Consider These Facts Before Buying a Second Hand Car in Bangladesh

No longer is it a dream to buy a car, it has become a necessity today. Bangladesh is moving up the ladder of development rapidly and so has the lifestyle of its citizens. It is not a luxury asset as once considered and is soon to become a necessity even for the middle class.

While ride sharing apps dominate the heavy-traffic roads of the capital city of Dhaka, the need for a personal car is gaining more & more importance each passing day. Due to the availability of many used cars for sale, car price is no longer a scare as it used to be. But looking for a used car is a stressful task and I will try to make the process smoother with some valuable tips & tricks.

The affordability of a used car is undeniable compared to a brand new model, or even when compared to a reconditioned newer model. It may not be understood in a practical sense, but in terms of mental satisfaction, affordability comes down to the extent of usability for any product, whether it’s a big investment as a car or as little as a keychain.

The more needs that get fulfilled by a car, the more affordable it becomes. To get the right car for you, you will need a lot of patience so that you end up with a reliable car for your investment. In order to get a good deal on your selected model of used car price in Bangladesh, the following are some of the core aspects which you must consider.

Research Used Car Price in Bangladesh

Without a doubt, all second hand used cars for sale is a good option for a first car. Specifically for those of us who are polishing our driving skills on the busy roads of Dhaka. It gives us the confidence to move freely in heavy traffic and poor road conditions. But even then, it is essential that before buying a second hand car you take sufficient time to research used cars and car prices.

The obvious disadvantages of second hand cars must be considered with additional costs such as immediate servicing or replacement of old car parts such as tires, batteries and others. To get more help on it you can also check “Top Five Most Selling Cars in Bangladesh“.

You can browse through used cars for sale in newspaper classifieds and through websites such as, According to FirstName LastName, founder of

“Knowing the price of similar models of used cars gives buyers an idea of the current market and helps them in making a more informed decision.” offers a huge collection of all types of cars such as used, reconditioned and new cars. The filtered search allows interested buyers to search according to transmission type, model, brand, body type, mileage and more.

If you conduct thorough research on the brand, model and condition of a car and the price it sold for, you avoid being cheated into paying more than the current market value of a particular car. That is why it is essential that you give enough time to yourself to look at various sources for different conditions and prices of a vehicle before making your purchase.

Set a Budget & Select Your Car

First things first, know your budget! It is always advised that regardless of what type of car or what reason you are looking for a used car for sale, you must put an amount on it. This avoids the risk of wasting time by looking at cars that are irrelevant to you. Also, you must also set aside a budget for immediate repairs, servicing and other associated costs including paperwork costs.

Once you have set a budget and put aside associated costs, you are ready to start your hunt for the right car for you. Finding the right car has become easier with the internet but the struggle of picking out the right one remains. The use of social media like Facebook and online classifieds like Bikroy has made it easy to access a wide range of products including used cars for sale.

As long as you know what you want, then the chances are you will find more than what you are looking for and then you will have to try to filter down to your exact requirements. If you are planning to buy a car for your family then have a look at our another article “Choosing the Best Family Car in Bangladesh

Test Drive & Physically Inspect

give a test drive

Buying from the internet has proven to be good option for both buyers and sellers. As an interested buyer, you should always ask the seller why they are selling the car. This will let you know if there is anything wrong with the car and you can even get permission for it to be checked by a mechanic. The physical inspection of the car, including a test drive, is a must. Only after a positive inspection will you be fully convinced of buying your chosen car.

The following are some very helpful things to check on your own before buying:

  • Check for smooth body shape, dents, uneven or mismatching body to notice accident damages
  • Make sure the color is nice and smooth with no fading
  • Take a look under the hood for the chassis, the battery condition etc.
  • Check tyres for wear & tear and suspension issues
  • Make sure all lights, sensors & electronics work okay
  • Start the engine and pay attention to how it sounds
  • Acceleration and gear shifting should be smooth
  • Ask for car history like accidents, repairs, maintenance, etc. from the seller

According to experts, one of the most important tasks when buying a car is taking it out for a test drive. Take the car out for a spin and preferably, for a sufficient time such as a few km or at least 15-20 minutes. This will help you to know the feel & performance of the car. But while you drive, be sure to pay close attention to other details such as mileage meter, speedometer, indicator, air condition, radio, door locks, seat adjustments and other features of the car.

Check the Paperwork & Negotiate

Vehicle sales papers

The market is filled with stolen vehicles and it is not impossible that someone may try to sell you one which is stolen for a bargain price. Be mindful of the car price based on your research and be sure that the asking price is reasonable, not too low or not too high. Stolen used cars for sale are a massive industry that is hurting many people and you do not want to be stuck with one. For this reason, you must check all the paperwork for it, even if it is an old car.

  • Registration

Make sure that the vehicle registration is correct. Check for the date of registration & other mentioned details by matching with the car, such as the chassis number.

  • Tax

Make sure that the tax document shows payments made. Check for the date of payment and verify if there are any past dues.

  • Insurance

Make sure that insurance and other paperwork which will no longer be applicable to the seller does not become an issue for you. So check to see that all payments are cleared.

  • Certificate of Fitness

Make sure that the car has a valid fitness certificate. Every vehicle, whether it is a brand new car or even used cars need to have passed fitness. Check certificate of validity date.

  • Invoice & others

If there were repairs made recently then make sure to get invoices from the seller for warranty & other purposes.

Try to negotiate the price according to the condition of the car. If the vehicle requires some immediate repairs, reduce the price consequently. Ask a friend or relative to help if you are not comfortable negotiating alone.


Pre-owned cars, second hand cars or any other names of used cars for sale is all the same. At the end of the day, it is a great option for a great budget. Even if you are a rookie driver, first-time buyer or even if you are considering driving for UBER or PATHAO, a used car is a great option for the fraction of a price of a brand new car from a dealership.

As, mentioned above, the internet is a great source of information and with the adequate knowledge you will survive through the pitfalls of a used car purchase. which has a huge number of users to connect interested buyers & sellers on the website. Visit today to find yourself the car you want and drive on down the highway!

Hopefully, this article will sharpen your research skills to help in finding a good quality used car.

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