Vivo Phones: 7 Latest Models in Bangladesh with Prices

Vivo has recently become very popular in Bangladesh. Having a strong presence in the Indian market previously, they have dominated the local market here as well in the last few years. Alongside other Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei, Vivo excels in the budget-friendly smartphone segment.

With continuous innovation in design and technology, Vivo is coming out with newer and better models – all at a reasonable price point. The latest phones come with excellent fingerprint unlock systems, crystal clear front, and rear cameras and also include the new Android FunTouch OS system. It is quite clear why Vivo has quickly become such a crowd favorite!

In this article, we will look at some of the latest Vivo mobiles in Bangladesh and their current prices.

Latest Vivo Phones in the Market

Vivo V17 Pro

Vivo V17 Pro price in Bangladesh

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 675AIE Octa-core
Operating System Funtouch OS 9.1
Storage 128GB
Battery 4100mAh (TYP); Dual-Engine Fast Charging (9V 2A)
Display Ultra FullView™ Display; 6.44 inch (16.36 cm) 2400*1080 FHD+ Super AMOLED
Dimensions 159.00 × 74.70 × 9.80 mm
Weight 201.8g
Camera Front 32MP+8MP / Rear 48MP +13MP+8MP+2MP
Aperture f/2.0+f/2.2(Front); f/1.8(Rear)+f/2.5+f/2.2+f/2.4(Rear)
SIM Slot Type 2 Nano SIM
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Color Crystal Black, Crystal Sky


The V17 Pro is currently the best phone in Vivo’s range. This model features an Ultra FullView™ Display which produces crisp images at a 2400*1080 resolution. The incredible 91.65% screen-to-body ratio is achieved, thanks to extremely slim bezels that cleverly conceal the earpiece, light and proximity sensors.

The camera specs are where this model truly shines. This phone is equipped with a total of 6 AI cameras – allowing users to capture the perfect shot every time.

In the front, the V17 Pro features a dual 32MP+8MP super wide 105° angle selfie camera that lets you enjoy capturing shots with more friends, landscape and fun backgrounds. The camera also features a smart super night selfie mode that combines multiple frames to optimize picture brightness using the Selfie Softlight technology.

On the back, this model boasts a 48MP AI quad-camera that takes fantastic shots in any mode. Starting from distant landscapes to intricate patterns, low-lit nightlife to bustling city streets – you can capture it all using this phone. The super-clear 48MP main camera is supported by telephoto, macro and wide-angle lenses, which allows you to take the best photos any time anywhere.

Vivo V17 Pro is currently available in our country at BDT 39,990/=

Vivo S1 Pro

Vivo S1 Pro price in Bangladesh

Processor SDM665
Operating System Funtouch OS 9.2
Storage 128GB
Battery 4500mAh (TYP); Dual-Engine Fast Charging (9V 2A)
Display 6.38-inch 2340*1080 FHD+ Super AMOLED Capacitive multi-touch
Dimensions 159.25 × 75.19 × 8.68 mm
Weight 186.7g
Camera Front 32MP / Rear 48MP +8MP+2MP+2MP
Aperture Front f/2.0; Rear f/1.8+f/2.2+f/2.4+f/2.4
SIM Slot Type Single SIM or Dual SIM/Standby Mode/SIM Slot
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Color Mystic Black, Jazzy Blue

 This phone has my seal of approval as I currently use an S1 Pro!

The feature that sets this model apart is the unique diamond quad camera on the back. This trendy design is inspired by fine jewelry and royal palaces. With this model, Vivo breaks away from the generic squares and circles of camera panels and brings in unique symmetry and premium feel to this phone.

Additionally, the two-color schemes further endorse the jewel-theme of this phone. The Jazzy Blue features dual-tone blue and purple hues, whereas the Mystic Black has streaks of deep green that give it a regal feel.

With this model, you get a 6.38 inch Super AMOLED display with a fantastic screen-to-body ratio. The S1 Pro has magnificent color harmonization capabilities that bring a cinematic visual experience to users.

Thanks to AMOLED’s self-illuminating feature, the S1 Pro has the option for an Always-On Display that allows you to check notifications without having to unlock your phone.

The camera features are quite similar to the V17 Pro, but with the S1 Pro, you get additional features such as an incredible super macro mode that can capture even the smallest details.

