5 tips for hiring the right person

Hiring the right employee can make all the difference in your company. A strong, hardworking employee can increase overall morale and productivity, while a bad employee can act almost like an emotional vampire, sapping the energy and mood of everyone around them. Sometimes a bad employee isn’t necessarily even a bad person; they may just be a bad fit for your company in particular. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure you’re hiring the right person, whether for accountancy jobs or finance jobs.
1. Prescreen all candidates.
When you begin hiring, use the job applications as a way to narrow down your choices. It will be obvious from the outset that some employees are not appropriate for that specific job. However, after you have done this, it’s a good idea to have an early interview with each employee. During this time, don’t worry as much about their qualifications; instead, get a feel for their personality. How well do the two of you connect? How well spoken are they? In this case, the best tool you have is your gut; if something feels off about a candidate, move on to the next. One way to cut this process in half is to look at the application and the resume; certain elements, such as poor wording, spelling mistakes, and lack of history can give you a good feel for a candidate long before they walk through your door.
2. Check backgrounds and references.
If applicants do not provide previous employers, ask for references. If they can’t provide any, take that as a sign. Make sure to follow up with those that do provide you with prior references; call their past employers and find out what kind of worker they are and the sort of value they’ll bring to your company. It’s a good idea to get a wide spectrum of opinions on this, as some jobs may have simply ended on bad terms. It’s also a good idea to perform a background check in case the candidate has any criminal history you should be aware of. After all, you don’t want someone who was arrested for theft working with people’s money. You have to consider the effect a history like that might have on your company’s reputation, as well.
3. Ask the right interview questions.
Job vacancies will bring hundreds of people to your door looking for work. However, it’s important that you take this time to ask the right questions before you decide on a specific employee. The questions you ask should help you determine whether they are qualified for the job, as well as whether or not they are serious. You should also be able to establish some level of competency. Keep in mind that competency doesn’t mean unqualified; people can know, technically, how to perform a job and still be bad at it.
4. Use your past experiences as a guide.
Hiring people isn’t an exact science. There is a lot of trial and error involved, and every manager is going to hire at least one person who turns out to be a complete dud when it comes to work. However, if you have past experience hiring workers, use the lessons you learned then in your favor. Knowing what to look for in a potential employee, as well as the sort of things you don’t want in an employee, can help make the task considerably easier.
5. Don’t make immediate assumptions.
When you meet a candidate for the first time, remember to remain open to the possibilities. While it can be tempting to write of a potential employee because of their appearance, you should also consider if they’re a good fit for the job. Remember, some people – particularly in the IT field – seem to dress in ways that would never score them a job anywhere else. However, they are often highly skilled and effective at what they do. That said, you shouldn’t completely disregard the appearance of a candidate; it can be an early indicator of how serious they are about the job, and what sort of behavior you can expect from them in the future.
Jobs in Dhaka and jobs in Bangladesh both bring a lot of competition to the fore, and you’re likely to be competing with other companies to find the best employees. Knowing what to look for, as well as what red flags you should be aware of, can help you to gain an early advantage on your competition in terms of hiring highly skilled, very effective employees. Use these five tips to ensure you find and hire only the very best type of employee.

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