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Eat Right to Stay Healthy During Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan has appeared in the hottest time of this year, with extreme heat and unbearable humidity. During the fasting times, we are prone to rough sun exposure, sweat, perspiration and a dangerous level of fluid loss. Greasy and unhealthy foods in suhoor and iftar can cause great damage to our overall health. So this year, we would like to suggest some effective Ramadan health tips for you-

Keep Yourself Hydrated

hydrate Ramadan

Low intake of liquids during fasting times can lead to dehydration. In mild cases, dehydration can be uncomfortable but in severe ones it can be life threatening. Avoid drinking sugary carbonated beverages, such as soda and artificial juices as well as drinks that initiate water loss like tea and coffee (both of them are diuretics and causes dehydration).

It is important to drink enough pure water during suhoor, iftar and post-iftar times. 1.5 to 2 litres are recommended by specialists, so make sure to store enough water in your water-purifiers to purify and chill it before iftar. Drink your water slowly but repeatedly or you’ll feel sick. Some people don’t like plain water; experiment with some natural additives like- lemon or rose essence. Another healthy substitute can be zero-calorie Vitamin or fruit water.

Choose what you eat wisely

Ramadan healthy eating

During Ramadan, our diet should be as simple as possible. A balanced diet can help you maintain your normal weight. The food you choose to eat can also prevent dehydration during the day. Proper suhoor and healthy iftar options include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that contain a generic amount of water– these can also help with digestion.

Also, fruits and veggies help you to fight constipation that many suffer from during the first few Ramadan days as a result of irregular water intake, eating time and lesser physical activity. Excessive sugar, carbohydrates, fatty and deep fried foods can cause great damage to your health and beauty. Also try to reduce salt intake or completely avoid it, as it promotes dehydration and causes your skin to appear dry.

Protected Outdoor Exposure & Physical Activity

Ramadan Sun protection

You also need to limit your outdoor activities during Ramadan to avoid scorching sun exposure during the day. Add a healthy exercise routine at least an hour after Iftar time to maintain good health.

Wear light cotton clothes and cover up your head with scarves or hats to avoid heat stroke and rashes. Wear some good UVA & B sunblock when you need to go outdoors to beat sunburn and cancer risks. Use skin care products like suitable moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated, supple and healthy.

Moreover, fasting appropriately can actually be healthier than the usual health habits for you, so enjoy Ramadan and maintain a healthy body and a healthy spirit this year. Ramadan Mubarak! 🙂

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