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Different Locations for Rental Apartments in Dhaka Within BDT 15,000 – 20,000

Dhaka – The capital of Bangladesh, is experiencing rapid growth and development in economic and socio-cultural aspects. Every year more people are coming to live in the town permanently, and therefore there is a constant upraise of the living hood, especially when you give a closer look at apartment rent in Dhaka.

Few places in Dhaka are comparatively suitable for living within a modest budget. – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh has prepared a listing of different locations in Dhaka city where people get their accommodation rent within BDT 15,000 – 20,000.

Let’s look at the most suitable locations to get flat rent in Dhaka within 20,000 Tk. 

List of areas for apartment rent in Dhaka under BDT 20,000

Areas Average Flat Rent (BDT)
Uttara20,000 Tk.
Mirpur10,000 – 20,000 TK.
Mohammadpur10,000 – 20,000 TK.
Bashundhara20,000 TK.
Dhanmondi20,000 TK.
Areas for apartment rent in Dhaka under BDT 20,000

Disclaimer: The price range is calculated based on cheap housing affordability. 

1. Uttara

Uttara is one of the most popular expat-friendly areas in Dhaka. Since the airport and the railway station are so close, Uttara is immensely popular for people who make frequent trips. This place is also one of the fastest-growing suburbs within Dhaka and is getting more attraction these days from property investors

Benefits of living in Uttara

  • Less traffic inside the residential area
  • Numerous local and international institutes, hospitals, healthcare centers
  • The airport and the railway station are nearby

Drawbacks of living in Uttara

  • Lengthy communication during the peak hour
  • It takes time to reach other places in the city due to the distance

Accommodation facilities in Uttara within BDT 20,000 

Configuration in BHK (Bedroom, Hall, & Kitchen)Average Rent in BDT
2BHK15,000 – 20,000
Facilities in Uttara

2. Mirpur 

Mirpur is mostly popular for the home of cricket – Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium. Middle-class families resort to this locality whenever it comes to apartment rentals in Dhaka. It has budget homes, planned roads, restaurants, hospitals, and thousands of institutes. Among many attractions of Mirpur, Dhaka National Zoo, Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium, and the Botanical Garden are popular spots.

Benefits of living in Mirpur

  • Better communication facilities with other places in Dhaka
  • Comparatively affordable living cost
  • All sorts of daily essentials are available 

Drawbacks of living in Mirpur

  • Traffic congestion
  • Over-populated area 

Accommodation facilities in Mirpur within BDT 20,000 

Configuration in BHK (Bedroom, Hall, & Kitchen)Average Rent in BDT
1BHK10,000 – 15,000
2BHK15,000 – 20,000
Facilities in Mirpur

3. Mohammadpur 

Mohammadpur is like a melting pot in Dhaka city. People from different cities and divisions live here. Mohammadpur is located beside another popular area- Dhanmondi. Mid and higher-middle-class residential homes mainly occupy this place. Rental properties in this place come with 2/4 bedrooms, including spacious living room features of a modern house. 

Benefits of living in Mohammadpur

  • Better communication with other areas in Dhaka
  • Famous for local foods and restaurants

Drawbacks of living in Mohammadpur

  • Partially crowded than other places in Dhaka
  • Traffic jams could be a hassle during peak hours

Accommodation facilities in Mohammadpur within BDT 20,000 

Configuration in BHK (Bedroom, Hall, & Kitchen)Average Rent in BDT
1BHK10,000 – 15,000
2BHK15,000 – 20,000
Facilities in Mohammadpur

4. Bashundhara 

Basundhara is a developing residential community beside Kuril road. Bashundhara can provide a complete living solution. Corporate institutions, schools, universities, hospitals, everything is there under one boundary. If you have a long-term plan to stay in Dhaka, Bashundhara can be the perfect place.

Benefits of living in Bashundhara

  • Convenient for daily needs
  • Traffic-free zone 
  • Larger variety of accommodations 

Drawbacks of living in Bashundhara

  • Hard to communicate with other areas in Dhaka
  • Lack of local transportations

Accommodation facilities in Bashundhara within BDT 20,000 

Configuration in BHK (Bedroom, Hall, & Kitchen)Average Rent in BDT
2BHK15,000 – 20,000
Facilities in Bashundhara

5. Dhanmondi

Dhanmondi is one of the oldest residential and very popular areas in case of houses for rent in Dhaka. Gradual expansion and commercial development have brought significant changes in this place. Rapid construction developments have diverted Dhanmondi to a more commercial site in recent years. Dhanmondi has become a busy hub for several corporate offices and residential areas.

Benefits of living in Dhanmondi

  • Better communication with the rest of the Dhaka city 
  • Well-planned residential area

Drawbacks of living in Dhanmondi

  • Massive traffic in peak hours 
  • Crowded comparatively than other places

Accommodation facilities in Dhanmondi within BDT 20,000 

Configuration in BHK (Bedroom, Hall, & Kitchen)Average Rent in BDT
2BHK15,000 – 20,000
Facilities in Dhanmondi

Final Words

Renting a flat in Dhaka city depends on your outlook and what type of lifestyle you are looking for. This city is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in Bangladesh. 

Undoubtedly, Dhaka has a lot of opportunities to offer for the residents. Overall, you need to think about your income and the lifestyle you need to live in Dhaka. 

To know more about the property market in Bangladesh, keep your eyes on The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh –

We wish you all the best! 


What is the cheapest flat rent in Dhaka?
In Dhaka, you can get a flat for rent around BDT 10,000 in some areas. You will get space from 300 – 500 sq ft. in this budget.

What is the average cost of a flat rent in Dhaka?
The average cost of a flat rent in Dhaka is around BDT 20,000. The cost of flat rent basically depends on locality, transportation, and other urban facilities.

What is the cheapest place in Dhaka to rent? 

There are some places you can find affordable to live in Dhaka city. Among them:

  • Mohammadpur
  • Mirpur
  • Azampur
  • Khilkhet
  • Puran Dhaka
  • Badda
  • Vatara

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