle. They provide safety for bikers in many ways as follows:

ü  protect from air pressure, dirt, dust or rain

ü  support from rudeness of weather in cold or in summer

ü  minimize fatigue and hazards of riding an open vehicle such as a motorcycle

ü  maximum possible protective support to the sensitive human body parts

ü  support the head, face, shoulder, back, chest, elbow, knee, shin, foot & more

ü  minimize body damage or injury during crashes or accidents

So, the following are the most common and essential safety gear and apparel for safe riding:

Safety Gear for Riders in Bangladesh

Headwear: Helmet

The helmet is an absolute life savior!

I cannot imagine anyone being on a motorcycle without oneespecially in the busy streets of Bangladesh with rough & tough road conditions. There are many different types and designs of helmets available in the market to choose from whether you consider style or safety, such as the following:

  •  Half Helmet
  •  Full Face Helmet
  •  Open Face Helmet
  •  Modular Helmet
  •  Offroad Helmet
  •  Dual Sport Helmet

General Clothing

Is there a dress code for riding a bike? Yes, of course!

Clothing should always be decided upon based on your comfort, considering the weather conditions. But in case of bikers, you must also consider safe clothing. Something to protect your arms for sunburn, your legs from slight scratches, strong winds, rain, etc. The following are some of the basic clothing for bikers given one should make adjustments based on weather conditions and your comfort:

  •  Full Sleeve Tshirt or half sleeve with tattoo skin for protecting arms
  •  Stylish Jacket, Wind Breaker or just a Light Top
  •  A Vest or other accessories such as Muffler, Scarf
  •  Full Length Pants

Hand Wear: Gloves

Gloves are a very important accessory which is handy for better control from the rough road conditions and the repeated clutch and brake usage due to traffic jams and long drives. Not only will you get better grip, your hands will be protected as well. The following are some types of gloves and hand wear accessories:

  •  Foam Gloves
  •  Cloth Gloves
  •  Leather Gloves
  •  Fingerless Gloves
  •  Armsleeve
  •  Biker Gloves with knuckle protection
  •  Full Hand Mask/Glove for sunburn protection

Footwear: Boots

Footwear is ignored but it is an extremely crucial motorcycle gear as safety for bikers. Boots are most appropriate for bikers to protect your heels, toes and ankle during awkward stops, etc. If you are a professional stuntman or rider then boots are a must, if not then at least fully closed shoes. The following are some footwear options for bikers in Bangladesh:

  •  Socks
  •  Shoes
  •  Loafers
  •  Semi Boots
  •  Full Boots

Eyewear: Sunglasses

Vision is not something you want to neglect as a biker. This is specifically true for road conditions in countries like Bangladesh where the streets are not only full of vehicles but also men, women, children and animals. So it is best have any sort of eyewear to protect yourself from the dusty & dirty air and also during weather conditions such as sunny & rainy days. The style factor is a huge bonus!

  •  Sunglasses for sunlight protection
  •  Clear Glasses during nights
  •  Goggles during rainy, windy or cooler days

Additional Safety Gear While on the Roads

Motorcycle riding is one of the most joyful activities and almost always manages to give us some extra excitement. But it comes at a cost of potential risks. Safety is the first priority while on the road, but on motorcycles it is an absolute must. This is because the slightest of incidents can cause serious injuries!

The safety of both the rider and the passenger is interconnected and the importance of safety gears for twowheelers carries significance worldwide. Awareness of such is necessary in a country like Bangladesh, where it is one of the primary sources of transportation with the rise of rider sharing services. You can also check here to find more Motorbike safety tips for novices.  

So, lets look at two (2) additional aspects of motorcycle gears:

1. Weather Conditions

During the heavy monsoon seasons of Bangladesh, the roads are much more risky than any other times. As a rider, you should almost always carry raincoat, pants, or at least some form of head cover. You can also consider special types of waterproof gear such as footwear, gloves and pants. During the winter, the weather is harsh with strong winds and lower temperatures. You should consider gears such as wind breakers, ear muffs, gloves, etc. Also, the dry season tends to be the season of dust, so you should consider masks to keep yourself safe from air pollution. Even the summers are scorching hot with sun directly burning you with harmful UV rays. You should consider sunlight protection creams to avoid harmful side effects of sunburn and long term exposure to sunlight.

2. Protection & Purpose

All motorcycle gears are designed for the providing some form of protection but other general safety gears are good to consider in case of accidents. Protective safety gears are those which save you from a fall or crash such as Chest Armor, Back Protectors, Elbow Armor, Shoulder Armor, Knee Armor, Hip Armor, Reflective vests, etc. These are especially important if you are stunt or racing enthusiast. If you are a racer then you must consider protective racing suits which made specifically for bike racers. It comes with appealing looks, freedom of movement and all necessary protection.


After our discussion throughout this article, I hope it was able to clear out all the misconceptions regarding motorcycle gears and present the important of maintaining proper safety when riding motorcycles in Bangladesh. It is crucial that anytime we are on the road whether on a bicycle or a motorcycle, whether as a rider or a passenger, we will be more confident, conscious and safe by using proper motorcycle gear.

It is not true that all safety gears are uncomfortable. We can always try various options to find the perfect match with our individual needs, riding patterns, comfort levels and different weather conditions. This way, we will be both safe and comfortable.

If you are looking for a motorcycle gears, accessories or other products then visit today. Browse through the online marketplace for thousands of posts by thousands of reliable sellers throughout Bangladesh.

Get your gear and ride safe!

Top Must Have Features in Any Smartphone in Coming Year

Must Have Features in Any Smartphone

2018 is coming to an end and we have seen some revolutionary upgrades in technology this year. Smartphones are becoming more and more competitive nowadays and they are quickly rising to the level of expensive laptops and notebooks, despite being extremely light in weight. Cool and up-to-date features are the heart of modern smartphone production lines. While some features are just getting an upgrade, some new and bold features are added every once in a while that is completely worth draining our wallets!

Well, we just can not have all the goodies in a single package but smartphones with at least some of these following features can definitely get our pulses racing. Before going through this article have a look at the Top Selling Smartphones of This Season in Bangladesh.

