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7 Inexpensive Home Decoration Ideas for You

We buy so many things like a new family for our first home. But after a while, the same stuff starts to get boring to some people and they need a makeover. Well, you just cannot abandon all the things and buy new ones in every 5-6 months; that sounds absurd and it is also a waste of good money! Not many people can afford such luxury but you can save a lot of fuss and money if you use some clever home decoration ideas!

1. Renovate:


Sometimes a little rearranging can completely change the look of your place. Move some of your furniture, decorate them again. You can also save your shiny floor from being spoiled, since keeping furniture in the same place for too long can stain the floors. You can swap some furniture between rooms, alter some showpieces. You don’t always need to buy stuff to get a makeover!

2. Mount some stocked photographs:

wall frame

We have so many memories locked in photo albums which we don’t go through often. So, why keep them hidden? Mount some precious memories on budget, decorate the bare walls with photo frames. Your space will light up instantly. Reminisce those special moments and enjoy a newly decorated wall.

3. Bring some green in:


Those who like gardening, tend to decorate their balconies or rooftops with plants. You can cut some bottles, or prepare a tin can or even a glass jar, and set some pot plants or herbs in them. Your indoors can be re-awaken with the touch of green if you put your mind and effort into it. You can place them on shelves, window-cornices or on tabletops and get an eco-friendly makeover.

4. Reflect your interest with mirrors:


Apart from the dressing table, some fancy mirrors can create new dimensions in a room. Wall-length mirrors can dramatically make rooms appear larger and also brighten up any space that lacks natural light. Dressy framed mirrors can furnish your space really well. One can never have enough mirrors in their house. You can buy them online, or from budget friendly furniture stores and save some cash too.

5. Frames are windows to your mind:


Get handcrafts, wrapping papers, your favorite t-shirt or even magazine cut-outs that you fancy and frame them on the wall. Remember, frames are not for photographs only! Your room can have a complete makeover using only absolute scraps and left-outs. Open doors to some aristocracy; play with the size and proportions, but don’t go overboard with them or they may ruin the entire look.

6. Show off your collections:

collection showoff bikroy

We all have hobbies of our own- collecting stamps, crown caps, marbles, crystals, seashells, colorful buttons or even action figures. But whatever you collect, doesn’t need to stay hidden. You can organize your collections and display them in jars or bowls and there is always scope for recycling! If you like to renew things and show creativity, you can visit Pinterest for cool ideas and such.

7. Vinyl or paper sticker for walls:


You can find many cool inexpensive decors for your wall online. Paper or vinyl stickers are cheap but looks great when you combine and organize them in contrast with your interior. Your plain and boring wall can change forever with a little bit of effort and your imagination.

Your personality and style reflect in your living space if you just use a little bit of imagination and wit. Which home decor style reflects YOU? Share your ideas with us and stay tuned for more.

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