Earbuds Buying Checklist: How to choose the right earbuds

True wireless earbuds or wireless earbuds are one of the most popular tech purchases right now. Almost every earphone manufacturer is rushing to launch their pairs on the market. 

In Bangladesh, you can easily buy yours within your favorite size, shape/design, price point, and even brand. However, these devices are often of low quality and don’t last for a longer period. What if you need to buy a quality one? 

Earbuds are something we use every day, especially when exercising or on the way to our work. So, it’s worth having your perfect pair if you enjoy listening to music or audiobooks. 

With thousands of wireless audio options available, picking the right one for you can be overwhelming. If you are in the market and looking for a new pair of earbuds and want to know the earbuds prices in BD, here are some points to consider as your right pair.

Things to remember while buying true wireless earbuds

There are three major things customers usually look for while buying earbuds: brand, design, and price. First, if they have any particular brand preference they reach out to find their products. 

Then they look at the earbud’s overall appearance. Does it look stylish? Or does it match their color choice? And finally, they check the price point. Does it fit into their budget? Or can they get better features from another model? 

These are the necessary aspects while choosing your earbuds. However, these aren’t enough. Buying earbuds based only on these facts will not give you the right product you are looking for. Check out the following factors before proceeding.

Earbuds Features and Gestures

Almost every product you will encounter while visiting the market will have new standout features. Try to stick with the features that are relevant to your usage. For instance, if you don’t want to use your earbuds in the gym or the shower, then don’t look for water-resistant earbuds, instead, you can look for the best devices within your budget. 

Some must-have features to look out for are having reliable connectivity, the capability to receive and handle phone calls, quick pairing, and supporting voice assistance. If you are buying a pair of earbuds in 2021, it must have at least Bluetooth 5.0 and other connectivity options. 

If you are okay with touch-based gestures on the buds, then go for it. But if you are planning to use your buds while on the bed, during sports, or around water, then touch-based gestures can automatically be triggered without your concern. Whereas earbuds with a physical trigger button can have more control but in most cases, they do not come with a water-resistant coating. 

Type and Specialization

Earbuds are available in all shapes and sizes. All you need is to choose the type that suits your needs or depending on the activity you will likely perform using your earbuds. For instance, if you want to hear relaxing music, then you should choose earbuds with the best audio quality, whereas, if you go to the gym then earbuds with a secure fit and water resistance feature can be a smarter choice. Let’s discuss some other types of earbuds: 

  1. Sound Isolation: These earbuds isolate sounds happening nearby. It blocks other noises in the surroundings to provide you quality music. Perfect for listening to music in heavy traffic or at a crowded place.  
  1. Active Noise Cancellation: When isolation separates music from other sounds, an active noise cancellation system blocks any kind of noise happening around you. These earbuds include ‘Hear-Thru’ technology so that anyone can control the noise-canceling level according to their preference. 
  1. Sweat Resistant: If you enjoy music while jogging in the morning/evening or while working out at the gym, then you can go with sweat resistance buds. Sweat-resistant earbuds are built especially to block sweat.
  1. Bluetooth: If you are looking for something more convenient, then you can go with Bluetooth earbuds. In the market, most earbuds use Bluetooth technology to connect with devices. If you are doing sports or exercise which requires a lot of movement, these earbuds can offer you more freedom. 

Battery Life (Case and Earbuds)

For earbuds, battery life is an important factor and you just can not overcome it. The more battery capacity your buds can offer, the more you can play them with a single charge. Besides, the more battery capacity the case can offer, the more it can charge the buds.

Most earbuds brands advertise their music playback time as battery life span. For calls, that number can drop a bit though. Try to pick up earbuds that usually have 4-6 hours of battery life, and the case should be capable of charging the buds at least three times. 

Ear Tips

Ear tips are one of the most overlooked parts of earbuds while purchasing. In most cases, silicone ear tips are too small or too shallow to fit with your ear canal and you will also be plagued by external noises messing with your musical experience. Unfortunately, you can not use external ear tips because earbuds need to be put in charge within the given shape.  

So, it’s essential to make sure that ear tips which you are getting along with your preferred earbuds come in different sizes and fit in your ears properly. Some earbuds contain ear-fin that assists the earbuds to seal on the ears perfectly. 


There are hundreds of cheap earbuds available in the market, but we advise you not to purchase them. The amount of cash you are willing to spend on your audio gear will determine what kind of products you will look up to. 

Good earbuds don’t come to the market at bargain-able prices. As they need quality Bluetooth chips and high-density batteries to work for a longer period. Premium quality doesn’t come cheap, so be prepared to pay enough and enjoy Spotify on your phone


Most users want their earbuds to pair with iOS, Android smartphones, and tabs. There should not be any issues with connecting these devices with the vast majority of Bluetooth earbuds. The pairing process only requires a few clicks and some earbuds support connecting with multiple devices simultaneously. 

Final Words

Wireless earbuds are great for listening and experiencing audio without the hassle of twisted wires. Ideals for those who want to move around comfortably. 

The only drawbacks are battery life and fitting issues. So before purchasing, go through the checklist we have mentioned and we hope you will easily figure out what you want.

Happy listening!

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