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10 Best Child Friendly Dog Breeds in Bangladesh

When you are looking for puppies for sale in Bangladesh, it is important to know whether the breed of puppies a breed of dogs that is good with children. Knowing this will help you if you have children, you have friends with children or you plan to have children in the future. Make sure that you are fully aware of the dogs who are not good with children and the consequences you can have when it comes to getting a dog that is not good with children. Dogs for sale aren’t always great for children, but make sure that you know the breeds that work best with children of all types. If you are first time buyer then read out our tips on First Timers Guide to Buying a Pet Dog in Bangladesh.


The Labrador retriever is a great dog for any type of family situation. These dogs are great with children because they are both able to play and they know when to be calm. They are a fun, loving and loyal dog. They are easy to take care of and do not require a lot of maintenance, which makes them a great first pet for older children who are able to handle their size.


A Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is a great dog for children. They are very energetic when they are small and they are able to be a great play thing for children. They are good for both smaller and older children and make a wonderful family pet no matter the size of your family. While they are great with children, they often do not get along with other dogs and sometimes have issues with other pets in the home. This dog is best suited in a 1 pet home, but will be fine if there are many children.

Bull Dog

The bull dog is a stocky, strong breed that is able to withstand a lot of rough play. It is ideal for children who like to play rough with their dogs and will make a good companion for any type of child- whether young or old. It is a very loyal dog and will always look out for the child, but will rarely become aggressive. They are simply protective dogs that love their families and look out for them any way possible. They do not easily get agitated with children who love to pull tails, pet rough and even try to ride on them.

Belgium Shepherd

Similar to the ever popular German Shepherd, yet somewhat less aggressive. The German Shepherd is one of the most loyal dogs as is the Belgium Shepherd. Both breeds of dogs will look out for their family, especially children. The Belgium Shepherd, however, does not often become aggressive. The German Shepherd is better suited as a dog that’s sole purpose is to protect the family; the Belgium Shepherd is one that was bred to be a family dog first and a guard dog second. It is a great choice for a family with children, but the dog should always be watched when it is around small children.


The Akita dog is a mid size breed of dog. It is one that is easy to control and will not easily get lost. It is ideal for children because of its calm demeanor. These dogs rarely get aggressive and are able to withstand a lot of roughage and horseplay from children. They are calm dogs who are able to provide families with one of the best dog experiences possible because of their personalities.


A Lhasa Apso is one of the smallest dog breeds that is great for children. They are calm dogs, but they will also be sure to protect their family and let them know when there are strangers. This dog was bred to be an indoor dog and was simply created to be sort of a doorbell for monks in Tibet. It is a dog that is not interested in doing much other than playing, making it ideal for children who have tireless energy and want to constantly play with their dog. It is a good breed for children of all ages due to its size.


Pomeranian dogs are excellent for families with children. They are loyal dogs that will go to any measure to protect the children that love them so much. They are also fun to play with and are extremely energetic. They are somewhat difficult to take care of, but they are a great dog for children of any age. They are classified as a toy dog because of their tiny size and they were bred to be a companion dog. This means that they will make an excellent best friend for all of your children to have.


In the same family as the Husky and the Malamute, the Samoyed is a dog that was made for sledding and working through the cold Siberian temperatures. They are a calm breed, although they are big. They would be an ideal pet for a family with older children that will not easily be knocked over. They require a lot of exercise, and it can be expected that they will chase many different things (they are somewhat of a herding breed). They do well with children of all ages because they are extremely gentle dogs, but their size can make them somewhat clumsy with smaller children.


Many kids have the typical impression that all dogs are Dalmatians. These dogs are great dogs for families. They are big, will protect the family in the event of an intruder and will be able to be calm and kind with the children that they love. They are extremely energetic dogs, so they do very well with children who like to run, play and never stop. They are a great first dog for families and are very easy to train as long as they are getting the required amount of exercise to make them calmer while looking after dogs.

Springer Spaniel

A Springer Spaniel is a great dog for families that have children. These dogs are extremely energetic even into old age and they are able to keep up with children of all ages. While they will occasionally become aggressive, they are generally gentle dogs that get along well with the children of the family. They are very friendly dogs and they love to have order and obedience in their life, making them extremely easy to train and to keep training. They are very rarely shy dogs and will often make the first connection with other dogs or with the new people they are around. Also have a look on the Easiest Dog Breeds to Keep in Bangladesh.

Keeping pet dogs that are good with children is a very important aspect of getting a dog if you have children. Make sure that the breed you choose is one that is able to be around children of all ages and make sure that the dog is introduced to your children from the beginning. Doing this will ensure that your dog and your children have a lasting relationship where each is loyal to the other one. A great, loyal dog can make a great companion for you, your family and all of the children in your home situation. For buying a dog for your child visit and find out the best dog for your child.

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