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Keeping as Pets – Beginners Advice

Birds are beautiful creatures that can bring life and joy into any household. Children love them and some birds like parrots can also be extremely entertaining. You can buy a variety of birds in Bangladesh like Lorikeets, Parakeets, Maw, Cockatoo, Grey parrots, and Amazon parrots. Before you decide to buy a bird, you need to understand that like any pet, keeping these lovely creatures as pets requires responsibility. Since this is your first time with a bird as a pet, you need a lot of patience while choosing the right bird and later, training it. The following points should help you –

• Cost Factors – You should not forget that keeping a bird as a pet entails costs. This is not just the cost of buying the bird but also includes its – cage, food, equipment and toys. Always budget out your money restrictions before you decide to buy a bird. If the bird is big, it would require a bigger cage and more attention. A small bird can be kept easily. You should never sacrifice on quality for money. Never get a bird that is not healthy and well-bred because you are getting it cheap. Always go for a healthy bird because that is not the area to be stingy.

• Adoption – If you cannot afford to buy a bird, you can always go for adoption. However, unlike the wide variety of choices and options you get when you buy a bird, adoption demands that you become a bit more flexible. The pet bird you get from the adoption center might not be in the best of health. But you can rest assured that this kind of bird would be trained and loving since it is finally getting a home. You would not only save money on buying a bird, you will also be doing a good deed by adopting a bird into your family. Official sites like can be used for bird adoption for birds in Bangladesh.

• Where to Find a Pet Bird – Online avenues have developed a lot in the recent years and you can easily find a variety of bird you are looking for without any hassles. Online bird classifieds are full of genuine buyers who not only put pictures of the birds for sale that you are wishing to buy but also write about the nature and behavior of the bird. This can be helpful when you are trying to understand the temperament of the bird. You can go for if you wish to look for sellers for birds in Bangladesh who are genuine.

• Hand Raised Birds – You will find that a lot of bird classifieds on online websites use the phrase ‘hand raised bird’. What does it mean? This term is mostly applicable for parrots but can also be used for other creatures. It means that the bird has been raised by humans and hand fed by humans since it was born. This ensures that the bird is extremely human friendly, cuddly and tame. Pets like this are ideal when you don’t want to spend time in training the bird. However, remember that one important thing with a hand raised bird is weaning before you can take it home. Otherwise, your bird would behave in a skittish manner.

• Weaned Bird – According to some people and breeders, the bonding between the owner and the bird is much stronger when the baby bird remains unweaned. Also, some sellers are just lazy and tired of hand feeding, so they offer an unweaned birds for sale. However, when you browse through bird classifieds online, it is important that you choose a weaned bird. Preparing the bird formula and properly hand feeding the bird requires technical knowledge and loads of time. If you don’t have both these things, you should not attempt it on your own. Look for the words ‘weaned’ and ‘hand fed’ when you look through online ads to buy a bird.

• Adopting an Older Bird – If you explore the avenue of adoption, you will find that you get many unexpected things. This includes not always getting a young and baby bird. Sometimes, you get an older bird. Now, the main thing to know about these older creatures is that taming them can be difficult. Especially if they are untrained, they cannot be transformed into social and cuddly pets. You would also need to exercise a lot of patience if you wish to bond with the bird, especially if it used to have an owner and bonded with the previous owner well. A bird needs time to trust its new owner and it is a long process.

• Bird Cage – The size of the cage should be a lot bigger than the size of your bird because the bird needs to move a lot in the cage. It is the only exercise it will get. So, when you buy a cage, go for the biggest available size. The bar spacing also needs to be properly researched. Wrong bar spacing is not only uncomfortable for the bird but it can also fatally wound your bird. Horizontally oriented spacing is common for parrots since that climb along their cage’s side. Smaller breeds don’t need specially spaced cages but their cages should be tall. Having a pull out tray with the cage can be quite efficient in allowing easy cleaning.

• Bird Buying Tips – If possible, you need to get the bird checked buy a vet before you buy it. If you can, then talk to the bird seller and ask them about this. If there are any obvious health problems with the bird, you should always have the option to returning it. You should also ask for the gender of the bird, band number and hatch date of the bird. Find out the sale conditions and return conditions. For an imported bird, make sure that documentation is proper.

The above tips would ensure that you buy the best bird possible.

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