The Most Expensive Cities to Live in Around the World

Many individuals get itchy feet throughout their lives and would love to live in other cities around the world. Often, these popular cities for expatriates end up being the most expensive. Crossing national borders is costly, and below is a top ten list of the most expensive cities to live in throughout the world. In these cities, a cup of coffee might just cost a day of work.

1. London, England
London is the most expensive city in the world. In recent years, the cost of property has been on the rise and reached record highs in the summer of 2014. Today, the average cost of a home in the capital city of England is 272,000 British pounds or over 33 million takas. However, in a city so rich in history and tradition, there is no shortage of migrants trying to make it home. Hundreds of landmarks are located within the city limits including Westminister Abbey and Buckingham Palace. The city is one of the most modern places in the world and surrounded by vibrant parks. London also has a vast array of real estate with neighborhoods such as Notting Hill featuring Victorian architecture to the edgy homes East London, although the price tag on these properties make them better choices for admiring than living.

2. Oslo, Norway
The capital of Norway, Oslo, is not so much a city rich in culture as it is in natural beauty. In fact, the city’s subway takes visitors to the surrounding forests, lakes and hiking trails. It’s also a cosmopolitan with prosperous business that helped it become one of the most expensive places to live in around the world. Home to the Noble Peace Prize, the city pays great tribute to education and offers plenty of museums to visit.

3. Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland’s second largest city, is a center of diplomacy for most of the Western World. The World Wide Web was actually invented in this city at the European Center for Nuclear Research. It also offers a vast array of luxury shopping that rivals cities like Milan and Paris, but don’t be surprised if it is hard on the wallet. A typical meal at a restaurant in Switzerland costs over 2000 takas.

4. Zurich, Switzerland
One of the reasons the cost of living in Switzerland is so high is because of the strength of the country’s currency, the Swiss Franc. As of early 2014, one Swiss franc is worth over 80 Bangladesh takas. Zurich is no exception as the largest city in Switzerland with a beautiful backdrop of snowcapped mountains and a charming part of town composed of medieval churches, guildhalls and townhouses. The city also offers plenty of restaurants and an art and design scene that is prevalent throughout the city’s busy streets.

5. New York, New York USA
The city of skyscrapers is also one of the most expensive places in the world. From the skyline of vertigo inducing skyscrapers to the blinding lights of Times Square, the city that never sleeps is always alive. There is plenty of things to do from the world class theaters on Broadway to a trip to the unforgettable, iconic Statue of Liberty. Plenty of eateries and trendy bars line the streets, and there is always something fun to do in New York; however, the cost of real estate in this city is some of the most expensive on the planet.

6. Lausanne, Switzerland
Lausanne is a sea of picturesque houses that cost over ten times what they would in Bangladesh. With a backdrop of grassy mountains over a sea blue lake, the city offers plenty of aesthetic beauty. Its Gothic cathedrals, restored old towns and vibrant culture of intellectual and social life make the city rank as the place most Swiss would want to live in. With the cost of milk being almost double the cost in Bangladesh, the Swiss city is best left for tourism.

7. Singapore, Singapore
Asia’s favorite geek, Singapore, is a jungle of malls, sci-fi architecture and billion dollar gardens. The city has become a wonderland of green, and there of plenty of botanical spa packages. Everything in the city is user-friendly, and the metropolitan offers a vast array of cuisine choices. The cost of coffee in Asia’s most expensive city is about five times what it would cost in Bangladesh.

8. Paris, France
The heart of France, Paris, is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world. Surrounded by parks, fountains, elaborate architecture and art, the city always enthralls visitors. On almost every block of sidewalk is a delicious petite cafe with a window show of delicate desserts. However, lunch in this city costs more than a days work in Bangladesh, and the average cost of property per square meter is nearly 100,000৳.

9. San Francisco, California USA
San Francisco, ranked America’s favorite city, is the kind of place where anything can happen. The city dates backs to the California gold rush, and today, it’s a cosmopolitan outlined by a shadow of skyscrapers and homes decked in Victorian style. The city of revolutions offers plenty to do, with a line of white beaches and plenty of outdoor adventures in the hills. The entertainment industry is prevalent, from poetry readings to huge productions. It’s emblem, the Golden Gate bridge, reaches high into the clouds. However, the average cost of a pair of jeans in this city cost about 55 times what it would in Bangladesh.

10. Copenhagen, Denmark
The gorgeous Viking city of Copenhagen is one of the calmest capitals in the world. There is no common city bustle of traffic or skyscrapers dominating the sky. Instead, the city is characterized by thousands of bicycles gliding along ample lanes throughout the day, and the smell of freshly baked bread that permeates the air. The city’s river is so squeaky clean, it’s been deemed safe to swim in. But Denmark’s most populated city is expensive, and the average cost of renting apartments is about ten times the cost of renting in the city centers of Bangladesh.

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