A Full-Screen 18:9 Display

Full-Screen Display

A full-screen display is one of those features that you may not be sure about having until you actually try one of them. Trust me, once you’ve used it somehow it is hard to go back to any other type of display.

Debuted with phones like LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, displays in an 18:9 ratio are longer than the usual ones. This gives a device a much cleaner look and holding or using these phones in one-handed mode is super comfortable. A small problem with these screen size ratio is that most of the apps and media are still not ready to fit in. So, you may see black bars in the top and bottom section of your screen in many cases while you use your phone.

The good news is that almost all new smartphones from Chinese companies are being launched with 18:9 full-screen panels, besides their flagship models! So media developers are working harder to produce maintaining that beautiful ratio nowadays. There are now a lot of smartphone models to choose from and their prices are dropping by the day.

Longer Battery Life

longer battery life

Battery tech has got massive upgrades in the past few years. Smartphones are not only charging faster but also working and lasting longer with one charge. Your phone may have all the best set of features and specifications in the world, but all these become useless if the battery doesn’t last much longer. Today there are many high-end smartphones in the marketplace that have solid battery life.

If you want a smartphone to have a huge battery life along with many other modern features, there are only a few options to choose from. With uprising technology and high-performance features in today’s smartphones, mere 3000mAh batteries can fall short to provide the optimum power. Modern smartphones need at least 4000 to 5000mAh+ batteries to run all the best features in them, without having to charge every once in a while.

Waterproof Nano-Coating

water proof feature

Global tech-giant Samsung has been selling waterproof flagship smartphones for years already so it is about time that the other smartphone makers start to coat their trendy and modern phone models with waterproof nanocoating too! Many companies are now starting to focus on this crucial matter these days, but we want to see this feature optimized more often. There is technically and logically no reason that a smartphone can’t be made waterproof in 2018.

This year many competitive smartphone brands have started to create their flagship smartphones with waterproof technology, such as- Samsung, Apple, Google Pixel, LG, Huawei, HTC etc. Hopefully, we will soon have waterproof smartphones from the lesser known affordable companies in the coming years.

USB Type C

usb type c cable

Again we might think that ‘Type C’ USB cable is the default standard these days but it is still not available in all types of new Android devices. Though different types of USB adapters and converters available in the marketplace these days, but this should not be the practice!

USB Type C jacks are smaller, faster, more flexible, and most importantly reversible in quality, which means you don’t have to worry about plugging it in your phone socket ever. It is a much neater and more powerful USB standard these days and it is used along with many different products already. So it is obvious that we expect most of the branded Android smartphones to familiarize with this format in 2018.

Latest Android Versions and Updates

latest android version

To be honest, in this sector, the Chinese smartphone makers are much more progressive at releasing their smart devices with the latest Android operating systems. But it is still not widely practiced by all types of smartphone brands. These days we see large smartphone brands rolling out update options and small non-popular vendors releasing their new smartphones with the latest OS. Unfortunately the smartphone makers in the middle ground are still practicing the despicable tradition of rolling out their latest ROMs only based on the old operating systems. This makes them vulnerable in this huge competitive tech-market.

We expect all the smartphone companies to come forward and learn from the ‘smart’ companies who actually think about customer satisfaction and win hearts rapidly.

Finger Print Scanner

fingerprint scanner

It is obvious that underlying fingerprint scanners are already a happening feature in 2018. Many new and old smartphone companies have released their special flagship phones with this feature and gained popularity by the day. This technology allows a smart device to move one step closer to making the new and improved smartphone models become waterproof. Also, it reduces the number of bumps and potholes around the surface and allows the devices to become smoother and handier to the touch.

We don’t expect that all smartphone brands in 2018 would come up with this next-gen security feature, but we do believe that at least all the flagship devices can be upgraded with it, especially the ones from the larger smartphone brands.

Camera Quality

mobile camera quality

We are still shocked by the fact that how poor some cameras are used on so many Android smartphones! We are even more amazed by the fact that certain high-end smartphone makers seem to go back to the older strategy of just adding a higher value sensor in a smartphone camera rather than improving the lens and software quality behind of the app.

With greater technological advancement, average individuals are getting more and more interested in quality photography than ever. Most people cannot afford to own both a smartphone and a DSLR camera, besides the fact that photography solely depends on good sense of visual and the minimum set of quality kits. Just like with most of items on our list, there should be no valid reason why a smartphone should be sold with anything but an excellent camera in this era.

Headphone Jack

mobile headphone jack

As much as we love the technology of Type C USBs, we are still not okay with the agony of having Type C port as the only option to connect a set of brilliant headphones! But of course, you can buy cables and converters that can convert a 3.5mm headphone pin to a Type C USB, but this is the type of hack that we expect from typical Apple devices, not from quality Android smartphones.

With the latest waterproofing technology, headphone jacks should no longer be a risk against misfortunate splash accidents. We’re have already seen that Samsung launching their latest flagship model, the Galaxy S9 with a 3.5mm headphone jack. So we are hoping to see other smartphone makers follow the suit.

The WOW Factor

wow factors of mobiles

Remember the rotating cameras, cool design upgrades and dual screen phones that we have seen not too long ago? Sad to admit, but the truth is that most of the smartphones launched in 2018 have been a little underwhelming in their ‘Wow factor’ department. Only a limited number of smartphones have really stood out with their innovative new features and ideas.

Only a few years ago, smartphone makers were willing to take risks to stun the world! They launched cool and innovative products and testing their limits with attractive new features that really made the Chinese tech industry rise in sales above most branded smartphones. But this year, those days seem to be behind us. We are really hoping to see some new challenges taken and are thriving to be amazed once again!


All these amazing features along with the latest and greatest smartphone mobile models of 2018 is available in many online and offline marketplaces such as Make sure to browse through all different types of smartphone range from our listings to compare the features among different models and pick the features that you like best! Find amazing deals on the flagship phones from many popular brands at Bikroy Deals. Complete your research at Bikroy and grab the smartphone of your dreams today!

Bikroy-Google Partnership Paves The Way For A Smarter Job Market

Blog Google Jobs

Every one out of ten persons of us appears to be going through a job hiatus. The job market is throbbing with so many opportunities and employers are seeking comparatively young but skilled workers. But still finding the right job seems to be a daunting task. But not anymore.

