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How to Post an Ad on A Guide to Making It Quicker and Easier

Are you thinking of selling an old mobile phone, laptop, or guitar? Or planning to buy a new motorcycle and replace your old one? One of the best ways to get rid of these second-hand stuff is to sell them using – The largest marketplace in Bangladesh has been working for 9 long years to bring online buyers and sellers together across the country. In addition to browsing the thousands of ads posted every day, there are options for free advertising to sell a lot of products.

In today’s write-up, we will discuss in detail how your product can be sold at the right price by advertising in the easiest and fastest way on

How to post your ad on within 2 minutes!

How to post an ad on

Log-in with your account
You can log-in using different mediums

As the first step in advertising your product, you can access the site of directly from your desktop/laptop or mobile phone. You can also download our mobile app and post ads through it.

After entering the website or Bikroy app, you will see a ‘post your ad’ button (for the web) or a ‘plus’ button (for the Android app) on the home screen for posting ads. Clicking on the buttons as per your medium will take you to a page where you can create an account or sign-in.

Bikroy has a single log-in facility for users’ convenience, meaning you can also sign-up or log-in here using your Facebook and Google Accounts. After you successfully create or log-in to your account, you can post ads by following the simple steps.

1. Pick the Right Category

Choose the right category for your product or service
Pick the Right Category for your product/service

The next step is to choose the right category for your product or service. This is one of the essential steps in posting an ad. This is because users will search for products or services using that category and sub-category. Therefore, it is important to post your ad in the right category.

The product or service you are trying to sell should be included in relevant categories listed on Bikroy. Select the appropriate category, and then select a sub-category that fits your product or service.

2. Choose Your Location

Choose the location you want to sell your product
Choose the location you want to sell your product

After selecting the right category, select the location from where you want to sell your product or service. Your location may vary by area, city, and division. By providing the right location, customers residing in your locality can easily buy your product or service and in some cases, you may even get rid of the delivery charge!

3. Add as Many Details 

Add as more details
Add more details

At this phase, you need to add information about your product or service. Give your ad a proper, concise title, and include details. You can add the right keywords and information to attract buyers.

Remember, the more descriptions, the more views! After adding the details, you can add information such as price, contact information, and whether the price is negotiable. Make sure all the provided information is true and correct.

4. Add Attractive Images With Your Ad 

Upload catchy images
Upload catchy images

An important aspect that can easily capture customers’ attention is the picture of your product or service. Uploaded images can instantly give customers a clear idea of ​​your product or service, so make sure you are uploading some high-quality images.

For customers’ convenience, you can upload multiple images of the product taken from different angles. More pictures mean more views! And more views means sell fast!

Clicking the ‘Post Your Ad’ button will send the ad to our review team who will manually review the ad to see if it complies with our guidelines, rules, and regulations.

We follow this step to ensure that our users do not get deceived, abused, or threatened. We want users to have a secure buying and selling experience.

Once our ad review team approves your ad, your ad will go live on our website and you will receive a notification.

So what are you waiting for? To sell your product or service, visit – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh and post ads!


How to edit an ad on
To edit your ad, please go to the ‘My Ads’ page and click the ‘Edit Ad’ button.

By logging in to your Bikroy account, you can easily find your ad by going to the ‘My Ads’ page!

How to delete an ad on
To delete an ad, please go to the ‘My Ads’ page and click the ‘Delete’ button.

By logging in to your Bikroy account, you can easily find your ad by going to the ‘My Ads’ page!

How to change user password on
To enter a new password, please log-in to your account, then go to the ‘Settings’ page and enter a new password.

In case you forgot your password: 

Go to the log-in page. Select the medium you wish to log-in through and click ‘Forgot Password’. A recovery link will then be sent to your email or to another medium. Clicking there will allow you to change the password.

How long do ads stay on
If you do not delete the ads, they will be displayed on our site for 60 days. Then the ad will get deleted automatically.

What are the reasons behind an ad rejection on manually reviews all ads, and if you can avoid ad posting mistakes, your ad will be approved within 4 hours. On the other hand, if the ad got rejected, you will be notified in the return email explaining what changes you need to make in order to get your ad approved.
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