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Best Mangoes: The Perfect Treat of Nature in Bangladesh

The summer is here and so are the mangoes. Fresh and juicy ripe fruits have taken over the marketplaces with their mouth-watering aroma. Whenever walking past a fruit market, you cannot help reaching out towards the yummiest fruit variety in Bangladesh. Yes! We are talking about the king of fruits, Mango.

As you already know, right now is the best time to savor this sweet gift of nature as much as you can. But to do so, you need to buy the best mangoes of this season in their best condition. We can help you with a few tips on how to pick that best mango from thousands of options. Also, we will tell you which mangoes are the yummiest in this season. So keep calm and keep savoring!

Color is not your first option

Mango color bikroy

We all have drawn mangoes in our childhood and most of the time the teachers taught us that the skin of unripe mangoes is green and sour, where ripe and sweet mangoes need to be yellow or slightly reddish skinned. But that is not true at all. Not all mangoes are of the same color, nor can they won’t necessarily tell you much about the ripeness of a mango. Many mango varieties are green-skinned but are the sweetest of them all. So don’t judge a mango by its skin color!

Looks and feels can say a lot

Take a good look at the mango and inspect it thoroughly. A good and perfectly ripe mango should be slightly soft to touch, but not too much mushy. The skin should be toned and sometimes small spots or marks around the stem area are normal. But if the skin is too loose, dimpled, cranky, or torn in places the mango might be overripe or spoiled. If you intend to eat the mango by the day, you can buy some soft mangoes, but to save up for later, it is wise to pick firmer ones.

Nose don’t lie!

No matter how a mango looks like, its aroma will tell you exactly how juicy and ripe it is. You can always trust the fruity sweet aroma that comes from perfectly ripe mangoes. The scent is strongest near the stem area, so you can try sniffing around the stem of mango if you get confused. Also in the case of medicine-infused ones, you can spot the sharp smell of the carbyne or formalin, whichever is applied to it, just by smelling the mango.

Because of having a high natural sugar content, medicine-free mangoes ferment naturally, so any kind of sour or alcoholic odor is a sign the mango is ruined.

Ripening the unripe mangoes

If you somehow managed to pick some unripe mangoes from the marketplace, keep them on a countertop in slightly cooler room temperature for ripening. It usually takes two to four days for a mango to become softer and ready for consumption. But too green ones may take a little longer. If the room temperature is high, the mangoes might ripen quicker than usual. Once it gets perfectly ripe, you can store them in the fridge for up to 4 more days.

Mangoes that ripen in the home from green ones but not spoiled may taste a little sour. It is because the mango might have been plucked too early from the trees. You can always make juice out of them adding some sugar or different spices to enjoy a different mango experience. It is something I do personally at home whenever I find mangoes like this.

Rinse before you eat it

rinsing mango bikroy

Besides making pickles, rinsing the outer skin of the mango before eating is important. There could be traces of chemicals or germs on it that can pass in your fruit while slicing. Also, mango skin is perfectly edible and is often consumed by some people. They are extremely high in nutrients that can help the body to control the receptor molecules called PPARs. These molecules help to maintain cholesterol and glucose levels and also have some cancer-killing properties. To try it wash it thoroughly and then consume it like apples or peaches!

If you suspect any presence of chemicals like Formalin or insecticides, dip the mangoes in a bowl full of water for around half an hour before consumption. The chemicals dissolve in the water and are separated from the mangoes easily. Then you can eat it without worrying about anything.

Best mangoes to taste this season

As I promised, the best mango varieties of this season are ‘Himsagar’, ‘Khirsapat’, ‘Langra’ etc. Amongst them ‘Himsagar’ is the sweetest and most delicious one.

You can either have it cut or juiced, either way, it tastes amazing.  For people who love big fleshy fruits with an amazing scent, Langra is their no. one choice. Also, there are many other varieties of mangoes in the marketplaces, but you should try the seasonal fruits for the best experience.

Find out when to enjoy which mango

Based on market availability mangoes can devices into three seasons: early seasonal, In seasonal, post seasonal. From the mid of May to mid-June, you will get early seasonal mangoes available. The best mangoes in this category are Ranipochondo, Gobindobhog, Gopalbhog, and Brindabani. From mid-June, you will get in seasonal mangoes, which are: langra, khirshapat, lokkhonbhog, Harivanga, Himsagar, Surjopuri, etc.

On the other hand, the post seasonal mangoes can be seen in the market from July to September. In this category, you can have Fazli, Amrapali, Ashwina, Gourmoti, and Bombay.

Versatile usage of mangoes

Mangoes are widely used in cuisine. Green mangoes are used in making pickles, jam, chutney, amchur, aamsotto, and many other side dishes. They can also be eaten raw by shredding and adding salt, chili, sugar, etc. Mangoes are also used to make jelly, juice, fruit bars and also as a flavoring and major ingredient in ice cream, custard, faluda, mango milk etc. From children to fully grown adults, everybody loves this sweet and juicy treat of nature. Undoubtedly, it is the king of fruits in Bangladesh.

Final Words

Our love for mango is deeply integrated with the various activities of life. We are proud of the excellent varieties of mangoes in different parts of the country. Such thinking has been created from our regionalism and patriotism.

So it is not too late, from the beginning of this season, you can find the mangoes of your choice and you can order mangoes online at the online shops of the trusted mango sellers of, the largest marketplace in Bangladesh!

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