Popular Low-Range Motorbike Prices in Bangladesh

Are you thinking about buying your first motorbike? Well look no further!

For many individuals in Bangladesh, buying your first motorbike is a rite of passage – a first step towards adulthood. For many, it is the first real investment made with their own hard-earned money, which makes it that much more special.

Motorbikes are a popular choice due to the heavy traffic in Dhaka. Motorbikes are currently the fastest mode of transport, as their compact features allow riders to effortlessly weave through traffic to get to their destination with plenty of time to spare.

Due to the recent rise of ride-sharing and delivery services like Pathao, Uber and Hungrynaki, many individuals are purchasing motorbikes to join the rider career as well. Thousands of city dwellers are investing in motorbikes to enlist their services with these reputed brands for their increased job flexibility and better pay grades compared to traditional jobs.

But with so many different brands to choose from, all offering hundreds of different models, how will you decide which one is the best for you?

To make sure your first motorbike is a good investment, it is better to research beforehand. Ideally, we would suggest you look at lower range bikes that are more cost-efficient and economical so you can learn the ropes first, before moving onto higher-end motorbikes when you are more confident with your skills.

Our Top Picks This Year

Here are 8 of the most popular Motorbikes of this year, and all motorbike prices are below BDT 1.5 Lakh.

  1. Runner AD-80S Deluxe
  2. Walton Stylex New
  3. Hero HF Deluxe
  4. Hero Passion X Pro
  5. Honda CD80
  6. Honda Livo
  7. TVS Metro KS
  8. Bajaj Discover 125

Runner AD-80S Deluxe

Buy Runner AD-80S Deluxe

  • Engine Type – Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke
  • Displacement (CC) – 85
  • Max Power – 4.58 kw @8500 rpm
  • Max Torque – 5.5 kw @5500 rpm
  • Top Speed – 90 Kmph (Approx.)
  • Mileage – 55Kmpl (comb..)
  • Cooling – Natural Air Cooling
  • Starting Method – Kick and Self-Starter
  • Ignition Type – CDI
  • Gears – Manual; 4 Speed, 4 Forward, No Reverse
  • Suspension Front – Hydraulic, Telescopic Type
  • Suspension Rear – Coil Spring Hydraulic
  • Brakes (F/R) – Drum

Runner Automobiles Ltd. has been around for over 19 years, starting their business in mid 2000’s. It is one of the largest Motorbike manufacturers in Bangladesh, currently producing 12 different motorbike models ranging from 80cc to 150cc. They are the market leader in terms of sub 100cc motorbikes available in the country.

The Runner AD-80S deluxe is a newer version of the Runner AD-80S. Though physically not the most appealing, it is ideal for use in Dhaka city. The smaller size of the bike makes it easier to effortlessly weave through traffic congestion.

The small build, compact engine and decent mileage makes it one of the crowd favorites, as there is a growing trend towards purchasing this type of bikes. It is also a cost-saving bike, priced at only BDT 69,000/= keeping in mind the financial status of majority people of the country.

Walton Stylex New

Buy Walton Stylex New

  • Engine Type – Single Cylinder 4-Stroke
  • Displacement (CC) – 97
  • Max Power – 6.18 BHP @8000 rpm
  • Max Torque – 6.8 N-m @6000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 80 Kmph (Approx.)
  • Mileage – 70Kmpl (Comb..)
  • Cooling – Air Cooling
  • Starting Method – Electric and Kick Start
  • Ignition Type – CDI (Spark)
  • Gears – 4 Speed Constant Mesh
  • Clutch – Wet Type Multi-Disk
  • Suspension Front – Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorber
  • Suspension Rear – Swing Arm with Adjustable Shock Absorber
  • Braking Method (F/R) – Mechanical Drum

Walton Motors – a concern of Walton Group, was established back in 1977. They are the first producers of Motorcycles in Bangladesh, with a sizeable range of 80-150cc motorbikes.

