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Property investment is one of the hottest investments across the globe. Whether it’s a developing nation, such as Bangladesh, or a developed nation, such as the United States, real estate is one of the most sought after investments. Many dream of buying a new property which they can call home. They go through many hassles to buy a home for their family. There are others who look to purchase a new apartment or a new flat as a source of income through rentals. There are numerous benefits of investing in real estate but there are also significant risks involved.

Regardless of the many different goals we have, there are some crucial aspects that we must consider before investing in a new property. Bangladesh is at a time of development, where its industries are flourishing with businesses, jobs, and opportunities. The real estate sector of Bangladesh over the past decade has been one of the rapidly growing sectors. Homeowners have partnered with developers to develop their homes to high rise buildings as the demand for a place to live in the busy capital of Dhaka continues to soar.

So how does a potential investor get access to crucial information which ultimately influences the purchase of a new apartment, a new flat, or any new property?

Bikroy has launched a new property portal to help you make better property investments all over Bangladesh.

Dhaka is the absolute heart of Bangladesh, its rising population has fueled its rising housing demands. The shift from a single homeownership to the new apartment culture has become the smartest survival trend. Global investments have accelerated the growth of this busy city with educational institutions, corporate offices and more. But for residents, the task becomes extremely difficult when deciding on the best location to invest in a new property.

Our new feature is a complete property solution which has been developed with extensive market research, knowledge of the marketplace trends, and the factors that are most influential in making real estate decisions. The following are a few things to consider when looking for a new property:

Daily Commute & Access to Necessities

Ease of the daily commute to and from work, school, markets, etc. How much time, effort, and cost does it take to travel around the particular neighborhood? Is there sufficient access to local transportation? Necessary access to shops, pharmacies, and other daily life activities are major influential factors to consider before making a new apartment purchase.

Social Life & Entertainment

The availability of social gathering spots, play areas, and more for human interaction. Whether it’s your daily cup of coffee, going for a walk, or taking kids to play, are there any public locations for social interaction? Entertainment is a huge factor when considering an area for investment as it serves as the attraction for the particular area and its real estate.

Standard of Living & Security

The visual appeal of an area is a huge factor in its favor, but the standard of living must be taken into consideration. A good area will attract like-minded individuals or families whereas others will stray from the healthy standard of living and this goes hand-in-hand with the security for a new flat, which maybe your potential home.

While many other factors are to be considered when you consider buying a new property in Bangladesh, it should be done with extreme care tied to real estate location, access, and security. steps up with a new feature to be one of the leading online property portals for potential buyers in Bangladesh. You can search for your next home or investment by browsing on your mobile devices. Our portal will help you in finding a great property in a great neighborhood for you to call home or a secure real estate investment. is one of the most frequently visited portals with millions of visitors, with 2.5 million monthly page views, 150,000 interested buyers and a staggering 11,000 live ads in property. Bikroy brings its immense online marketing expertise, knowledge, and platform capability, to offer visitors access to properties all over Bangladesh.

Visit Bikroy’s new property portal and find a large selection of new and upcoming apartment projects in Bangladesh:

Apartment for Rent in DhakaApartment for Rent in Chattogram
Apartment for Rent in Dhaka DivisionApartment for Rent in Khulna Division
Apartment for Rent in SylhetApartment for Rent in Chattogram Division
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