Bikroy Jobs has been operating for quite a while now and has been providing an excellent platform to connect with a wide range of leading employers in the country. We are now taking our service to the next level by breaking barriers in the recruitment arena. We are excited to announce that Bikroy Jobs has partnered with Google to make your job search much smarter, easier and more efficient.

Google is in the leading position as the most trusted search engine in Bangladesh. Coupled with it, Bikroy’s web traffic becomes a dynamic force to bring forth fantastic job opportunities from across various industries, different skill sets, functions and academic disciplines.

Applying for a job has been more simplified. Search for jobs on Google and apply through Bikroy Jobs in just 3 clicks!

Bid adieu to the outdated job seeking methods and re-explore your job ad placements with Bikroy Jobs. Land your dream jobs in no time! Holds The Top Position Among Local Websites

Brand Health Bikroy

According to a recent research conducted by “Somra MBL Ltd”. titled as ‘Online Brand Health: Market Research Report’; most people consider, the largest marketplace of Bangladesh as the ‘Top-of-Mind’ website among all the buying-selling websites. Recently a survey has been conducted among 2,400 internet users. Out of them, 70% were from Dhaka, 20% from Chattagram and 10% from Sylhet. All of the participants were regular internet users and aged between 18 to 40 years.

Top among the local websites and No. 4 among international websites

According to the survey results, Bikroy has been on the Top-of-Mind of the people for three consecutive years. Among the international websites, Bikroy is ranked at the fourth position with Facebook in first and Google and YouTube in second and third position respectively. After Facebook, Google and YouTube, Bikroy is not only the best choice for everyone but is also ahead of other local online sites which are in the preferred list of the customers. Bikroy is the first choice of 69% people among all the online sites. Since inception Bikroy has been the top buying-selling online marketplace in Bangladesh.

Brand Health Infographics

Continuous Success

Like the previous year, holds the top position this year as well in the Top-of-Mind share. It also holds strong positions in different categories. Bikroy has built the supremacy in the market for buying-selling mobile phones. According to the research findings, 75% of the survey participants are interested in mobile/tablets, 19% in laptops, 10% in cars, and 6% in jobs and property category.

Brand Health Infographics Report

First choice to buy and sell in the 2nd hand online marketplace

Just like 2017, Bikroy is leading the position for buying-selling 2nd hand products in the market this year as well. Bikroy has been able to counter Facebook by being in the top position with 69% effectiveness, whereas Facebook is in the second place with 33% effectiveness.

Brand Health Infographics Report 3

A trustworthy market for mobile sellers

Mobile phone sellers have kept at the top of their preferred list. According to the research report of Somra-MBL, 65% of the participants in the survey chose Bikroy to sell their products without a second thought. Only 26% of people chose to use the other site that holds second place. Similarly, the sites in third and fourth place were chosen by only 25% and 7% of the participants.

Brand Health Infographics Report 4

First choice for car/motorbike buyers

According to the report, more than half of the buyers first check online before buying a car or motorbike and their favorite websites to do that is 68% of the respondents said that they check first and 29% respondents check only sometimes. 28% people prefer to visit the second-placed site on this list. Similarly, 16% visits the site, 8% the fourth, and 5% the fifth.

Brand Health Infographics Report 5

Like every year, Bikroy has initiated this research this year also to review the overall brand health. This research provides a detailed insight into its major operating categories such as cars, properties, electronics products, jobs etc.

Why Investing on Lands in Bangladesh is The Best for Your Future?

Investing in land

Whenever thinking about investing, one thing that pops up in most people’s minds is real estate. Even in the time of recessions, real estate can offer some great investment potential. While most people think that real estate investment is solely about buying homes, apartments & flats, or commercial property, there is another side of real estate that the investor can take advantage of, even with a small investment– plots & lands. There are several advantages in choosing to invest in plots & lands; and by learning more about them, you may find that this kind of investments is the right choice for you. There seems to be a widespread and baseless assumption among many people that investing in a vacant land is a “weak” or even pointless investment because…

  1. It doesn’t generate income.
  2. It just sits there and nothing happens.
  3. It’s boring.

We will say that these reasons are baseless because the truth is – vacant land is capable of generating some serious cash flow and it’s one of the best investments in the world because of its hands-off nature and versatility. Also, to be honest, I basically love the fact that a land just sits there and nothing happens!

The simplicity and stability that you can achieve by owning the right piece of land for the best price possible, can far outweigh the multitude of problems that come with any other type of real estate property. If you have overlooked raw land as a feasible investment opportunity in the past, you need to take a few minutes and educate yourself about what a vacant ‘land’ is all about!

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in lands:

invest on land

1. With a vacant land, you don’t necessarily need to do anything for it

Forget construction works and renovations! You don’t need to be an expert or to know anything about how to recondition a property by yourself. In most cases, you really just need to know one thing: “Is that property suitable for building purposes?” As long as anyone can build on the land if/when they want to, a major part of the battle is already won!

2. Raw Land is a “Hands-Off” Investment.

Have you had enough of dealing with holders, bugs, molds, toilets, lawn care, bursting pipes, leaking roofs, broken furnaces and the hundreds of other problems that come with owning a building? Well, a vacant land doesn’t involve any of those things. Once you buy it, it just sits there, behaves itself and nothing happens.

3. Statistically, vacant land owners are highly motivated to sell

Why? Because by default vacant landowners are always absentee ones. When a person doesn’t live inside or even near the property that they are trying to sell, they are likely to have less of an emotional connection with it – because it isn’t their primary residence. In many cases, you’ll find that these type of sellers are willing to sell their land for a far lesser amount than the ones living in the property – simply because the property is not generating any income for them. This happens because they don’t know how to properly optimize their land and as a result, they are much more apathetic about it. Find these people and you will find some incredible deals on offer.

4. Land buyers have very little competition to deal with

Are you tired of dealing with such drastic competition on every property you attempt to buy? Are you sick of being defeated in every good deal you are lucky enough to find? Well, guess what! There is very little competition in the world of raw land investment. You see, most real estate investors have their minds stuck on things like houses, flats & apartments, commercial property and so on – because that’s what everyone else does. Most investors don’t understand the superior benefits that come with a vacant land and this can definitely play to your advantage.

