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TV Market in Bangladesh 2021: Forecast and Opportunities | Infographics

Television is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in Bangladesh, and at Bikroy.com we are witnessing these statistics closely with thousands of ads posting per month. Besides, the rapid growth of internet connectivity across the country is granting greater access to online entertainment portals to the tech-savvy generation. 

Bangladeshi TV market consists of TVs with high-end technologies that go beyond the conventional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology. These innovations and a modest price range for all income groups have increased the ratio of trading TVs in the country. 

Usage of TV is no longer a sign of urbanization. Over the years, the TV industry has adopted the first evolving technical growths to introduce innovations like 4K smart TVs and voice-assistant enabled TV. 

In this infographics, we will try to give you an insight into the current TV market condition and TV prices in Bangladesh

TV listings based on different price groups

TV Ads by price range
TV Ads by price range

The TV price in Bangladesh depends on several aspects as per market data reviewed on Bikroy.com. TV sales particularly in the Smart and LED TV segment has been rising in the post COVID era. Being a middle-class economy, we can see the highest selling price group is between BDT 15,000-25,000.

As the data shows in this infographic, 27% of the total ads are laying between on the BDT 15,000-25,000 price group, where 21% of ads are in BDT 5,000-10,000, 20% of the ads are in BDT 10,000-15000, 18% ads are in BDT 25,000-1,00,000, and 11% ads have posted in BDT 0-5,000 price group. The highest and the lowest price margins hold a lower percentage of entire ads, where we can see only 4% of the ads are in the BDT 100k+ group. 

Top-Selling TV Brands in Bangladesh

Top selling TV brands on Bikroy
Top selling TV brands on Bikroy

One of the questions that most of our customers search for is what are the top brands of TV selling mostly in Bangladesh. Many of them make their decision based on the user data. 

As a large market, almost 56% of the ads have been posted for several mixed brands like Philips, Panasonic, Singer, LG, and so on. Besides, we can see that Sony has held 11% of the entire ads, and Samsung, JVC, and Walton have got 9%, 5%, and 5% share of the entire ads respectively.

Listing by TV Condition: New VS Used

New VS Used TVs on Bikroy
New VS Used TVs on Bikroy

Technology gets better and cheaper every year, and TV is no exception. With the implementation of new edge technology and the most common household appliances, people mostly prefer to buy a brand new TV

According to the data from the infographic, we can see that almost 72% of the entire ads have been posted for the new TV, whereas 28% of ads are for the used ones. 

Listing by TV Sizes

percentage of TV sizes available out to total TV ads on Bikroy
Percentage of TV sizes available out to total TV ads on Bikroy

With the growing disposable economy in the country, chasing customer preferences is now way challenging for the manufacturers because of their informed purchasing decisions. Televisions have been sold through physical showrooms and online marketplaces because of the rapid internet penetration, which contributes to the increasing demand for TV in Bangladesh. 

The data from this infographic shows, 27% of the ads were for 40”-50” screen size, which holds the majority of the ads. Whereas, 10% of the ads posted for TVs between 55”- 85” screen size and the rest 5% of the ads posted for TVs between 18”-32” size. 

From where most of the ads are being posted?

TV ads by location
TV ads by location

Being the capital city of Bangladesh, it’s no surprise that Dhaka would be on the top of the listings of posting ads. Based on the statistics of the TV market in Bangladesh, 64% of the entire ads were posted from Dhaka, then there are Chattogram, Khulna, and other cities with 28%, 2%, and 7% of the ads, respectively. 

Which types of TVs are mostly being sold?

Types of TV
Types of TV

When the internet is everywhere, users tend to get reviews before making any purchase, especially electronics. In such a budget-conscious market, people generally like to buy TV within their preferences. So, which type of TVs are being liked by most people in Bangladesh?

As the infographic shows, most people are going for LED TVs these days, which acquires 56% volume of the entire ads. 42% of ads are for Smart TVs, whereas Android TVs and 4K TVs hold 35%, and 28% of the entire ads posted on Bikroy for sale.

Final Words

TV has been a mass medium of choice for a country like Bangladesh. Not only brands but consumers have also always been concerned about the most selling TVs or budget-friendly devices to make intelligent decisions. 

The TV market in Bangladesh has seen robust growth from the last decade and is expected to grow with a higher margin in upcoming years. 

Always keep in touch with Bikroy.com to know the latest industry trends and market status. 

Happy Shopping! 


What are the top-selling TV brands in Bangladesh?
A data from Bikroy.com has assembled the top-selling TV brands in Bangladesh based on the ads posted on the website: 

  1. Mixed Brands (Philips, Panasonic, LG, etc.)
  2. Sony
  3. Samsung
  4. JVC
  5. Walton
 Which types of TVs are being sold mainly in Bangladesh?
Based on the ad posting data from Bikroy.com – The largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, here is the list of TV types: 

  1. LED TV
  2. Smart TV
  3. Android TV
  4. 4K TV
What TV sizes are selling mainly in Bangladesh?
According to the ad posting data from Bikroy.com- The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, here is the list of TV sizes: 

  1. 40”-50”
  2. 55”-85”
  3. 18”-32”
TVs for sale in DhakaTVs for sale in Chattogram
TVs for sale in Dhaka DivisionTVs for sale in Khulna Division
TVs for sale in SylhetTVs for sale in Chattogram Division
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