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Spectacular flashmob at Rabindra Sarobar by

On 30th August 2014, organized a spectacular flashmob at Dhanmondi Lake Venue to celebrate that they are the Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh.

The quiet afternoon at Rabindra Sarobar turned into a jubilous celebration as people nearby experienced the sudden spurt of joy and energy at the lakeside venue. And they enjoyed every moment of it.

The flashmob have been posed on YouTube so that everybody can enjoy it on the following link:

Almost one hundred youngsters performed in the three-minute flashmob to the theme music of Participants were all students of different public and private universities in Bangladesh.

Kawser Ahmed, a Dhaka University student who frequently spends time at the street food stalls Rabindra Sarobar, said: “Different kinds of cultural events take place here every now and then but the sudden flashmob organized by was very unique and I really enjoyed it.”

Eshita Sharmin, Marketing Manager at, said: “The use of Internet is spreading rapidly to every nook and corner of the country and we want to engage with people so that they become more aware of our online marketplace through this flashmob. She continues: we feel encouraged by getting so popular so fast as well as getting the trust of millions of users.” became the top-ranked marketplace in Bangladesh after only one year in operations and they are now ranked as the 14th most popular website in Bangladesh according to Alexa ranking.

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