5. Land investors can call their own shots

When you buy a vacant land in the right way, it gets easy to buy each property with your own cash and completely avoid dealing with bank loans and mortgages. When you know exactly where to look out for great deals on plots & land, it requires a very little startup capital amount to get your business up and running. It is applicable for people who plan to build their own homes on their lands as well.

6. Buying and selling vacant land doesn’t always require seeing them in-person

The beauty of lands is that there don’t involve any structures. This means the inspection process is actually very simple – and if you can do your research properly, you can effortlessly buy your properties without ever visiting them in person. To look for great deals in plots & land you can complete your research in different online and offline property portals such as You can also buy and sell your property here effortlessly and you won’t even have to visit your property in person, if you are smart enough from the beginning.

7. Long term appreciation with lands

The great thing about buying a vacant land is that the land will usually remain in the same condition in which you bought it in for years. The weather and maybe erosion might have some impact, but generally, over the long term, vacant lands tend to appreciate very well.

If purchased in the right process, your land can see some significant appreciation. This usually happens when the land is in an undesirable location, but the area around it goes through some transformations and becomes a far more desirable place to live. This is especially true in areas which are pointed out to be major growth centers and have fallen in any category of residential areas, which can lead to price hikes overnight.

8. The land is super inexpensive to own as a long term investment

When you finally buy a piece of land for the right price, there are no mortgage payments to make, no utility bills to pay. The cost of property insurance is minimal if you have it at all and also property taxes are extremely cheap. If you want to secure your cash in some place and forget about it, vacant land can exactly be the proper investment you’re looking for.

9. Land gives the owner peace of mind

Well, as you have already realised, land is a long-term, tangible asset that doesn’t wear out, depreciate with time and nothing from it can get broken, stolen or destroyed. Put all of these benefits together with your ability to buy it for a price that is next to almost nothing, can you think of a better combination? All these aspects can definitely give a landowner his peace of mind.

10. Greater Customization

A great advantage of buying a vacant land is that the land is all yours and you can do whatever you want with it, as long as it’s within the law. You can leave it as it is, or build a home on the land you own. Have a bungalow style house with amenities for your own comfort, or have a multi-storied building with flats for sale. Also, there is always the option to sell it to a developer company or build a commercial property on it.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

invest on plots and lands

Although there are a great number of advantages to buying vacant land, it’s also important to consider some of the drawbacks which you must keep in mind. First, it’s essential that you do your research thoroughly and purchase the land in a good location, which is likely to appreciate in value in the coming years. The last thing you want to do is buy some land in the middle of nowhere, only to find out that you cannot sell it later and you’re stuck with it.

01. Check the land’s history

When buying vacant land, you should also consider its history and what that land has been previously used for, as this could affect your plans for future use. You can get a topography and a soil report to ensure that you can build on the land, while ensuring that the land is 100% yours, and does not allow anyone to do anything to it. You should also find out why the land is being sold in the first place, as this could indicate that something is wrong with it, especially if it is offered in a cheap deal.

02. A land does not generate income immediately

Unless you are offering to rent your land out for parking or leasing it to farmers, your vacant land will not generate you any income straight away. You will only generate an income once you sell the land for more than what you paid for it initially.

03. Rezoning

If you are purchasing the land hoping of it being rezoned, then you need to think twice. First, it might take quite some time before the land is rezoned to a place that allows you to build on, or it might not happen at all! Therefore it is important that you do consider the location carefully. Land bought close to basic amenities such as shops, schools and hospitals will usually mean the land will appreciate faster than a land bought in the middle of nowhere. Land that can be built on will always be easier to sell than a number of lands that have restrictions.

04. Land size

It’s best to buy smaller pieces of land compared to larger plots & land. Because, the larger the land size, the harder it is to sell. You should also consider the shape of the land and also whether it’s prone to flooding. It’s easier to build a property on a land that is flat, than one on a hill.

05. Road infrastructure and utilities

You also need to consider whether your vacant land is connected to a road and can easily be connected to public utilities, such as- water, gas and electricity. To make developments on a land, the utility connections and sewerage needs to be in the place.


Moreover, if you have money to invest, a real estate property like plots & land in Bangladesh can be a great choice for you and your budget. They offer price within a bargain, great flexibility for you, needless effort, have a profit potential and definitely help you meet your financial goals. By finding the right land that meets your needs and investment budget, you will be able to change your life, both financially and personally. Consider plots & land for your next real estate investment and visit our site today. Happy hunting!

Female Health & Hygiene Awareness And Our Responsibilities

Female Hygene blog

In keeping with the responsibilities of houses, family and social responsibilities, we women always put ourselves in the face of physical and emotional pressures, But sometimes we fail to understand that if we are healthy, only then we can handle everything around us. Dr. Raiatun Tehrin, Professional health advisor & Public health specialist of Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was present in the session of “Female Hygiene Awareness” held on 25th October 2018 for the female members of Bikroy. Throughout this interactive session, she highlighted and discussed various aspects of women health.

First, let’s see how and when the complications of the health of women are:

  • Unawareness
  • Unable to prevent health problems
  • Irregularity in the health checkup
  • Period
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI)’s
  • Violence against women
  • Family planning

Now we’ll see the barriers women face to seek health care:

  • Financial issues
  • Cultural issues
  • Lack of female doctors/gynecologist
  • Lack of education

At this stage we will talk about some common health problems and its remedies for women:

Menstrual Cramping:

Menstrual cramping is a pain in the stomach or back during menstruation or period. This pain is called Mental throttle. This pain is felt due to the contraction of the uterus due to the effects of the prostaglandin hormone. If this prostaglandin extends too much to the waist or abdominal pain, nausea, appetite, mood swings or a little bit of nervousness and the head swings. In this case, exercise helps. However, it is not convenient to exercise very intensively during the period. Exercise too light can be done so that the exercise will not be too much pressure on the body.

