Why You Need to Test Driving a Used Car

Buying a car online is a great way to get a terrific deal on used cars, but there are unique challenges associated with cars for sale online. You should never buy a vehicle without seeing it in person unless it’s a classic that you plan on restoring. With a run-down classic, you know there will be repairs and work to be performed. Any other vehicle has to be seen in person.


Interior pictures from a variety of angles will give you a sense of the quality of the vehicle. Exterior pictures of cars for sale in Dhaka will help you judge whether it’s a car that you should see in person. Don’t assume that the car is in great condition based on these few pictures though. Pictures don’t tell you how the car handles on the highway or in stop and go traffic.


When you’ve decided on a vehicle to test drive, contact the owner of cars for sale in Bangladesh and are ready to take a test drive, there are a few things to do before entering the vehicle. Check the exterior first before climbing behind the wheel. To know more and avoid mistakes check out here “Consider These Facts Before Buying Second Hand Cars in Bangladesh




The tire tread can tell you a lot about a car before you turn the key in the ignition. The tread on the tires should be uniform. If they’re old tires, they might be a bit worn down, but they should still have plenty of tread to check. A tire that wears fast along the inner or outer edge has a problem with frame alignment. The car might not have had a front end alignment in a long time, or there could be deeper issues like an accident in the past that warped the frame.


While checking the tires, look at the ground under the vehicle. Puddles and wet spots will signal leaks. A leak could be anything from oil to anti-freeze. It’s a serious problem that could have you at the garage with your used car frequently.

Doors and Trunk

Along the frame of the car, check the sides for rippling or small buckled places that might indicate it’s had some body work. Make sure all the doors open and close easily. They should close properly too. The trunk should open and close with ease. Any irregularities could be a clue about a car accident that the owner isn’t disclosing.

Lights and Signals

The headlights, tail lights and turn signals should all be in working order. Have the owner sit in the vehicle and turn all the lights on so you can walk around the vehicle and check them. Sometimes it’s as easy as changing a bulb and other times, it could be an electrical problem in the vehicle. You don’t want to take on electrical problems.



Under the carpet

The carpet can be changed to hide many flaws in a vehicle. Lift a corner of the carpet to be sure there’s no rust on the floorboards of the car. It could indicate many problems with the vehicle. It could be rusted underneath, which makes it a danger. The car might have a sealant problem in the windshield due to a replacement windshield not being done properly. It could indicate that the car has been in a flood or in water frequently.

Rust on Frames

When checking the doors to be sure they close properly, look at them for rust around the edges of the frames. The same for the trunk. Rust can eat away at a vehicle and undermine the integrity of the frame. Any rust will definitely warrant a conversation with the owner about why there’s rusted doors.


Anyone selling their vehicle will clean and detail the car so any lingering odors are not detectable. If the car smells like air freshener, open the windows and doors for a bit. Let the flowery scent disappear so you can smell what the real odor of the vehicle is, and whether you can live with it. It might have been the car of a smoker or someone with pets. If you’re a non-smoker, that could be an issue you don’t want to deal with.


Test the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Make sure it moves around comfortably. You don’t want to get a car home and find that the seat is hard and unforgiving after driving for an hour or two. Even if you add a cushion, an uncomfortable seat can create back problems in the future.

The Test Drive

give a test drive


Don’t just drive it around the block, take it to the nearest highway. When you head towards the highway, accelerate and brake quickly to see how the car responds. A squishy brake pedal could mean the car needs something as simple as new brake pads, or it could need more work like calipers or brake assemblies.

High Speeds

On the highway, take it up to the posted speed limit and pay attention to the vehicle. Keep the radio off so you can listen to the sounds the car makes. Some problems are only detectable when the car is at a higher speed. Feel for the car’s ability to stay in its lane. Does the car shimmy? Is there knocking under the hood? Is it easy to hold the steering wheel? When the car moves from one gear to the next, whether it’s a manual or standard transmission, does it feel smooth?

When buying a car and taking it for a test drive, try to simulate different driving conditions and spend more than ten minutes driving the car. You want to know if there’s problems at higher speeds as well as if there are problems with the car overheating if it’s driven for a long time.

If the owner hadn’t disclosed many of the things you found on the test drive, it’s time to move on to the next vehicle. A used car might have some problems, and you’ll have to decide what kind of problems you can deal with in your vehicle.

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