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Bikroy Takes Two Big Steps to Prevent Fraud in Online Buying and Selling

As the e-commerce industry grows in Bangladesh, so do to the opportunities for fraud and theft by private individuals who wish to use the relative anonymity of online marketplaces to their advantage. Recently, law enforcement has turned their focus to tightening security measures for online buying and selling sites. As the largest online marketplace in Bangladesh, Bikroy is working in order to prevent these incidences from occurring on the site.

One of these initiatives is the implementation of ad poster account verification process. This will make it mandatory for all new ad posters to go through a process where their mobile phone numbers will be verified through a one-time code, sent through SMS. This will prevent ad posters from posting a phone number other than their own.

From February, Bikroy has also stopped allowing sellers to post ads of all replica and clone items. There is a huge gray market for clone and replica phones in Bangladesh, and sellers regularly and openly sell these replicas to buyers who knowingly by a fake product in order to give the illusion that they have bought the original product. However, as Bangladesh is adherent to international intellectual property laws, the use of another company’s trademark is illegal. Therefore, Bikroy has taken the step of banning all clones from being posted on the site.

“As the leading online buying and selling site in Bangladesh, we also have be at the forefront of providing security for our users. We did it last year by introducing our Buy Now service, which increased safety and security for our users, and we’re doing it again now by proactively removing unwanted inventory on our site through these new measures,” said Misha Ali, Director, Marketing, Bikroy. “We look forward to helping form the laws that will protect online consumers in Bangladesh.”

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