Nobody Will Tell You This about Buying Your Home in Bangladesh

Are you a homeowner? Are you looking to become an owner? Well, either way you will quickly discover that there are things which no one tells you! The reason may be that these untold things about buying a home or houses for sale or anything related to creating a home is forgotten with the joy of finally becoming a homeowner. But these are issues which may be very adventurous & fun or just plain heartbreaking to go through with!

Houses are selling quickly everywhere, as more and more people are sorting their lives out and deciding to make this huge investment. The experience of buying a house has a lot to teach any one of us. What is important to realize is that sometimes, it’s good to expect surprises, rather than getting shocked by them. The following are some tips to prepare you with things which others may forget to mention when looking for houses for sale or when thinking about becoming a homeowner.

Budgeting issues will reappear again & again

One of the strangest things is the fact that, regardless of the budget you have set, you will look at properties beyond it. The middle ground between a practical budget choice and an emotional dream choice is an extremely thin line. You will look at houses for sale that you absolutely love, but cannot afford. Don’t be disappointed as these difficult choices will make you stronger.

Looking at property search portals will give you an idea of the real estate market and your research will be the smartest investment of your time & energy. You will also struggle in deciding whether to take out a home loan for buying your home, but it is best to use every option before doing so. A home loan will cause more budget issues as you will be motivated to spend more than you originally planned. It is best to use all your resources before a bank loan such as help from friends, family, or even colleagues.

Buying is a time-consuming activity, dont rush it

A massive investment of buying a property for sale to make it your home is a big decision. A decision as such requires a lot of patience. While you may think that as long as you have the money, the process is short and simple but it’s not. Such hasty decision may make the value of your property to be short but never the time it takes to complete the sale or purchase. So, prepare yourself for a significant period of anxiety.

When it comes to anxiety, the most dreadful moment maybe the moment when your offer is accepted by the seller. In a split second, you will begin to doubt your decision and think, “Am I paying too much?”, “Should I have offered less?”, “What if I’m getting ripped off?” or even, “Should I cancel?”. But this momentary panic is natural, don’t doubt your decision that you have carefully researched and chosen. You will doubt your signature though! The numbers of paperwork to be completed will be a lot and even more if you take out a home loan. You will start hating your signature!

Making a home is harder than buying a house

decorate home

You may have bought a house but you will immediately realize that the job is not even half done. Familiarizing yourself with a new neighborhood, meeting new people, making new contacts, collecting & clearing bills, doing untimely & urgent repairs, maintenance for almost everything & countless other added tasks will be on your to do list. But the job that will keep you the busiest, both consciously & subconsciously, will be to complete the process of buying a house for sale and making it your home.

After your purchase, repairs such as fixing broken windows, locks, fans, lights, changing carpets, painting and other maintenance will take up a significant amount of your time and expenses. You will lose your hair thinking about the many colors that are available and which color will suit a room or even a wall. You will do every little task considering it to be a permanent decision, but the truth is it’s only going to be temporary until some other idea pops in your head.

Each and every corner of your home, whether it is a house, apartment, flat or any other type of property, will look empty to you. You will want to spend every penny you have or every credit card you have or every no-interest installment offer you come across to decorate your home. First, it will be things you need, then it will be things you want, then it will be things that will make your home look nice & countless other reasons will occupy your mind.

You will suffer from homeowners syndrome

As a homeowner, you will be extremely protective of your investment. You will be nervous to make renovations, decorations or even the simple task of putting a hole in the wall to hang a calendar or a photo frame. You will realize the importance of making your home look as fresh as possible for as long as possible. Not only will you be protective of the inside of your home, every little thing surrounding your home outside will also be on your radar, so you will invest heavily in a security system.

Every now and again, you will remake continued realizations of how costly it is to own and the importance of securing your investment for the future. You will not only protect your home, but also your street, neighborhood and maybe even your city. Your outlook on things changes as a homeowner. You will be a proud homeowner, a place of your own that you now call home. Congratulations!


The whole process of deciding to become an owner, looking for a house for sale, buying the right house at the right price and then, creating a home is an extremely difficult job. It is a lot more difficult than just looking at a property for sale within your budget and making the payment. It is a permanent investment which requires a high level of patience and dedication. The hassles are not as little as just going all over the place looking for houses for sale, phone calls, paperwork and browsing the internet. It is not something to do on your own. Get help for yourself from your partner, family member, friends and others. is one of the most trusted resources which will be of your most assistance in achieving your goal of becoming a homeowner. understands that it is not an easy job and provides all necessary tools to help you. While there are many advantages & disadvantages of owning and renting a home, one of the greatest pleasures of life is being able to own your home.

Best of luck in finding the home of your dreams!

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