Tips for Pre Menstruation Syndrom (PMS):

  • Stay Active
  • Change Your Diet
  • Limit Caffeine
  • Consider yoga, deep breathing, or meditation
  • Remain socially active

Tips for period management:

  • Maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness
  • Eat a balanced diet to provide the body with essential nutrients
  • Maintain an active lifestyle while avoiding stress and tension
  • Always to keep separate underwear for your periods
  • To Place sanitary pads well to avoid rashes
  • The external genitalia needs to be clean to be safe
  • To change regularly every six hours after
  • Avoid using soaps or vaginal hygiene products

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common problem among women. This problem can be caused by not drinking enough water, bacterial infection etc. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) may occur in the bladder. It can happen during puberty, it can happen to any woman and boys too. However, the problem is more common among women than men. Once the disease is affected, then the probability of having this problem again increases by 20%. So avoid plenty of water to avoid it and follow the proper cleanliness and cleanliness.

Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women after lung cancer. It usually begins as a slightly thickened lump in the armpit or the breast. This easily gets ignored, and thus grows into invasive cancer that spreads and becomes fatal. Symptoms such as pain the armpits, or breasts that does not go away with the changing cycles; rash or discharge around the nipples; sunken or inverted nipple, redness of the breast skin; size or shape change and peeling or scaling skin, must not go unnoticed and checked. Being a female puts you at an alarmingly higher risk for breast cancer compared to men. It is 100 times more common in females. Some situations like an early menstrual onset, a late menopause, first child at an older age or never having a child, put you at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Apart from these, certain lifestyle habits that could be avoided also put you at a risk of developing breast cancer. Lethargic lifestyles, poor diet, obesity, alcohol addiction, exposure to some radiations or some hormone replacement therapy are risk factors that can be modified to reduce the risk. Knowing whether you fall into the risk cancer could help you keep regular checks on your health and help diagnose at an early stage when it can be managed and cured. Looking after yourself is looking after your future and your generations ahead.

Cervical Cancer:

Cervical cancer is when the cells of the cervix, the lower part of the women’s uterus, start growing out of control. If detected at an early stage, it could be successfully treated. The conscious effort to prevent it and follow measures to keep a timely check on it could help protect from this disease.

The human papillomavirus or HPV is the cause of cervical cancer. It is usually spread by coming into sexual contact with a person who is infected with HPV. HPV is of many types, and not all HPV develop cervical cancer. This infection is most commonly found in females at the start of their sexual activity, may disappear on its own, but may also develop into genital warts or more severely cervical cancer.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI)’s:

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STI) is a disease that spreads from person to person through sexual contact. For example, HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes etc. Condoms can be used for a safe sex. In addition, temporary methods to prevent abortion can be a contraceptive pill or emergency contraceptive pill, injection, and male ligation (Vasectomy) or female ligation (Tubectomy) as a permanent procedure. However, except condom, none of these methods should be used without consulting the doctor.

If we take a little change in our daily diet and lifestyle, it is possible to avoid many health complications. Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Intake high-fiber fruits and vegetables
  • Drink at least 3 liters of water each day
  • Take at least eight hours of sleep at night
  • Spend some time in the sun regularly from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM
  • Exercise regularly for at least some time

So we can say that there must not be any shame or negligence so that we can avoid these health risks. To live a happy and healthy life, all we need is a bit of consciousness and to follow few rules and regulations.

Top 5 Popular Jewellery Trends for Girls in Bangladesh

jewellery trends of this season in Bangladesh

Simplicity is the true key to elegance. But when it comes to trendy jewellery in Bangladesh, this year the bling business has been all about being bold, dramatic and sometimes a little bit crazy. Since the beginning of civilization, jewellery has always won the hearts of women all over the world. In Bangladesh, jewellery trends change a lot and their time spans also vary.

Today we will discuss some of the coolest jewellery trends among the female population in Bangladesh, in fact the 5 most popular jewellery trend of this season. Some of these trends come and go as a fling, but some of these remain the all-time favorites. To avoid favoritism, I’ll skip the ranking process today.


choker in Bikroy

No matter how many times chokers evolve, their trend seems to never go away completely. No matter what people say about their origins, we women all love chokers! Today, the modified chokers have become more popular than the average velvet ribbon or laced one. It still tightly hugs the neck, but has now increased in volume and has become more ornamented and bling. It is available in so many different kinds of materials and even some of them turned out to be choker necklaces paired with ear-rings. With varieties of options your hand, you can never be bored with a choker or choker-collar!

Kundan Jewellery

kundan in bikroy

Kundan jewellery is like a trend forever! With its carefully crafted designs Kundan has fascinated fashion-enthusiasts globally for a very long time. The word ‘Kundan’ means ‘highly refined gold’. It is because that the quality of gold used to create these jewelry is of high purity. This type of jewelry was once worn by the Mughal royalty and the designs from that era is still pretty popular, because of their elegant and rich appearance. Unlike what many people assume, Kundan refers to the purity of the gold and not on the stones. That is why it is an art of embedding glass pieces in intricate gold works to create absolute masterpieces. You can wear these at almost any special occasion, as they are found in varied sizes and styles.

Tassel Jewellery

tassel in bikroy

Following the Pom Pom trend, stylish Tassel jewellery designs are now in the limelight. These fringe like pieces can be the perfect stand-alone statement or also compliment a delicate piece beautifully. These can be made from yarns, tini beads, pearls, leather strips and what not! Not only colorful but with a swishy effect coming from long, soft threads that frame the face and sometimes even touch the shoulders, a statement earring that doesn’t need additional necklaces or scarves. Even in neckpiece form these can be worn with denim and jacket, colorful fringy dresses, cropped-shoulder dresses etc.

Jaipuri Jewellery

jaipuri in bikroy

Traditional Jaipuri jewellery offers the best way to dress up in any ethnic outfit like a saree, anarkali churidar or lehenga for any special occasion. Jaipuri jewellery includes a variety of designs and concepts; sometimes they are beautifully designed with kundan and meenakari works, sometimes just basic gold or silver work creates an abosolute masterpiece.

