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Millward Brown Survey finds facebook dominating top of mind share and Bikroy on 4th place

A recent survey conducted by Kantar Millward Brown on 1000 random internet users around the country was to understand the brand health of all internet sites in Bangladesh. During the survey when respondents were asked about their most preferred and frequently visited sites on the internet, it was no surprise as Facebook was their top most mentioned brand followed by Google and Youtube. However, it was remarkable to find Bikroy being the 4th most mentioned “Top of Mind” brand for all internet sites in the country over giants like Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. While Google and Youtube managed to improve their top of mind share from last year, Facebook and Bikroy along with a few other sites showed a decline.

Top of Mind share of all internet sites:

Despite the decline, Bikroy remained as not only the most salient website brand in Bangladesh after Facebook, Google and Youtube but the brand was also way ahead of its competitor in terms of mindshare. Bikroy also is overwhelmingly leading the top of mind awareness among all online buying and selling sites in Bangladesh, enjoying a top of mind preference of 85%.  In spite of the slight top of mind share loss in 2017, Bikroy still persists to be the absolute leader when it comes to online marketplaces in Bangladesh.

Top of mind share of online marketplaces in Bangladesh:

top of mind online marketplace

In  2017, Bikroy maintained their forte and leadership position in terms of category preference, with 75% of respondents mentioning it as their first choice for electronics and general category, 64% for the property category, and 68% for the vehicles category. In the jobs category, BDjobs continued their long-standing leading position, with 60% of respondents preferring this site as their first choice, and Bikroy is in second position, with 21% of respondents considering it as their first choice, which rose by 6% since the last year as well as 50% of the respondents seriously considering this site as an alternative.

“We are truly happy with the results of the Kantar Millward Brown survey. Although we feel that our marketing and product-related efforts were focused in the right direction, it’s always nice to have a measurable confirmation that our work over the last few years has been appreciated by our customers. Going forward we will be concentrating on providing better services to our buyers and sellers and alleviating some of the consumer mindset barriers that this survey has brought to light,” said Naz Hussain, Director, Contact Center, Bikroy.

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