BD Apps: 5 Most Useful Apps In Bangladesh

What’s a smartphone without some useful apps? While the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store have thousands of great applications to choose from, this article will focus on a few specific apps that every Bangladeshi need to have. While these are not all Bangla apps, this list compiles some of the best helpful apps in BD. Also check out 10 Great Apps in Bangladesh.

1. Free Basics by Facebook

BD apps : Free Basics BD apps : Free Basics

Free Basics by Facebook is an app that allows you to access a selection of websites and services for free. This is an initiative by Facebook that aims to make it easier for people in developed countries to access websites on the internet that are deemed vital. In Bangladesh, subscribers of Grameenphone and Robi can use this BD android app to access websites like Bikroy, Prothom Alo etc on mobile data without having to pay for it.

Download ‘Free Basics’ from Google Play

2. Foodpanda

BD apps : foodpanda BD apps : foodpanda

I know what you’re thinking already – Hungrynaki is better! But from my experience, I can say that Foodpanda has performed superior to Hungrynaki in some cases, in fact, it is better than most other BD apps for foodservice. You can order food for home delivery through the app from a vast selection of restaurants. Delivery times vary by location and the restaurant and there is also a small delivery fee. What I like about Foodpanda is that the app has a timer that lets you track your order and helps ease the anxiety while you wait. Plus, you can order from Preetom through only Foodpanda.

Download ‘Foodpanda’ from Google Play / App Store

3. Uber

BD apps : uber BD apps : uber

This one is a no-brainer. Uber can be a lifesaver. The app, in short, lets you hail a car to drive you to a destination of your choice. You can see the route you will take through the app as well as an estimated cost for the trip. Uber is especially handy if you need a ride at an odd hour when it’s difficult to find public transport. Although many people prefer to walk or take alternative methods of transportation, I feel Uber offers an excellent backup option for whenever travel plans get a bit derailed.

Download ‘Uber’ from Google Play / App Store

4. Bikroy

BD apps : bikroy BD apps : bikroy

Bikroy is the largest marketplace in Bangladesh and chances are you are already familiar with their services. Through Bikroy you can buy and sell almost anything like cars & vehicles, electronics and even search for jobs and property. The Bikroy app allows users to access all of the company’s services on the go in a smooth manner. You can use the app to quickly post advertisements, chat directly with potential buyers or even promote your ads using their Bump Up and Top Ad features. This app is essential for those who often buy and sell things online and is one of the most useful BD apps.

Download ‘Bikroy’ from Google Play / App Store

 5. SwiftKey Keyboard

BD apps : swiftkey BD apps : swiftkey

Swiftkey makes it onto this list as it offers the easiest way to type on a modern day smartphone. The app makes it onto this list because it also allows you seamlessly type in across 5 different languages including Bangla. Swiftkey is considered by many, including myself, to be the most intelligent keyboard on the market as it is context aware and can actually learn how you type. What this means, in the long run, is that you get the fastest typing experience possible. The cherry on top is the wide range of beautiful themes to customise your typing experience.

Download ‘Bikroy’ from Google Play / App Store

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