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Easiest Dog Breeds to Keep in Bangladesh

Do you want a dog but aren’t sure what kind is right for you? Bangladesh can be a difficult place for keeping pet dogs. It is also very confusing with all the dogs for sale. This article will help you by outlining a few of the more common and easier dog breeds to keep in Bangladesh. With this also know the First Timers Guide to Buying a Pet Dog in Bangladesh.

Sarail Hound

These dogs are similar in appearance to a Greyhound, but are native to Bangladesh. This makes them very good as a pet in Bangladesh since they are well adapted to the climate. While they are becoming much less common than they once were, you should be able to find them for sale online. These are medium sized dogs with an average lifespan of about 11, so it is important to keep in mind that you will be looking after dogs of this breed for a while if you get them as puppies. They may look a bit delicate but these dogs are very tough (as they are mixed with wild dog) and also very loyal. There has been a push to revive this breed which has seen a large decline in numbers so they can once again flourish in their native country. Owning one of these dogs is not only easy (as it is adapted to Bangladesh) but part of the country’s identity.


These little dogs are seen most often as puppies for sale online. They are also very easy to find, so in that way owning one of them is very easy. Since these dogs are so small (typically around 5 lbs or about 2 kg) they are very easy to take with you and house. They are ideal for small spaces, so apartment living is no problem and they don’t need a lot of exercise. They can even be housetrained on a pee pad! Pomeranians have a large personality and are usually known for being very attatched to one person. Their size also means that they don’t need lots of food and so they can be less expensive to own. If you are in a small space but still want a friend then a Pomeranian might be the right dog for you.

Indian Pariah Dog

The Indian Pariah Dog (also known as INDog) is sometimes seen as a wild or feral dog and is found all over the region. Since it is normally found in this region and even exists naturally in some cases, it makes this dog a good choice, especially for those who are outdoors or active a lot. These dogs are very sociable and alert. They are pack animals so if they are well socialized with people as puppies they will do very well and be happy. They are also highly intelligent so it is best to keep them occupied and challenged. They are extremely healthy as a breed due to their natural development so you do not have to worry about them having lots of health problems during their life. These dogs are medium-sized (about 20 kg on average) so they don’t seem like too much to handle. If you want a dog that you can spend hours with and that is a friendly part of your family, then this dog may be the one for you.


The spitz is very similar to the Pomeranian except maybe a little larger depending on the individual. These dogs also have a very big personality and have an attachment to one person. They are easy to keep in an apartment or small house and don’t need lots of exercises, although you might find that they need a little to help them relax. They don’t need much food and so are not too expensive. Make sure that these little guys are socialized young (recommend getting as puppies) so they don’t get too yappie or territorial. Spitz is very cute little dogs that are easy to keep and will definitely entertain you.


Labs are a larger dog breed that was created for water sport and hunting. They love being outdoors and need lots of exercises so this breed is a good choice for active people or families. They don’t need lots of living space as long as they get outside regularly. They are happy to please and so can be trained quite easily with food or toys. They tend to be outgoing and friendly dogs who are happy to be anywhere you are. This makes them very adaptable and easy pets. They are a larger breed so they may not live quite as long, and they also will need a bit more food which can make them a little more expensive. The breed is so common it is pretty easy to find one you will like and that isn’t too much money. These dogs will overheat easier than the Sarail hound and Indian pariah so bring water with you outside. Labs make a happy, joyful addition to your family and help make outdoor activities more fun. If this sounds like something you need then maybe a Labrador is the dog you want. Also have a look on the 10 Best Child Friendly Dog Breeds in Bangladesh.

Make sure if the dog you are getting is being imported into Bangladesh to check online for the laws and regulations regarding imported pets, specifically dogs. There are some important rules you will want to know about before getting your furry friend! There are lots of places to go when looking for dogs online and it can be hard to know where to begin. One of the places you might want to get started if you want to find one of these dog breeds for sale online is which has a large selection, so you can find the dog you want.

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