Keeping your property fire safe

The thought of a fire ripping through your home and destroying everything you have worked for is terrifying. Even more frightening is the thought that your family and pets could lose their lives as a result of this disaster. Taking precautions to prevent fires from the moment you move in is necessary and wise.

Inspect The Property
Whether you’ve just procured one of the many apartments, houses or flats in the area, you should have a thorough and professional inspection conducted before you move in. This step allows you to fix any glaring problems before your family is actually living there. You may want to speak with the local fire department as well to see how well your home stands up in terms of fire safety. Property owners will need to make necessary changes themselves, but you should ask the landlord to fix the problem if you are renting a space.

Obtain Local Fire Department Information
Having an evaluation with the local fire department is a smart way for people to get started with their new living accommodation. You should also find out what the phone number for the local fire department is. Calling the emergency number, 999, is quite useful too, but the local department may be able to get to you more quickly. You should also find out if the fire department works with alarm systems. If you are in the beginning chances of finding a property, ask people who live in other rooms to rent how quickly the local department tends to respond.

Smoke Detectors and Alarm Systems
Every dwelling place should have smoke detectors in it, and you need to check the batteries on a regular basis to make sure your system is still fully-functioning. You can also find out about smoke detectors that are connected to home alarm systems. In the event that a fire occurs, the local department would be called through your alarm system. Not only does this help in the event that you are unable to get to the phone, but it also assists if a fire breaks out when you are not home.

Devise a Plan
No matter how many preventative steps you take in your home, a fire could still break out. Therefore, you need to have a plan to help you get through the situation. Sit down with your family and work out where all of the exits are. If people are able to exit the property through the windows, you should talk about that. Also, although this situation is difficult to face, you must talk with your children about what they should do if they are trapped in their rooms alone during a fire. Work out a plan to get all of your family members and pets out of the house.

Water and Electric
You need to be aware of the fatal combination that water and electric make when combined. For example, if you have a leak in your ceiling that is constantly dripping into an electric outlet, you may very well be faced with an electrical fire. Always be alert to these situations and take action immediately if you notice something of this nature happening. Furthermore, you can consider calling an electrician to come to your house to conduct an inspection and to see if any such problems exist.

When You Are Cooking
Fires can absolutely start when you are cooking. You always want to keep an eye on the stove. Do not put a pot on the stove, go downstairs and then come back to check on it later in the evening. You need to ensure that the flame does not get out of control. You also must be careful with the oven. If grease splashes into the oven, a flame could fly up at you or cause a fire in the house. Proceed with caution when you are using the grill as well.

When You Are Finished Cooking
Sometimes, you might be so excited to start eating that you forget to take the necessary steps to shut everything off. Making sure that the gas on the stove or grill is completely off, as well as ensuring that the oven is off, is crucial to fire safety. You also must know how to react if you ever walk into the house and smell gas. Turning on a light, for example, powers the electricity and could cause the gas to ignite. You should speak with your local fire department for more information on this issue.

Burning Candles
A burning candle might seem to be rather innocent and an excellent way of adding a fresh scent to the living space. However, they can pose an extreme hazard. When you use a candle, you must make sure that the flame is completely extinguished. Putting the candle cover over the flame to kill the oxygen generally accomplishes this task. Never leave candles burning unsupervised. Additionally, you want to watch pets and children around candles. Pets, for example, could knock the candle down onto a carpet, and then it would go up in flames. Always secure candles and do not leave them alone.

Overstuffed Closets
If a fire was to start in your house, you want to make sure that it is put out as quickly as possible. However, if you have a space that is extremely flammable, then it is going to be harder to get rid of the fire. For example, a closet that is stuffed with items is generally considered a fire hazard. Work to start going through your closets and getting rid of items that you no longer need. Although this task might seem laborious, it could end up saving your life in the long run.

Heating Devices
When a chill is in the air, you might like to use a portable heater or a fireplace to keep your home, apartment or flat warm. While they can certainly remove the cold from the air, they can also be fire hazards. You need to have your portable heater checked for safety, and you also need to know now to leave it on when you are sleeping or not there. When it comes to fireplaces, they must be fully extinguished at the end of every session.

Cooling Devices
Many people know about the risks of leaving heating devices on, but they might not realize that cooling devices can also cause significant problems. For example, you need to clean out your air conditioner at the start of every season and throughout the season as well. Fuzz, fur and other items can get stuck within the unit, and these pieces can start an electrical fire. You also need to check for any faulty wires on your cooling fans, and you want to ensure that animals do not bite into these fires. Don’t assume that just because something cools down your house or apartment it cannot start a fire as well.

Fire safety tips are not meant to frighten you. Instead, they are meant to show you how to keep your family and your pets safe. Speaking with a professional at your local fire department is the best way to know the specific needs of your living space and how to address them.

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