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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Importance of Servicing Air Conditioners


Air Conditioners are one of the most treasured appliances in our households today. With changes in global climates, the summers are getting longer and harsher across the globe. Add to it a megacity such as Dhaka in a developing country with an extremely high population, the heat is unbearable and the only thing that makes it tolerable is a good AC unit.

However, one of the most neglected things about good appliances in the household is its proper servicing or regular maintenance. Today, we will discuss the importance of servicing air conditioners and their regular maintenance to ensure great performance and a long lifetime. The reliability and durability are directly impacted by the proper servicing of air conditioners and other household appliances.

We will discuss servicing air conditioners in three sections, firstly, the benefits of servicing air conditioners regularly and properly, secondly, the most common problems with ACs in our homes, and finally, the most important guidelines to ensure proper air conditioner maintenance.

Let’s get started.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioners Servicing

If there is one thing that you need to map in your mind, is the fact that – regular, proper servicing of air conditioners will improve their performance, reliability, and durability. We will give you facts to back up exactly how important it is with tried, tested, and proven results. Industry surveys suggest that proper servicing maintains up to 95% of the original performance and operational efficiency of air conditioners.

Let’s look at the benefits in a bit more detail:

  • Better Cooling & Air Quality

It is a common opinion of most users, that when you buy a brand-new AC it works perfectly. The air is fresh and cool. But as it gets older, the air is not as fresh and the cooling is not as much as it used to be.

With more and more dust accumulating over time and usage, the air quality deteriorates and the cooling capability is affected. With regular maintenance, the airing system in the AC will be cleaned and the filters will not get jammed with dust and other types of residue. As a result, the air coming through the air conditioning unit will be fresher, of much better quality, and as cool as it used to be when you first purchased it.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency

The term “energy efficiency” is widely misunderstood. A vast majority of consumers think that this is a term that describes new technology and it is simply the latest version of an appliance. Energy efficiency is in fact the most effective use of energy resources such as your gas, electricity, or even water.

As your AC unit gets older, it uses a lot more electricity to operate. So, for example, if your AC was using 100 watts of energy before, as it gets older without regular maintenance it has the tendency to consume double or more so, 200+ watts. This is because it has to work harder to deliver the same results. As a result, your electricity bill will be much higher.

When you focus on servicing air conditioners regularly, it uses the least amount of electricity to easily provide similar performance like when it was new. As a result, your AC will run on lower energy, it will emit less pollution making your environment safer and your bills will not go out of control, saving you money.

  • Longer Operational Lifetime

With regular maintenance and servicing, your air conditioner will get an extended lifetime. Now, this doesn’t mean that it will never become out of service, but it just means that you will get a few more years out of it.

This is true not just for any home appliance such as your refrigerator or AC, but just think about human life. If we lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, we ensure a longer life than the average.

  • Lower Costs of Repairs

After you invest your money in servicing and proper maintenance, you will still need some repair work. The unexpected repair can be avoided with regular servicing, as you will be aware of the condition of your AC.

On the other hand, if you do not service or maintain your AC for a long time, the damage may well be beyond repair, or the repairs may just be too much. This is because when a certain part malfunctions, it puts pressure on another part of the whole unit.

So, don’t wait for it to slowly stop running and keep up with routine maintenance. It is most effective to do the small repairs during servicing to avoid the potential major, costly repairs.

The biggest benefit of servicing air conditioners properly and regularly is that it will make sure that you and your family are breathing in cleaner air. While the need for servicing varies depending on the brand and age of your AC unit, it is highly recommended that you get it serviced at least twice every year.

Most Common Residential Air Conditioner Problems

Before we give you the air conditioner maintenance guidelines, let’s look at some of the most common problems you will face with an air conditioner.

  • Incorrect Usage

The most common problem with ACs is due to improper usage. You may be wondering what it means to be using the AC in the correct way. Yes, there is a correct way.

Many of us tend to be careless about the room that we have an AC in. We do not look into properly securing it or isolating it from the outside. For example, the doors and windows are not fully shut, and even if they are, there are enough cracks or openings for outside air to easily come in or the inside air to get out.

