Things You Should Consider Before Buying A New Motorcycle

If you are a citizen of Dhaka, then you must be familiar with the ever-long traffic congestion here. So, What’s the rescue point? Motorbikes have become the best pick for numerous city-dwellers these days. Public transports are still being used by mass as it’s more affordable, but day by day people are getting more inclined into riding bikes here in Bangladesh. This is the only vehicle in Bangladesh that got more than two million registrations over here. According to BRTA, the number was likely to be 23,27,689 at the beginning of 2020. 

Each year almost every motorcycle company brings its new brands and models to deal with a massive demand for this vehicle in Bangladesh. They have their own variations in every aspect a customer can go through. It’s okay to be easily confused especially if you are planning to purchase a new one since there are several models that can meet your budget. In this case, you need to check some major factors that can help you to narrow down your choice. 

You can easily find brand new motorbikes through Here you can search by your priorities and see several deals based on your choice. To get your first riding companion at home, we are serving some essential aspects below. So, let’s jump in.

Types of Bikes Available in the Bangladeshi Market

Typically, four categories of motorbikes are available in our market. These are cruiser bikes, commuter bikes, sports bikes, and premium bikes. Except for these categories, you can observe some special category bikes over here. Like, mountain hiking bikes, dirt racing bikes, etc. Let’s have a detailed view of the following categories:

Cruiser Bikes

You might have seen your favorite hero or a villain in a film is riding a spacious heavy bike. These bikes are known as cruiser bikes. Though the bikes are very wide, you can genuinely feel a relaxing journey by sitting on these. But if you are planning to ride cruiser bikes in Dhaka city, then you can face issues. Choose a long journey and roads with low traffic to enjoy the ride.  You can spot several cruiser bike models on the road like Suzuki Intruder, Bajaj Avenger, UM Renegade Commando, etc. 

Commuter Bikes 

The oil efficient and comfortable bikes available in the market are usually known as commuter bikes. These bikes are best at easing your regular movement around the city. Almost every bike brand has their models in this segment. Most bikes are ranging from 80 to 125cc and come at an affordable price. You can pick your commuter bike within the budget range of 70k to 1.5 lac. 

Sports Bike 

If you enjoy bike racing programs, then you are not new to this term. Though the same models and bikes are not available in our country because of our cc limit, you can buy several models with the same design. Honda motorbike’s CBR and Yamaha motorbike’s R-15 series are the two biggest and known models of sports bikes. The price range of sports bikes is comparatively higher than other segments. If you know the price of sports bikes in our country, it will be easier to pick it according to your budget. 

Premium Bike

These bikes are the most popular among the young generation. Attractive design and modest speed have made this category unimaginably popular to our young generation. Most of the bikes hold a 160cc limit here. Some most popular models of this segment are- Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache, Honda Hornet, etc. 

Scooter or Scooty

Scooter or scooty is a popular vehicle in our country. If you face problems to ride your bike, then picking a scooty could be a better option. You can find brands like Hero, TVS, Mahindra, and others with versatile models in the market. They are designing their scooters according to male and female drivers. 

New Vs Second-hand: How Your First Bike Should Be

Before stepping out any further, you need to make your mind whether you purchase a brand new bike from the showroom or you would like to buy the same model in a used condition at a lower price. 

You can take this decision over your riding experience. If you are a newbie or haven’t ridden a motorcycle before then, you can go with a second-hand bike. It would help you to undergo the practice period cuts, slips, and scratches. After completing your practice period, you can go for a brand new piece, but it’s ok to stick with the used ones. 

Whenever planning to go with second-hand bikes, our advice will be to be more cautious. Sometimes it could be shown to you with a perfect outlook, but it could be dysfunctional from within. To avoid situations like this, bring a trusted motorbike mechanic with you and let them examine the product. 

Buying Second-hand Bikes to Modify

If you are about to buy second-hand classic motorcycles and then modify them, we would suggest spending minimally. Cause it won’t give you a good resale value. No matter how much you spend behind it, you won’t get a better amount when you need to sell this.

When To Choose A New Bike Over Second-hand One

If you are okay with bike riding and doing this several times, it’s better to pick new bikes instead of the used ones. It could cost you a bit higher, but you will be served with satisfaction in the long run. The whole thing is depending on your market research and judgment. So take time, talk with experts, and only buy your bike when you are sure about it. If you search for new motorbikes with mid-budget, then choose a bike that can build a bridge between your requirements and your budget. 

Know Your Budget

When you are done with picking up your criteria, you need to fix your budget now. Do not stress the retailing price of your bike only, but also look at the expenses of your bike insurance and other safety gadgets. To know more about safety gear and their uses, you have to put a keen eye on several facts.

If you are thinking of sticking with your bike in the long run, you can register it with ten years of the timeline. According to BRTA, it will cost you around BDT 25,000. Additionally, you will need safety gear, including a helmet, arm and knee guard, hand gloves, riding shoes, and disc lock system.

Have a Clear Perspective over your Demand

When buying a new motorbike, you can easily choose the right bike for you by looking at these 3 important things:

  • Riding in a metropolitan city
  • Fulfilling your daily tasks
  • For official usage

Now, if you are a traveler and want a bike to move around the country, then go with the one that comes with all the necessary features. 

Do the Proper Market Research

Go through all the options you have in your hand – a vast world of motorbikes with varieties available here in Bangladesh. Chinese brands are doing very well over here besides Japanese companies. If you give an in-depth look, you will also find Indian and Korean brands are doing better these days. People are keeping their faith in these brands, and so far, they are admitting the building mechanism and durability. 

Popular brands like Honda, Yamaha, Hero, TVS, Suzuki, and Bajaj offer some models in different segments. Within your price range, there are several bike models you can pick. Like, if you are concerned about outlook and performance, you can go for Suzuki Gixxer. On the other hand, if you are thinking about a modest millage and coziness- you can go for Bajaj Pulsar. You also can have a personal preference while choosing a bike, make sure there are all the features you are looking for. 

If you are fond of any specific bike brand, you can see new honda bikes available in Bangladesh or new Yamaha bikes, Suzuki new bikes, etc. on Bikroy, where you can know about these bikes’ features and current price tags. 

Purchasing Chinese Bikes in Bangladesh

Well, most bikers in our country believe that Chinese and Korean bikes are not durable. But it’s not true at all. Technically, the bikes we are riding on the road are made of accessories manufactured in China. So, without Chinese accessories, it would have been quite impossible to make an impact on the two-wheeler industry. If you have found any promising bike within your budget, do not think twice. The longevity of your bike depends on you more than the brand. 

You might face the unavailability of parts for these brands, but you can easily order your parts and accessories online and get the delivery within a short period.

Final Words

After purchasing your first motorbike, we would suggest not to ride on the highway without having the safety gears on and the necessary documents. It won’t take more than 4 weeks to get done with all sorts of documents. Besides, without these documents and safety guards, you might have to pay fines. 

Hope we have been able to draw a clearer picture in answer to your confusion. Always ride your motorbike with proper safety guards. 

Happy Riding!

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