Things to Consider before Buying Apartments

If you are in the market for apartments and need some tips to help you through this tedious process, you have come to the right place. Buying a new flat in dhaka is not an easy task especially if you have to cater to the needs of other members of the family as well. The following are some useful tips which should come in handy for both rookie and seasoned home buyers.


Buying Apartments -Location

The most important factors in the real estate business are location, location and location. This is the make or break factor and by far the most vital one to take into consideration. Before you even look at the property, consider where you would like to live and take into account the living costs in that area. If you want to live in a quiet neighbourhood then being close to a school or office is not a good idea. On the flip side, many will appreciate being within easy reach of schools for their children. It all depends on what your needs are and what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of convenience.

Age Of the building

buying apartments age

An underrated thing to consider is the age of the building that houses the apartment. You may be viewing nice apartments with up to date amenities but if the building itself is 30 years old and lacks good reliable elevators or has a backdated and weaker structure, you may want to reconsider. Ask the seller to provide you details of when the apartments and the building were last renovated. Older buildings traditionally have hidden faults which over time may have become major problems so be prepared for unexpected maintenance work.


Buying Apartments - parking

You may think that the shiny apartment you are looking at obviously comes with parking space but be sure to double check as this is no longer true everywhere. If you have more than one vehicle or intend to purchase a vehicle, a lack of parking will be a persistent headache. When there is a parking spot available be sure to check how convenient it is. If you drive your car yourself, a tight parking spot will be a daily pain for you to navigate.


Buying Apartments -security

A lot of factors come into play to make up good security. Modern essentials like 24/7 CCTV monitoring should be expected as even older homes are adapting to accommodate this. A good sign is if the apartment or housing complex has hired a professional security company to handle duties. While this is common for larger complexes, nowadays even smaller buildings are bringing trained professionals on board. As for the security of the apartment itself, check if the home has solid grills covering the windows and other open spaces to prevent breaking and entering.

Future Developments

Buying Apartments - Future

A lot of people sacrifice convenience to buy apartments in prime locations with the hope that over time its value will increase significantly. If you find yourself in this position you must take a closer look at the surrounding area. Is there a chance that the beautiful view from your master bedroom will be destroyed by another highrise in the near future? In a similar manner, those looking to reside in a quiet neighbourhood should also consider the possibility of increased traffic due to a rise in commercialization. The perfect home you envision now may not remain the same over time and it is worth it to investigate potential developments down the line in the surrounding area.

Ask Questions


A new apartment is a significant investment and buying one should not be an impulse decision. It is highly advisable to talk to the tenants of the building or previous owners to get a better idea of what the property and the society is like. Even the most ideal homes can be made unlivable by horrible neighbours so do your due investigation. Search for all available flats for sale online to compare the prices.

Be Patient And Look Around

Buying Apartments - patience

The most obvious yet often overlooked piece of advice is to keep looking. The more homes you view the better for you. You may not find the right place immediately but being patient and playing the waiting game will be to your advantage. Narrow down your choices and talk to your family about what you think will be the ideal apartment for everyone.

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