Stop Searching for a House to Rent! Now Buy Your Own Home

Are you looking for a house for rent? Whether we look for apartments, bungalows or anything else, we are truly looking for a place to call home. It may not be wrong to assume that most of us have always chased the big dream of owning our own home. Often times we fail to recognize how much easier it may actually be to own rather than rent. Yes, there are pros and cons of both, but in most cases, the differences in affordability are less than we think.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both owning and renting. For example, renting lets you be free of any worry and a pay as you go arrangement for the living but the money spent is just an expense with no added returns. Owning for example, comes with a sense of responsibility as well as an investment of your money which grows in the long run. Let’s look in more detail as to why you should stop searching for a house to rent and instead look to own on the Bikroy Property Portal – your complete guide in finding the right property for you without all the hassle & stress.

Advantages of Buying a Home

Most of us would agree that the financial security offered by your own house is unmatched. The value of a property whether a residence or a business only increases with time. The value as increases can be enjoyed by selling, developing to a high rise building, or by renting it out or in one of many available ways. A few things to be concerned with is maintenance & repairs but it is never too steep compared to the potential return on your investment. Particularly for newer apartments, it is like your own canvas where you can draw out the perfect life you picture for yourself.

  • Long-term benefits such as financial security and significant return on investment
  • Accumulation of personal wealth since value rises with passing time
  • Always sells for more with significant profits
  • Freedom of living in your own property without any restrictions
  • Ability to expand should you need a bigger room, an extra room or even an extra floor
  • Satisfies your inner desire of decorating as you like such as changes, landscaping, expansions or renovations as you need
  • Generate an extra income from renting out unused rooms, floor or garage space
  • Take personal loan from financial institutions should there be a need or for a second property
  • Increases credibility to financial institutions for better deals on credit cards, purchases, investments, etc.
  • A life-long asset which can be left for your wife or children to ease their lives

Disadvantages of Renting a Home

First of all, it is more than clear that owning has the upper hand on renting although with its substantial upfront costs. But buying a home or property whether it’s from Bikroy Property portal, or not, is one of the best investments universally. It is no secret that renting has no returns, whatsoever! Paying rent is money that is an expense which you will never be rewarded for, so let’s look at a few more annoying disadvantages of renting.

  • Bound by the terms of the rental agreement at all times
  • Unable to expand or even make minor changes without permission from the owner
  • Repairs, maintenance, etc. may not happen as soon as needed by you awaiting owner’s permission
  • If rented from a 3rd party, then all decision making will take significantly longer time
  • No growth in personal wealth
  • The possibility of the increase in rental payments, bills, etc.
  • Unpredictable future since the renewal of a rental agreement cannot be guaranteed

Looking at these points, you may ask yourself – Why rent another day? It is never our first option to rent and most of us do it due to the lack of sufficient cash to take a big decision like buying a home or apartment. As a result, we tend to look for a house for rent. But if you have lived out your rental days and are looking to make the smart decision of buying your own property to call home, then Bikroy Property will help you most effectively. Bikroy’s property portal is one of the largest collections of homes, houses, apartments and any property in Bangladesh. With access to properties all over Bangladesh, you will be able to look for a house without hassles associated with property agents and agencies.

The Top 3 Reasons for Owning Your Home

buy home bikroy

With soaring prices of things and subsequently increasing rental costs, the unforeseen future expenses are a terrible surprise at the end of the month. While owning gives you the peace of mind of just bills and minor maintenance costs. Playing by someone else’s rules may not always make sense but is something that cannot be avoided with pesky landlords. Now let’s look at the top three things for which I would love own an apartment of my own.

  1. Predictability

Your end of the monthly dues will never be unpredictable like rent increases. Year after year, as you live in your own home, you will have recurring maintenance & repair costs but nothing more. The predictable monthly expense will give a mental peace for years to come.

  1. Freedom

Your home is YOUR home. You will play by your rules, but you may have to compromise for your life partner. As long as your significant other is happy with you, you will enjoy the most freedom in your own home and it will help you to lead a stress-free & healthy lifestyle.

  1. Stability

Your own home will give you an unmatched stability in life. Whether it’s for your life now or for the future, it is surely a stable investment with guaranteed returns. You build a stable relationship with your friends, family & community surrounding your home. Often times, our most loving memories are created around our homes.

These are just some of the many benefits of owning your home rather looking for a house for rent. The independence of living in your own apartment, having your own rules and following your own free will is the basic reason why everyone dreams of owning their own homes. The hassle of searching for apartments, houses, etc. has caused many to give up on the pursuit of this future. But for those who are still in pursuit, may find complete satisfaction using the Bikroy Property portal for homes in Bangladesh.


The fact is there is no place like home, even when it is rented. If you are not financially able to purchase at the moment, than that is not a setback. Rather, you should target an appropriate budget and goal for your ideal home. Instead of wasting time searching for a house for rent, look into the best investments that can be made to get a property of your own. In the short-term, renting may save you money which you can spend elsewhere, but on the long-term, the investment on a property will bring significant returns which will be sufficient for you at any time in life.

What is important is to make a decision and sticking to it. No matter how big or how small, we have to start somewhere. So you can visit Bikroy’s new property portal which has been developed specially for those who are looking for their own home or property in Bangladesh. Even if it is a small house or apartment, you can always sell and move into a larger apartment when it’s possible for you to do so. Wish you all the best in buying your own home and me for owning my own home!

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