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Introducing the Amazing “Saved Search” Feature on Bikroy

We’re excited to announce a revolutionary new feature on Bikroy: Saved Search! This updated feature enhances your browsing experience, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s dive into what this feature offers and how it can benefit you.

Save Your Customized Searches

As a Bikroy user now, you can save specific searches and filters within our app or website. This means you can easily revisit your customized search results anytime. Here’s how to make the most of this new feature:

  1. Save Search Icon: On the search results page (SERP), find the save search icon.
  2. Confirmation Screen: Click the icon to bring up a confirmation screen. Confirm and save your search from there. You also have the option to sign up for daily email notifications on this screen.

Receive Instant Alerts

To keep you informed, a notification will confirm that your search has been saved. This seamless process allows you to continue browsing without interruption.

Manage Your Saved Searches Easily

Your saved searches are conveniently stored under “My Account” in a new section called “Saved Searches.” This section is located next to your Favorites. This section also shows all your saved searches along with details such as category, location, and filter options.

Access Updates Quickly

Selecting a saved search from your list opens the corresponding SERP with all your saved parameters. It offers you an updated view of the latest and available items.

Organize Your List Efficiently

To prevent disarranging, you can delete saved searches whenever you wish. Use the edit symbol at the top of the saved searches list to enable bin icons next to each search. Clicking a bin icon will delete the search, and a notification will confirm your action.

Customize Notification Settings

Managing notifications is important, so we’ve added an option to adjust your notification settings. This lets you control how often you receive updates, keeping you informed without feeling overwhelmed.

Enjoy a Smooth User Experience

You can save searches even if you’re not logged in. Clicking the save search icon will prompt you to log in, after which you’ll receive a notification confirming your search has been saved, and you’ll be redirected back to the SERP with your filters intact.

Stay Updated with Daily Email Notifications

Never miss new listings! You’ll receive daily emails if new listings match your saved searches from the past 24 hours. These emails will feature the four most recent ads and include a link to view all new ads if there are more. If there are no new ads, no email will be sent, keeping your inbox uncluttered.

Optional Push Notifications

We’re introducing instant push notifications for new listings that match your saved searches, exclusively for our app users. This optional feature guarantees you stay constantly updated. To control expenses, the number of push notifications will be restricted per day.

Enjoy a Customized and Effortless Browsing Experience

We expect that this latest addition will significantly boost your Bikroy experience, simplifying the process of finding what you need and staying updated on fresh opportunities. Begin saving your searches today to enjoy a browsing experience that is more streamlined, efficient, and customized to your preferences.

Happy searching!

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