Bikroy UpdatesNews & Reviews A Visionary Initiative to Take SMEs Forward in Bangladesh has become a household name in Bangladesh for online businesses and new entrepreneurs. The organization is currently providing uninterrupted services to more than 3,000 industry-based members through its membership services all across the country. 

9 years of online trading has made Bikroy a more prosperous and popular marketplace. Although it has become the largest marketplace in Bangladesh today, the journey actually began in a very simple way.

The Journey Begins

Bikroy’s journey as an online classified site began in 2012, intending to deliver online services to the largest number of people in the country. Being one of the most popular websites in the country, everything from property to electronics, cars can be traded, you can find a job and even a life partner here!

Bikroy has long experience with modern and growing e-commerce technology as well as online shopping solutions for small and medium-sized businesses across the country.

The Story Continues

According to Millward Brown’s 2018 Online Brand Health: Market Research Report, is the 4th best brand in the country with 3.5 million monthly visitors and a huge inventory of new and used products’ ads online which makes shopping easier from anywhere in the country.

More than 3 lakh advertisements are posted every month on Bikroy in more than 50 different categories, including four main categories. Let’s find out more about these four categories here:

1. Marketplace

Marketplace is the largest category of Bikroy consisting of 10 different sub-categories. Where interested sellers and buyers can post and view ads in various sub-categories, including Electronics, Mobiles, Pets, and Animals. At present, Bikroy, with about 1,500 members, is working to deliver the service to customers all over the country. Right now, there are 26 interested buyers for each ad in Mobile, which is the most popular category in the Marketplace.

Honorable members of the Marketplace category include Minister, Planet IT, Mega Haat, Top Gear BD, IT Gallery, Blue-Star, Rupsha, and some other reputed organizations.

Regarding doing business with, Planet IT owner Md. Raju said, “I have been doing business through for the last 2 years and 6 months. I used to run my business from home, but now I have a showroom, and some of my friends are also self-sufficient in running their businesses through, I am proud to introduce myself as a successful entrepreneur. Thank you,, for giving me this opportunity. “

2. Vehicles 

This category, named Bikroy Vehicles, has been launched for the convenience of buying and selling various new and old vehicles online. It is now possible to sell or buy a variety of vehicles, including motorbikes, cars, buses of your choice, with just a few clicks. With about 1,000 members, Bikroy Vehicles is constantly making that task easier. The average number of interested buyers for Motorbikes and Cars in the Vehicles category is around 49 and 24, respectively.

Our honorary members of the Vehicles category include Ford, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, TVS, Riaz Motors, Hero, and other reputed companies.

Regarding the experience of working with, Mr. Riaz Rahman, Managing Director of Riaz Motors, said, “ is one of the first and most trusted online marketplaces in Bangladesh. It is very responsive to its clients. I have been their client since 2015. I have never felt insecure about their service. I prefer as one of my online showrooms, and I am pleased to sell my cars through Bikroy. Thanks,!”

3. Property

One of the goals of Bikroy Property is to make it easy for customers to search for any type of property online. Here you will find almost all types of properties according to your budget and preferences. Bikroy Property is currently working with 400 members. Through their posted advertisements, buyers can easily find various properties, including the flat sale, flat rent, commercial property rent, land, etc. The average number of buyers interested in each flat sale advertisement is 13.

Our esteemed members of the Property category include Anwar Landmark, Navana Real Estate Limited, Rupayan, Runner Properties, Krishibid Real Estate, Sanmar, Ena Properties Limited, Subastu Properties, BDDL Properties, and many more.

About Bikroy Properties, Dr. Mosleh Uddin, Deputy Managing Director of Ena Properties Ltd., said, “We have been on a journey with since the time of the pandemic, and we are getting excellent responses. Thanks to for the best service.”

4. BikroyJOBS

BikroyJOBS, the #1 job portal for entry-level and skill-based jobs makes it easier and smoother for employers to find qualified candidates in any position and for job seekers to apply for any position. BikroyJOBS is currently working with 100 members.

BikroyJOBS has 7,38,000+ CV databases of applicants with 450,000+ monthly unique visitors and various job offers for job seekers based on skills from where our esteemed members can find their preferred candidates. At present, the number of candidates for each job advertisement is about 166.

Our honorable members of the Jobs category include Daraz, Foodpanda, Obhai, Gazi Wood Limited, Shohoz, and other popular organizations.

Regarding working with BikroyJOBS, Md. Sajedur Rahman Sohan, General Manager of Gazi Wood Ltd., said, “We are proud to work with a platform like BikroyJOBS. Their support and service help us a lot. Many thanks to all the staff of BikroyJOBS and best wishes to for moving forward.”

In Conclusion

The number of interested buyers for each ad on is about 30. Bikroy also has 4 types of advertising promotions – Top Ad, Bump Up, Urgent, and Spotlight, which can help you sell any product quickly and boost sales by up to 70%.

In all, we now have more than 3,000 members using the membership feature doing business online across Bangladesh and enjoying all the other benefits from the membership feature.

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