As a result, the room doesn’t get cool quickly or cold enough, the AC works harder using more electricity and increasing your bills at the end of the month. Sealing the AC room properly is a very underrated task, but it guarantees the best results. So, you must insulate the AC room properly to make sure you enjoy the cool breeze and proper operation of your AC.

  • Refrigerant/Coolant Leaks

We always notice the water dripping on the outside unit of your AC, but we may or may not see other leaks such as the AC coolant. This coolant, also known as the refrigerant, needs to be checked by a technician to make sure there isn’t a leak, there is enough coolant in the AC unit, etc.

If there is a leak, it needs to be fixed by a professional. If there isn’t a leak but it is low on coolant, then sufficient coolant needs to be added for the proper functioning of the AC. Without the coolant, the AC will lose its durability, and performance.

  • Electrical Failure

As a developing nation, we still have an unstable source of electricity and the fluctuation in voltage may cause several types of electrical failures. Or simply, electrical wiring, fuse, etc. may malfunction since we are constantly using it multiple times in the day.

Small electrical problems may give rise to major problems. It is important to make sure all wires and electrical components are in good shape during servicing and maintenance.

  • Sensor Problems

Another common issue is the temperature control sensor or the thermostat sensor. This sensor measures the inner room temperature and controls the AC cooling function. If the sensor is not working correctly, then you will not get cool air when you should be getting it and although the AC unit may say the room temperature is 20 degrees, it may be over 20 degrees.

You may get frustrated thinking that you need to buy a new AC, but it may just be the sensor that is impacting the performance of your AC. Routine maintenance will ensure these kinds of common problems are easily picked up and sorted. 

  • Lack of Maintenance

Yes, the final common problem is the lack of servicing or maintenance of air conditioners. The simple cleaning of the filters, checking the coolant, wiring, temperature control sensor, etc. will decrease the chances of major problems such as the compressor or other major parts failing. Just like using it frequently in the summer, be sure to check it during winter as well, so that it doesn’t get damaged from less frequent usage.

Important Guidelines for Servicing Air Conditioners & Proper Maintenance

Following a proper maintenance routine for servicing air conditioners will have them running smoothly for longer and avoid unnecessary major repairs. Even you should take a peek to see if you notice any abnormal leaks, etc. to avoid accidents.

Let’s look into it in detail on how you can do so:

  • Hire A Professional

The most important thing to remember is to hire a professional technician for your AC maintenance. If you have purchased your AC unit from a store with a service warranty, then use their service center. If not, then ensure you go to a well-trained, qualified, and professional for not just repairs but also your regular servicing needs. A professional AC servicing routine will include the following things:

  • Check the level of AC coolant or refrigerant
  • Check any potential leaks of the coolant or refrigerant
  • Evacuate any trapped coolant or refrigerant in the pipes safely
  • Check the flow of air through the filters
  • Check the thermostat or temperature control sensor for accuracy
  • Inspect all electrical fuses, wiring, and other terminals for clean and tight connections
  • Check the drainage system to make sure excess water is being drained properly


  • Cleaning the AC Filters

The most important maintenance activity after checking all the other basic things is cleaning the filters. The air filters need to be routinely cleaned and replaced depending on the wear and tear.

The airflow is constantly being filtered for dirt, dust, and other debris for air coming in and going out. So, it is one of the parts that most easily accumulate dirt. It must be cleaned throughout to avoid the gunky buildup that may supply poor quality air.

It is also important to understand if your AC has filters that need to be simply cleaned and reused or replaced. While some filters are reusable others need to be replaced.

Dirty and clogged air filters will easily deteriorate the condition of your AC, reduce its cooling capability, supply dirty air, and lead to other major failures. Air filter cleaning is a simple maintenance task but it is also extremely important.


Whether you have an air conditioner in one room or several rooms in your house or apartment, don’t make your AC units work harder than they have to. Not only are they likely to get damaged, but you will also be spending more money every month on your electricity bill.

What you would never want on a hot summer day is for your AC to not work, so don’t neglect servicing your air conditioner regularly. Check out some of the latest air conditioners and other home electronics on Bikroy.com.

Stay calm, stay cool!

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