Car Parts You Can Easily Replace

When you have to replace car parts, it can be a real burden. You may need specialized equipment, specialized tools, and specialized knowledge. Luckily, a variety of parts are developed so you can replace them with very little tools or facilities. If you are a dealer, having several cars for sale, knowing what these parts are is valuable knowledge to have.

Interior Parts:

Most interior car parts are easy to replace. For example knobs and switches are easy to replace. Interior light bulbs are also very easy to replace. Seats and carpets are easy to replace too. The dashboard may or may not be easy to replace, depending on the make of your car. Look around in scrap yards, and find second hand cars that have these parts. Obtain the parts from the scrap yard owner, and place them on your car. All used cars usually have a part or two available. If you cannot find used, then new parts must be considered. Unfortunately, headliners are not easy to replace. Headliners require specialized tools and knowledge.

Body Parts:


Many cars in Bangladesh have minor dents or blemishes on the fenders or hood. If you can find a second hand car that has a dent, you may be able to find another fender or hood on second hand cars in a scrap yard. These are also replaced with common hand tools, such as wrenches, and can be replaced in a day. Front and rear grilles are also held in place with just screws, and common tools are all that is needed. Bumpers are easy to replace. You will need assistance, since bumpers are heavy. If the ground clearance is low, you may have to drive the car up on ramps, so you can unbolt the bumper. Make sure to use wheel blocks, so the car does not roll. Look around for some used cars, the same year and model as yours. If you have cars for sale, simply replacing a bad part with a good one will make the price of your car go higher.

Engine Parts:

Some engine parts are easy to replace. Many used cars in Bangladesh have engines that are out in the open, and you can find used car parts for your car. Some common parts that are easily replaced are all the exterior parts such as distributors or intakes. Other parts include exhaust manifolds or pulleys. Air and oil filters are designed to be replaced. Some makes of cars you don’t even need tools to replace the air filter. It is held in place by clips that are removed by hand. If you visit a scrap yard to find the parts, you will have to bring along a set of tools since the scrap yard owner may not have the tools needed. If you cannot find a good used part, the next option is to buy a new part from an auto parts store. Oil and air filters should always be replaced with new parts, since an old oil filter could be just as bad as yours. If it is a rare part, be prepared to pay a premium price.

Brake Parts:


Brake parts are very easy to replace. Engineers know that brake pads, rotors and drums wear out. Engineers designed a brake system so the average home mechanic can easily replace parts with common hand tools. While brake parts are easy to replace, brake work requires technical expertise. Brakes are a critical area, since you need to stop the car. If you do the job incorrectly, it creates a very dangerous condition if the brakes fail. While brake parts are easy to change, if you do not have the technical expertise it is best to have a professional mechanic do brake jobs, and show you how to change brakes.

Suspension Parts:

Some suspension parts are easy to replace. Parts like shock absorbers can be replaced with common hand tools. Other suspension parts that are easy to replace include anti sway bars and rubber bushings. If your car has an older style one piece axle in the back, it is also very easy to replace. One piece axles are held to the springs by U-bolts and nuts. These are loosened by common wrenches. Other parts, like ball joints or constant velocity joints are, unfortunately, hard to replace. These parts require specialized tools, along with very technical expertise.

Electrical Parts:

Many electrical parts are easy to replace. For example, headlight and taillight bulbs usually can be replaced by using common hand tools. If you have to replace the housing or the lens, these are easily replaced too. Lenses are usually held in place by common screws, and a screwdriver is all that is needed. Fuses are also very easy to replace. Many cars are designed with the fuse box that is easily accessible. Also, many fuses can be replaced by hand, using no tools. However, before attempting any electrical work, you must disconnect the battery. If you do not, the danger of electrocution is great. The battery is also easy to replace too. You simply disconnect the terminal bolts, usually with wrenches, and remove the bad battery and replace it with a good one.

Considerations When Replacing A Broken Part:


You must keep in mind several considerations when replacing a part. First is your level of expertise. You may think a part is easy to replace, only to find out it is not. Before attempting to do a job, find out what tools are needed. You may have to borrow or buy the required tools. An important consideration is many car manufacturers have designed a special tool, just to replace a special part. Finding that special tool may be difficult. If you have a good set of tools, along with the technical knowledge, you may even be able to make some money fixing cars for friends, neighbors and family.

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