Ride your bike like a pro in traffic

Roads of Dhaka city are heavily packed with traffic at this time of the year. Though it is not a new issue for us, everyday we lose a big amount of our time and mental comfort in traffic. Being stuck in the same place surrounded by exhausted people and heated engines for hours is draining, even if you are sitting in the most comfortable car. A cheaper, faster and healthier solution to this problem can be cycling. Fear of cycling in traffic and in crowded urban areas is obvious but you can still ride your bike in traffic confidently if you maintain some simple checkpoints everyday─

Gear up

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The right bicycle can be a deal-breaker for you. If you don’t already own one, it is important to take some time to consider what type of bike best fits your needs and budget and how comfortable it is to ride and control.

Carefully consider the purpose of your bike, whether it is for commuting to work, regular trips to nearby places, exercising or riding on the weekends. Second, make sure the bike you are choosing is the right size for you.

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Then comes the helmet and other accessories. Urban cyclists should always wear a helmet. It will protect your head in the event of a crash, as well as provide you with a higher sense of safety. Choosing a helmet is almost as tricky as choosing a bike—it depends on if you like it and feel comfortable with it.

A bike mirror is a great attachment to your bike if you are a beginner. Mirrors can help you to focus on the road ahead without turning around to look out for traffic behind. It can help a rider to be more aware and alert. Also, there are many other gears that you can buy from online marketplaces to be extra ready for your day-to-day journeys.

Be Street-ready

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Know the rules and regulations of the streets and follow them carefully. No blog can teach you how to ride your bike on the road, it comes with lots of practice. Communicate with other cyclists to get help and ideas from them, educate yourself. Have a plan about how to reach your destination in the shortest and safest way possible; use Google Maps to navigate yourself. Own your space on the road. Maintain a healthy distance from other vehicles to avoid unwanted hassle or accidents. Try to keep your head cool. Learn to turn properly and keep your eyes open.

However, you can overcome the fear of riding a bike in traffic with some practice, experience and time—it may just transform your life entirely. If you live in town or city, riding a bicycle safely and confidently in traffic will show you a different side of your city, as well as will make you healthier and wealthier.

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