The Jaipuri kundan sets are traditional bridal jewelry and match best with bridal sarees and gold work lehengas. The bright and beautiful essense of Meenakari makes it perfect for simpler outfits like a salwar kameez or sometimes cocktail dresses. Heavy gold sets go perfectly with silk sarees. The antique polished varieties can be used to dress up in casual kurtis or tops. The fashion pieces made with cheaper artificial materials are meant for more casual wardrobes and informal occasions. So you can incorporate a bit of ethnic glamour in almost any occasion without spending too much money.

Handmade Jewellery

handmade jewellery in Bikroy

Nowadays handmade crafted jewellery has reached global popularity. A lot of creative individuals have made an entire career and business out of this. Craft kits, material and tutorials are easily found these days. Many girls like to create their own handcrafted jewellery as a hobby.

Different types of hand-painted or crafted jewellery can be found in many reliable local and online marketplaces. Recently, glass dome jewellery has been attracting girls of all ages around the globe, because of the variety and flexibility of options in the design. If you are creative enough, you can buy some ingredients and make your own unique set of jewellery in your place.

Different types of materials, hand-paintings or even digital images are embedded into the metal frame and then a round glass dome is placed on top with clear adhesive. This effect can also be created by using special clear adhesives such as mod podge. Some of these jewellery has become so popular nowadays in Bangladesh. These can be found in the form of rings, pendants and even as earrings.

Other Popular Jewellery

Well these jewellery types were just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many types of jewellery available in the marketplaces and the design options are never-ending. There are some honorable mentions I would like to state here today, such as- pom pom jewellery, antique coin jewellery, nepali stone jewellery, giant rings in both ethnic and modern styles, bold pendants with a delicate chain, cool noths as in nose rings etc. Don’t forget the forever favourite diamonds and other precious gemstone jewellery that may have made their way into our most popular jewellery list, that is because these stones can be used in almost any kind of jewellery available in the market.


If clothing is the window of a woman’s soul, then jewellery is the window to a woman’s heart. The way a woman accessorize herself indicates a lot about her mood, taste and even personality. There is no way anyone can impose style on a person who does not feel it at all. But trends are fun and you need a hint of confidence and a whole lot of courage to pull off a trend, even if it is out of your comfort zone sometimes. So, if you get confused, just feel free to take the leap and try something new for an instance. Because true beauty lies in how you present your inner self.

Visit our to try something new today and find your style amongst hundreds of real and promising accessories listings from our trusted sellers. Happy shopping!

Apple 2018: Review of the new iPhone XS!

Apple has kept up its constant move towards introducing newer devices and models every year. As a whole, this is the trend with every manufacturer of smartphones. The never-ending releases of newer phones by every manufacturer with a few new features are truly never ending!

Last year, Apple’s anniversary edition boasted a huge redesign of the iPhone with its iPhone X. this year, we meet its successor, the Apple iPhone XS. As the name suggests, it is Apple’s traditional S version looking exactly the same, yet enticing consumers globally.

Current owners of the iPhone X will be measuring the pros and cons for a worthy upgrade. While older model users will consider upgrading to this model or a model from last year. The upgrade to the iPhone XS from the X is such a modest upgrade that it is almost impossible to spot! Well, that may sound a bit harsh but whether or not that’s entirely true, we will leave for you to judge.

Since, it is not a drastic upgrade, Apple too focused on its ability to conduct actions rather than its specs and features. It is a member of the same family of specs as the X. So, it was smart of Apple to focus on the capabilities and functionalities of the iPhone XS rather than anything else. A new color… the best display in the industry… and a few other enhancements… let’s take a look at the Apple iPhone XS 2018!

The launch of the Apple iPhone X in 2017 was an absolute craze! People wanted to get their hands on the brand new design & innovative style of the iPhone. But this year, there was no hype of that nature!

The need for the unexpected was filled last year and so this year there was nothing more to expect. The model is identical to X with some key upgrades. A larger memory with 512GB of storage, an all-new A12 Bionic chipset to improve the speed and camera performance, and an enhanced display. The Apple iPhone XS is now available for pre-order & will be available in-stores on September 21, 2018.

Let’s Talk About the Lack of Design Changes!

As we already know, there are no new design changes to really discuss. Apple has maintained its reputation of releasing the same design as last year by following it up with a new S edition the next year. So, there are no physical changes to the iPhone XS and it will be almost impossible to tell the two apart when sat next to each other.

One of the noticeable design changes is the color scheme. A shade of gold is not in the mix of the iPhone giving it a striking new look. Apart from that, the frame and size is the same and the trendy notch at the top is back again with no home button, just like the iPhone X.

The controversial front & back with glass make a comeback again. So it is still a danger to the slightest of drops. While there are many phones in the market with sleek designs, apple manages to still come out on top with its striking looks. Other copycat designs may look the same, but the feel and the premium build quality of the iPhone is unbeatable.

The high price is justifiable by just holding the phone in your hands. It is simply unmatchable with any phone currently available in the market. The most striking smartphone in the market and yes, no traditional headphone jack as iPhone has eliminated it long ago. The left & right side of the XS is still the same with the trademark volume and lock buttons and the silencer.

The back looks the same as the iPhone X as well with the elegant placement of the vertical dual camera. The glass back is as Apple claims very durable and it does feel superb. With the XS now coming in gold, the look is absolutely stunning and is clearly the one to buy this year.

So let’s look at why users would love to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone XS in 2018!

Iphone XS review by

What an Amazing Screen, Indeed!

The iPhone XS with its 5.8-inch OLED screen is now the smallest available new device from Apple in 2018. It is one of the most impressive displays available on any smartphone in the market today with rich colors, deep blacks and strong contrast ratios. The size is perfect as it’s much larger than prior iPhones but not too big be uncomfortable.

Impressive Sound Improvements

The new iPhone has its dual speakers on the same position, the bottom of the device. While, they spit sound downwards, the higher volume will let you enjoy anything even without headphones. The improved audio output technology means that the sound you hear is richer and more dynamic.

How the Camera Shoots

The camera update allowed this iPhone to get the gimmicks, more specifically, the dual cameras which was only limited to the Plus edition. The iPhone camera now can understand and improve photos by working out scenes to enhance overall photo quality. As Apple showed off on stage of the event, the quality of the photos are simply incredible.

