Haojue’s “Lindy” is a Sporty Scooter for the Conscious Consumer

With each passing day, the traffic situation in Dhaka city is worsening. At times like these, the best way to get around town in on a compact vehicle. The scooter has thus gained increasing popularity in countries like Bangladesh where a compact and comfortable vehicle’s utility is greatest. Haojue is a company from China whose motorcycles and scooters have made a big name for themselves. For the past 10 years, the company has ranked first in China in terms of bikes sold. It has received 5 star accreditation for brand image, cost performance, customer satisfaction, product reliability and service. We took the Haojue Lindy for a test drive and here are our impressions. Check out our another article Why Scooters is the Best Option for Girls to Move in Dhaka City.


The Lindy is a striking scooter. Its aggressive angular design instantly makes it stand out. The silhouette is not just for appeal as each edge is shaped for aerodynamic efficiency allowing for excellent mileage. The dual halogen HS1 headlamps also look attractive at night and offer 20% greater brightness and twice the lifetime of regular bulbs. The LED tail lights continue the aggressive tone of the design. To cap things off, the stainless steel muffler adds a nice finishing touch to the overall look.


Comfort is integral to the Lindy’s ride experience. The riding position is not aggressive and after a good amount of time on Dhaka’s pothole riddled roads, you should still be free of any back pain. Mono-cross suspension is used on the Lindy. Combined with the high ground clearance, speed breakers are not an issue and the ride is very smooth. The seat cushions are soft and the pillion seat is positioned lower than the rider’s thus allowing for easier accessibility for short passengers. A folding footrest makes riding on the pillion seat a more enjoyable experience. The rear handrail too is sturdy and is essential for safety purposes. Speaking of safety, the built in magnetic lock is high quality and should keep your valuable new scooter away from the wrong hands. The front disc braker and the rear drum brake are both strong and should also last a long time. There is ample legroom so you need not worry about sore knees after a day’s commute.


The 125cc 4-stroke single cylinder horizontal engine is air cooled and has a maximum power output of 6.2 kW and maximum torque of 9.0 Nm. Although the power output seems unimpressive, the Lindy can go from 0km/h to 60km/h in only 10 seconds. Speed however is not the main concern for the targeted audience, efficiency is. The Lindy has a 5.8L fuel tank and can go 57km on a litre of fuel. The fuel economy is helped by the Lindy’s lightweight 106kg build. Riding the scooter is a pleasure even with a passenger. The scooter accelerates very smoothly and is well balanced. We were able to easily take a 180 degree turn on a busy street without having to stop the scooter or even put a foot down for balance. Novices will enjoy the easy riding experience because of the automatic gears and clutch. The storage options make the Lindy a more utilitarian vehicle. There is enough space under the seat for storing a helmet or a large bag. It can hold up to 10kg and should be abundant for a trip to the grocery store. The rear carrier storage capacity is 5kg and the front box storage capacity is upto 1.5kg.

IMG_8345 IMG_8354 IMG_8292

At 1,20,000 BDT the Haojue Lindy is a high performing sporty scooter coming at a competitive price point from a well known company. The Lindy looks good and also performs excellently to meet the demands of the busy Dhaka commuter. The great handling and easy learning curve should have you ploughing through traffic in no time. As a bonus, Haojue throws in a helmet and keyring for each customer. You also get a warranty of 6 years or 20,000km (whichever comes first) and 4 free services within the first ten months. The Lindy is made more affordable through its EMI separate schemes for students and adults.

1)      Interest Free Rate Installments:
50% Deposit, Rest in 3 equal monthly installments (EMI) with 0% interest.
2)      Long Term Installments:
20% Deposit, Rest in 6 to 24 equal monthly installments (EMI) at 14.5 – 16.9% interest.

Karnaphuli Industries Limited is selling Haojue’s Lindy exclusively through

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