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Bikroy introduces support for buyers and sellers to share images on chat

As the Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, we have to go through thousands of ads daily. With this immense number of ads, we always tried to come up with something innovative which brings ease to our users with the online trading experience.

In continuation, Bikroy has brought a new feature that will allow our users to share images while chatting over the platform. A 360-degree view of the product can enhance the trade we believe. Not only products, but users can also share images of the related documents, warranty cards, and vehicles license when necessary. Let’s know more about the advantages users can enjoy through this feature.

What are the advantages of sharing images during conversation?

There are several significant advantages of sharing images while chatting
There are several significant advantages of sharing images while chatting

There are several significant advantages of sharing images while having a conversation with your vendor online. At Bikroy, we implemented this feature with keeping these benefits in mind:

  1. Encourage buying interest

Most importantly, when a seller shares more images within the conversation, it becomes more effective in terms of the selling ratio. As social media are becoming more image-centric these days, we believe this feature will achieve exponentially higher engagement compared to our previous system.

  1. Support Seller’s point and achieve trustworthiness

The 360 view of the product not only increases the buyer’s interest but also adds real value and insight to the seller’s post. Even better, when someone can see the product with a closer view it helps them to decide the price of the product more precisely.

  1. Convey professionalism

To deploy the whole chatting process to successful trading, well-chosen images play a vital role. We believe, both the seller and buyer can portray professionalism with our image-sharing facility, which will trigger it to the final stage.

Final Words

At Bikroy, we always try to give our customers the best shopping experience. We hope the image-sharing on the chat feature on chat can bring some extra advantages and help us to grow in numbers.

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