How Long Will the iPhone Last?

Like always, Apple did not mention or talk about the battery in terms of its numbers but focused on its ability to perform. The iPhone X last year ran on a battery capacity of over 2,700mAh. The 2018 iPhone XS is claimed by Apple to outperform it by at least 30 minutes due to its new & improved longer A12 Bionic chipset.

No Performance Issues With the new Apple iOS

Using the iPhone XS was an absolute treat! The apps open & close instantly, camera fires rapidly and just scrolling about in the phone is a magical experience. The speed of the iPhone is phenomenal with the new A12 Bionic chipset. It’s powering all the new iPhones of 2018. The processor has “next-generation Neural Engine” with eight cores, allowing it to process up to 5 trillion operations per second.

Time for the Verdict: Success or Excess?

Looking back at the unveilings of Apple devices over time, the S years have always been somewhat a downer. As always it was good from the business end of Apple, but consumers would be left in a daze of whether or not to get something which has slightly better specs in the same, almost exact device.

Some of the improvements offered are truly notable. The storage, the volume, the screen colors will all be highlights of the Apple iPhone XS. But is that enough for you to upgrade?

Last year’s model will be a bit cheaper this year, but the decision will be tough to ignore the models whether it’s the XS, XR or the Max.

There’s a real spur-of-the-moment rush of adrenaline once you have it in your hands. That’s the effect of the Apple iPhone XS. But you must use a case to protect its pristine look overtime. I am looking forward to using my iPhone XS soon in the next few days. Hope this comprehensive review of the iPhone XS will have cleared any doubts you had for plunging into an Apple store for your next Apple iPhone.

I hope that reading this review has allowed you to learn more about the new Apple iPhone XS. Now, hopefully you can make an easier decision whether or not to upgrade to the newest Apple sensation. Let me know your thoughts and comments on the new iPhone in the comments section below.

Visit the marketplace today to find thousands of listings of new and used phones. Search by your specific requirements, price range, brand, model, etc. to find the phone which is best for you.

Career Option for Students: Customer Service jobs in Bangladesh

customer service jobs for students

Are you studying in Bangladesh?

So you are a student in a country which has one of the highest percentages of unemployment rates among graduates in the region.

On the bright side, you are still a student and you can bring the changes needed for a better future!

But it is true, according to a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit in January of 2014, out of every ten graduates in Bangladesh, five are unemployed. This was also highlighted by Al Jazeera in May of 2018 during the Quota System protests, which added that our neighboring countries are a little better off with just three out of ten graduates unemployed in India and Pakistan.

So this article is a must-read for successfully considering career options while studying in Bangladesh.

It is essential that students take job search and career options seriously even before they have completed their studies. Time and budget management skills are most helpful coming into adulthood. These are some of the essential qualities that are acquired as students which we don’t always hold on to.

Regardless, Bangladesh is fast evolving to be a prime example of rapid growth among all sectors such as technology, economy, living standards, and of course education. There is a vast amount of opportunities available for students in a country which has a largely young population. Often times, we fail to take notice of these new opportunities blinded by our negative thoughts.

It is now time for a fresh perspective!

Some of the Best Jobs in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has developed significantly in recent years boosted by a strong economic growth constantly creating new job opportunities in various sectors. Earlier in the year we listed some of the best jobs in Bangladesh in the article TOP 10 most in demand jobs in Bangladesh of 2018. The article compiled a detailed list of all the most in demand jobs with expected salary range, job availability and its future career outlook.

The following is a compiled list of the 10 which represent some of the best jobs in Bangladesh today listed in alphabetical order:

  • Call Center Jobs
  • Customer Support Jobs
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Freelance Jobs
  • IT & Telecom Jobs
  • Medical Jobs
  • Online Marketing Jobs
  • Part Time Jobs (in every sector!)
  • Sales & Marketing Jobs

Is Customer Service Jobs for Students the Best Option?

As one of the most in-demand jobs, customer service jobs or customer support jobs are clearly one of the best career options while studying in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a massive consumer market which is experience an intensive growth in sales. With larger numbers of sales, there is a constant need for customer support or customer service agents for dealing with their inquiries. This need is largely created by the recent surge in ecommerce businesses nationwide. Most of the companies require 24/7 customer support options whether through phone, email & chat in addition to the traditional customer service staff during business hours on physical stores.

This demand based need is at an all-time high in 2018 with the digitization of businesses and the requirement for them to be visible online. So, a lot of companies regardless of their product or service require customer service agents for social media and online support in addition to the traditional call center support. These types of customer service jobs require skills which are easily found in students and companies identity these roles as jobs for students.

As you start you job search for part time jobs or any jobs for students, you will see the high numbers of job posts looking for customer service jobs. Interestingly, many such customer service job posts prefer students rather than full-time employees for such roles.

Good customer service is essential in every sector, and with a largely consumer based market, Bangladesh is likely to experience a further spike in demand for customer service jobs.

Opportunities for Students in Bangladesh

Job opportunities for Students

Despite popular belief, there is still a tremendous amount of resource available for students in Bangladesh. Now you may wonder with so many above mentioned jobs available in various sectors and with so many opportunities available, why is the unemployment rate still so high?

Well, that is because we do not plan ahead!

Career planning should ideally begin even before you step into your first class in the university. However, we tend to start our career plans on the day of our graduation.

Opportunities by Universities

As a university student in Bangladesh, take advantage of your university’s career center. If there isn’t an established career center then contact the respected authorities to create one by stressing its importance. Career centers allow you to access vacancies in reputed companies with your university as reference, universities hold job fairs where reputed and well-known companies willingly participate, faculties are capable of assisting with CV and resume writing, many companies even offer to hold workshops related to a particular jobs for students and much more.

Guest lecturers are able to offer expert advice, some of whom may be in the job industry for many years. Events may be organized around job search workshops and qualities of ideal employees by job search portals. In your efforts of finding jobs for students, you can benefit from good relations for building a career with reputed firms which would otherwise be impossible as soon as you complete your studies or graduate.

