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Bikroy’s Ad View Count Feature Now Available for All Users

We’re excited to announce a major platform improvement that will significantly improve your experience on Bikroy. In our dedication to continuous improvement, we have expanded the highly sought-after Ad View Count features to include all live advertising on Bikroy, making it available to all users. Now everyone can see how the Bikroy market changes all the time!

Previously, the Ad View Count was reserved as a special perk for members and those who paid for ad placements. This feature allowed them to monitor how many potential buyers had seen their ads. Acknowledging the benchmarks established by well-known classifieds and in response to the preferences of our users, we’ve expanded access to this informative feature. Now, all users on Bikroy, regardless of their membership status or whether they are posting free or paid ads, can take advantage of this valuable feature.

This improvement shows that Bikroy is committed to improving things for users and creating a friendly and exciting place for buying and selling. Now, everyone can use the Ad View Count, whether you post free ads or just look at the site.

Benefits of the Ad View Count Feature

Understanding What People Want: Whether you’re selling things, buying them, or just looking around, the Ad View Count feature is helpful. It shows how many people are interested in specific items or services on the site.

Smart Choices for Sellers: For people selling things, knowing how many users look at their ads helps them make strategic choices. They can decide on the right prices, describe their products better, and change how they promote them based on what people seem to like.

Enhanced User Engagement: Now, if you’re just checking out the site, you can see how popular the things you’re interested in are. This makes the whole experience more fun and helps you make smarter decisions, turning the site into a lively and interactive place for both buyers and sellers.

Bikroy always wants to make things better for you! We’re working on some improvements to make your time on our platform smoother and more enjoyable. It’s our way of helping you have successful buying and selling experiences.

Try out our all-new Ad View Count feature today and gain valuable insights into the popularity of your ads or the items you’re interested in. Elevate your experience – click here to get started!

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