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There are times when you have unused products lying around your house or when you are moving into a new home and you don’t need your old stuffs anymore. Sometimes you give away those stuffs and sometimes you throw them away. The most convenient way to deal with unwanted items in your home is to sell them. Selling in regular marketplaces or to hawkers or to scrap-collectors is not that convenient and you will neither receive a value from selling them which is fair.  However, when you try online marketplaces, you get to sell your product at a price which is fair.

Tons of people are posting ads in online marketplaces everyday. So how will your product come to a buyer’s notice when yours is surrounded with hundreds of similar products? Some tricks can help you to make your ad outstanding ─

Research and pick the right price

sell fast right price

Everything sells if the price is right. You can get idea of the price trend by visiting online marketplaces and browsing similar ads. Compare and think of a price that is fair, pick a competitive price to beat other similar products in the market.

Think from a buyer’s perspective too. How much are they willing to pay? In most cases, the lower the price, the higher the demand. But keep it real and relevant to your product otherwise you might be considered as a fraudster.

Use great photos

sell fast product imae

When it comes to buying things online the buyers wants to judge the product visually. Use actual photos of your product so that buyers can trust you. Ads with photos of the real item get up to 10 times more views than ads with catalog images.

But the image should be visually appealing too. Try to take clear photos in good resolution and use good lighting. Shots from different angles gives a better idea of your product so don’t hesitate to click some more.

Provide clear and true details in your ad

sell fast honest description

Online buying is uncertain. More details will help buyers gain trust and confidence in your product. If there are two ads of the same product─one having attractive title, clear-cut details and everything a buyer would want to know will have more chances being sold. More details = more views!

You also have to be aware of what the buyers desire. Include keywords and relevant information that buyers will be interested in. Titles are the first thing that a buyer sees before clicking an ad, so add an attractive title to drive clicks and interesting details of your product to generate conversions. Don’t make vague promises in your details. Be honest in your description.

Promote your ad!

sell fast promote

If there is a scope of promoting your ad on an online marketplace you are placing your ad into, don’t hesitate to hit ‘promote’. Promoted ads get up to 10 times more views in popular marketplaces and more views means more interested buyers for your product. With lots of interested buyers, you have a better chance of selling your product fast for the price that you want.

If you don’t have a “promote” option in your chosen marketplace or you simply don’t want to spend extra money on promoting it, you can try sharing your ad on social media websites. However, this will not guarantee you to bring interest buyers like it would on classified marketplaces. So choose your online marketplace wisely and post your ad in with good images and true details to sell fast and promote to sell faster. Your item will be sold in no time!

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