Overall, this model has a very luxurious look and feel to it. You can barely guess that this phone is only BDT 26,990/=

Vivo S1 (6GB)

Vivo S1 price in Bangladesh

Processor MT6768
Operating System Funtouch OS 9
Storage 128GB
Battery 4500mAh (TYP)
Display 6.38-inch 1080×2340 (FHD+) Super AMOLED Capacitive multi-touch
Dimensions 159.53×75.23×8.13mm
Weight 179g
Camera Front 32MP / Rear 16MP+8MP+2MP
Aperture Front f/2.0, Rear f/1.78+f/2.2+f/2.4
SIM Slot Type Single SIM or Dual SIM/Standby Mode/SIM Slot
Wi-Fi 2.4G+5G
Color Diamond Black, Skyline Blue

Vivo S1 features a Halo FullView™ Display with a high screen-to-body ratio and perfect symmetry that provides fantastic visual experiences. The AMOLED display allows this model to have the Always-On Display feature, much like its successor – S1 Pro. You can customize this feature using a variety of graphics and animations to add a personal flair to the display. This phone includes a superfast and efficient built-in fingerprint scanner and comes with a variety of animation options as well.

Similar to its successor, the S1 is also stylized with diamond patterns. The back case has a triple-tone color scheme consisting of black and a seamless gradient from blue to purple.

This model features a 32MP front camera with ultra HD resolution which allows you to take high clarity selfies with precise details. In the back, there is a triple AI camera that is equipped with the Sony IMX499 camera sensor. S1 camera brings a sense of professional photography to your everyday snapshots.

Vivo S1 has powerful performance in both 4GB and 6GB RAM variants that enables an ultra-smooth user experience. The battery is long-lasting compared to other models as it features Vivo’s dual-engine fast charging technology.

This model is currently priced at BDT 21,990/=

Vivo Y19

Vivo Y19 price in Bangladesh

Processor MT6768
Operating System Funtouch OS 9.2
Storage 128GB
Battery 5000mAh (TYP)

Dual Engine Fast Charge (9V2A)

Display 6.53-inch 1080*2340 (FHD+) LCD Capacitive multi-touch
Dimensions 162.15× 76.47× 8.89mm
Weight 193g
Camera Front 16MP (f/2.0)

Rear 16MP (f/1.78) + 8MP (f/2.2) + 2MP (f/2.4)

SIM Slot Type Single SIM or Dual SIM/Standby Mode/SIM Slot
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Color Magnetic Black, Spring White

 Y19 is the powerhouse of all Vivo phones. It is equipped with a massive 5000mAh battery and features the Dual-Engine Fast Charging technology, which means you will not have to worry about running out of charge!

In addition to conserving power, Y19 also enables reverse charging, which lets you charge other devices using this phone’s excess power.

Battery aside, this phone features a 6.53-inch FHD+ Halo FullView™ Display which is nestled inside ultra-thin bezels on all sides. This phone currently comes in two eye-catching color schemes: Magnetic Black and Spring White. The colors appear iridescent and 3D on the elegant curvature of the body.

This model features an AI-powered triple camera setup that enables super-wide-angle shots as well as super macro and bokeh shots. In the front, this phone has a 16MP camera with AI face Beauty capabilities which lets you modify your appearance before taking a picture.

Y19 is currently retailing for BDT 19,990/=

Vivo Y15

Vivo Y15 price in Bangladesh

Processor MT6762
Operating System Funtouch OS 9
Storage 64GB
Battery 5000mAh
Display 6.35-inch 720 × 1544 (HD+) LCD Capacitive multi-touch
Dimensions 159.43 × 76.77 × 8.92mm
Weight 190.5g
Camera Front 16MP, Rear 13MP+8MP+2MP
Aperture Front f/2.0 (16MP), Rear f/2.2 (13MP) + f/2.2 (8MP) + f/2.4 (2MP)
SIM Slot Type Single SIM or Dual SIM/Standby Mode/SIM Slot
Wi-Fi 2.4G + 5G Wi-Fi
Color Aqua Blue, Burgundy Red

 Y15 shares many similarities to the Y19. It comes with a 5000mAh battery and a 6.35-inch Halo FullView™ display with a 19.3:9 aspect ratio.

This model features an AI Triple camera setup as well, which lets you create photography masterpieces with ease. The rear camera is made up of a 13MP main camera, supported by an 8MP super wide-angle lens and a 2MP depth camera.

This phone is great for gaming as well. The Ultra Game Mode enables users to allocate system resources to prioritize game performance, whereas the Dual-Turbo mode unleashes lightning-fast speeds that gamers want.

On the exterior, the Y15 has two exquisite color variants to choose from – Aqua Blue and Burgundy Red. The inspiration for these schemes came from nature; the colors shift and ripple on the phone similar to how light refracts off lake surfaces.

This model is currently available at BDT 16,990/=

Vivo Y11

Vivo Y11 Pro price in Bangladesh

Processor SDM439
Operating System Funtouch OS 9.1
Storage 32GB
Battery 5000mAh (TYP)
Display 6.35-inch 720 × 1544 (HD+) LCD Capacitive multi-touch
Dimensions 159.43 × 76.77 × 8.92mm
Weight 190.5g
Camera Front 8MP / Rear 13MP+2MP
Aperture Front f/1.8 (8MP), Rear f/2.2 (13MP) +f/2.4 (2MP)
SIM Slot Type Single SIM or Dual SIM/Standby Mode/SIM Slot
Wi-Fi 2.4G
Color Mineral Blue, Agate Red

 Vivo Y11 also features a powerful 5000mAh battery which allows long-lasting energy and usability throughout the day. It is a trend-setting model that comes in two unique color variants: Mineral Blue and Agate Red, which are inspired by gemstones. The colors were crafted to perfection using premium color production techniques. The color gradients are sophisticated and give a chromatic appearance to this model.

