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Shop Search | Discover Members Shops Easily on Bikroy

Bikroy brought to you enhanced search features to discover member’s shops easily!

With Shop search, users will now be able to get suggestions of matching shops while writing search queries. These suggestions are contextual in the sense that they are limited to the current category of the user. Users now are able to find their favorite shops easily by searching with shops’ names.

Discover Shops Easily on Bikroy

On average Bikroy users search 5.5 million times in a month which includes electronics, mobile phones, furniture, apartments, cars, and even jobs.

With the release of new and improved search features more than 2500+ active shops are now easily discoverable on Bikroy. It provides interested buyers an easy way to visit relevant shops and browse all the products listed in the shop. Also, it is now more convenient for users to find their favorite shops very easily.

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