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Quick, Safe and Easy “Buy Now Service” from Bikroy to Your Doorstep!

Whenever you feel the need to sell your product or buy something for yourself without much physical labor, the first thing that pops in your mind is to search online! One of the many advantages of the internet is that it has made everything easy and reachable for us and helped us to save a great amount of time and energy. is one of the first and foremost names that come in our minds whenever we think about visiting an online marketplace. Since the very beginning of Bikroy, people have accepted it as one of the best and most reliable marketplaces for used products. But that’s not all!

You might be surprised to know that we have more new products in our listings than the old ones. All these new product ads are posted by our trusted members who have their own virtual web shops in Bikroy. Now, to ensure maximum security and comfort for both our sellers and buyers, we have a special product transfer service, Buy Now. Today we are going to know all about this service that Bikroy is offering. So, stay tuned!

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What is “Buy Now” and How it Works

Buy Now is a service that ensures maximum security and a much easier transaction of products between a buyer and a seller in Bikroy. Whenever you browse through hundreds of product listings in Bikroy, you can see some of the ads have a small green ‘Buy Now’ button on them and some don’t. The ones with that green button are available for this service.

Once you decide to buy a product from Bikroy, you have two options to make your purchase-

  1. You can contact the seller directly by using their phone number or use our ‘Chat’ service to talk with them. Then you can visit their real shops or meet them somewhere to make that transaction.
  2. If the product is available for ‘Buy Now’ service, then you can press the green button and Bikroy will take care of the rest.

If you go for the easier option, which is ‘Buy Now’, you don’t have to worry about going somewhere and talking to strangers face to face. Just provide your name, phone number and mailing address and hit the ‘Place Order’ button. You will shortly receive a text message to verify your number using One Time Passwords or OTPs. Then, our dedicated workers will confirm your purchase, collect the product from the seller and then deliver it to the address you provided. We only charge a small percentage of delivery charge on products, depending on their weight and price. You will be notified about the delivery charge and the full payable amount beforehand. Once you hit ‘Buy Now’ and follow the procedures thoroughly, the only thing you have to do is wait for your product to reach you safe and sound on time and pay the bill on delivery.

Now, let’s have a look at the many advantages of ‘Buy Now’ service from both seller and buyer ends.

Seller Focused Benefits

When you are selling something, your main target is to get the maximum profit from your product and sell it without much hustle. ‘Buy now’ service can ensure that to a seller in the following ways:

Having your personal virtual shop in Bikroy

As a seller who is willing to sell a variety of products online or to make a business out of it, you might often feel the need of having a website of some sort of online shop to put all your products on display. Having a virtual shop can help you in a great deal by sharing a single link with your customers and offering them your varied range of products with necessary description, asking price and detailed pictures. But most of us don’t know how to create a proper marketplace on the web and have to rely on Facebook pages only.

But Bikroy gives you a much simpler way to create your own e-commerce website in Bangladesh, without having to hire a developer. To add the ‘Buy Now’ option in your product ads, first, you need to become a member at Bikroy. And when you do that, Bikroy will give you your own personal shop link, where all your ads of business products will be listed down in a common space.

Your Product, Your Price

With the ‘Buy Now’ service on, you can add your desired price range on a product and customers can just click the green button and buy your product with a price that you offer. There is no chance of bargaining and arguments with customers. But of course, you cannot and should not put up an unrealistic price tag on your product ad. It is simply against proper business ethics.

Minimized Cost in Branding and Transactions

Building your own online marketplace anywhere on the web can cause you a big amount of expenses and a variety of budget planning issues. There is the issue of finding and choosing the right domain for your site and bidding big bucks for the perfect spot. Then, you have to hire developers and designers to build your site and function them properly. And after all that you have to face the big cost of branding, which can cost you a lot. Even with social media pages, you have to update and promote your business plans constantly to hold on to a reliable customer base.

With Bikroy, a big portion of your job is done by our dedicated workers. Once you sign off for our membership program, Bikroy’s developer team will create an individual page for your online shop with your shop name in its URL. Whenever you post a new ad for your product it will be listed in your online shop too. Also with a minimum percentage of cost, your products will be able to reach expecting customers safe and sound, anywhere in Bangladesh.

