Buying a Cheap Second Hand Car

When buying a used car in Bangladesh, a shopper can get a great price and still enjoy a top-of-the-line vehicle. Of course, it is not always easy to find the best vehicle. No, there are a lot of lemons out there, and some sellers want to take advantage of an unprepared buyer. This is hard to avoid when one does not know how to analyze the situation to the fullest. With this in mind, here are 10 tips for buying a cheap second-hand car.

Look in various places: While looking for a vehicle, a shopper should head to multiple classifieds sites. Furthermore, a potential buyer should look on the side of the road for cars. Often, an owner will place a for sale sign in the window. Finally, when looking to buy a pre-owned car, a potential buyer should talk to his or her family and friends. With many sources of automobiles, a consumer can get the best value. Remember, there are a lot of people selling automobiles, and it is wise to look around as much as possible. To more about this check our another article Consider These Facts Before Buying Second Hand Cars in Bangladesh.

Do not fall in love with a model or make: It is easy to fall in love with one car. For example, some people want to buy a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic. Instead, a buyer should try to find a type of car that he or she will enjoy. To do so, a motorist should think of his or her wants and needs. Meaning, when looking for a reliable and safe car, a potential buyer should have a list of four or five cars that he or she may enjoy. This will help increase the selection pool. In turn, when making deals and negotiating, a consumer with more options can ask for a better price.

Bring a mechanically inclined friend: There are plenty of second-hand cars for sale in Bangladesh that do not meet basic quality standards. Sadly, when a buyer lands a car with problems, he or she will have an issue to deal with in the future. To avoid this all-too-common problem, a motorist should bring his or her mechanic to look at the vehicle. While this will cost some money, it is a wise step to take as a qualified individual can check out the engine, transmission and any other important parts of the car.

Ask for maintenance records: In Bangladesh, people are notorious for pushing their cars to the max. Not only that, a lot of vehicle owners forget to, or just do not care about, routine maintenance. When this happens, the car will not last as long or run optimally. To save some money and anguish, a potential buyer should ask the seller for maintenance records. Often, the owner of the vehicle will have no problem furnishing oil change receipts and other information. With this, a motorist should have no issue in shelling out his or her money to buy the automobile.

give a test drive

Long test drive: It is easy for a driver to fall in love with a car and simply make an offer. However, this is not wise, and a person who wants to avoid issues in the future must take the car on a long test drive. By taking the car on city streets, highways and other areas, a potential buyer can see how the car will handle under various situations. This is important as most people in Bangladesh will need a car they can rely on in any given situation. Remember, when going on a test drive, do not simply go around the street a couple of times as a buyer needs to get a feel for the vehicle.

Think of other costs: In a haste to find a good deal and a fun automobile, some people will quickly write the check or hand over cash. Sadly, often, a buyer will have regret when he or she realizes they cannot afford the insurance or other costs. Simply put, with used cars, the cost of car parts, insurance and other items can add up quickly. For this reason, an individual should look at his or her full budget and determine if they can afford the car without much struggle.

Ask the driver their habits: When buying an older model car, a motorist will want to know how the previous driver treated it. To understand this further, one should analyze the situation and ask the owner how he or she drove the automobile. Now, some people will admit that they drive too fast and gun it at any opportunity. When finding this out, a buyer should proceed cautiously and consider offering a lower price. On the other hand, when the owner gives his or her word that they drove methodically and safely, a buyer should have fewer fears about getting into the new car. Get some more tips here: Tips and Tricks to Buying a Used Car in Bangladesh


Look for rust: It is common in Bangladesh for cars to have a lot of rust. While this is not a death sentence to the body or paint, it is something to look at, in detail. Again, when buying an older model, it is hard to avoid getting a car with a perfect paint job. However, it is wise to make sure the rust is not out of control as it can cause problems down the road. With that being said, if the car is overall clean and nice, a buyer should not fear the rust. Instead, he or she should slightly lower his or her offering price.

Find out about recalls before buying the car: Often, manufacturers will have a known problem they fix via a recall. While this is not a big deal in itself, it will cause the new owner some problems. It is not always fun or easy to bring an automobile to the dealer to fix the issue. But, a serious and diligent car owner should take care of the problem before unloading the car. If this is not the case, one should adjust their offering price accordingly as it is a time-communing and frustrating process to bring a vehicle to the dealership for a routine fix.

Never take the first offer: Of course, most sellers will want to get top dollar for their auto. This is to be expected. However, it is beneficial for a buyer to offer a lower price. This is easy to accomplish when dealing with cash. Without a doubt, when following the other tips in this guide such as not falling in love with a car and having plenty of cars in mind, one can, with ease, offer a lower price and not feel bad if it does not work out in the end.

With these 10 easy to follow tips, a consumer in Bangladesh can get a great deal on his or her next used car purchase. It is important to follow these ideas as one false move can result in a huge cost to the buyer. In fact, with one mistake, a used car buyer will have to spend a lot of money rectifying the problem and getting his or her car in running shape. So, remember, ask a lot of questions, don’t jump at the first offer and make sure to verify that the car runs well and has no serious issues.

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