5 best countries to travel during holidays

People love to travel during holidays. With the Eid vacation coming ahead, many of you are planning to travel somewhere with friends or family. Planning a short holiday and getting tickets and visa done on time can be a daunting task and the first question that pops in your mind is ‘where to go?’ to make the most of your short time and tight budget. Here are the 5 best countries you would love to budget your trip for─


Travel Bangladesh

An old Bangladesh tourist board slogan said “Visit Bangladesh before the Tourists Come” Some of the best holiday spots in Bangladesh are still not flooded with tourists yet. After all, traveling in this country is not all rosy─the road-trips are terrifying and tourist safety is questioned. But beyond the scary headlines, Bangladesh is still one of the most beautiful countries of the world having the most welcoming population you could find anywhere else.

If you haven’t seen all the best tourist spots in Bangladesh, you have seen nothing at all. From the longest unbroken sea beach in the world, Cox’s Bazar to the heartwarming greenery of tea gardens in Srimangal, the best places your eyes would want to see can be found in every corner of Bangladesh. So whether you want to take a long walk on the Cox’s Bazar Beach, or spend your vacation among the clouds in Sajek Valley, or go adventurous over the hills of Bandarban, just browse online marketplaces to find the best tour packages on your budget before the rush hours begin.


Travel India

India is a big and majestic country in terms of geographical features. There is a saying like, if you manage to travel all of India, you can get a taste of traveling all over the world. Some of the great travel destinations of India are- the Andaman Islands, Ladakh, Goa, Kerala, Darjeeling, Manali etc. If you know your way with budget, India is an incredible bargain and with the right selection of discount package holidays from the right places, you will be able to stretch your dollar to the max.


Travel Malaysia

Malaysia is often left behind on our must-see lists. But the country actually is pretty gorgeous and the food is delicious. It is between Singapore and Thailand, both geographically and it is easy to travel to these places from Malaysia. You can enjoy many of the South Asia’s best heritage cities, natural beauty, tasty treats and urban experiences. In addition, Malaysia offers a dazzling mix of cultures, architecture and food. So all visitors can surely find something to fit their budget. The wide range of appetizing delights, whether from street stalls, indian restaurants or local pastry shops they will all keep your bellies and wallets happy. So, is Malaysia on your bucket list? You can find best tour packages on a click from your home in the largest marketplace of Bangladesh.


Travel Maldives

The Maldives is an out of the world place for traveling with your spouse or even as a lone traveler. Guesthouses are now springing up on the local islands on a seemingly monthly basis, offering the budget-travelers an affordable solution to make the best out of their allowance. Each luxury resort is placed on its own island which is great for couples who want to spend some memorable time together. Each year, the number of guesthouses on some popular islands are doubling up as more travelers are turning up in search of a paradise on budget. So, now is the perfect time to plan a trip to Maldives.


Travel China

China has fascinated travelers from around the world ever since Marco Polo traversed the Silk Road. The cool part about China is that despite its sheer size, it is pretty easy to get to one place from another. For travel-geeks it is undoubtedly a budget destination. The hostels cost less than $20 a day, food is $2-5 per meal, and local transports in cities run in less than a dollar. The coastal and big cities might not be super cheap but the rest are still a bargain. The best time to travel to China is from May to September. So what are you waiting for? Issue your Chinese tourist visa online today and start packing for your dream trip this vacation!

So, where does your adventurous mind want to go? The whole world is ahead of you, with thousands of natural and man-made wonders and thrilling adventures in every corner. Set your destination for the coming vacation today and book a tour package online to remain one step ahead.

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