Why You Should Buy a Desktop Computer in Bangladesh?

In this modern age, for most of us, laptops may have overtaken desktop computers as the PC of choice. But there are still plenty of reasons why you might want to buy a traditional heavy desktop rather than a slim, light laptop that you can fold shut and carry anywhere in a bag. In fact, the decision is a not that easy as you might think, as our computing habits and hardware technology evolve pretty fast.

Today we will discuss the key features to keep in mind the next time you decide to buy a brand new personal computer. It may not a comprehensive list, but it should give you a good idea about the differences between laptops and desktops to be able to make a wise decision.

Differentiating features


Every computer is a compromise between portability and power – you’ll notice the biggest laptops and desktops are the ones with the most impressive internal specs. If you need a computer you can lug around with you then a laptop is an obvious choice.

Desktops aren’t completely immobile, you can carry individual parts as you need them, but if portability is the prime factor for you then a laptop is the best choice. Desktops have improved internet speeds, higher configuration and better cloud services, which means that it is much easier to do all the heavy duty work at home besides spending late at your office with a desktop.

Power and price

It is quite obvious that more power and better configurations mean that you need a bigger device with more space in it. Not only the components are bigger in size, they also need extra space to avoid overheating. By the time laptops rise up to the desktop-level performance, they are more likely to lag and give off a lot of heat and noise too. So, if you really want the ultimate power to work on, go for a desktop.

Also within the same price range, a desktop beats any laptop in case of almost every entry on the specifications list: processor, memory, local storage space, graphics power, expansion ports and so on. Laptop components of the same high performing level come with a bigger price because they’re smaller and the production is costlier. Then again it’s mostly gamers and video editors who really need the most advanced and professional setups.

Screen size

Laptops are undoubtedly built to be as much portable as possible, so their screen size range typically stops where desktop monitors begin. Most laptops have around the 11″ to 15″ display, though you can get them up to 21 inches if you really need a bigger screen – these screens come with bigger portable laptops that are much harder to carry comfortably, of course.

On the other hand, desktop monitors can be picked up at typically of sizes 17 inches or above. Also there are the all-in-one PCs, where the entire CPU, sound system and monitor are rolled together in one as a whole. These PCs look really cool and save a lot of space around them. If you need a larger display for comparing applications and windows side by side, or if you really want to enjoy amazing 4K Blu-ray movies with style, then a desktop monitor definitely makes a huge difference, rather than a small-screen laptop.


desktop pc configuration bikroy

Another major difference between laptops and desktops is the flexibility of the configurations you can put together. There’s typically a greater scope for selecting a range of parts(such as- memory, processors and so on) inside a desktop computer. You can also build a PC of your own choice from scratch – The opportunities are countless! In this case, you may need a significant amount of technical knowledge to do pull it off. However, it’s much easier than building a laptop and most of the parts in a handy laptop are typically non-removable.

Because of spacing and heating issues, a laptop is much more like a compact machine – each tiny space counts – so you may not get as many choices with your internals. Laptops are also more complex to upgrade and repair for the same reasons. While most users won’t mind a lack of configurations or repairing complexities, it’s a crucial point to bear in mind when making your choice.

Effect on Health

Finally, there comes body posture, which might seem low on the list of priorities to some people, but the experts recommend that your screen should be positioned at the eye level when using a personal computer. This obviously isn’t an option when you use a laptop, most users seem to be hunching over the device and bending their necks and backs in an unnatural manner.

We are not saying that you can’t get a laptop lifted up with something to maintain a healthy posture, but for smaller laptops this might cause discomfort in your hands and wrist area. On the other hand, it’s easier to maintain a good posture using a desktop, as it uses a separate monitor and input devices(keyboard, mouse etc). If you are getting second thoughts about buying a desktop then this important fact might help to make up your mind.

Other good reasons to choose a desktop

You can upgrade the parts individually, which is way cheaper than buying a new laptop

Whenever you feel like upgrading your laptop PC, you need to buy a whole new one, which can cost thousands of dollars, if you need a super upgrade. This is because you have to buy almost every single part of the laptop brand new — the processor, motherboard, RAM, hard drive, and everything else. But most of the parts in your old laptop might probably be still fine, and it’s usually only the processor or RAM that needs upgrading.

With a desktop and a little knowledge, you can easily replace a backdated or damaged processor (and/or motherboard) for a much lesser price to pay. However, all-in-one desktops like the iMac can be a little difficult to upgrade.

You always get morefrom your money

Desktops and laptops with similar specifications can often cost the same, depending on the brand of course. Yet, the main differences between the two are the processor and the graphics.

Laptops use the smaller mobile version of any processor, which often are not quite as powerful as the full-sized desktop ones. This could make a huge difference for people who have power-intensive tasks to do on a PC, like a photo or video editing.

Desktops are much better for hardcore gamers

Gaming Desktop Computer Bikroy

Gaming laptops are awesome, but most of them can hardly be considered as “portable” as they can be very heavy and large. More important, these laptops don’t quite compare to full-size desktops in terms of performance.

For gamers who value performance over portability, a desktop is the best for them. And it will cost a lot less than a laptop with equivalent specifications.

You can still use a laptop (or tablet), but you wont need an expensive one!

With the desktop as your main workstation, you can buy a cheap laptop or tablet for lighter work, such as- browsing the web, checking social media and youtube, or even preparing your assignment or presentations. Cheap laptops like Chromebooks will be a great portable partner to a desktop, as they are super light and can do a lot of light tasks for you.


So whenever you think of buying a new PC for your home or workplace, do consider all these points thoroughly. Watch some online reviews and browse through online marketplaces to compare the prices and get everything at a reasonable price. Bikroy.com has all sorts of computers and tablet PCs available in the market for you to grab on. Visit today and welcome a brand new personal computer in your home. Happy shopping!


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