The Walton Stylex New is the latest edition of the Walton Stylex series. It features the OHC engine technology which controls excessive engine noise. It is a user-friendly and economic bike, sporting a stylish silencer with heat protection guard and an impressive 70Kmpl mileage, making it one of the most fuel-efficient bikes on a budget. It is currently priced at BDT 72,500/=

Hero HF Deluxe

Hero HF Deluxe

  • Engine Type – 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder OHC
  • Displacement (CC) – 97.2
  • Max Power – 8.2 BHP @8000 rpm
  • Max Torque – 8.05 Nm @5000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 90 Kmph (Approx.)
  • Mileage – 65 Kmpl (Comb..)
  • Cooling – Air Cooling
  • Starting Method – Kick
  • Ignition Type – Digital CDI
  • Gears – Manual; 4 Speed
  • Suspension Front – Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  • Suspension Rear – Swing Arm with 2 Step Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorber
  • Brakes Front – 130mm Drum
  • Brakes Rear – 110mm Drum

Hero Motorcorp Ltd., formerly known as the joint venture Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. It is currently the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the subcontinent, holding 46% share in the Indian motorbike market. Hero Motorcorp started in 1984 as a joint venture between Hero Cycles of India and Honda of Japan. Later in 2010 when Honda moved out of the venture, Hero bought all the shares and thus the company was reformed.

Due to the termination of the joint venture, the Motorbike previously sold as the Hero CD Deluxe was later renamed as Hero HF Deluxe and sold in the south Asian market. It is a basic commuter bike that is popular for its affordable price in Bangladesh, brand value and durability. In recent years there were a few alterations made to the model – it now has an electric start and 3D graphics. Like the previous model, the Hero HF Deluxe boasts a superior mileage at 70Kmpl. At present, this model is priced at BDT 82,000/=

Hero Passion X Pro

Hero Passion X Pro

  • Engine Type – 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHC
  • Displacement (CC) – 109.15
  • Compression Ratio – 10:1
  • Max Power – 7 kW @ 7500 rpm
  • Max Torque – 9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Top Speed – 87Kmph
  • Mileage – 84Kmpl
  • Cooling – Air Cooled
  • Starting Method – Self (with i3s) & Kick
  • Gears – 4 Speed Constant Mesh
  • Clutch – Multi-Plate Wet Clutch
  • Suspension Front – Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  • Suspension Rear – Swing Arm with 5-Step Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  • Brakes Front – Disc 240mm, Drum 130mm
  • Brakes Rear – Drum 130mm

This is another popular model from Hero Motorcorp. Compared to older versions, the Passion X Pro has superior performance due to its i3S technology engine with Integrated Braking System (IBS). It features a signature LED tail lamp, comfortable seats and overall has a bolder sporty style.

It is a premium standard bike currently priced at BDT 102,990/=

Honda CD 80

buy Honda CD 80

  • Engine Type – 4-Stroke, OHC Engine
  • Displacement (CC) – 72
  • Max Power – 3.2 kw (4.4 BHP) @6500 rpm
  • Max Torque – 5.16 Nm @5500 rpm
  • Top Speed – 80 Kmph (Approx.)
  • Mileage – 68 Kmpl (Comb..)
  • Cooling – Air Cooling
  • Starting Method – Kick
  • Gears – 4 Speed Gears
  • Suspension Front – Telescopic
  • Suspension Rear – Swing Arm
  • Brakes (F/R) – Internal Expanding Shoe Type

Through the generations, the name ‘Honda’ has become synonymous to ‘motorbike’, due to the massive popularity of these bikes throughout South Asian markets. The Japanese Honda Motor Company Ltd. is a multinational conglomerate that produces a wide range of automobiles, motorbikes and power equipment. Since 1959, they have been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer supplying to numerous countries across the world.

The Honda CD80 is one of the older models available in the Bangladesh market. It was previously one of the only fuel-efficient 4-stroke motorbikes available here, but it still remains as the most popular 80cc motorbike among bike owners. The CD80 continues to be a sign of confidence among Bangladeshi consumers due to the superior control and stability it provides, as well as for its impressive engine build quality and durability.