University staff, programs, and resources are always made available for supporting students in every possible way. Students can get advice on career exploration and access to internship and job search. Many universities have recruiters who are excited to recruit students who wish to pursue a career in education. Regardless of your needs, feel free to visit, email or call faculty or university authority to get help in finding specific jobs for students and other assistance.

Several of the following services are offered on campuses around Bangladesh:

  • Career Counseling & advices
  • CV and cover letter writing skills
  • CV referrals (for students interested in part or full time work during their holidays or spare time)
  • Professional Workshops
  • Arranging Career Fair
  • Seminars & Talks on better understanding of market, corporates & other concepts
  • An internship with a reputed organization
  • Improving interview technique, or gaining the confidence for talking intelligently to recruiters

Opportunities by Companies, Businesses & Organizations

As a student, you will find that many business organizations in Bangladesh offer various types of opportunities especially focused on jobs for students. Granted that you must prove yourself competent for the desired role by the company, the opportunities arise from many areas.

Browsing through job portals, such as, you will find job posts by companies with exciting projects requiring students or fresh graduates. These student job roles may be demanding but the challenges allow you to assume responsibility in launching your career.

Companies offer many opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Internships and graduate programs
  • Trainings focused on employee engagement and cultural changes for driving service quality and skills/knowledge for customer satisfaction
  • leadership programs and functional training for specific skills development
  • operational knowledge and skills training, health and safety training, language courses or soft skills trainings
  • On-the-job training

Best Ways to Start a Job Search

search jobs for students

It is important to prepare yourself with the best ways for job search. The world is now presenting its citizens with new digital economic opportunities which have eliminated traditional boundaries set by geography and society. So take advantage of the growing digital global network!

Optimize the Use of All the Online Resources

You should use all the widely available resources online to the best of your knowledge by tapping into every possible option. One of the most effective ways is through online job portals such as, LinkedIn or online classifieds or online job forums on social networks like Facebook. Keep yourself aware of job fair and other career events organized which are promoted on social media. A significant amount of time is spent online by both businesses and consumers, so make productive use of these online tools.

Direct Applications, CV Submissions & Walkin Interviews

The traditional approach of looking through newspaper classifieds is still an effective method. Many companies publish classified ads on newspapers as their main source of recruitment. Even when you do not see a suitable job role for you, consider preparing your CV and an application to send to them. Some companies even welcome walk-in interviews which you could use to make a good impression. Note down names of companies that interest you and visit their website to learn more or contact them for any opportunities they may have for you.

It is not always enough to send a CV or attend a walk-in interview. Try to conduct some follow up activity such as a phone call or email to express your interest and trigger a response from them rather than waiting on them to respond. Be sure to maintain proper etiquettes as you do not want to annoy a potential employer.

Some Tips for Customer Service Jobs or any Part Time Jobs

Being a student comes with a heavy price such as the costs associated with university tuition, food, living and transportation. This is the reason many look to find jobs for students to support themselves for some of these costs. As a result, many students resort to flexible customer service jobs or any part time jobs which give them the flexibility to work while pursuing education.

The following are some tips or things to remember while studying in Bangladesh:

Polish Your Communication Skills

It is essential for students to have strong interaction skills such as strong communication both verbal and non-verbal skills. This is necessary for an intelligent interview session or even after job confirmation. Customer service jobs require high level of communicational skills in dealing with various types of customers. In many cases, the smallest of verbal or non-verbal miscommunication can cause huge problems. So it is helpful to attend workshops and seminars before finding jobs for students to polish their skills of communication.

Set & Achieve Realistic Expectations

It is elementary that students do not let their passion and emotions to mix and set unrealistic expectations of themselves. Setting unrealistic and unachievable expectations psychologically bind our minds once we fail to achieve them. But when we set realistic and practical expectations, we are able to achieve them more often and if not, then we can identify the reasons of our failure. So instead of pursuing the sense of perfection, students must pursue persistence and consistence. Always remember that as students, every job or opportunity is a learning curve and as you approach adulthood this will apply to your life after your studies are complete as well.

Take Career Events Seriously

Career events such as internships, job fairs, interviews, workshops, seminars, etc. are things designed to get the best out of you as students. So, when pursuing career options in Bangladesh, take these things seriously to get the most benefits from them. Every opportunity whether paid or unpaid is a step towards building your career. It is essential that these events are given their due attention.

Accept Every Call & Attend Every Interview at your Best

Don’t ever underestimate an employer or an opportunity! It is essential that you accept every call for internship, training or attend every interview in your best behavior. Not only are you choosing the best option, you are also creating a relationship with individuals who were unknown to you and you may encounter again at some point of your customer service career.

Balance, Balance & Balance!

Adulthood is tough! The transition period of becoming an adult is a long and painful process. Remember to maintain a good balance of everything in your life. Set priorities and balance all your activities. You must balance your work around you studies, not the other way around. Make sure that your part time jobs or customer service jobs do not hamper the quality of your education. Regardless of the best jobs or opportunities, you must remember to enjoy breaks, get proper rest like sleep, hobbies & interests, extracurricular activities likes sports, health and safety concerns, and hangouts with friends and family, etc. Achieving the perfect balance in life is an impossible task but continue to pursue it. From our another article Find out “Advantages of Part-Time Jobs in Bangladesh


Students… take notice of all the opportunities that are available all around you!

It is never too early to start a job search. You can look for opportunities while you are a full time student by securing the terms with an interested company for some of the best jobs in Bangladesh. You can join as a full time employee as soon as you graduate. Job search takes up more time than we ideally imagine. This is even more imminent in a country like Bangladesh where thousands of qualified individuals are struggling to find employment every day.

Always work on developing your skills by honing your interests and be willing to broaden your horizon. Do not let temporary challenges from unlocking new & the best jobs or opportunities. Consider every possibility to polish yourself as an individual. Do not hesitate in communicating with companies local or abroad as your failure will simply be a lesson learned. Identify your passions by considering anything that interests you.

With all the opportunities discussed in the article, it is important to have the right attitude. You may lack in technical skills but do not lack in energy, passion or hard work in pursuit of your goals such as getting the best jobs in Bangladesh.

Keep the Bikroy App handy or visit the website to keep yourself updated with the latest job posts by reputed companies.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Stay blessed!