No need to hire a delivery service

Adding the ‘Buy Now’ service to your ads can ensure all the help you need to deliver your products to different types of customers all around Bangladesh. Most people with online shops and businesses have to look for suitable delivery persons and courier services when it comes to shipping their products. Sometimes we have to cut down on our customer base to deal with the delivery issues. But Bikroy’s ‘Buy Now’ gives you complete freedom to expand your customer base and deliver your products anywhere in Bangladesh with ease. Our dedicated workers will collect the products from your inventory and deliver them in their according shipping addresses. All you need to do is place your ad properly and activate the ‘Buy Now’ option for it.

Huge Customer Base

Whenever you think about creating a business page on social media sites like Facebook, you have to promote your page or invite a lot of people individually to view and like your page. It takes a great amount of time and toils to establish your business on social media platforms like that.

But Bikroy has a large customer base all around Bangladesh. You don’t need to worry about reaching out to people and build your customer base slowly. With Bikroy’s help, you will be able to reach thousands of people without a lot of connections and hustle. If you choose Bikroy as your business platform, Bikroy will become your strongest connection!

Buyer Focused Benefits

As a buyer, your biggest fear of shopping online products is to face fraudster, receiving faulty or wrong products with no return or exchange option. With Bikroy’s ‘Buy Now’ service you can say goodbye to all these fears, as Bikroy targets to help our customers in the following ways:

Trustworthy and Quality Sellers

Bikroy has a list of our trusted and most interesting sellers. They offer thousands of products in our many categories. You can shop from their listings directly from our site by using our ‘buy now’ service.

We follow certain rules and procedures to add members to our list. Also, Bikroy has a big team working 24/7 for monitoring ads to keep fraudster posts and duplicate or invalid product ads at bay. Each and every ad that you see on Bikroy are real posts given by real people and are of real products. So, you don’t have to worry about the product authenticity issues while making a purchase, just browse through hundreds of options in Bikroy and make an informed decision.

Get products delivered to your doorstep

Using ‘buy now’ service, you don’t have to worry about deciding a safe suitable place to pick up your product or meeting unknown people for transactions. Bikroy’s dedicated delivery service will pick up your purchase from the seller and bring them to you, where you feel the most comfortable. You just need to put up your desired delivery location in the ‘buy now’ pop up window and verify your phone number with an OTP. You’ll have to receive a phone call from Bikroy to confirm your order. After that, your product is on its way. All you need to do now is wait for a call from the delivery guy, receive your product and pay the bill.

Only new and genuine products on ‘Buy Now’

It is impossible to purchase a used product without asking any questions. That is why Bikroy only gives ‘buy now’ service on brand new products from our trusted sellers. Also, the products sold with ‘buy now’ service are genuine and real products. Bikroy doesn’t allow posts with replica or copy products. So you won’t ever have to worry about the authenticity of a product before hitting ‘buy now’.

Minimal cost for an online purchase

Using ‘buy now’ service you can save a lot of your time and money on transport and bargaining issues. Bikroy aims to provide its customers with the best quality products in the safest and easiest way possible. With the best deals on thousands of products and the minimal delivery charges with ‘buy now’ service, online shopping has never been more convenient and fun at the same time!

Buy Now Products

To make our lives a lot easier and up-to-date with modern technology, Bikroy has hundreds of lifestyle products and gadgets available with ‘buy now’ service. You can buy fashionable dresses, winter clothing, style accessories, cool electronic gadgets such as internet boosters. mosquito remedies, heating and cooling machines, computer hardware, projectors, camera gears, electronic accessories, cookware and what not! Browse today and find cool new products to improve your lifestyle.

‘Buy Now’ from Bikroy Deals to Get Amazing Offers!

e-commerce site in Bangladesh bikroy deals

What if we tell you that shopping our ‘buy now’ products can be even more amazing? Visit our full e-commerce page and find unbelievable discounts and cool offers on hundreds of lifestyle products.

The products on Bikroy Deals are always ready to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. You can always find useful products for different seasons and different needs, starting from beard trimmers, smartwatches, bluetooth speakers, massage pillows, air blowers and vacuum cleaners, to cool and trendy seasonal dresses and multifunctional backpacks, home and kitchen appliances, camera accessories and much more. Each and every product in Bikroy Deals come with attractive discounts and minimal delivery charge reductions. Some products in Bikroy Deals are available for up to 50% discount from their original price range. So, what are you waiting for? Start digging right away!

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