Snapshot of the Motorcycle Market in Bangladesh

The Motorcycle Industry envisages a further boost in demand for bikes on the market in Bangladesh. After the pandemic hit in April, May, and June, two-wheelers’ sales steadily been increasing.

For many Bangladeshis, the motorcycle is the most affordable form of private transportation. Right at the moment, there are over 11 lac registered motorcycles in Bangladesh, and a growing number of city-dwellers now prefer motorcycles to get through the heavy traffic.

In rural areas, where roads are often unpaved and in poor condition, motorbikes are also the most convenient transportation mode for many. Due to the increase in foreign remittance, motorcycle sales outside cities are booming. If you plan to purchase your own, then knowing the Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh can help you pick the best one within your requirements and budget.

Motorcycle Listings by Cities in Bangladesh

Unsurprisingly, the number of motorcycle listings in Dhaka is the highest- accounting for 33% of the total. Then Chittagong holds second place with 13% of the market.

Now a question can pop-up that why metropolitan cities absorb most of the numbers? Due to higher income levels and the introduction of ride-sharing services in Dhaka and Chittagong in recent days, played a vital role in the rising demand for two-wheelers.

However, 24% of all listings are not in urban areas, which shows a sizeable demand for motorbikes in the countryside. In rural regions, motorbikes are widely adopted due to the poor communication infrastructure.

motorcycle listing on
Dhaka and Chittagong Hold the majority of motorbike riders in Bangladesh

Top 5 Highest Selling Motorbike Brands in Bangladesh

The Indian manufacturer Bajaj is the most popular brand of motorbike sold on, accounting for 29% of the total, followed by Hero, Walton, Yamaha, and TVs. Some of the more high-end brands such as Suzuki do not fall into the top five, showing that Bangladeshi motorcycle buyers are more interested in brands that offer good value for money.

The increasing coming of significant players such as Yamaha and Honda, who are setting up production facilities in Bangladesh is likely to act as the driver of the motorbike market in upcoming years.

Moreover, the growing interest of women as potential consumers, lower maintenance service, and replacement parts as compared to cars is expected to drive the increment of the market in the upcoming years

motorcycle brandson
Indian Motorbikes are at a peak in case of choosing by Bangladeshi Bike Riders

Listing by Motorcycle Mileage

Motorcycles that have been driven between 30,000 and 60,000 km are the most popular on the online classifieds site. 46% – an overwhelming number – of the motorbikes listed are between this mileage range, which shows a consumer preference for selling bikes after a few years of use, and is an indication of the liquidity of motorbikes in general.

This could show that the younger generation prefers newer models of motorcycles, and changes bikes every few years.

motorcycle listing by mileage on
People are interested in fuel-efficient bikes in Bangladesh

Motorbike Price-range in Bangladesh

The price range of the thousands of motorbike listings on the site varied from 15,000 BDT to 5,00,000 BDT. But the largest pricing bracket found on was between 100,000 BDT to 150,000 BDT, with 33% of all listings falling within this price group.

The 50,000 BDT to 100,000 BDT price range came in at a close second, with 27% of all listings. This shows that motorcycle buyers in Bangladesh are price-sensitive and rarely buy a motorcycle for over 1.5 lacs. If you want to look over your favorite bike brand price group then you go for Honda bike price in Bangladesh or Bajaj motorcycle price in Bangladesh

motorcycle listing by price on
                              Motorcycle Price Range in Bangladesh

Final Words

The motorbike market in Bangladesh has witnessed significant growth over the last decade. Increased demand in urban and rural areas and a reasonable price range are some of the major factors propelling the growth of this market in Bangladesh.

Lately, the industry also faced headwinds and shows the sign of weakness with rising fuel costs, growing safety issues, numerous road accidents, higher legal charges, and growing safety issues.

Despite the downward facts, the economic boom in Bangladesh created a massive demand for individual mobility and the motorbike industry represents the most efficient solution, following the path already tracked by many other countries in Southern Asia.

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