How is changing used-car trading in Bangladeshi landscape is a leading classified advertisement website operating in Bangladesh. It will be an understatement to not claim it to be one of the most reputed, popular, and widely recognized brands in the country. 

While Bikroy continues to expand its platform to make room for all industries, today we will speak of one of its many specialties – the buying and selling of used cars on the platform. Bikroy has indeed had a tremendous impact on the used-car trading industry in Bangladesh and has become a game-changer for consumers and the economy. 

Bikroy has played a massive role in ushering Bangladesh into a digital age, and it continues to promise much more. Using the simplicity of the platform, it enables consumers to trade used products ranging from smartphones to cars. So if you want to sell your car, buy a used car or simply want to know about the car market in Bangladesh, Bikroy’s all-encompassing database of vehicles is more than enough to get you started.

How Bikroy has changed the car market in Bangladesh

While some of us may think that technology has had its share of innovations in the automobile industry, it is, in fact, quite the opposite.

The emergence of the ride-sharing industry in our country is a perfect example of the increasing demand for used cars. Many people are buying a used car and registering under ride-sharing companies to earn some extra cash. Some people are also giving the rent-a-car business a try and earn seasonal cash.

By using Bikroy’s tech-savvy platform, used car trading in Bangladesh has become easy. Buying or selling a vehicle otherwise can be a long and stressful task. But on Bikroy, you simply select your location, take photos of your vehicle and post the ad with a detailed description including the model year, registration year, etc. Interested buyers will contact you, and upon agreeing on the conditions and asking price, you can lock the deal in a very short time. Just make sure that your car is in good working condition and try to get the best price for your car. 

There are no third parties with Bikroy like garages or dealers. You don’t have to rely on a third party to tell you how much your car is worth. If a mediator had been involved, the price would have been higher as it would have included the mediator’s commission. But on Bikroy’s platform, the seller can get their desired price for a car, and the buyer can buy within their required budget. A clear pricing structure makes it easier for both buyers and sellers. 

Why used car market in Bangladesh is an incredible business

Buying and selling second-hand cars is a great way to make money in Bangladesh right now, for the following reasons:

  • The used car market in Bangladesh is huge
  • Profit per sale is a lot
  • No experience, professional qualifications or technical expertise needed
  • The used car market is not limited to a particular type or style of vehicle
  • No investments necessary in terms of additional equipment, etc
  • Not restricted to a particular area or hotspot

The opportunities for profit in used car trading business are very high and they do not involve additional business setup costs such as paying rent for a physical store. You do not sell a car every day either, one sale in a few years will get you significant profits. It is a great part-time business for someone to be involved in with the potential for heavy profits.

The secret to selling fast is to be visible to potential buyers, and Bikroy’s incredible platform does that for you. With over 3.5 million users, Bikroy is a huge marketplace that helps you get your used car trading business moving with minimal effort. The demand of consumers looking to buy used cars is quite high in a developing nation like Bangladesh. 

What’s next: Challenges to be overcome for Bikroy

Initially, one of the primary challenges for Bikroy was to convince the consumers or the overall used car market to trust its platform as a reliable source for buying and selling used cars. With time and effort, Bikroy has earned the trust of consumers, sellers, buyers, and the entire used car market.

As we move towards the future, Bikroy looks to continue with its vision of providing a nationwide market for used cars that is a trusted source for buying and selling with reasonable pricing – a complete platform that gives the best experience for both buyers and sellers. 


It doesn’t matter where in Bangladesh you live, whether in the capital city of Dhaka or in a remote village, you will find a buyer or seller for your product on Bikroy. The process is simplified with online registration, smartphone compatibility for all of its services, and remote access anywhere in the work to its marketplace. has some of the largest selections of popular products ranging from cars, phones, houses, lands, maybe even your next pet. An effective system is in place to ensure the safety and security of both buyers and sellers. In addition to maintaining standards and quality of products, the closely monitored policies ensure both buyers and sellers have maximum exposure for their desired products. 

The success of Bikroy is proven by its established brand identity in Bangladesh and word of mouth that has cemented its position in the country over the years. Also, Bikroy makes excellent use of social media marketing and involvement in social awareness events and activities across the country. 

What do you think of the used car market in Bangladesh? Would you consider a part-time driving job? Do you have any tips to share with other readers who are looking to sell or buy used cars?

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