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When you are a fresh-graduate or still a student who’s seeking some kick-start in career, hunting down a suitable job can be stressful. Also, it is not easy to get hired once you found one that takes your liking. Whichever the case, if you are on the path to find your dream job, it’s important for students to realize that having a degree is not enough. You should to know what’s coming within the process so that you’ll be ready for it when the opportunity strikes.

Well, here are some things you should do to get a kick-start on your job hunt:

Study yourself and evaluate

job hunt self evaluation

Think about who you are and where you stand. What are your passions and ambitions? What are you truly looking for in a career and what do you want to focus on to get yourself going down the line? Take some time to think. This step is all about being honest about your strengths and challenges.

It’s also time to determine your top skills and to know what challenges you might face post-graduation. Search in different online job sites and take a note of what your dream job requires from you! Work your flaws out, gather all the information you can find and prepare yourself before you dive into the new stage of your life.

Build your resume and have it critiqued

job hunt edit resume

A well-made resume is one of the main keys needed for any job hunt. Employers have to look at dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes while looking for capable candidates for certain positions. If you don’t stand out of the crowd, you have already fallen behind.

Don’t just stop there. Find someone professional who’s already working in the field you want to jump in, so that he/she can look over your resume and pinpoint any flaws in it. When you want to achieve the best, you should be the best.

Talk to the right people

job hunt find expert

Get acquainted with the right people who can guide and help you with your job hunting. Meet with advisers who can help you get started, help you to figure out how to apply for jobs and what employers are looking for in your desired field.

Meet your academic advisers to make sure if all your academic affairs are in order and discuss about your post-graduation possibilities. Speak with your professors, supervisors and others who may be able to give you wise advice and potential connections that can lead you to possible job opportunities.

Attend workshops

job hunt workshops

Many career services host a wide variety of workshops that help students brush up on their interview skills, networking and good resume writing. They are events that are held to help students learn about the various stages of the job hunting process, about how to stand out to the employers and ask meaningful questions.<

Look for renowned companies in your field

job hunt right company

Look for companies in your field–both big and small–both locally and in places you may be interested in working, and find out about different opportunities that may exist there.

Once you do and if they have an opening that interests you, send your finalized resume and a personalized cover letter  to them that is specifically created for that certain position and company that you are applying to.

Practice mock job interviews

job hunt practise interview

Whether it’s over phone, Skype or in-person interview, it’s important to know what to expect and practice from before. Some career services offer practice interview programs that allows both students and alumni the chance to practice interviews with actual recruiters and employers, who will eventually offer review of their interviewing skills.

Invest in professional attire

job hunt look professional

Like it or not, appearance is important. So investing in an attire that is appropriate for the field you want to get into is vital. That doesn’t mean you should spend way beyond your financial ability. Look for marketplaces that offer sales and discounts on lifestyle products, cut down unnecessary expenses and save some cash over time.

Be organized in your job hunt

job hunt be organized

You might be sending resumes to a lot of companies and organizations and applying for so many different positions that you might feel out of track at a point. That’s why it is crucial to organize your activities during the process.

Create an excel sheet or document with different categories (date applied, field, sub-field, company, etc.) and make sure to save the job descriptions and qualifications of the jobs you apply for.

Being organized will give you a sense of control and ownership of what you are doing. It also helps you measure your progress and holds you accountable.

Check your online appearance

job hunt online profile

Social media is playing a larger role in the job search progress, now more than ever. This can either be positive or negative for you–depending on how you have presented yourself online.

Having a LinkedIn profile that is well constructed and updated can be a valuable helping hand for you. Make sure all your information is up-to-date and accurate. It’s also important to be mindful of what you post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.

Develop a support system

job hunt connections

The job search process can be lengthy and frustrating sometimes; so find people in your life who can keep you motivated during the difficult phases–they can be your close friends, family members and even mentors. One of the most important aspects of the job hunting process is to stay motivated, focused and full of hope.

Learn from those who already made it

job hunt learn from who you want to be

One of the best ways to figure out what it takes to make it into your desired position is to ask someone who is already working in the place where you hope to be someday. Reach out to a professional in your field and request to have a motivational and informative conversation with them.

Make yourself flexible and adaptable

job hunt be adaptable

It is easy to want exactly that position at that company with that kind of salary–all at the first chance! The reality is that you might need to think outside the box and be open to good opportunities that might be primarily out of your comfort zone or areas of interest. But nothing goes in vain,every step you take is an experience during your journey.

Being flexible and adaptable during your job hunt can open up variety of doors that you may never expected. So don’t lose hope, be an opportunist and move boldly in your journey towards your dream career.

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