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Millward Brown Survey Says Among Top 3 Internet Sites, 2nd Year in a Row

A research report conducted by Millward Brown last month conducted on 1008 internet users around the country showed clear evidence that is overwhelmingly leading in top of mind awareness among all local online buying and selling sites, enjoying a top of mind preference of 90%, an increase of 14% from December, 2014. When respondents were queried about their most preferred and frequently visited sites, not surprisingly Facebook and Google were in the number one and two positions. However, appeared as the 3rd most pronounced TOM brand for all internet sites, local or international, amongst respondents.

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When respondents were asked more specifically about their most preferred online buying and selling sites, was not only most popular, but also the most repeatedly visited. scored far ahead of any other online buying and selling platforms such as Ekhanei. These brands fail to attract customers for repeat visits and to turn them into regular visitors. Conversely, has been very effective in retaining visitors. Interestingly, 59% of respondents had visited within the last month, as compared to 31% for Ekhanei.

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However, it is apparent from this report that a significant barrier exists in consumer’s mindsets regarding intent to buy or sell. Amongst all visitors to, only 21% had visited the site with the intent to buy or sell, the highest amongst all buy and sell sites. Ekhanei was the second highest, with 11% of visitors having the intention to buy or sell. continued its leadership position in terms of category preference, with 75% of respondents mentioning it as their first choice in the electronics/general category, 52% in the property category, and 54% in the vehicles category. In the jobs category, BDJobs continued their long-standing primary position, with 62% of respondents preferring this site as their first choice, and placed in second position, with 15% of respondents considering it as a first choice, and 48% seriously considering this site as an alternative.

“We are obviously really happy with the results of the Millward Brown survey. Although we have felt that our marketing and product-related efforts were focused in the right direction, its nice to have a measurable confirmation that our work over the last few years has been appreciated by our customers. Going forward we will now concentrate on providing better services to buyers and sellers and alleviating some of the consumer mindset barriers that this survey has brought to light,” said Misha Ali, Director, Marketing,

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