This phone has an AI dual-camera setup in the rear consisting of a 13MP main camera supported by another 2MP depth lens, which lets you take impressive photos – from portrait shots to distant landscapes. The front camera also includes smart AI technology to enhance your selfies.

This model features both face and fingerprint unlocking abilities as well, which improves the safety and security of your device. Unlike the aforementioned models, the fingerprint scanner on this device is located on the back.

Vivo Y11 is currently priced at BDT 12,990/=

Vivo Y90

Vivo Y90 price in Bangladesh

Processor MT6761
Operating System Funtouch OS 4.5 (Based on Android 8.1)
Storage 32GB
Battery 4030mAh (TYP)
Display 6.22-inch 720×1520 (HD+) Incell Capacitive multi-touch
Dimensions 155.11mm×75.09mm×8.28mm
Weight 163.5g
Camera Front 5MP / Rear 8MP
Aperture Front f1.8, Rear f2.0
SIM Slot Type Dual SIM/Standby Mode/SIM Slot
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Color Black, Gold, Red

 Y90 is the most affordable phone in this list. Despite being a relatively lower-range phone, this model contains quite an impressive amount of features. It is equipped with a massive 4030mAh battery – a powerful battery in its price range – which works with Vivo’s exclusive smart power management system, allowing for long-lasting power supply.

Other than that, the Y90 has an impressive 6.22-inch Halo FullView™ display and 88.6% screen-to-body ratio which further enhances the user viewing experience.

The classic black and gold color variants give this model a sophisticated look. The 3D curved edges of the phone are designed to make this model fit perfectly in your palm, enabling a much more comfortable user experience.

Although this model has 32GB of internal storage only, it allows for storage expansion of up to 256GB, meaning you can store all your precious photos, memories and much more on this device.

Vivo Y90 is currently priced at BDT 8,990/=, it is a bang for your buck!


Vivo has undoubtedly exceeded many expectations despite being a smaller budget-friendly phone brand. If you are on the hunt for a new phone, but your budget is limited, then Vivo is the way to go.

Vivo has a model for everyone depending on your needs. As a user, if you prioritize affordability, then the Y90 is a great choice as it offers decent performance and fantastic battery life. If battery performance is on top priority, then the Y19 is the way to go. The Y15 and Y11 are great choices if you want a vibrant color scheme, and if you want a phone with fantastic camera performance, the latest V17 Pro is a great choice.

Finally, from practical experience and use, I can say that the S1 Pro is a great all-rounder. It is relatively a cheaper model compared to the V17 but includes many of the same features. The exterior is unique and premium-looking, so you are sure to be set apart from the rest when using it. Overall, the phone has provided impressive performance given the price point, and I can recommend it for most users!

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea about the Vivo phones currently in the market. Head over to to get the latest Vivo mobile price in Bangladesh and search through hundreds of listings from sellers across the country. Find and compare different phone models and brands on Bikroy today!

FAQ Section:

Where can I buy Vivo Phones?

Vivo has many flagship outlets around Dhaka city. You can check out their official website to find store locations. You can also purchase Vivo phones from third-party stores.

If you would rather buy Vivo mobiles online, why not search through You will find countless sellers offering both new and used models at good rates.

Are there EMI offers on Vivo phones?

Currently, there are no official EMI services available in the country. You may avail EMI facilities if you purchase Vivo phones from Telecom services such as Grameenphone or Robi.

What is the warranty duration on Vivo phones?

Generally, you will get a 1-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. You can check your warranty validity on the Vivo website under “IMEI Authentication”.

Where can I get Vivo phone comparisons?

If you simply want to compare prices of different models or prices offered from different sellers, browse through listings posted on Bikroy to get real-time comparisons. However, if you want an in-depth comparison of different Vivo phones, you can visit some renowned tech and gadget websites to get a fully detailed analysis.

How can I play games more smoothly on Vivo phones?

According to Vivo’s official page, here are some suggestions to optimize game performance:

  1. Install games from official websites or official app-stores like the V-app store or Google Play store.
  2. Avoid using low-power mode.
  3. Make sure no other apps are running in the background.
  4. Update your phone and the game app to its latest versions.
  5. Ensure strong signal and network speed of WiFi or data which you are using to run the game.

Due to the limitations of some models, it is not possible to run a game in high-quality settings. For lower performance phones it is best to set graphics to low.

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