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How to stay cool at home without AC

No matter how much you want to stay cool in these hot, humid days, you have to face the day to day tasks that just won’t let you chill! Too much heat can affect our natural body functions. Not everyone can afford an AC. So you can use some cool hacks which will not only help you stay cool, but also, in some cases, can save your lives-

Pick cotton fabrics

stay cool cotton usage

Whether you wear something or own any kind of home appliances or pieces of furniture that include fabrics, pick cotton over all other options in humid weathers. Cotton promotes ventilation and airflow. Save the stylish satin, silk, or polyester fabrics for cooler and drier seasons. Light-colored and breezy clothing are always comfortable and keeps you cool. Same goes for your bed sheets, curtains, cushion covers etc.

Cold compress or pour water on your pulse points

stay cool pulse compress

Applying a wet towel or direct water on wrists, inside elbows or temples, on ankles or behind the knees on them can easily lower your body temperature. These are the pulse points of your body where the blood vessels are closest to your skin. So keeping them cool will quickly lower your blood temperature and cool your entire body. Just soak your hands and legs in a bowl or tub of cold water in order to cool down fast. You can even use ice-cubes on the pulse points for the same result.


hydrate and stay cool

In hot days, your body needs more water than usual. To avoid heat frenzy, you to drink a lot of water. Water is always good for you, so there is no crime in being greedy about it. Drink a glass of water before bed to stay cool while you sleep.

Also, you can hydrate your walls and floors to drive the excess heat away. You can also enjoy natural cooling by hydrating curtains on open windows.

Cross-breeze ventilation

stay cool crossbreeze

You can create a cross-breeze effect in your room and get a continuous cooling effect very easily. Place a fan facing a window, so it can drive the hotter air away from the room. Place another facing towards the room so that it can drag cool air from outside. You need to plan accordingly and choose the right windows to work on for maximum output. Set up multiple fans throughout the room to create a lively airflow.

Turn off the lights when you don’t need them

stay cool natural light

Light bulbs (even the eco-friendly, power-saving CFLs) emit heat.  Fortunately, we get more daylight in June. So, take advantage of the natural light as much as possible, and you can keep your rooms cooler after dark. Use minimal amount of light if necessary. Turn off any unnecessary lighting in this season; it will help you to save some electricity too.

Avoid stove-cooking and calorie-rich dishes

stay cool smart cooking

It is wise to prepare room-temperature dishes like salads, juices to avoid generating excess heat in the house. If you really need to cook, you can use microwaves or induction cookers. Also, swap big meals with lighter, smaller-proportion meals that are easy to digest. Your body produces more heat when it needs to process rich and greasy foods.

Go natural and rustic

stay cool rustic indoor

You can use a minimalist straw or bamboo mat on your bed sheet. These don’t absorb and retain heat like cotton-filled mattresses. The effect is even better if you place the mat on the ground.

Bamboo or straw mats don’t pass heat through it, but it provides ventilation. You can hang mats on your windows and enjoy a calming and natural temperature in your space.

Use grains in a comfier way

stay cool use grains

Rice and buckwheat grains are more than just food! These can also help you stay cool in heat-exhausted nights. Try sleeping on buckwheat pillows, these don’t absorb heat like cotton. And for a cold-compress support in intolerable hot days, fill in a sock or fabric-pocket with rice, and keep it in the refrigerator for almost an hour. The compress will be ready to keep you cool for up to 30 minutes. ❄️❄️❄️

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