Over the years, the model has been mechanically untouched in terms of newer augmentations, but a new range of colors has been made available. The Honda CD80 is relatively cheap, priced at BDT 86,000/=

Honda Livo

Buy Honda Livo

  • Engine Type – 4-Stroke, SI Engine
  • Displacement (CC) – 109.19
  • Max Power – 6.10 kw (8.2 BHP) @7500 rpm
  • Max Torque – 8.63 Nm @5500 rpm
  • Top Speed – 86 Kmph (Approx.)
  • Mileage – 65 Kmpl (Comb..)
  • Cooling – Air Cooled
  • Starting Method – Kick/Self
  • Gears – 4 Speed Gears, Manual
  • Suspension Front – Telescopic
  • Suspension Rear – Spring Loaded Hydraulic
  • Brakes Front – Drum 130/Disc 240mm
  • Brakes Rear – Drum 130mm

This is another popular Honda model. The Honda Livo has recently come out with a newer version – The Honda Livo Disk 2019 which is a newer look on the same body and engine. It is a popular choice among middle-class city commuters due to its aesthetic style, attractive graphics and affordability. It is currently this motorbike price in Bangladesh is BDT 116,000/= due to the manufacturing process being moved to Bangladesh.

TVS Metro KS

Buy TVS Metro KS

  • Engine Type – Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke
  • Displacement (CC) – 99.7
  • Max Power – 7.5 Bhp @7500 rpm
  • Max Torque – 7.8 nm @5000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 90 Kmph (approx.)
  • Mileage – 85 Kmpl (Comb..)
  • Cooling – Air Cooling
  • Starting Method – Kick
  • Ignition Type – AC Digital Ignition
  • Gears – Manual; 4 Speed Gears
  • Suspension Front – Telescopic Hydraulic Forks (110mm Stroke)
  • Suspension Rear – 5 Stage Adjustable Shockers (79mm Stroke)
  • Brakes Front – Drum, 110mm dia (Hand Operated)
  • Brakes Rear – Drum, 110mm dia (Foot Operated)

TVS Motor, member of TVS Group, is a multinational motorcycle company based in Chennai. It is the third largest motorcycle manufacturer in India and the second largest exporter – exporting their range of motorcycles to around 60 countries worldwide.

The TVS Metro KS has different names in some countries – in India the same model is named Star Sport. It is a casual, fuel-efficient and affordable bike which is gaining popularity in Bangladesh. As an entry-level bike, the features and brand value associated with the model far exceeds the price – making it one of the more economic and cost-effective bikes available in our market. In 2019, TVS is bringing in a different look – with added 3D graphics and new color combinations. The major change for the model this year is the addition of Synchronized Braking System (SBS).

Currently in local market this motorbike price in Bangladesh is around BDT 88,900/=.

Bajaj Discover 125

Buy Bajaj Discover 125

  • Engine Type – Single cylinder, 2-valve, DTS-i with ExhausTEC
  • Displacement (CC) – 124.6
  • Max Power – 11.00 PS @ 7500 rpm
  • Max Torque – 11.00 NM @ 5000 rpm
  • Top Speed – 100 Kmph (approx.)
  • Mileage – 55 Kmpl (Comb..)
  • Starting Method – Electric-Kick
  • Gears – Manual; 5 Speed
  • Suspension Front – 140 mm Fork travel, Telescopic
  • Suspension Rear – 120 mm Rear Wheel travel, Nitrox (Gas filled)
  • Brakes Front – Disc/Drum Size 130 mm
  • Brakes Rear – Drum 130 mm

Bajaj Auto Limited is an Indian global two-wheeler company and three-wheeler manufacturing company based in Pune, Maharashtra. Bajaj Auto is a part of the Bajaj Group. It was founded in Rajasthan in the 1940s.

The Discover 125 is an affordable modern bike, currently this bike priced at BDT 131,500/=, it boasts a great combination of style, mileage and price.

Several changes were made to the model in 2018 which includes full new LED DRL lamps, new age digital console, improved graphics and tail lamps. It is currently available in two color combinations – ebony black with either deep blue or deep red.

Deciding Which One To Buy

Ultimately the decision boils down to what you are looking for in a motorbike. Whether you prefer a certain motorbike brand or have a specific budget, all of it matters. If you have some more budget then you should also check out our another article on Popular Mid-Range Motorbike Prices in Bangladesh.

While all the motorbikes listed here are under BDT 1 lakh, there are still significant differences in the prices and the features of each motorbike model. Each of them have their unique qualities that make them a worthy choice for consumers for its own reason.

If you are planning to invest in a bike to work as a rider for service companies like Pathao and Uber, it would be wise to purchase a motorbike with superior mileage. 

Feel free to check out to find thousands of listings and compare motorbike price in Bangladesh – both new and used.

What other low-range motorbikes are your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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