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Tips on buying a cow online

It only feels like yesterday that we celebrated Eid Ul Fitr, but now the time for preparing for Eid Ul Adha is fast approaching! While the memories of accompanying our fathers to the gorur haat still makes us all feel tingly inside, times sure have changed. The places where cows are being sold under the open sky are becoming more intolerable each year. Thus, more and more people are turning to buying cows online. Although some may consider it risky and some may actually enjoy going out to see and the cows, goats or camels, the online way is still a great alternative. The ease and efficiency of purchasing a cow online has been around for some time, and we think the following tips and tricks can help you get the perfect cow this year!

Some things to look out for

Before you proceed, it’s good to know certain things before buying a cow, online or otherwise. There are several factors to look out for. The age of the cow, for starters, is a key indicator. Older cows tend to produce harder meat, while too young won’t probably be suitable for Qurbani. Several breeds of cows come from around the world. It’s good to be sure to know what breed of cow you want, and it’s best if you are accompanied by an expert to guide you through it. A crucial factor to be wary of is the health of the cow. Qurbani animals are often unfortunately injected with steroids and hormones to make them more plump and attractive to buyers, and this can have adverse effects on the consumers’ health. The chemicals have been liked to diabetes, cancer and other complex diseases. Thus it is vital to take the time and ensure that you buy an unadulterated, healthy animal for Eid.

What to expect from the markets?

In recent years, the market for farm animals during Qurbani has been dynamic. Prices tend to quickly go through the roof before plummeting back to the ground the next moment. Doing a little research goes a long way. Speak to relatives, friends or neighbors who have done this before try to assess the current market situation. This can also be done online. Platforms like Bikroy make it much easier for buyers to have a comparative advantage. Potential buyers can easily search farm animals and see the listings available. By looking up some prices and offers, you can get an idea of what to expect and prepare for it. 

To get more help check out our recent infographic based on the present market and market trend of firm animals: Livestock Market of Bangladesh 2019 | Infographic

Tips for our buyers

There is no set rule or guideline when it comes to buying animals online. Whether it’s a pet or farm animal, the outcome of your purchase will depend on how you do your research. The following are some pointers to guide you when it comes to buying a cow online this year.

Get to know the seller: The person you’re buying the cow may just be the most important person to pay heed to. Build a good rapport with the seller and try to see if they’re giving you a good deal or not. Buy only from trusted sellers like the ones on Bikroy.

See the cow: After you have decided to buy a cow online, you need to be able to see it for yourself. Ask to see as many pictures as the seller can send you or even go for a video call if possible. If the seller is not willing to show you the cow as clearly as he/she can then consider looking for another cow. To get a better look, you could also visit the seller and see the cow upfront.

Assess the price: As mentioned above, the prices of farm animals in physical markets and online markets may vary. Possible reasons could include the time at which you decide to buy. Before finalizing the purchase, do comparative research with the prices in local markets to ensure that the online seller is not overcharging. 

Buy the cow: Got your perfect cow? Time to pay up! But check the cow very carefully and make the payment only when you are 100% sure about the animal. The best payment option here is cash payment when you’re receiving the cow. And unless you own a truck, you will probably want a delivery service from the seller, which you also need to include in the negotiations.

Also, have a look at our video tips:



With these helpful tips in mind, you’re all set to buy your cow online this year! Like many other aspects of our lives, the internet has made buying a cow for Qurbani much easier too. We have more than 200 listings for farm animals at Bikroy. So check out the best offers and bring your cow home just in time for Eid!

Many of us have this doubt that is it permissible in Islam to buy Qurbani animals online? Let’s see what expert has to say about it.

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