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Exciting Feature: Apply the Bump Up Promotion and get Your Ad’s Published Date Refreshed

Bump Up Ad's New Feature

We’re thrilled to introduce yet another game-changing upgrade to our platform: the ability to refresh and update the published date of your ad by applying the ‘Bump Up’ promotion. This enhancement empowers sellers, offering a more potent tool to make ads appear fresher and more recent across SERPs and shop pages, ultimately capturing increased buyer interest and visibility.

What can you expect?

This feature allows your refreshed ads to stand out as new and engaging, catching the eye of potential customers who might have otherwise overlooked them.

By showcasing the more recent Bump Update rather than the original published date of the ad, we’re giving you the power to keep your ads current without the hassle of manual reposting. No more deleting and re-creating ads from scratch—this change saves you valuable time and effort. We encourage you to utilize the Bump Up feature frequently, ensuring your ads consistently shine with a fresh appeal.

Get started!

Ready to experience the difference? Log in now and leverage the revamped Bump Up feature to infuse your ads with freshness and recency!

New to Selling on Bikroy? 

If you’re wondering what a ‘Bump Up Promotion’ is, you’re probably new to selling on Bikroy. In that case, explore our ad promotion options to help you sell your items quickly at the best price by making your ads stand out. Whether you choose a Top Ad, Bump Up, Urgent, or Spotlight promotion, each option is crafted to meet your unique requirements. For an in-depth understanding of each promotion, visit our promotion landing page.

Final Thoughts

We’re excited to roll out this enhancement and anticipate its positive impact on your advertising strategies. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as we continue our journey of providing top-notch services tailored to your needs!

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